Wish and Curse of the Fish

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Nina was very walking at the beach all alone at sunset, and she was depressed; her boyfriend had broken up with her.

The reason he gave her: She was a prude.

The worst part is that, Nina actually felt like a prude some times. In the two years that they were dating, they only had sex in one position, missionary style, and every time he wanted to do something different, she would complain and refuse. She never performed oral sex, and she knew that her foreplay left much to be desired.

It's not that she hadn't sexual urges, she was a healthy young woman of 25 years, and had a healthy libido. She and her boyfriend had sex about once a day after all, and it was most of the time because she started it.

Nina was smart, she was fairly good looking, with a great figure and a curvy butt with big breasts to match.

Her boyfriend had left her for Roberta, a woman she knew from college. Roberta wasn't as good looking as she was, but she had been known on college for being one of the most daring girls when it came to sex. She was most famous for giving very good blowjobs, or so she had heard back then.

She knew that the only thing she had to work in was to be a little more daring during sex, and not so... well, boring. Maybe if she actually started to give head to her sexual partners... but she didn't feel right about it. It was so... dirty!

Nina was thinking on going back to her apartment and eat some ice cream, when she saw something at the beach, near the shore.

It was a fish, a little but very colorful fish, which seemed to be drowning on the sand. It was moving around, trying to go back into the water.

Nina felt kind of sorry for the fish, but at the same time didn't want to touch it because it was all slimy and soiled!

She looked around and found a little stick, and used it to push around the colorful fish until it was back into the ocean.

Nina was then going to go back home when she heard a voice behind her, coming from the ocean!

"Thank you for saving me, human woman."

Nina turned around, it was the colorful fish she had just thrown into the water! It was poking its head out of the water, and it was talking to her!

"You... you can talk!" exclaimed a surprised Nina.

"Yes. I'm a magical fish, I have many magical powers and I shall grant you one wish." said the fish.

Nina couldn't believe her eyes, or her ears! Was she dreaming? No, she wasn't dreaming, of that she was sure.

She had heard some legends of magic fish granting wishes to sailors and fishermen, but she never thought they were true!

But what to wish for? Well, Nina could maybe do something about her prudish attitude towards sex. But at the same time, she didn't want to be a total slut! Maybe just something more simple. Remembering what she was thinking before, and remembering why her ex-boyfriend broke up with her and went with Roberta, Nina made her wish.

"I wish... I wish I could become the best at giving oral sex in the whole world." She said to the fish.

"Very well," said the magic fish, "However, since you found me 'gross' to touch with your bare hands, I shall grant your wish but not like you may expect."

"Huh?" exclaimed Nina.

"I can read minds as well, woman," continued the fish, "I know that you felt sorry for me and that's why you saved me, and for that I will grant you a wish in gratitude. But since you thought I was so 'slimy and soiled', something that I found very insulting, the wish will be granted but indirectly with an aid. Just like you saved me with an aid."

Nina gulped, right now she felt really stupid for not being able to just grab the fish and toss it in the water when she could have. Now, how could a wish like that be granted 'indirectly?'

The fish then started to shine brightly, and then it stopped. "Wish granted."

Nina suddenly felt something different about her. More precisely at what she was wearing. She looked at herself, and she was still dressed in her blue sun dress and sandals that she was wearing before, but what felt different was under it.

Nina realized that where she had felt the soft caress of her silk panties, she now felt something hard and yielding.

Worried, Nina lifted up her skirt and her eyes opened wide when she saw it.

A chastity belt! Her panties were gone, and were replaced with a chastity belt.

The chastity belt itself was a beautiful thing she had to admit. It seemed to be made of silver with golden lining. The belt had some mermaids carved in it with a very beautiful craftsmanship, there were some small holes at the front of it, to pee trough, thought Nina. There was a golden band going around her waist, which locked at the front with a gold and silver padlock. The padlock was shaped like a starfish, with whales and 18 century ships carved in it. Nina looked behind her, and noticed that the belt also covered her butt like a second skin, and there was a hole back there, Nina guessed that it performed the same function of the front holes: bodily evacuations.

The chastity belt seemed to fit her perfectly, like if it were made especially for her. Nina tried to touch her vagina under the belt, but felt just metal on her hand. There was noway to get any feeling on her pussy!

She also noticed that the padlock didn't seem to have a keyhole!

"What have you done to me!" exclaimed a worried Nina, "take this off me!"

"I can't - Your wish has been granted already. You will find the instructions of it back at home. And now farewell." And with that, the magic fish swam into the ocean, away from Nina.

To be continued...

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