Is it really worth it?

Submitted by: Mistress Laura Ann

An orgasm is the most prized event in a man's life. His whole existence is centered around the ultimate act of selfishness: the male orgasm. Well, my husband and I began our relationship with a clear understanding that I am in total control of our sex lives and his sexuality. He knows that he has absolutely no say, whatsoever, in when, where, why, with whom and to what extent this selfish act will occur.

He is required to do all housework, wait on me hand and foot and be a slave boy in my home. We are very wealthy (in addition to huge real estate and oil stock, we actually own 18 private male prison facilities, and neither one of us have to ever work again, except for the works I have in store for him. He is required to wear a CB6000 Chastity belt 24/7. Period. He and all males are subservient and insubordinate to women. This is understood in our relationship and those of our friends.

The luxuries and entitlement perks of being a Woman are almost endless. She can shave her legs or whole body and keep it soft and sensuous. She can have pedicures and manicures to keep their nails perfect. She can have any type of make-up on the market. She can wear any style, type of jewelry. She can dress in a thousand different ways or more: short; skorts; skirts; pants; pant suits; tap pants; blouses; tops of every variety and color; dresses of all style and type and color imaginable; Shoes, shoes, shoes. Anything goes. Any color, style, heel height, loafer, sandal, running shoes, or even men's shoes, shirts or ties for whatever ensemble she chooses to develop. She can paint her nails and toes and use every color in the spectrum for nails, toes, shoes, pants, skirts, dresses, shirts, hats, et al, in adinfinidum.

Men are relegated to dress shoes, tennis shoes, shorts, pants and shirts, in limited colors. Period. The only jewelry that's acceptable anymore is a watch and a ring.

Men cannot hug one another, cannot hold hands with one another, cannot engage in vulgar language around women, cannot laugh in certain ways, cannot express certain feminine-type gestures, etc..

A Woman is free to express and experiment with every emotion and physical action in a relationship with either sex.

As I said, John has no control over is sexual organs or desires. He is exclusively limited to what I allow him to do or be exposed to. Period. John is also made to give oral sex to men, on occasion, for punishment and for him to know that he is not going to be a homophobe. This covers keeping him from claiming biased toward any other ethnic minority.

Regarding orgasms, I have as many a day as I wish to have, by any and all means I desire. It's a little different for him. His prostate is milked to ensure good health (a large black man does this for me, and he is paid in cash and through oral sex from John). He must strap on a prostatic penis to suck and fuck me with. Now comes the issue of his orgasm(s). Is it really worth it to him? Let's examine the facts.

John is given 2 opportunities a year to qualify for an orgasm. If his housework and attitude have been perfect, he can strip, chained to a column, and paddled and whipped as a measure of what he is willing to go through to earn the chance for an orgasm. During these sessions, he simply has to not say "uncle." We have a big wooden paddle with holes in it. He gets 100 yard licks by one of my muscular servants. Then, if he is still wants to proceed or can even make it through that, then he is whipped with a leather lash another 100 times. This punishment tests his sincerity to have this act of male selfishness, which may be granted but punished.

In five years, he has made it through this testing process once. He qualified for an orgasm. I gave him 1 minute to masturbate. Punishment to follow was to be the same, regardless of orgasm outcome. He barely made it, but he had an orgasm.

He was already naked, so two of my muscular servants took him to the shower to be hosed down by a firehose. Then, he was put in orange utilities, chained, hand and foot and brought back before me. I told him that a male orgasm is an insult to women and a measure of ultimate male selfishness. For this, I told him that he would serve one year in one of our private prisons, to be continuously chained, hand and foot, eating only the nastiest food available. His regimen would consist of hard labor, 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, on his on private chain gang detail. He would be worked hard for his selfish act.

I kissed him goodbye and asked him if he enjoyed his orgasm? He stupidly said yes. We'll see how he feels in a year. While he's gone, I'll continue having the best sex of my life, enjoying the every amenity afforded to a Woman.

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