Christmas Street Party

Submitted by: Greensleeves

It all started a few days ago, with the first party of the Christmas season.

My wife had gone off to stay with her mother for a three week break and I had made the excuse of pressure-of-work to stay at home. As soon as my beloved wife had gone, I immediately locked myself in the steel chastity belt I had kept hidden from her. Despite my best efforts she just didnt get why chastity was erotic. She just had no interest in it and didnt want to have anything to do with it. On the few occasions I had obliquely broached the subject, I got short shrift from her she thought it was weird and a bit sad. It was safer just to keep this kink hidden from her.

Anyway, soon after she had gone, I received an invitation to a street Xmas party the following weekend. A couple of residents had apparently decided that the street needed to get away from the anonymous behaviour so typical of dormitory suburbs. They thought everyone should get to know each other and have a party. Im good for that, I thought.

So on the Saturday evening following I strolled down to the park at the end of our street and began to meet all those neighbours who left each morning and returned each evening without ever meeting the majority of the people in the street. Oh, I forgot to mention: I left the chastity belt on! The thought that all those people didnt know the predicament I had placed myself in, was strangely exciting.

The party went well and those anonymous neighbours seemed surprised to discover that the people in their street were actually interesting human beings. The ice quickly melted and there was an easy buzz of music conversation and laughter.

Several beers later I found my self in conversation with the two women who had recently moved in two doors down from me. Clare was the older of the two, probably about 42 years old and her sister Sarah was a couple of years younger. Eventually I worked out that they were both divorced.

I found them surprisingly easy to talk to and a couple more beers later I had their life history.

Sarah had divorced more than ten years ago, had no children, and seemed quite blasé about her former husband and had clearly moved on following the divorce. She was still an attractive woman, blond and slim and clearly looked after herself. She was a paralegal assistant in a firm in town and was clearly quite smart. I was at first mystified as to why she was still single but it quickly became apparent that she was not the settling sort. I worked out, reading between the lines, that her husband had caught her out being unfaithful and had ended the marriage acrimoniously.

More than once I caught Sarah eyeing me up and down until she realised I had seen her doing this. Our eyes met and she held my gaze with an amused twist at the side of her mouth. I realised that Sarah was flirting with me and I responded with a slight smile and a cocked eyebrow. This was clearly an interesting and perhaps dangerous woman!

Clare was different to her sister. Her story was also one of divorce but much more recently. She had apparently married quite young and her two children had already left home. No longer with a family commitment to hold them together, she and her husband had parted company, Clare deciding to go to live with her sister until she worked out what her new future was going to be. She had given up her job in a town down south, when the marriage failed, so she could move in with her sister.

Do women get mid-life crises too?, I wondered.

Clare wasnt quite as good looking as her sister but had the same alertness that I noticed in her Sarah. She was also slim and the two clearly visited the gym regularly. Her brown hair contrasted the blond of her sister and I began musing idly whether one of them, or both, used hair colouring.

By that stage Sarah had begun to stand quite close to me and I suddenly became aware that I had had a bit too much to drink. I had been talking to the two women for at least an hour. I suddenly realised how this could go badly wrong! After all this was the street that I lived in with my wife and here I was wearing a chastity belt and talking quite intimately to two single women!

I straightened up and began making excuses that I had to be up early in the morning and it was time that I left. Clare shrugged and made the usual comments about how nice it was to have met me. She then began to move onto a conversation that was going on nearby, with some other neighbours.

Sarah was less willing to let me go and carried on talking a little longer. Eventually, seeing that I was intent on leaving, she leaned over to flirtatiously kiss me on the cheek and bid me goodbye. As she did so her hand slipped surreptitiously to my groin area, apparently to give me a friendly grope as I backed away to head on home. Finding an unexpected hard object, her smile turned momentarily to a puzzled look as she looked into my eyes for an explanation. A moment later the puzzled look was replaced by a knowing smile as she withdrew her hand and again held my gaze disconcertingly. Goodbye then neighbour, she said with a smirk.

I beat a hasty retreat, my mind in a whirl. The shock of the encounter had cut through he alcoholic haze and I was suddenly aware that I might be in trouble!

I quickly went back to the house and shakily poured myself a stiff whiskey. I slumped in the chair trying to get my thoughts together. This could be difficult, I thought. How could I ever look the two women in the eye again? I assumed that Sarah would talk to her sister and the two of them would know far too much about me - and my little kink. The two women knew my wife slightly too. My mind whirled around with the potential consequences.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door! I froze in something little short of abject fear. It had to be her!

I decided to keep quiet and ignore the door. I sipped the whiskey and didnt move.

Then I heard the front door handle being tried. Did I lock the door?, I though desperately. Apparently not! I heard Sarahs voice. Just checking that you are alright neighbour, she said.

Errr yes thanks, I said, as she entered the lounge room.

Sitting down in the chair opposite she wasted no time in getting to the point.

So was that a chastity belt? she started.

Errr yes, I eventually replied, seeing no point in denying it.

So I guess your wife doesnt know anything about this?

Errr no, I replied trying hard to think clearly.

OK show me, she said firmly.

Errr, I hesitated, not knowing how to respond.

Show me! she said even more firmly. Unless you want me to go back out to that party and start whispering in the ears of a few of your neighbours!

I had clearly run out of options so I silently dropped my pants and underwear and stood embarrassed in front of her.

She whistled in appreciation. Well, well, a steel chastity belt with a nice strong padlock! You wont be getting out of that in a hurry!

This was all spiralling out of control very quickly!

Where is the key? she demanded.

Errr.., I hesitated. I could see where this was going.

Well you had better tell me neighbour, she said without finishing her sentence with the threat that was clearly hanging in her voice.

Errr its in the garage I said in my wifes car - in the glove box. I said defeatedly.

Keys! she demanded, hand extended.

Errr they are in my own car in the glove box. I said, handing over my car keys in resignation. Youll need the keys to the garage too, they are in the kitchen in the refrigerator.

She gave me a quizzical look.

I didnt bother to explain that I hid they keys in this complicated way before I started to drink. I know that I wouldnt be able to remember where I had put them until I sobered up again thus ensuring several hours of enforced chastity.

I buried my head in my hands for while Sarah went off to find the keys. I didnt take her long before she returned with a pleased look on her face.

OK, neighbour, she said. I now have the keys to your chastity belt hidden in a safe place.

She seemed quite pleased with herself!

So, she said. I think that makes me the most important person in the world as far as you are concerned! I wonder how are you going to make sure I dont tell everyone about this including your wife?

I groaned. My life flashed before my eyes. If my wife found out, it was curtains. If the neighbours found out I would be finished.

She answered her own question as I floundered about looking for a way out.

Well for starters, she said commandingly, you can show me how good you are at giving head!. With that she drew up her skirt, dropped her knickers, sat in the other chair and beckoned me over.

There might have been a way out at that point but for the life of me I couldnt see it. I stepped over to the other chair and fell to my knees. She put her hand behind my head and guided my to her waiting pussy. OK.get to it, She ordered.

I got to work, licking her pussy, my tongue flicking lightly over her clitoris. In no time at all she was breathing heavily, clearly enjoying the attention. A few minutes later she was gasping with pleasure as the orgasm came.

I stepped back to give her time to recover. Eventually her breathing slowed and she settled back in the chair. Hmm.. that was nice, she said. And I think I can expect a few more of those before your wife comes home if you want to get those keys back! And wait until I tell Clare how good you are with that tongue of yours. I think she will be very interested to try it out herself!

I groaned. What had I got myself into. How was I going to get out of this without my wife finding out?

It was going to be a very long three weeks!

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