The things you don't expect that get you in trouble

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Part 2

My new life as a chastened cuckolded sissy boy toy

Well my new life started out with a hectic schedule. Miss Jamie as she wanted to be called was very demanding in her schedule of my chores.

My day started as usual by licking her pussy to wake her gently from her sleep and bringing her to at least three orgasms to start her day.

Jamie then required me to draw her bath and wait on her, washing her incredible body from top to bottom. While she soaked in the hot water, I made her first cup of coffee and brought it to the tub so she could relax and wakeup.

After her bath I toweled her dry and assisted with the other duties like brushing her hair helping to dress her and simply wait on her hand and foot.

My normal attire for the morning was the negligee that I went to bed in with high-heeled slippers usually all in pink for her amusement.

After her bath and pampering I cooked her breakfast and waited on her until she decided that it was time I got cleaned up and dressed for the day. My bath duties included a morning douche (enema) shaving the little body hair I had to be totally smooth for her and the usual other things brushing teeth etc. Miss Jamie said that I would be starting laser treatment for the body hair tomorrow, she didn't like the amount of time it took me in the morning and the stubbles that went along with shaving.

On to getting dressed for the day, depending on whether we were going out or staying in, if we were staying in my clothing would be a black maids outfit with ruffled pink panties, short skirt and no top, 6" spike heeled boots that were laced up tight and a locking ankle strap so I couldn't remove them. If we were going out shopping or somewhere public she usually dressed me in something pink, very feminine, sheer and humiliating. She thought it was funny to see me dressed in a short pink dress, with high heels and a see thru top so that there was no mistaking I was a sissy in drag for all to see. She took great delight in ushering me in to salons and getting my hair done, or face and nails done up right as she called it.

Usually she was on the prowl for fresh meat when we went out so I was further humiliated when she spotted a guy and I was told to go get him for her. She loved to take these hunks home and fuck their brains out in front of me using me as her fluff girl, while I got them drinks and waited on them hand and foot.

My caged cock was always trying to get hard and I was frustrated by the sights, sounds and smells of her having sex in front of me and it was even harder on me when I was called to duty to get her lovers hard and ready, as well as cleanup duty after.

Occasionally she just wanted to watch me perform with the guys, there was nothing better she said than watching me give some stranger a blow job in a back room of some beauty shop or in the parking garage at the mall in his or her car. Miss Jamie got a real thrill from humiliating me and making me do whatever she desired me to do, she was always testing my limits to see if I would perform for her or she would punish me with the chastity belt that held my locked up cock and balls.

Two weeks went by quickly in my new role as servant to her, I was on my back doing cleanup duty, sucking the cum out of her freshly fucked pussy when she asked me if I thought I deserved to be set free for the evening and be able to cum.

I nodded earnestly hoping that this would be the day but thought that she had forgotten.

She smiled down at me and said silly boy, why do you think that?

Of course I couldn't talk with her sitting on my mouth, to be able to tell her that I really needed to get some relief. But that was her plan as usual to put me in a position that I couldn't reply to her questions and then she would punish me for not answering her.

Well I guess you don't need to cum that bad after all, since you won't answer me she said. That will be another week in the belt for you and maybe next week you'll be more eager to answer my questions.

I was about ready to cry I was so frustrated and then she pushed a button on the remote and the infernal chastity belt started to punish me for not replying to her question.

For her part she leaned forward and raised herself off my face far enough for her lover to insert his soiled cum soaked soft cock in my mouth, she looked down at me between her thighs and said I need to cum again, so be a dear and get him hard for me. This was the third time this night and it was a real task to get him up this time. She punished me some more with the belt, telling me to hurry up she was so horny, so I redoubled my efforts sucking that soft cock to its full glory.

When he was hard again he just pulled it out of my mouth and shoved it home up her waiting pussy right above my face. His balls slapping me in the chin as he drove it all the way home in a single stroke. Miss Jamie just sighed and moaned oh that's it and settled herself down on my face and told me to get busy and start licking her clit while he fucked her hard and fast. She said this should be a nice long fuck since he already came twice.

She was right my jaw and tongue were killing me by the time he finally came, they must have been fucking for an hour or more. Miss Jamie's pussy was swollen and puffy, her juices were dripping down and soaking my face and neck. Finally he came with a load groan and just ground his cock into her deeply depositing his load.

Jamie looked down at me she was all radiant and glowing. She asked me if I'd like a reprieve and get fucked after all. This time I answered her right away and said yes please I'd like to very much.

She smiled as her lover pulled his softening cock free, she settled her pussy over my mouth and said if I did a good cleanup on her and her friend I'd get fucked.

I lapped away and sucked out what I could from inside her pussy like a crazy man until all their juices were gone and she was squeaky clean. She got off my face and said clean him up and get him hard again or I wouldn't be getting fucked.

I did as told and it took almost an hour to finally get him hard. Miss Jamie then said I needed to be restrained for my fucking and had me lie across her bench on my belly, she strapped my wrists and ankles in place and unlocked and removed my butt plug from the chastity belt.

Miss Jamie took her place in front of me on the bench and told me to get busy licking and sucking her ass. This was her favorite thing she had a gorgeous ass and loved to have me service it for hours sometimes, it seemed she never got tired of it.

She said I'm real glad that you got him up again or you wouldn't be getting fucked tonight she said, he should last a really long time for you since he already came 3 times.

Suddenly it dawned on me what she was saying, I was so horny and frustrated I didn't understand what she'd been talking about and now I really was going to get fucked by a cock that had already cum 3 times, oh no.

This was the first time since my being locked up 2 weeks ago that I was getting any sort of sex other than my servicing others. Miss Jamie asked him if he liked wet or dry ass and he said lets try dry there should be lots of friction that way and I'll need it to get off again.

Jamie said great that should make him anxious to please me and I really need some royal ass worship. Get started she said, I want some deep frenching, I started licking with long broad strokes with my tongue flattened out in the valley of her ass. I felt the electric pulse of her remote pleaser/punisher and it was a pleasant throb deep in my cock were the end of the inner tube resided.

Then I felt a stronger throb bordering on a sharp pain and knew she wanted me to move on to the French kissing of her puckered little rose bud. I wrapped my lips around her asshole and started to insert my tongue, I felt a hot hard cock head pushing against my asshole. Her current lover for the night was none to gentle and just pushed the head of his cock straight into my ass, no lube of any sort and that stung and brought a gasp of pain from me.

Jamie said what's the matter, you wanted to be fucked and now you know what a woman feels like when a guy just fucks her with no foreplay.

For his part he just chuckled and said I like dry the friction feels good, so here we go, I'm going to enjoy this watching you suck ass while I'm fucking yours. With that said he just drove the rest of his cock straight up my ass and immediately pulled out starting a fast driving rhythm, it hurt like hell and my ass was immediately on fire from the dry invasion.

I was twisting and turning my body and hips to try and avoid his thrusts and that only made him hump me faster and deeper. He said oh ya ride em cowboy, he started to slap my ass on each stroke, spreading the pain to the outside as my cheeks started to burn and turn red, they weren't love taps they were hard reverberating slaps that thumped me hard and the pain was excruciating.

Jamie said not so hard, I don't want any permanent marks on him. It was ok to torture me just not to leave any evidence.

Every stroke of his cock in and out was like a hot searing poker was doing the thrusting, I couldn't figure out how he could like this, then it dawned on me, he liked to inflict pain, that was what got him off and if he had to suffer a little that was ok too.

He was really into it now driving away with abandon every thrust pressed my face into Jamie's ass forcing my tongue deeper into her and for her part she was pushing back just as hard. I felt like a pile driver was in my ass and I was being punched in the face with a hard/soft ass.

Finally he grunted out his orgasm driving into me in hard erratic slams like he was trying to get his cock to go right thru me and into Jamie's ass via my throat. The welcome relief of his cum flooding my insides was a soothing respite to my over heated abused ass. God it hurt and burned so badly I didn't think I'd be able to sit that night let alone the rest of the week.

Jamie pulled her ass away from my face and told her lover to let me clean up his cock before he left. He straddled the bench and pressed his softening gooey cock into my mouth and Jamie gave me a short shock to my balls to help me get into it.

She also quickly donned a strap on dildo that was a third bigger than her lovers cock and went around behind me, I knew what was coming but couldn't beg or plead for relief since my mouth was plugged with the slimy cock trying to work it's way down my throat.

Jamie wasted no time in plunging her dildo up my poor abused asshole, stretching me wider and deeper than I'd just been fucked by her lover. I would have cried out in agony but for the cock stuck in my mouth. On her second stoke the pain subsided, as she dragged some of his cum out with her dildo and used it as a lubricant. She slammed in deep again and started a strong hard thrusting rhythm.

Her lover now totally sated and cleaned up slid his cock from my mouth and Jamie told him to get dressed and get lost for the night, he wanted to know when they would be getting together again and she said I'll call you when I need you, he just mumbled bitch under his breath and started to get dressed.

Jamie for her part said yes I am and Teddy is going to know it tonight, I'm still really hot and bothered and I might be fucking his ass till the sun comes up.

After the door slam that told of her lovers leaving, Jamie slowed her thrusting to a gentle slow rhythm, it appeared that she wasn't mad at me but dissatisfied with him, good for me bad for him. She came to a stop with the dildo buried to the hilt and un-strapped it and re-strapped it to me. She went to the phone and I heard her talking but couldn't tell what she was saying.

When she returned she told me that she was not satisfied this evening and needed some extra deep loving so she had called Rod and he was on his way over to help her out. She plopped herself in front of me and told me to start getting her pussy ready for him.

I licked and sucked her pussy for the next half hour while she waited for Rod to show up. She had several little mild orgasms during her wait and my tongue and jaw were killing me from all the use they were getting this night.

The doorbell rang and Jamie literally flew off to answer it.

I heard talking in the hallway and Jamie lead Rod into her bedroom, Rod said hey how's the little boy toy meaning me.

Jamie said lets see if he's learned anything, have him get you ready for me. Rod stripped down without a comment and again I was in awe and shock, I still couldn't believe the size of his cock it looked even bigger than the first time I saw it.

Well it didn't take but 30 seconds and I had a real close-up look at it again as he straddled the bench in front of me. Jamie hand fed it into my mouth. Rod humped his butt forward and his cock slid down my throat in one smooth motion.

Rod sighed out awe this feels real good, I think I like throat fucking. He started to slowly hump my throat and I could feel the monster coming to life as it swelled and moved deeper into me. I had the overwhelming feeling of being suffocated and started to panic, Jamie turned on her trusty punishment devise sending shocks thru my cock and balls. That helped to distract me and the panic faded I still had trouble breathing but with the panic gone it wasn't as bad.

Jamie said hey I'm getting jealous I want some of that and Rod slipped out of my mouth. Jamie untied one of my hands and said get your self on the bed face up. Move faster I'm waiting and zap my cock and balls were on fire from the punishment devise.

I hurriedly got on the bed as ordered and as Jamie stuck a couple of pillows under my neck and head she straddled my face in the doggy position. She said you know what to do and if I have to remind you it will be very, very painful understand.

Yes Miss Jamie I said, Rod was moving into position behind Jamie and I still was hard pressed to believe my eyes or that his massive cock had been in her pussy before and was going to be there in a few short seconds. I reached out for it and helped to guide that missile towards its target, Jamie's very wet hot pussy, I could see it all swollen and pulsing in anticipation.

I spread her lips apart and rubbed the head of Rod's cock up and down her wet slit getting it nice and slippery with her juices, Jamie was impatient and zapped me, a short burst to my balls, that said get it in already.

Rod pressed his monster home and as the head disappeared from sight he just kept pushing deeper and deeper until he slammed into her cervix. Jamie let out a load groan and said oh keep on going don't stop.

Rod said it's your turn to push, if you want it you do it. Jamie hunched up and pressed back hard against him trying to get the last 3 inches into her womb, Oh Fuck she moaned, I can feel it opening it hurts so good, Gawd I missed this so much.

Rod encouraged her, that's it Jamie keep on pushing your getting there. Jamie started to rotate her pelvis as she pushed trying to screw herself onto his cock it was an awesome sight when you're only a couple of inches away.

Suddenly Jamie went stiff and let out a guttural moan that came from deep within her, I watched as Rod's cock buried itself the last three inches inside her, she'd done it, opened herself to Rod again and he was deep in her womb just the way Jamie wanted it. For my part I was licking at her clit and trying to breathe with her pressing down on my face and Rod's balls pressed up against my chin.

Jamie was in nirvana, she didn't have a clue what was going on at this point, all her senses were shut down except the animal instinct to procreate and at this point Rod could do whatever he wanted she was powerless to resist. Rod started to hump her womb short hard thrusts staying in deep not wanting to leave that glorious center of her womanhood.

Jamie was all in favor of that, she was cuming in endless orgasms, moaning and groaning like the end was near. Her body was covered in a sheen of sweat and every muscle was strained to the breaking point she was only conscious of what was buried deep in her core, in the center of her womanhood and she didn't want it to end.

Rod tried but he couldn't resist the constant undulations and contractions of Jamie's womb as it tried to repel the invader it was spasming and pulsing which drove him over the edge and with a mighty groan and thrust he buried himself as deep as possible, grinding up against her like he was trying to get his whole crotch inside her.

Jamie was panting and looked like a rag doll impaled on the massive cock and had a mind blowing orgasm as Rod flooded her womb with his cum pumping a seemingly endless supply deep into her, it went up her tubes and into her ovaries. That caused another massive orgasm as Jamie passed out and slumped onto my face.

She came to in just a few moments and weakly raised up off my face enough so I could breathe again. Rod was stroking her back and haunches easing her down from her incredible high while they waited for him to soften enough to pull out of her depths.

Jamie was still and quiet knowing what to expect she just relaxed and looking down at me she said lick me softly I'm very tender. I did and it wasn't to long and I could feel Rod pull back and Jamie's cervix let him go releasing his cock so he could withdraw it from her over heated pussy.

As it left her pussy Jamie lifted up and said do your cleanup as Rod pressed the wet slimy head of his cock into my mouth it was covered in his and her cum, I was still amazed at myself for being so compliant but it was what Jamie wanted and that was good enough for me.

After he was shiny clean he pulled his cock out of my mouth and Jamie sat up assuming her rightful place over my mouth waiting for me and gravity to help clean her up. She didn't have to tell me what to do we'd been thru this ritual every day at least once if not several times a day for the past two weeks. But in this case Rod's cum was so deep inside her it took over an hour for me to suck her dry. Meanwhile that was enough time for Rod to recover and he again straddled me and just pushed Jamie forward and down he again pushed his soft cock into my mouth and this time he said, suck it, make it hard for her.

Of course I did and when he was fully hard and ready he went from my mouth right up her pussy balls deep in one thrust crashing into her tired cervix and just ramming it open again.

Jamie just squealed in utter delight and I'm sure some pain but that was what she wanted to be abused and ridden hard like a filly in heat.

Rod slammed into her over and over completely withdrawing his cock and then just power driving it in deep. After a good 20 minutes he pulled out and said I'm taking your ass now and he pressed that massive flared head of his against her little pink puckered hole.

Jamie pushed back and was rewarded when the head popped in. She let out a massive moaning groan, I was afraid that he'd hurt her or torn her ass wide open but I was wrong she was again just super heated and welcomed the invasion of his cock.

Rod slowly pushed his way in until his whole cock was again in balls deep and he waited until Jamie started to move again, his signal that she was good to go and he did. He said Jamie you've got the tightest little ass I have ever felt. I'm not going to last long like this and she just grunted and humped him harder grinding herself hard against him as she started to crest to another mind bending orgasm. That did it for Rod and he went over at the same time the two of them having their orgasms together like a timed ballet of sorts.

After resting for a moment Rod slid his softening cock out of Jamie and right down my throat, clean me up, he was now giving the orders and Jamie rolled off of me she said I want to watch. She got up close and personal and watched every thrust and suck, making sure I did my duties well. When he was satisfied he rose up and sat in a recliner while Jamie took his place and settled her ass on my mouth. She looked down at me watching my eyes and smiled.

She said I've been thinking. I like your services, you're very orally talented and I wouldn't want to be without them, you've spoiled me. You know I like you but you also know I have no use for your little cock it really is a waste of flesh. Before when you used to fuck me I could hardly feel it in me and now after Rod and the others, I know it would just frustrate me to fuck you. So I've been thinking. I know you like me and for the past two weeks that I've had you locked up in your chastity belt you have been hornier than ever and the hornier you get the better you service me and my lovers. Like tonight I hardly had to punish you or even tell you what I wanted. You just did as you've been trained for the past two weeks and you did well. Like now your French kissing my ass and your tongue deep inside me feels so good and I feel great knowing that your sucking my lovers cum out of my hot used ass how special is that, you'd do anything I tell you to do and like doing it for me.

So now I've decided that I'm going to wait until Friday and then I'm going to have a little party for you and some of my special friends. At that party I'm going to let you out of the chastity belt for a few hours and I'm going to milk you dry, then I'm going to give you the biggest orgasm of your life, but it won't be for free. For doing that for you, I'm going to put you in a permanent chastity devise that will keep you horny for me for the rest of your life, whether I deicide to keep you, or if I get tired of you and give you to someone else you'll never have another conventual orgasm again. You won't be able to masturbate, fuck or be sucked ever again and I'm quite sure that you'll be the hit of the party. It will go all weekend, a wild orgy of sex and wanton desires fulfilled and you'll be my sissy boy toy for as long as I see fit.

I know, it sounds a little harsh but look at it this way, as long as you take care of me and what I want, I'll make sure you get some relief, maybe not what you have in mind but it will be at my bidding and when I feel like you deserve it. After all it's all about me, you did know that right?

I didn't know what to say and couldn't say anything anyway with her sitting on my mouth the way she was.

Jamie had a solution for that to, of course she didn't want me to answer just yet she wanted me to think about it and embrace the idea as she used her devilish skills to seduce me into her hell on earth.

She smiled down at me again and said now I'm going to turn around and Rod's going to give you some pleasure for all your efforts tonight.

She raised up and turned around trapping my arms under her legs and again sat on my mouth, suck me some more your doing great she said. She leaned forward and grasped my ankles and pulled them up towards her chest, as she spread my legs apart it also elevated my ass up off the bed, she pressed my thighs down leaving me spread wide apart with my ass open and vulnerable.

I didn't know Rod had gotten up somewhere in the process but I knew were he was the moment I felt the hot spongy head of his cock pressing against my defenseless asshole.

I shuddered in fear and anticipation at the same time as the pressure built and built until I couldn't resist his relentless onslaught anymore and he sank the head of that huge cock into my bowls. I thought I was going to be split in two it was so big, Jamie hissed oh I love watching that huge cock slide into my little boy toys ass how awesome is that. Involuntarily my ass tried to clamp shut and try to expel the intruder but Rod would have none of that and just rode my twitching, humping gyrations as I tried to get away.

Jamie said impale him, sink it all the way in, then just stay still. Rod did as she asked and I felt my asshole stretching wider as more of him sank into me, he hit the inner sphincter and just plowed thru it, that really got my attention as I tried to twist and turn away. All I could do was groan and moan into Jamie's ass.

That is awesome Jamie said, I love to watch as your cock as it disappears up his ass, it gives me chills since I had it just a short while ago I can feel it all over again, just like it was in me.

Now fuck him.

Rod did as told and started a slow steady pounding of my ass, the earlier load that Jamie's earlier lover had left in me provided some lube but that soon dried up and it started to burn and hurt. Suddenly I felt a cold rush on my over heated ass and Rod's cock went sliding in a lot easier. Jamie had taken pity on my poor tender ass hole and had lubed us up. What I didn't know was what she used and suddenly the cool slippery feel turned to a hot, hot slippery feel. My poor abused ass had been on fire before the lube and now it was like someone had lit it on fire with a blowtorch. The heat spread from the rim up inside and brought tears to my eyes. It was excruciating.

Jamie looked down at me over her shoulder and just smiled, she said I bet you like that, nice and slippery, I couldn't stop trying to get away from Rod's cock and the burning heat that brought so much pain to my poor abused asshole.

Jamie chuckled and said what's the matter is it a little to hot for you. And she squirted some more lube on me. Rod for his part said oh that's freaking great he's so tight and I love the way he's squirming all around.

The extra shot of lube started to heat up but wasn't as intense as the first one and slowly the fire subsided to just a slippery hot burning ache as Rod pounded away and grunted out his orgasm.

Jamie said hey you were supposed to cum in his mouth, I like my boy toy to get his reward for the services that he performs.

Rod said I couldn't help myself it was too intense not to cum up his ass. I never had a hot cock before and I liked it. Jamie said good, we'll have to remember that for another day.

Now go have a shower and then you can fuck me some more and off he went. I was surprised that Jamie had spared me sucking the hot lube from his cock. But then I got another surprise as she squirted some of the lube up inside my still open asshole, then she pushed the big inflating butt plug in place and locked it to the belt. I heard and felt the soft whir as it started to expand and the cool lube started to heat up quickly. Again my insides and asshole were on fire as she got up and said that was my punishment for depriving her of seeing Rod cum in my mouth.

I could only groan and whither around on the bed with my ass on fire and no way to relive it.

You'll get a chance to flush that out in the morning she said now be a good boy and fluff up Rod for me. Ever try and suck a cock when your ass and insides are on fire, let me tell you it is no picnic especially when Jamie was hitting the punishment button over and over due to as she called it my lack of concentration.

Finally I had him hard again and Jamie was pleased she had him get on his back and she mounted him for a change. I was still amazed while he was on his back it looked like a fence post was sticking up in the air. Jamie had me hold his cock and get him inside of her over heated pussy.

She wasted no time as soon as the head was in her pussy she lifted her feet and let gravity impale her on his cock. She came to an abrupt halt when he hit her cervix and she just twisted around until she sank all the way down burying him in all the way to the max. She whimpered a little and then planting her feet on the bed she started to hump him for all she was worth. She must have cum a dozen times when Rod finally pulled her down on him and rolled them over. He pulled her legs up and put her ankles over his shoulders and then really started to pound her with hard deep strokes powering into her like a pile driver gone wild. Finally he slammed into her deep and ground out his orgasm again flooding out her womb right up to her ovaries.

Jamie swooned and squealed out her orgasm, drenched in sweat from her exertions she just let her legs fall to the bed and relaxed waiting for the inevitable softening and withdrawal of Rod weapon of mass destruction.

When he withdrew from her she just pointed at his cock and I went to work slathering him with my tongue and sucking off there juices, when he was satisfied he pulled away and Jamie had me lay down and again mounted my face to do my cleanup duties. I still couldn't get over how much cum he deposited even thou it was his fourth orgasm of the night.

When Jamie was satisfied she asked Rod if he wanted to spend the night and he replied sure why not, I was told to get ready for bed that meant cleanup and get dressed in my negligee. When I got back to the bedroom I was told I'd be sleeping on the floor that night, at the foot of the bed there was a futon and a sheet for me to sleep on. I was depressed that I was pushed aside by her for Rod but he brought her a different kind of pleasure that I never could.

In the morning I was called to duty first to service Jamie's pussy and get her ready for a morning fucking by Rod then provide cleanup duties after.

Jamie finally satisfied unlocked my butt plug and told me to do my morning duties. I couldn't get to my bathroom fast enough, I usually didn't much like my morning douches but today I was looking forward to getting last nights fire put out. I readied the enema bottle and was about to insert the nozzle when Jamie appeared at the door. Not that one she said I have a special one for you today.

She handed me a large double inflatable nozzle, I attached it to the bottle and she said bend over I want to do this. She pressed the large inflatable balloon inside of my ass and started to pump it up with its inflator bulb. When it was fully inflated she tugged it a couple of times to make sure it wouldn't come out then she inflated the second balloon the one on the outside that locks them in place.

She said lay down on the floor on your back and she added something to the solution in the bag and started the flow. It streamed into my guts and when the bag was empty she refilled it and emptied that one into me also. I felt like I was going to burst I was so full. Jamie then clamped off the tube and smiling she locked my ankles together, lifting them up and hooked them to a rope that hung from the ceiling then she attached my wrists to a ring on the floor that was above my head. She said she'd be back as soon as she got a good fucking and I did my proper cleanup duties then she'd let me relieve myself. Oh by the way she said the stuff I added to your enema should start working soon, hope you enjoy it.

She left me on the bathroom floor with my legs pulled up tight and very soon my guts started to churn and twist, it was unbelievable agony. She had added the hot glycerin lube and it was making my guts burn, I was straining to push out the ballon tube but that was useless it was firmly locked in place.

I heard Jamie moaning and groaning down the hall and the banging noises told me she was getting royally screwed. I could only hope that Rod wouldn't last to long. After a particularly load moan groan it got quiet and then Rod was in the doorway, taking a step forward he straddled my head, kneeling he grabbed my hair and pulled my head up to his cock. Cleanup time he said and pressed the head of his cock into my open panting mouth. It was hard for me to concentrate on his cleanup but he was satisfied and left the room.

Jamie was standing at the door holding her pussy lips closed and she asked me are you ready for me now. I panted out yes Miss Jamie please let me clean you up please.

She laughed and said ok here it comes as she strode over and squatted down over me. Lick my fingers clean first she said and when that was done she planted her wet gooey puss on my mouth and said do a real good job or I'll leave you like this until lunchtime.

She didn't have to ask twice I started on her with a vengeance knowing that the sooner I cleaned her up the sooner I'd get my relief.

Well it took a half hour and I was in more pain than I thought imaginable. She rose off me, untied my ankles and wrists she said get on the toilet. She then tied my ankles to two rings on the floor one on each side of the toilet, she then put a leather collar around my neck and took my hands and hooked my wrists to the collar.

Then she said I'll be back and walked out. I thought I'd cry in desperation so close to relief and denied again. I was so frustrated and in torment I couldn't really believe she'd leave me like this. Half an hour passed and it felt like a year when she again stood in the doorway looking at me.

I'm ready to go out now, so do you want to come with me or do you want to stay there and relive yourself? Oh boy bad question if I said I was ready to go she probably would take me out somewhere, if I said I needed to empty myself it would also be the wrong answer as it would mean that I wanted to take care of myself first. Oh shit what to do. So I surprised her and started to cry and whimper that I wanted to go out with her but that I would embarrass her when I had an accident. She smiled and said good answer and then she stepped forward attached a strap to the back of my neck collar hooked it to a ring on the wall behind me and released the clamp to the balloon tube.

What followed was nothing short of spectacular as the pent up flow exploded out of me. She really started to laugh and said I'll be back. On the way out she said oh I almost forgot this and pushed a button on the wall. A little red light came on and she smiled at me and left.

Now what's that for I wondered as another heavy stream of liquid left my bowels with a big whooshing sound? Well I didn't think about it for long as I tried to figure out how to flush the toilet, after releasing as much as I had the smell was getting pretty bad and suddenly all by itself the toilet flushed and the little red light blinked several times. So now I knew what that was for and felt a little relived.

Another 5 minutes went by and flush again. The steady stream of liquid exiting my guts had slowed a little, but there was a lot more to come. Suddenly Jamie was at the door again, this time with Rod at her side and slightly behind her she had a hold of his impressive cock and was idly stroking the semi ridged shaft, it was a very sexy sight to behold. She was smiling that little enigmatic smile of hers that told me trouble was on the way. She was just watching me and that made me feel very uncomfortable. Suddenly something cold was pressing against my ass lifting me off the throne as it relentlessly moved upwards.

Trying to get up was impossible with the restraining strap attached to my collar and I kind of twisted upwards trying to get away. Jamie pressed the button on the wall and the intruder stopped. She said you have to let it in or your going to hurt yourself, she then released the button and just watched again I wiggled around to let the invader enter my distended asshole and lowered myself down. Good boy she said now your learning. The cold shaft continued its travel as it entered me deeply and then it inflated. I felt cold liquid enter my bowels and travel upwards into my gut. It seemed to last for a long time and then the shaft deflated and retracted and whoosh I was again expelling a large volume of water. Followed by the automatic flushing of the toilet.

Jamie stepped into the room and dragged Rod along with her by his cock. She pushed him ahead of herself and presented him to me. Both Rod and I knew what was expected as I opened my mouth he stepped forward and slid his cock along the length of my tongue and started for my throat. Just as that was happening the invader was back seeking entrance to my ass again. I wiggled my butt to allow it entrance as I tried to swallow Rod's semi hard cock.

As his cock pressed past my tonsils and started it's way down my throat, the invading shaft went deeply up my butt and started to inflate again, this time I felt warm liquid enter me. By the time Rod was hard the shaft was on it's way out and Jamie was smiling her little smile again. Now what I wondered. She fixed that dilemma by saying thanks for getting him up, now I'm going to let him fuck me for awhile as you get a good cleaning out and off they went.

About every ten minutes the shaft entered me and pumped me full and then retracted and I got to empty myself out. Then things changed. This time the shaft entered me deeply and inflated then I felt the usual liquid inrush and then it stopped at less than the normal amount. Then I felt a pressure inside me and realized that another inner tube was entering my gut and steadily traveling upwards into my stretched out colon. It continued deeper and I felt it reach the top and continue across to the other side and start to descend then stop.

What now I wondered. I soon found out as the lower inflated shaft pressed in deeper and a bulbous protrusion entered me stretching me wide open. Then the shaft deflated leaving me with my asshole spread wide open with a ring of metal and a rush of liquid exited me. Then I felt a cold rush as liquid entered my upper colon and started on its way out thru my wide-open asshole. Very diabolical. It continued to flush me out for a good 15 minutes then I felt the long inner tube retracting while it continued to wash out my colon. Finally it shut off and with my asshole wide open I continued to drain liquid for the next 10 or 15 minutes.

I hadn't noticed before but Jamie and Rod were at the doorway again this time Rod's cock was deflated, wet and sticky looking. Jamie smiled and said I see you met Felix the hose, hoped you liked him because for the next week until the party your going to get well acquainted with him, then she giggled and pushed Rod towards me and said cleanup time and left.

Rod sauntered over and I did as told and licked and sucked him clean of all the sticky juices. I knew from the flavor that he had just fucked Jamie's sexy ass, her musky scent and the unmistakable flavor of his cum making a heady concoction that while it repulsed me it also fueling my fire for Jamie's oh so wonderful ass.

Jamie returned and said you know were Rod fucked me right? I replied yes. Good she said I'm going to keep his cum warm for you until your finished with your clean out.

Then they again left me to drain out the last remnants of the flushing I'd just received.

Jamie came back in about a half hour and unlocked my hands, she told me to remove the cuffs and get cleaned up and dressed, she went on to say she had left out some things for me to wear, don't be to long she said and disappeared from sight.

I hurriedly un-cuffed my ankles and removed the collar. I started the shower and it felt wonderful as the hot water loosened up my stiff cramped muscles from my night on the floor and nearly 3 hours on the toilet.

I couldn't stay in as long as I wanted to and hurriedly dried off and headed to the bedroom to see what I'd be wearing today.

Miss Jamie had laid out an assortment of very femi cloths starting with a pair of pink ruffled panties, pink ruffled ankle socks and a black mini skirt with a pink see thru tight top. I was going to look like a femi slut wherever she decided to take me to today.

I got dressed and Miss Jamie came in and said time for a little makeup that was new for me as she always wanted me to look like a guy in drag. She did my eyes, followed with mascara and a very little blush. She finished with a deep red Lip-gloss and the comment that all the boys would be staring at my lips wanting them stretched around there eager cocks.

She had me open my top and she darkened my nipples with some rouge so that they stood out against the light pink see thru material.

Good, time to go she said and handed me some 5" come fuck me pumps with ankle straps that she put little padlocks in place and locked them on my feet. Almost ready she said, now before we go out I have a present for you she said, lay down on the floor on your back. Jamie straddled my face and squatted down. I waited till now so you'd be tasting me while we are out, start frenching my ass she commanded and I did as I was told. The sticky gooey cum that Rod had deposited earlier was now slowly running into my open mouth. Jamie said I kept it warm for you so you'd have a nice snack before we leave and she pushed as I sucked and a huge amount of his cum was squirted into my mouth, it was flavored with the taste of Jamie's musky ass flavor and that made it even harder to swallow. But I did and she followed up with a couple more squirts and then had me lick her ass clean.

Now we can go she said and handed me the lip gloss as we got in her car and she drove, I soon found out where our destination was as she pulled into a tattoo and piercing shop. In we went to the back of the shop were a 20 something blonde was asked to do some piercings on me.

Miss Jamie wanted my nipples done with 10 gauge barbells and nipple shields installed. The piercer was a little hesitant as she said that they would be swollen and there might be a chance of infection if the shields were put on before they healed.

Miss Jamie handed her a hundred and that was the end of her concerns. I was told to lay back on her table and she went to work cleaning, marking and then using forceps she pushed the large needle thru my right nipple oh man that hurt and immediately she did the same clamping and piercing the left side.

She then inserted the barbells and pulling up on one she screwed a coil shaped nipple shield on the barbell this caused the nipple to be pulled out and away from my body as the shield pressed against my boob. The throbbing in my nipple was mind numbing and I just couldn't believe how much it burned.

Once they were done Jamie gave the piercer another 50 and said we'd be back soon and to not forget her.

I put my top back on and was now embarrassed by how my nipples stuck out in large swollen points against the material and the second problem was the stimulation of the top against the nipple created a new wave of burning pain. Jamie said I had two choices go out dressed or leave the top open and show off my new nipples. Great choices.

The top stayed closed and we were off to her favorite mall for some shopping and lunch. It was a day from hell as every step I took in the high heels made my boobs bounce and rubbed my nipples against the see thru lacy top it was like someone was using coarse sandpaper to rub my nipples. At one point I had to stop walking it hurt so much so Jamie took pity on me and said we'd break for lunch.

We entered a darkish bar and grill and she led the way to a table in a back corner we sat down with Jamie facing the restaurant and me facing her and the wall behind her. She scoped out the bar and surrounding tables and a pretty waitress came over for our drink order and to drop off menus. Her jaw almost hit the table when she saw that I was a guy in drag and had very prominent nipples pressing against my top holding it away from my chest.

Jamie giggled and asked her if she'd like to see my new piercings. The girl had her own heavily pierced ears, eyebrows and tongue and she nodded yes. Jamie just looked at me and I started to unbutton my top until I could pull it open for her to see first one then the other nipple. She said I bet that hurt and smiled now a little more comfortable with the situation. In fact she looked a little turned on by the whole thing. Jamie asked her when she got her break and she said right after she served us. Jamie then asked her if she could sit with customers during her break and she said sure when her friends came in she often did. Jaime said well I'm you new friend so here's what we would like to eat and bring something for yourself and she was off.

I didn't know what was up but figured I'd find out soon enough. Jamie said I'll be right back and she headed off towards the bathroom when she came out she spotted our waitress and went and spoke to her for a moment then she again sat with her back towards the wall and said get under the table I need some relief.

I turned bright red and did as I was told, ducking down under the table and crawling over to her wide spread legs, she was so turned on I could smell her sex before I got past her knees. She already had her short skirt pulled way up for easy access to her soaking wet pussy.

Thanks Amanda she said, I was totally startled as she thanked the waitress for her drink and she asked if I'd gone to the bathroom, Jamie answered oh no he's right here getting me off want to see and she leaned back and lifted the table cloth for Amanda to see me sucking her pussy.

Oh that looks hot Amanda said, Jamie replied when you get your break he could do you. Amanda sighed oh that sounds great.

Five minutes later Jamie had cum twice and Amanda was sliding into place beside her delivering her lunch and taking her break. Jamie lifted the tablecloth and looking down at me said she was done but her new friend needed a little of my tongue.

I shuffled over between Amanda's legs and gently spread them apart and lifted her skirt up. I was slightly surprised she didn't have any panties on but figured she took them off for me to be able to get to her easily. I started to gently lap at her pussy and was pleasantly surprised that she was shaven and smelled and tasted like raspberries. She sighed that this was the way things were meant to be a boys face between her legs while she had a bite to eat.

Jamie chuckled and suddenly there was another set of legs under the table and Amanda said Steve meet Jamie my new friend. She was already starting to pant slightly with my licking and I started to suck her exposed clit and she jerked and spasmed slightly. Steve asked if she was alright and she sighed oh yes I'm just on the verge of cumming she said and he said what?

She giggled and said peak under the table and I heard the rustle and oh holy shit he said when he saw my hunched over form between her legs.

Jamie laughed and said wait your turn you'll be next if you'd like, holy shit yes he said.

This time it was Amanda who laughed since she knew I was a guy under there and not a girl like he thought, won't he be surprised.

Amanda reached under the table and pulled my head hard against her pussy as she said oh fuck I'm cumming and she started to undulate her hips against my mouth, she got real wet and hot and suddenly locked her thighs around my head and moaned. She slowly released my head from her death grip as she came down from her high and said oh that was freaking great.

Jamie said ok it's Steve's turn and I again shuffled around to get between his legs.

I reached up and unzipped his fly and he undid his button pushing his pants down I helped and pulled them to his ankles and he slid forward under the table as his already hard cock was sticking out of his underwear with a drop of pearly precum at the tip. I sucked it up and went down on his cock. I was surprised at the size of his cock it couldn't have been more than 4 of 5 inches long. Amanda confirmed that by saying that Steve was just a little shorty but he gave great head and maybe he should take some lessons from Jamie, she could grow to like this lifestyle.

Steve started to cum on the second stroke of my lips and tongue on his cock. I was totally surprised and Amanda and Jamie both giggled as Amanda also said he never lasted very long either.

I swallowed and licked him clean before Jamie told me to get up on my seat. I did as asked and she asked me if I'd enjoyed my lunch. Not really knowing if she meant it, I didn't answer right away and she zapped me with her remote control. I answered then and told her it was a good lunch. Amanda really giggled at that. She told Steve to pay attention because she really liked this treatment in fact she said I'm really wet again. Jamie said well desert is served and pointed down at Amanda's crotch so down I went again.

Jamie told Amanda that this is his remote if he slows down just give him a zap, I'll be back shortly.

Shortly was about 20 minutes when she took her seat again and she said Amanda do you mind if I borrow him for a couple of minutes, seems I got a good fucking in the ladies room and I need a cleanup. Amanda said oh wow that's fucking awesome you fucked another guy and he's going to cleanup the mess. I gotta try that. Jamie said see that guy at the bar, I checked him out on the way back here and he looks like he's got a big package or a sock stuffed down his pants.

Amanda said oh I couldn't and Jamie said I dare you. Amanda said ok you're on but what do I get. Jamie said me later if you want, I like to suck pussy too you know. Amanda left at that and I hoped that this wouldn't go on all afternoon. My nipples were killing me and my knees hurt from the hard floor under the table.

I heard Steve whine that he wanted another turn. Jamie said only if he got under the table and sucked off Amanda when she came back, Steve said no way. So Jamie said time for you to leave then. He whined some more that he wasn't gay and she asked if he wasn't gay then why did he want a guy to suck him off. That shut him up and he hurrmmffed and left.

Jamie told me to work harder on her cleanup while we waited for Amanda to return. I gave her several small orgasms while we waited. Amanda returned and sat down on the edge of her seat and I heard her tell Jamie that she was soaked and had cum running down both her legs. Jamie giggled and said layback and enjoy then she pushed my head away from her nicely clean but newly wet pussy and I shuffled over to Amanda.

Amanda spread her legs and said start at my knees I think there's some all the way down there. She told Jamie that the guy she picked wanted to do it in the men's room instead of the ladies and she said he had a really big cock not like the little worm that Steve had. Where is he anyway she asked and Jamie told her what went down. Amanda said good he's not going to be getting any more from me until he excepts that I have needs now.

Oh ya back to the men's room well he turned me around and bent me over the sink then he fucked me good and hard and came in buckets, when he was done I looked over my shoulder and there was a line of guys waiting so I figured what the fuck why not and all five fucked me one after the other and I came and came over and over and when they were done I couldn't wait to get here and have my pussy licked clean. Oh he's doing it he's licking my filled up pussy, Oh it feels even better that the last time. I'm cuming again and she sighed and groaned and Jamie said way to go girl. Enjoy yourself.

After I finished up with Amanda Jamie got her number and told her she'd be in touch and off we went to do more shopping.

After Jamie had her fill of shopping and showing me off to shoe store salesmen and lingerie sales women we left the mall for what I hoped was home. I was partly right when Jamie asked if I was thirsty I said yes and she said great I know just were to go. We pulled into a little back ally bar and went in. It was of course a gay bar and Jamie told me to stay put and went over to the bartender. While I waited for her I sized up the place and was surprised at how clean and nice it was inside there were about a dozen customers in the place and they all looked clean cut and neat like business professionals.

Jamie slinked back over to me and led me over to a table and told me to get under it. Oh shit was all I could think and the bartender announced that the lady in the back had a thirsty boy toy under her table and anybody that needed a little relief should feel free to join her at her table and she'd make sure that they got treated well.

Well she was right I wasn't thirsty anymore, but my lips felt like they were bruised and puffy from all the work that they had to do and my throat ached from all the abuse it had taken.

We then left and headed home. When we got there I was told to go and shower and then to cook her a nice dinner.

When I got out of the shower all that was on my bed to wear was a pink pair of locking high heel pumps. I put them on and did up the locks and headed to the kitchen and started her dinner. After serving her in the living room she told me to get some fruit for myself, since she had decided that I needed to lose about 10 pounds by Friday, and I already had plenty of protein today.

After I did the dishes and cleaned up she sent me to my room to go to bed. But before that she told me to dink this and handed me a crystal glass with about 4 or 5 ounces of clear liquid in it. It turned out to be mineral oil and it was hard to swallow it all down. Now off to bed she said tomorrow was going to be busy, busy, and busy.

It's tomorrow morning and I start the day in the usual fashion by waking Jamie with a tongue bath of her pussy and licking her to several orgasms, fix her breakfast and then she locked me on the toilet again just like yesterday morning the cleansing treatment starts all over again with a slight twist. The mineral oil from the night before had lubricated my intestines and created strong cramps as it did its work and the first large enema that Jamie administered with the locking bulbs had me twisting around on the floor in agony. Jamie made me hold it for an hour she said she wanted to make sure that I was really flushed out today and tomorrow before my party.

When she finally let me get on the toilet she made sure I was strapped down and locked in place before she deflated the double balloons so I could relieve myself.

I had just expelled the first load of fluids when the infernal toilet started its work impaling me and pumping me full again repeating the prior morning ritual the only difference was there was no Rod to suck clean and Jamie ignored me for the 2 hours that I was on the toilet.

Finally she came in and released me and told me to get cleaned up and dressed.

When I entered the bedroom after my shower all that was on the bed was a black leather mini mini skirt and a pair of black 6" stiletto heeled strap on sandals. I figured that we would be staying in today as I got dressed. It didn't take long as I pulled the skirt up in place and did up the zipper and donned the sandals wrapping the tie strings around my ankles and up my calf's almost to my knees.

They looked sexy as hell especially since Jamie made me color my toenails with a shiny dark red that contrasted nicely with the black straps of the sandals. If someone only looked at me up to the waist I looked like a sexy long legged girl. From the waist up was another story entirely.

Jamie came in and said I looked good in my skirt and heels and said I should follow her to the playroom and join her. Tagging along like a puppy in love I followed her to the playroom and she took a seat on a low stool and told me to stand in front of her.

I did and that familiar ache in my cock and balls started up as soon as I got close to her, her face just a few inches away from my crotch. She lifted my skirt and told me to hold it up. I couldn't see what she was doing but her head disappeared under the skirt and I felt hot breath on my exposed balls. I felt a hot wet tongue touch them and I jerked in surprise and pain as the touch caused me to try and erect in the chastity belt and the inner tube that was inside my cock hurt like a searing burn.

Jamie chuckled and said not to move or she would punish me. I again felt the lovely hot velvety touch of her tongue on my balls as she started to lick them and all around. My cock felt like it was on fire and the pain/pleasure was excruciatingly good. Like a moth to the flame I wanted to pull away and stop the pain but the pleasure drew me in deeper.

Then I thought I'd pass out from the feeling of her wrapping her lips around my sac and sucking it into her mouth trapping my balls in her wet hot mouth she pulled down with her lips it felt so good I was trembling my knees wanting to buckle. Then shocking pain as she bit down on my balls slowly harder and harder, I was seeing stars it hurt so much. Then she popped them out of her mouth and sat back and looked up at me smiling her evil little grin and asked me if I liked her sucking my balls.

Oh shit now what was I supposed to say yes and she'd do it again only harder knowing her and if I said no she'd have a fit and really punish me. So I instead said that I didn't think it proper for her to have to suck my balls. She smiled even bigger and said no getting around my question yes or no.

Now I was screwed either way, so I said yes, at least that way I'd get a slight amount of pleasure along with the pain. She said good, now lay down on that settee and spread your legs for me. I did and she slid up between them and told me to lift my skirt up, which again hid her from my sight.

Once again I felt the pleasure of her soft wet tongue caressing my balls, this time she didn't wait long just licked me enough to get them wet and slippery as she opened wide and took them into her mouth again, she immediately bit down on them and I was withering in agony she let go and told me to stop wiggling or she'd zap me but good she wanted to play with her toys and she didn't want me to spoil her fun.

She popped one of my balls back into her mouth and this time closed her lips and sucked, that was almost as bad as her biting but then she sucked in the other one as well, when she had them deep in her mouth she closed her mouth and this time she was squeezing them between the roof of her mouth and her tongue and as the pressure built I started to sweat and when I couldn't take anymore I moaned and begged her to please stop. She didn't she only squeezed harder until I thought for sure that they would be crushed.

She released me then and looking over the skirt she smiled and asked me if I wanted her to crush them and make me her little eunuch boy toy? I immediately answered NO and she pouted and said why not all they were good for was to cause me pain especially since she was never going to let me fuck her or even let me masturbate, she was going to keep me locked up in a permanent chastity of one sort or another until she got tired of me and gave me away to somebody else, maybe a nice fat sweaty cow of a woman, would I like that better?

No, I said I loved her, she smiled then and said well maybe she wanted to crush them to feel them pop in her mouth and if I loved her I shouldn't deny her request. I said NO again and she said oh well someday you might want me to end your pain and then I'll decide if I want to or not. Her head disappeared under the skirt again and she once again swallowed my balls and started to crush them again. By now they were sore, swollen and tender already, the pain was even worse spreading upward deep inside my guts. She didn't stop until I thought I'd pass out. Then she let go of them and I sucked in a lung full of air not realizing that I had been holding my breath.

She changed strategies and now she took them into her palm and started to squeeze them again watching my face to gauge my reaction. On and off the pressure was varied each time but the one thing that remained the same was she didn't ease off the pressure until she felt like it. At one point I thought for sure she was going to burst one or both of my balls, I couldn't believe that they could stay intact with all the abuse she was giving me. Then she tried something different she took one ball between a finger and her thumb and squeezed it, that was almost mind numbing the pain instantly shooting up into my gut then she took the other ball in her other hand and did the same thing squeezing first one then the other back and forth all the while watching my face for my reaction to her torturing my nuts. Next she slid them between her middle fingers and cupped them she then took a tablespoon and started to tap my balls with the rounded side softly at first then harder and harder. With each hit my sore abused tender balls put me in agony, I couldn't help myself tears were streaming down my cheeks and I withered around trying to lessen the impact.

She eventually got tired of playing with my balls and said she'd be back in a minute with my lunch. Lunch I hurt too much to even think of food never mind eat anything.

About ten minutes passed and she returned I was feeling a little better but the ache in my gut was still there and my nuts were swollen. She asked me if I was ready for lunch and I said I didn't know if I could eat anything and she said I didn't ask if you could eat I asked if you were ready for lunch. I didn't want to piss her off so I said Yes and she smiled and said good.

She came towards me and straddled the settee with my face pointing straight up to her crotch and she lowered herself to my mouth. Start eating she said and she squatted with her pussy on my mouth.

I did as she asked and started to lick and suck her pussy and something plopped into my mouth. She said bite it and I did it was a grape and it tasted good like her but grapy there were several more and I sucked her hard to try and get them all out I was starving after all, the only things I'd eaten were her and Amanda in the past 24 hours and that wasn't overly filling.

She shifted forward and hissed do my ass. I started the way I knew she liked and she said no, wrap your lips around my hole and suck me hard, suck my asshole inside out if you can. I did, I started to suck and my mouth started to fill up. I didn't know what to do and she said chew and swallow but don't take your lips off my asshole. I was disgusted and repulsed but did as she told me and discovered that it tasted like a peach and yes she had inserted canned peaches up her ass for me to suck out and eat. Well I liked peaches but musky ass flavored was a little different.

Most of the day was spent licking and sucking Jamie off making her cum over and over and occasionally she'd feed me a treat. As it neared bedtime Jamie left me and when she returned she looked a little flushed in the face. As she got closer she said get on the floor face up. I did of course and she squatted on my open mouth. She said wrap your lips around my ass hole and suck. I did and my mouth started to fill up with a thick viscous liquid. Jamie said make sure you swallow it all there's a lot of it. And if you spill any you'll live to regret it she slapped my exposed balls for emphasis, like I needed any.

She didn't lie it took about a half hour to empty her ass in my mouth, it didn't taste real bad just thick and musky flavored. After I was done she had me bend over an arm of a chair and she fiddled with my but plug and I felt something cold going up inside me thru the butt plug like a mini enema. She fiddled some more and then the plug started to expand sealing my ass even tighter than it normally was.

There she said you should be good for the night now, lets go to bed. I felt the enema solution start to burn and knew it was going to be a long, long night for me.

When we got in bed I was squirming around trying to relive the itchy burning in my bowels and she got mad and said either lay still or I'm going to give you something to squirm about. I tried but in a couple of minutes I was back at it and she then hit her buttons. The added pain from the punishment device made me jump in agony and she told me to get out of bed on the floor. Then she said for disobeying her she was going to put it on automatic and see what that did for me.

Well it started off slow and built up to a mind searing agony then stopped and started again constantly varying the punishing shocks and the frequency that they were delivered. After about an hour she shut it off and said was I ready to go to sleep now, I whimpered yes and she said good not a sound go to sleep.

I was still on the floor so I assumed that I was going to be there all night and I was right.

Morning finally arrived I was still in pain, my balls ached from the punishment they received yesterday and the cold causing them to try and pull up put pressure on them, my ass was still on fire and my guts were churning like mad. All I wanted to do was go to the bathroom and rip out the plug and relieve myself but knew that Jamie needed to be serviced as usual or there was going to be hell to pay although I couldn't imagine it any worse.

Jamie took her time waking up this morning, I think on purpose. It took almost an hour to get her off the first time and then at least a half hour for the next orgasms. After she was sated for the moment she smiled at me and said thank you for the wake up call now about breakfast I want something special. I groaned inwardly as I knew I was in trouble. I want you to go out for me and get me a sausage and biscuit sandwich from McDonalds. I was in shock she had never eaten anything like that in the weeks I'd known her, but the breakfast request wasn't the problem I was in serious agony from all the laxatives she'd given me the night before and the hot chemical enema was not helping either.

She looked at me quizzically and asked me what the problem was and I tried too explain that I might soil myself in public. She laughed is that all she said I can help you with that and she took her remote and hit a button and I felt the butt plug getting even bigger, oh no I said that's not what I mean and she said I don't care what you mean your going and that's final or get out and don't come back.

Wear this she said and I knew that she had set this up last night as she handed me a pair of hot pink spandex short shorts and a matching little pink spandex halter top. Wear your flip flops so I can watch your ass wiggle as you leave she said. I resigned myself to the task at hand and got dressed the spandex shorts made my chastened cock and balls stand out and my still swollen nipples pushed the top out in two tiny peaks, she giggled as I walked to the door.

I knew this was going to be a bitch of a walk McD's was about 2 long blocks from the apartment and it was already eleven in the morning, lots of traffic. As I hit the street and started walking towards McD's I got whistles and stares from all sorts of people the women were the worst as small group told me to go back to my corner in the ghetto. McD's was a nightmare for me it was crowded and I got propositioned by a couple of big black guys while I waited for Jamie's sandwich. Finally I was on my way back home. Home interesting that I thought of it as that.

The trip home was a little less intimidating. I got several whistles from some construction folks one of them was a girl, and one guy pulled over in his car and asked me if I'd give him a blow job for a twenty.

I got to Jamie's and she was still on the recliner waiting for me. She smiled and asked me for the details of my morning walk. I turned red and recited everything to her and she then asked me for the twenty bucks. I said I didn't do it and she said next time when a guy asks me to blow him I was to do it. I was a little taken aback but she said not a problem that I was still learning so since I needed a little lesson I had to wait a little longer to get to the bathroom and my morning clean out.

Next she surprised me again and told me to go into the bedroom and bring back the bottle on the dresser and the syringe with it. I did as asked and she took the bottle and filled the syringe it was a large plastic one that held 6 ounces and next she inserted the nozzle in her ass and emptied it she filled it again and emptied that one in her ass too.

Then she smiled down at me and said guess what you get for breakfast while I eat my sandwich. On the floor face up, here it comes she said and took her position over me facing my feet she squatted and pressed her asshole to my open mouth. Now French me nice and slow this is going to take awhile she said and I did. She had me service her ass and suck all the oil out of her. This time it tasted bitter and was hard to swallow.

Jamie said that it was old fashioned caster oil and would work very quickly especially with the mineral oil I had already had last night. She said that this morning was going to be an explosive event not just a mild cleaning.

After I sucked her empty, she made me do one hundred sit-ups to help stir things along she said. Now one last thing and you can go cleanup, she had me bend over a low backed chair and started to paddle my ass. Not hard but short fast strokes of a stiff leather paddle. It didn't hurt at first but as time went on it was evident that she knew what she was doing as a slow burn started and continued to increase in intensity. It didn't take to long and I was withering around trying to get away from the onslaught. Jamie just laughed and said stay still or she was going to really hit me. She paddled my ass for what seemed an endless eternity but was only twenty minutes. She said there it's just the right shade of red now and said lets go to the bathroom.

I almost ran, the pressure in my gut and bowls now so strong I didn't feel my ass stinging. That changed as soon as I sat down on the seat and waited for her to finish strapping me in for my cleanout. The burn in my ass was very intense but still nothing compared to my needing to be empty of the oils and hot stuff she had used last night.

She told me that she was going to release the plug and that I had to wait until she left the room to expel. I said I didn't know if I could, she slapped me in the nuts so hard I saw stars and said you will. She unlocked the plug and pulled it out and turned towards the door. I was sweating in earnest trying not to let loose a torrent and was panting.

She stopped at the door and turned around. I'll make you a deal she said, I wanted to cry she was so close to leaving and my relief. If you can hold it for fifteen minutes I won't lock up your cock and balls for eternity she said. If you don't last fifteen minutes, well I'll take it that you want me to lock your cock up forever and the best part for me I get to take your balls at the party this weekend they are mine anyway and if I want to make you into my eunuch I will.

So now it is your choice and I'll abide by it, you decide if you're going to be my little eunuch or stay a man.

Oh what a shitty proposition. My ass was on fire from both the inside pressure and the outside beating, I couldn't last fifteen minutes even with my balls depending on it, it was hopeless and she knew it to. So she smiled that incredibly evil little smile and waited for my answer.

It didn't take long, not even a minute and I couldn't stop it, it was like trying to plug the Hoover dam with a finger.

Jamie smiled a bigger smile now and said good that's settled. I knew you wanted me to castrate you and as proof you didn't even last a minute, maybe tonight will be the night, I just love the feeling I get when I crush a guys balls in my hands or feel them go pop under my feet.

It didn't even register at that moment, I was in nirvana with the flood gates open, It would be an hour before what she said as she left would sink in to what was left of my pitiful brain. I did notice however that she pushed the little button on the wall before she left. Oh shit.

And Oh Shit I did. It was sheer joy to be able to relief myself after being restrained for all those hours. I hadn't even finished the first surge when the infernal metal dildo was working its way into my ass plugging me and refilling what wasn't empty yet. I waited until it retracted and whoosh I was again expelling with a vengeance.

As the dildo once again started its way up inside me I couldn't figure out what was up, (pun intended) it usually took awhile for the cycle to restart I wondered if there was something wrong with it. Again I was being plugged and refilled over and over it was like I couldn't get empted out.

Then the real rinse cycle started with the insertion of the long tube all the way up and over inside my colon. My ass was being held wide open by the ring around the base of the colon tube and the water was like a river flushing me out. Finally I was able to get the relief I wanted and needed, as flush after flush my insides were drained and rinsed of the oils and irritants.

My bathroom session lasted a good two hours, when Jamie finally turned it off and let me expel the last of the water from my gut. She released me and said it was time to cleanup.

By now it was three in the afternoon and Jamie said she wanted us to start getting ready at five and be at the party by seven. So she said I needed a little snack and a couple hours of rest she didn't want to disappoint the guests after all. The snack was yes already in her beautiful ass and consisted of me sucking out twelve ounces of a flavored energy drink it was thick and hard to swallow but I did and she said good boy you'll need that later.

I was sent to bed for a nap and she awoke me at five and told me to have another shower and make sure I shaved myself everywhere she didn't want a stay hair or a stubble on my body.

It took awhile to get done and I did feel refreshed and energetic.

Dressing was the usual over the top attire she normally made me wear. In this case a totally sheer lacy white top that made my nipples standout, you could clearly see the barbells and little wire stands that stretched them out from my body so they protruded and rubbed against the lace it was like sandpaper rubbing across them every time I moved.

A matching garter belt and hot pink stockings were next followed by a short sheer mini dress made of the same material as the top and left nothing to the imagination you could clearly see the chastity devise and the strap that went between my cheeks were her faithful butt plug split my cheeks. Last were the 6" spike heeled sandals that had locking collars around my ankles.

Jamie pulled my longish hair back into a couple of ponytails and then she attacked my face with her makeup kit.

Dark purple and green eye shadows with pink mascara a little pink cheek stuff and my lips done up in scarlet red lip gloss, she smiled and said that every cock in the place would stand up and take notice of my lips they were outstanding.

Jamie quickly dressed all in black, leather mini, black halter-top and black high heeled sandals like mine minus the locks of course. No makeup other than a little lip-gloss of her own and we were ready to go.

It was still light out since it was only six thirty and the walk from the front of her building to her car looked like it was a mile long. As we got to the car Jamie smiled at me and said remember how this all started with you licking my asshole right here on the street. I turned bright red and said yes she had a fantastic ass. Good she said because you get to relive history right now as she leaned over against her car and spread her legs jutting her ass out for me.

I groaned but people can see us. She just looked over her shoulder and said that's the point you either love my ass and aren't ashamed to service it in public or hit the road, get on your knees and tongue fuck me. I did as ordered and was totally humiliated and turned on at the same time, the nerve of this woman. I didn't think I could get anymore embarrassed than I already was but I was wrong again as several cars honked as they drove by and a couple of guys yelled out to us. The piece de resistance was when an older guy walking up the street saw us and just stopped and stared. Of course Jamie came all over my face right then she loves an audience. She told me to give the nice man a smile, and then get in he car.

We were off to who knows were and I was already dreading and anticipating the weekend to come.

As we got nearer our destination things started to look familiar and as we pulled into the driveway I recognized the home of Cheryl, Jamie's girlfriend and fellow tormenter the woman that had locked me in this infernal chastity belt and started my trip into a life of servitude.

I was very apprehensive now, knowing were we where. I knew from my previous visit that Cheryl had little if any boundaries concerning her guests. As she put it before she hosted special private parties that were invitation only and anything was a go. After my first visit anything was a lot.

Cheryl met us at the door and as she looked me over she asked Jamie how my training was going, Jamie said good he has a natural submissive side and he seems to love cock and cum almost as much as I do, but he likes to whine a little maybe just so I notice him.

Cheryl said we'll fix that, after this weekend anything you do will be an anti climax until the next party or are we going all the way at this one?

Jamie said we'll see I haven't made up my mind yet, but he did give me his approval to castrate him if I want to. Cheryl said oh I'm sorry I missed that it must have been quite intense, Jamie said no, more like a whimper.

Well that's great news I haven't been to a good ball crushing in awhile and you know how much I love to do them.

Whoa girl he's mine and there mine to crush if I feel like it so don't get any ideas to do him when I'm not looking. Oh all right Cheryl agreed.

By the way Cheryl said you look stunning and good enough to eat right here, Jamie returned the compliment and said she was hot too especially after her warm-up on the trip over and then filled in Cheryl about the details of me sucking her ass in the street for all to see. Once again I turned red in humiliation and felt like slinking away.

Cheryl was dressed similar to Jamie except her top was a see thru gauze affair that really showed off her pierced nipples and her sandals had straps that wrapped around her legs in a crisscross pattern and tied off mid thigh they were hot.

Cheryl said well your early as usual, anything you'd like to do before the party guests arrive. Jamie said yes I need to tether my boy toy and then have a little wine to slow down a little. I don't want to rush this we have all weekend right.

Oh yes said Cheryl and it's going to be fun for us.

Off we went to the playroom and I was outfitted with a stainless steel and lack leather collar that was locked around my neck and was tethered to a pole in the middle of the room.

Cheryl asked Jamie soft or hard and Jamie said medium. Then Cheryl's girly boy toy companion Gwen entered and Cheryl said something to her in a soft voice and he she went to work on me.

First thing Gwen did was spread my legs wide apart and hooked tethers to my ankle straps and tied them off to rings on the floor, that was very uncomfortable you try it in six inch heels and you'll see what I mean. Then my arms went around the pole behind me and were locked together with handcuffs. The tether to my collar was shortened pulling my head back so I couldn't look down. Gwen asked if she should arch me out and Cheryl looked to Jamie and Jamie said sure a little but not solid. This was all cryptic to me until a few moments later.

Gwen ran off somewhere and when she came back she lifted my skirt up in the back and pressed something cold and smooth against my ass cheeks. Then pushed my groin away from the pole with it and I heard something click. Now I was standing with my crotch about a foot away from he pole and my legs and neck even with it so I was arched outwards and very uncomfortable. Gwen then came around in front of me and fiddled with something on my cock tube.

When she got up she smiled at me with an evil grin and said I was ready.

Then Cheryl said you have the honors Jamie and Jamie said great I'm thirsty. They turned around and started for the door then stopped and Jamie flipped a switch and they all turned to watch me.

Oh no I thought now what. I didn't have long to wait and a strong electrical shock coursed thru me from my ass cheeks to my cock and balls. I jerked away from the pad pressing against my ass and almost choked myself with the collar around my neck. That caused a rebound effect and my ass slammed against the metal pad and another jolt assaulted my genitals. This time I jerked away and held my position away from the electric pad and the three ladies were laughing out loud.

I guess I looked very comical jerking back and forth and as I struggled to keep my balance on my wide spread legs, I touched the pad again and zap it started all over again. This was going to be hell.

The girls left me still laughing and I was alone trying to stay away from the shock pad and stay upright so I didn't hang myself.

They were gone a good half hour and I was in agony between the shocks and my legs trembling and buckling I didn't know if I could take anymore without hanging myself.

Jamie and Cheryl stood back a little and just watched me as I had to press my ass back to relieve the strain on my legs and then jerk back from the shock. Gwen on the other hand had gone around behind me and was adjusting the pad farther out from the pole.

I was now straining with the collar around my neck choking me and my legs finally gave out I fell forward towards my knees, I thought I was going to die but to my surprise the tether to the collar let go and my knees hit the floor with a thud, my arms jerked me to a stop or I would have landed on my face.

Gwen now repositioned the pad lower and up against my ass again and I jerked upright on my knees from the electric current surging thru me and the girls smiled and said about time I got into my proper position on my knees, there guests were about to arrive and it wouldn't do for me to be standing. Gwen made a final adjustment that left me arched and straining against my arms to stay away from the pad. Cheryl said I looked appropriately eager for my suitor's arrival. She went over to a cabinet and came back with something in her hand and she showed it to me.

These are silicone teeth caps with wedges so you don't have an accident if you get a shock while servicing one of our guests. It wouldn't be nice if you bit someone. What's unique about these is they have a wedge here in the back she explained while she showed me. Yes it's to keep your mouth open at all times you are here to serve you know.

She squeeze something into the tooth cavity part and smeared it all around then she said open wide and she inserted it into my waiting mouth. She lined up the flexible rubber and pressed it on my teeth bottom first then the top and as she did it stretched my jaw open even farther than normal. Then it slid into place over my back teeth and my jaw closed slightly.

The wedges were very springy yet solid and the effort of trying to close my mouth against the constant pressure soon had me defeated. There I knelt with my mouth in a constant O like I was begging to suck a cock.

Oh by the way Cheryl said this also works very well for ass and pussy worship in case you thought that you weren't going to be doing that.

The doorbell rang and Gwen ran off to answer it and show the guests in to the party.

While she was gone Jamie leaned over and fixed my lip-gloss so I would look my most inviting she said and told me she had some fun things in store for me. Just remember she said at anytime during the party I might crush your balls for the guests amusement so I better serve well and not embarrass her in front of them or it would be sooner than later.

The first guests were shown in to the playroom they were 2 couples dressed as sexy as the hosts, they were hot. This might not be bad after all I thought.

Soon there were about 20 people in the room and Cheryl clapped her hands and got everyone's attention.

She said the rules of the party are simple, the three rules are, it needs to be consensual, all the cum goes in there she said pointing at me and my open mouth and everyone gets to have fun.

For the cum rule, first hand deposits or second hand is fine if you can't resist temptation. All orifices are acceptable he/she loves to suck cum out of Asses. Let the party begin and Cheryl slipped off her top and skirt and the rest-followed suit in moments the room was full of naked hot people ready for the fun to start.

Jamie immediately brought over a smallish guy and said she wanted him to be my first of the party. She pulled him in front of me and she reached down and raised his cock for me to see. It was disproportionately large for his small frame, She said this is Peter, short for peter rabbit and like the rabbit he really fucks hard and fast but he has a problem, he needs to unload his first cum quickly so he can last. After that he can literally go for hours. So we're here to make a deposit so I can get royally fucked.

Jamie then fed his swelling cock into my open mouth and told me to just lick the bottom sensitive part hard and fast. She pressed the head of his cock up against the roof of my mouth and said close your lips around it so you won't lose any of his cum. Now start licking.

I did and he came in moments and in buckets. As soon as he started to fill my mouth up Jamie pressed his cock to the back of my mouth into the start of my throat and he literally just pumped his load into my belly. When he slowed down she pulled it back and told me to keep on sucking and clean him off, then she had me continue to lick the bottom as he started to soften and presto, he swelled back up and she said good girl to me and took her rabbit off to fuck her brains out. As she departed she said I'll be back with seconds and thirds.

Meanwhile four of the guys had gathered around watching the action and as Jamie left the next guy in line stepped up for his turn. He had a long thin cock and his thing was to immediately stuff it down my throat until his pubic bone pressed against my lips. Then he started to short stroke me just moving back an inch and jamming back in faster and faster until it was a blurr of motion and then he pulled all the way back and blasted his cum on my tonsils flooding my mouth to the brim, he stepped back and tilted my head back and told me to swallow he wanted to see his heavy load slide down my throat.

Ever try and swallow with you mouth open it's a lot harder than it sounds especially when it is full of thick viscous cum, and slide is the right word it's like swallowing a raw egg yolk, only it tasted like cum.

After he saw it go down my throat he reinserted his cock for me to suck out the last drops and lick it clean and off he went looking for more action.

Gwen appeared at my side and said here let me fix this for you to the next guy in line, as she relined my lips with the crimson red lip-gloss. Isn't this just so inviting she asked and he just grunted yea and stuffed his short fat cock in my mouth.

He looked down and said peter rabbit me, I knew what he wanted and started to lick the soft sensitive underside of his cock, he moaned oh that's good. He didn't last long and just promptly left when he was done with his deposit.

The next guy was a cruel mother, he slid a nice medium size cock in my mouth and then he used his knees to press against my belly, pushing me back onto the shock pad. At first I just thought he wanted to be close but once I made contact with the pad I immediately understood his intent. As the shock hit me and I jerked he jammed his cock in deep right down my throat and as he withdrew it, he pressed me against the pad again, over and over he pain fucked my face until he came down my throat. When he pulled out he just smiled and said wait until my next load your going to really like it and he was gone in the crowd.

It was quiet for a couple of minutes and Gwen redid my lips waiting for my next customer. I glanced around the room and couldn't believe it couples were everywhere engaged in every sort of combination of sex. But that was all I was able to see as the next donor arrived and he was in a hurry to unload, he was gripping the base of his cock with a death grip and told Gwen he was glad I was unoccupied as he shoved his gooey cock in my mouth letting go with a huge moan and a bigger load. It was by far the biggest I had ever had and it puffed out my cheeks it filled me so fast. I felt like I was drowning in cum as it crept up my nose from the inside. I swallowed as fast as I could and choked and sputtered, he obviously didn't care stroking himself until he was finished and left to chase the next adventure.

Jamie showed up after that and leaned down she smiled in my eyes and said rabbit man needed a short rest and she wanted to check on me and make sure the guests were happy with the service.

Gwen chimed in that there were no complaints yet and Jamie said good. As she said that another guy with a smallish dick pushed his way in place in front of me and said sorry ladies I gotta unload and shoved his cock right down my throat and immediately start to slam fuck my face crushing my lips and jamming me against the shock pad.

Jamie chuckled in my ear and said that she had a surprise for me after everyone had there first round of fun tonight.

It was well after midnight and I had serviced every guy at least once, most twice and one guy four times. My jaw ached from the wedges that Cheryl had inserted so I couldn't bite, my lips were swollen and bruised, my back was on fire from being arched away from the shock pad and my knees felt numb and ached.

Jamie sauntered over with that sexy walk that said she'd been fucking for hours. She was a sight to behold glowing with a light sheen of sweat covering her and radiant cheeks with a look of satisfaction and lust still in her eyes. She asked me if I was ready to get a little more comfortable and I answered yes please.

Good she said and looked at Gwen, Gwen started by untying my ankles and then unhooking my collar and releasing me from the handcuffs around the pole. Jamie attached a leash to the collar and told me to stay on the floor on my hands and knees and follow her to the chair.

The chair was a high end gynecological chair used mostly for women's procedures but now I was being strapped onto it. They had me lay back on it and Jamie took off the leash. Gwen attached a tether to the back of my collar again and pulled it snug. It didn't choke me but didn't let me move either.

Next a belt went over my chest just under my arms and secured me to the chair. My arms were attached at the wrists to two arm supports and then another strap over my hips just above my groin. My knees were placed in knee supports and the heels of my sandals were hooked into the stirrups and my ankles were then strapped to them so I couldn't move my feet.

I was totally immobile except for my head. Then Jamie lowered the top of the chair to a reclined position with a hand held remote and she then straddled my head and raised the chair up until my face was pressed against her hot sweaty crotch lifting her upwards off her heels with my face. Lick me she said and lowered the head of the chair so I could do my job and breathe. She tasted like musk from all the guys that had been fucking her and her pussy was red and raw looking. But she was happy and that's what counted.

After a few minutes she looked down at me and said that since I was now in the chair, I would be servicing the girls as well as the guys and she promptly shifted so I was licking her ass. She said remember, I told you I had a surprise for you, well start sucking because it's way inside and I've been keeping it warm for you. She was full of cum she must have taken at least a half dozen loads up her ass for me to suck out and she was oh so pleased with herself.

When she was done with me sucking her clean she said that while everyone was enjoying my mouth she was going to give me my second surprise. She was going to remove the cock tube and the offending invading inner tube. She said you may think that this is going to be nice but it's going to hurt like hell and she smiled.

Gwen and Jamie started towards my groin area when a skinny black girl with monstrous tits took her place on my face. Suck me she said I'm full of cum. She was holding her pussy lips closed with her fingers and as she lowered herself she let go of her lips and cum started to ooze out of her as she lowered her pussy to my waiting mouth and her ass surrounded my nose she was facing my feet so she could watch Gwen and Jamie.

I felt Jamie and Gwen at my crotch and Jamie said this is going to be fun. I heard the click of the lock as she released it from the waistband and then she started to remove the cock sheath and inner tube. Fuck that hurt the inner tube was stuck to the urethral walls after being installed for more than three weeks and it felt like it was pulling the inside of my cock out.

I would have been screaming if it wasn't for the chick on my face at the time and she was getting a ride as my head jerked around from the pain in my cock.

Ok it's out said Jamie and I heard Gwen say that wasn't so bad, there isn't any pus and hardly any blood. Yea it all looks ok said Jamie, go get Cheryl I want to start soon.

The black chick said oh that must have hurt like a bitch, do you need me to hold his face down anymore. No Jamie said the rest I want him to see for now. Next she removed the butt plug and said that the balls are staying in the retaining ring. She did remove the spacer rods and tubes thou and then installed a couple of small rings in the holes that had held the retaining rods. Next she hooked a hoop shaped apparatus to the chair that went over my hips and attached a spring to a ring in the middle of the hoop, it hung down ominously towards my cock and balls.

Yes you guessed it, she pulled down on the spring and hooked it to the two rings she had attached to the ball-retaining ring. Then she let go of the spring end it pulled my balls up and away from my body with a hard jerk. It maintained a hard steady pull that caused me to try and raise up my groin to take the pressure off my balls but the hip strap stopped me from moving more than an inch.

Jamie said to relax that she wanted my balls stretched to the max for the next part in her plans.

Cheryl arrived with Gwen in tow. She had a small stainless steel cart that had all sorts of ominous looking items on it. Cheryl said I see he's ready for us to start.

Yep said Jamie and at that moment a redheaded woman straddled my face and as she lowered her ass to my mouth she said I hear you like to suck ass, that's good because mine is full and needs to be emptied. Then her asshole made contact with my open lips and she pressed down hard. Use your tongue to open me she said and wiggled a little to get herself comfortable.

I heard Cheryl ask Gwen for her hollow sound and felt her handling my cock. It sprang to life like it suddenly realized that it was free and Cheryl laughed saying what a tiny little cock. I forgot just how small it is. I felt something pressing into my pee hole and then felt a cold pressure going up inside me.

That should be enough lube Cheryl said now lets see were this is going to end up and I felt another cold pressure at my slit and then a stretching burning feeling as she inserted the large probe into my cock. She twisted and turned the probe as she moved my cock around to get it inside.

She told Jamie to tell her when it reached the bottom as it made it's way deep into me I could feel a finger on the small stretch of skin under my balls and just ahead of my asshole she pressed harder on this area and when the probe hit it she told Cheryl that it was there.

Good she said and then she tilted the probe upwards and I felt it pressing hard on the inside of me. She told Gwen to hold this and I heard something dragged across the floor between my wide spread legs.

Cheryl said Jamie raise up his ass higher and drop the bum support. I felt the chair start to move and I was being slowly tilted head down or ass up more like it. The shelf that my ass was resting on moved down out of the way. That's good Cheryl said and the chair stopped moving.

Ok now spread his legs out wider and up. I tried to close my legs but the chair just kept opening me up wider and raising my legs higher up at the same time nothing I could do about it. That's it I heard her say, it was a good thing to because I thought I was going to be split in two.

I felt fingers on my peritoneum, as Cheryl said here it is and she told Gwen to push it in a half an inch deeper. Gwen pushed the probe in as asked and Cheryl said that's good. Now what do you think Jamie good place, Jamie said yes do it, but hold on a sec I need a hard cock I'm so fucking hot right now I'm going nuts.

Ok I'm back, put it up my ass while I bend over to watch, oh yea I heard her say that's good. Just hold it in deep and don't move. I just want to feel stretched for now.

Cheryl said ready, Jamie said yes and I felt a stingy burning sensation, as Cheryl told Gwen to push it thru the incision. What the fuck they had just cut me. It really started to sting. Give me the cauterizing pen I heard Cheryl say and I smelt burning flesh for a moment and then felt the sting.

I heard Jamie say oh fuck me hard and fast now, I need to cum, this is so hot.

Ok Cheryl said now I'm going to enlarge the incision a little and we'll install the tube so it stays open. Now I need a little slit on each side and a few stitches to pull the skin into a little mound and a couple of small stitches to hold the tube in place and we can start on part two.

I heard Jamie panting and moaning and telling him to fuck her harder and faster and to cum inside her ass now. The redhead that was on my face said oh you look so hot getting your ass pummeled, I just love it and she asked Jamie if she wanted her seat and Jamie said no just stay there I need more big cock she said.

Cheryl told the redhead she could go as she really wanted me to see this next part. After she got off my face Gwen hit a button on the remote and my head was tilted up so I could see my cock still hard as a rock even after the recent trauma it was laying almost on my belly since my balls were being pulled up by the hoop. Cheryl said yes it has a mind of its own right now. She repositioned the hoop downwards pulling my balls with it and now my cock was standing straight up reaching for the ceiling or so I thought.

Jamie's face was inches away from my cock and when I saw that it surged up even harder. She said I bet if I touch it right now you'll cum won't you. Poor little soldier such a waste he's so tiny.

She leaned over and licked up the underside of my cock and I saw stars, I thought I was going to cum. But she stopped just short of that and said the next time I do that it will be a different sensation and smiled an evil smile.

Cheryl said ready to do it and Jamie said I can't wait. I want the honors of the first one and Cheryl said of course he's your toy.

Gwen handed her something and Jamie reached out for my cock. She said one sec I need a big cock inside me for this. She looked over the crowd and wagged a finger at someone, he came over and Jamie told him she wanted his cock buried up her ass while she worked on me. He looked over and chuckled when he saw my cock standing up. Yea I see why he said and laughed again. He said I'd love to help but I just came. Oh fuck this is frustrating she said and then I saw her eyes light up and Rod was wandering over, sorry I'm late he said plane just got in an hour ago.

Jamie said get undressed I need your cock now. He was naked in a second and hard a second after that he sensed her need and smelled her wanton lust and his testosterone surged thru him.

Cheryl said good lets get on with this. Jamie bent over at the waist and Rod mounted her from behind he was balls deep in her ass in just a few thrusts. Oh fuck yes, I missed your cock she said and told him to just stay still for a few minutes.

She was again only inches from my cock and seeing her get mounted and the lust in her eyes made my cock even harder, it was harder than I ever remembered and it was aching for attention.

Jamie reached out with one hand and grasped the shaft then she raised her other hand and she had a syringe in it. Oh fuck I thought, I tried to say stop but the wedges between my teeth made it imposable to say anything you could understand and Jamie just smiled and said yes, I know you want me to do it so don't fret it's going to happen right now, while I'm getting fucked in front of you and she inserted the needle into the bottom of the head of my cock into the ridge in that really sensitive spot right above the frenum and pressed the plunger. Then she moved to the next spot about an eighth of an inch over and inserted the needle again and injected me again.

She did this over and over all the way around the ridge of my cock head. It stung each time she inserted the needle and burned each time she pressed the plunger. She didn't go deep with the needle just under the surface of the skin.

When she got to the starting point she handed the syringe to Cheryl and said for her to do the rest she needed to get fucked hard and deep.

Cheryl took the syringe from her and started another circle of injections higher up on the head of my cock and strangely these didn't hurt nearly as bad. After she had made two rounds around my cock head she stood up and inserted the needle into the end of my cock right beside the little pee slit and she pressed it in straight down deep into the head. That brought out a big painful moan from me and brought tears to my eyes it hurt and burned badly. She pressed the plunger backed out a little and pressed again doing it four times. Then she inserted the needle on the other side of my pee hole and did it all over then she picked a spot above and did it again.

There she said that takes care of the head now for the shaft.

She looked at Jamie and saw the lust in her face as Rod slowly pumped his monster cock in and out of her ass. She asked her if she wanted to start on the sensitive frenum of my cock. Yes she said and Rod impaled her and held still.

Jamie took the syringe again and inserted the needle just below the head into the frenum and injected my cock she did this over and over moving down the middle until she had a row of injections about a quarter of an inch apart right to the base on both sides of the urethra. She handed the syringe back to Cheryl and told her to go ahead and finish.

It took about 20 more minutes for Cheryl to finish injecting my cock from top to bottom all the way around. She worked fast and when she was done my cock was all red and puffy but it didn't hurt nearly as much as I thought it should.

Gwen wiped my cock down with some antiseptic solution and cleaned off the tiny amount of blood since the needle was very small. I thought it funny that I could feel her pulling on my cock but it didn't hurt, must be numb from the injections I thought.

Meanwhile Jamie was panting and moaning the whole time Cheryl was injecting me, she keep repeating this is fucking hot over and over with the occasional I'm cuming thrown in for all to hear.

Cheryl asked Jamie do you want me to get his balls ready for you to crush now.

My ears perked up at that and I again tried to object and only mumbles came out.

Jamie said NO he told me to castrate him when ever I want, that was our deal but I want to make him beg me to crush them, even when I'm doing it and he's in pain I want him to beg over and over again so no, I want to tube them instead so I can use them against him when I need to punish him. Besides it will keep him hot, horny and frustrated for me and I can use that to drive him to do the things I want.

Ok Cheryl said tubing it is.

Now that the relief of knowing that my castration was forestalled set in, I was wondering, what was tubing.

Cheryl answered that question quickly enough as she held up a narrow tube with a flared open bottom and a slight cup shaped top, like a wine glass shape only with a hollow stem instead of solid.

She told me that they were going to pull my balls up thru the tube and they would be held in the cup shaped top although the cup shape top was only a slight cup so my balls would look like they were a puff ball on top of a slender stainless steel stem.

I didn't think that it was possible for my balls to go thru that stem and out the top it looked narrow and to long for them to reach.

Cheryl saw the look on my face and smiled as she held the device next to my outstretched balls and said that it was custom made to fit me, it would be a tight fit and painful to get on me and to wear until my sack stretched out some more.

She then attached a second spring to the ring on my balls and then to the hoop and said I had an hour to ponder my fate. So cleanup service was available again until I was ready.

Gwen lowered my head back down and a small row of woman formed waiting there turn for a tongue bath and cleaning while my balls were aching, being stretched out for tubing.

I was half way thru the line of women waiting when Cheryl leaned down and gave me a progress report she said the stretching was working and she was now going to add another stronger spring just to make sure she had enough skin to work with.

I saw stars when the third spring was added my whole groin ached and felt like it was burning and on fire. Cheryl whispered in my ear that the burn was what she wanted it meant that the skin was thinning and not going to tear. She said she did this once and had progressed to fast. The poor guys balls were ripped right off his body and shot across the room like out of a slingshot. It was ok thou she said because she was going to castrate him in the next week anyway. Then she walked off while I continued to suck cum filled pussy and ass's while I waited for my poor balls to be tubed.

I had lost sight of Jamie a while ago and idly wondered if she was still fucking Rod or not. It must have been a premonition because she was whispering in my ear that she couldn't wait much longer and wanted Rod to cum up her ass the moment my balls were trapped forever.

Forever I hadn't thought of that fuck now what was I going to do. Well nothing as another woman took her place having me lick suck her asshole clean.

Finally the hour was up and Gwen raised up my head so I could again see my groin my cock still hard pointing at the ceiling. Gwen swung the hoop upwards and my cock laid down on my belly as my stretched out balls came into view. Oh wow I couldn't believe it they were at least 8 inches away from my body the sac stretched tight and the balls bulging out at the end over the ring around them.

Cheryl and Jamie were standing there watching and Jamie said I think were ready what do you think Cheryl.

Cheryl looked Jamie in the eyes and said are you sure you wouldn't like to crush them instead feel them under you foot stretched out tight and start to flatten just before they go pop. You could do them one at a time I'll tie them off for you. I was starting to sweat and panic Cheryl was being real convincing.

Jamie said as much as that sounds so good, no I want to keep them for a while longer.

Okay Cheryl said this can be fun too. Gwen do you have the stuff. She answered yes and Cheryl said ok lets get started.

Jamie and Gwen removed the springs and Jamie took off the ball retaining ring. Just for fun she held my balls up and out as far as they would go pulling on them and she let them drop down between my legs were they swung back and forth the skin stretched out it was totally loose.

Ok stop screwing around Cheryl said we only have 15 minutes before the skin starts to contract now that there is no tension on it. She looked at me and said this is how it works very simple and effective. I use this old stocking and I insert your balls inside the open end like this. Then I tie a string tightly around the sac right under the first ball like this I grunted as she pulled the string tight and knotted it, it hurt like hell right up into my belly. Then I line up your second ball right under the first one and tie that off too just like making sausage links, in your case little ball links.

Now I thread the stocking thru the tube and pull up on the stocking to tighten up the skin and get your balls lined up. Now the only trick is to get them into the tube it's going to be a tight fit and the tube is going to squeeze them so we have to line them up with the narrow sides long ways to get them inside. Sometimes someone will have to help and squeeze and push them to get them into the tube. Once they are in it is a simple matter to pull them thru and out the top cut the strings and wala your tubed.

Ok the fun starts now she said as she pulled the stocking up tight and slid the tube down until it made contact with the first ball. Jamie reached in then and held my ball so that the narrow end of the oval shape was lined up and then Cheryl pulled hard and pushed the tube down at the same time.

I tried to arch off the chair to raise my hips up as she pulled the burning ache in my gut from my balls being tied off turned to sheer agony as the ball stubbornly refused to enter the tube and Cheryl pulled harder as Jamie put her hand around my poor trapped ball and squeezed it making it smaller and suddenly it popped inside the tube and the second larger ball slammed against the end of the tube.

I thought I was going to pass out from the pain. I was in agony my ball trapped inside the too small tube the second one jammed against the opening of the tube. I was covered in sweat and felt like I was going to die. Jamie now started to squeeze the second ball she wrapped her fingers around it and squeezed it making it thinner and longer like squeezing a grape you have to be careful or it will rupture and be ruined. The pressure was severe and I was panting like a dog, the sweat was now running off me in rivers.

Then I felt the ball start to enter the tube and all I saw was stars, the pain was even worst than the first one it was excruciating and I felt like I was going to throw up.

Jamie said that's it, it's going in, Cheryl said good and pulled harder on the stocking as she pushed the tube downwards at the same time, I squealed like a piglet as the ball slid into the tube and Jamie said its in all the way.

Cheryl pulled my balls farther into the tube and at about the half way point stopped. She said she needed a little rest, I couldn't believe it I was trying to hump up and away from the torture to my balls and when she stopped I thought no please don't it hurts to much.

Cheryl asked Jamie if she wanted to stop for a drink or get laid and Jamie said I told you I didn't want to castrate him now. Cheryl said I know but this is to good look at him sweating and squirming and I need to get fucked hard we have at least 30 minutes before any permanent damage well maybe 20 so what do you say lets have a fast fuck and then we can finish this.

Jamie said it was awful tempting and then why not, lets do it, but no more than 15 minutes ok.

Cheryl agreed and off they went, as they were leaving me Cheryl told Gwen to tie off the stocking to the hoop so my sac couldn't shrink and it will be painful for him too.

That was all Gwen needed to hear and she was eager to carry out her task. Painful was an understatement the ache in my guts just kept building and Gwen leaned over to tell me that when the pain went away I was a eunuch, dead balls don't hurt she said so be grateful you can feel them.

She tilted my head down and said that I might as well put my mouth to good use while we waited. As soon as she finished lowering my head a big black guy showed up and said oh good I need too unload he took my head in his large hands and tilted it back and slid his large cock right down or at the moment up my throat.

This was a new experience being on my back with my head tilted back there was almost no resistance as he began to fuck my throat in earnest. He was so over excited that he started to shoot his wad almost immediately and as he came he used his cock to shove it all down my throat wave after wave of it. His last couple of squirts he deposited in my mouth and his cum started to run down into my sinuses causing me to gag and snort it out my nose. That was an awful feeling.

I serviced at least four women and another guy before Jamie returned when she got to me she asked Gwen were Cheryl was, Gwen said she didn't know. Then she asked how long has it been as she had gotten caught up in the moment and had forgotten about me.

Gwen said she didn't know and Jamie was starting to get irritated, fucking Cheryl that bitch she hoped I'd forget and get her way and castrate my toy when I'm not ready, go find her now.

Gwen took off almost at a run and it wasn't but a minute and she returned with Cheryl in tow.

Cheryl said what's the big deal your gonna castrate him sooner or later so what if he looses his nuts now he's just another toy anyway.

Jamie said that wasn't the point she had plans and didn't want them spoiled. So Cheryl said well lets get it done and see if they are still alive or if he's a eunuch already.

She untied the stocking from the hoop and started to pull up on it hard and at the same time pushing the tube downwards to get my balls up thru it to the end.

I couldn't feel much and everything was a little numb, Jamie said well we maybe to late he's not struggling like he should be.

Finally the first ball came out the end and Jamie cut the string around the base of it then Cheryl gave another big pull and pushed the tube up against my crotch as the second ball sprang free of the tube. Jamie cut the securing string on this one too as Cheryl pulled the remaining stocking out of the tube. Jamie started to massage and squeeze my balls and that's when the real pain started and I almost came out of the chair bindings. The pain was horrific much worse than when they were pulling them thru the tube. And Jamie smiled her evil smile and said I guess you got lucky or maybe not because they are still alive and I'm going to be using them against you real soon.

Cheryl said one last thing to do and he's all yours Jamie. She fitted some sort of device on the tube, right below the top cup part that held my balls and she smiled at me and said you might be able to get your balls out of the tube with a little oil and some work but now I'm going to crimp the tube so that it will be permanently installed. The only way your balls will go thru this tube again is if they are crushed to mush. With that said she turned on the device and the part of it that went around the tube started to go around in circles I couldn't see it but could feel the tube starting to constrict right behind my balls.

Jamie said not to tight I don't want them to be cut off.

Cheryl said I know but it has to be crimped small, just look at the size of his balls there not so big you know.

When Cheryl was satisfied that the tube was reduced to a small enough size she shut off the crimper and removed it. I got my first look at the tube and saw that she had narrowed the top end to less than a half inch on the outside and I just knew that she was telling the truth and my balls were now trapped for life in the sinister tube.

Jamie said you did good Cheryl, sorry I bitched at you before and Cheryl said that's all right. Hey why don't you try out his cock and see if it worked. I still didn't know what they were talking about but knew it had to do with the injections from earlier and I realized as they were discussing it that my cock didn't hurt at all. It was still as hard as a rock.

Gwen then said hey did you know that his asshole is totally soaked in precum.

Jamie looked down at my spread open ass and smiled as she pressed a finger up against it and rubbed the slimy substance around then she inserted her finger all the way up as far as it would go and said this is great, it's self lubricating as she removed her finger and stuck it in my mouth to clean off.

We need a guy to try this out and I know just who, as she took off looking for him.

She returned shortly with Mr. Rabbit in tow and said I need a favor, I need you to fuck his ass for me.

Mr. rabbit said sure got any lube and she said he's got his own, try it, you'll see. He pressed his cock head against my asshole and swirled it around a couple of times and pushed right up inside in one hard long stroke. Immediately I found out first hand why she called him Mr. Rabbit as he started to jack hammer away with short hard rapid thrusts.

Jamie smiled at me and told me she once had him fuck her like this for hours and she could hardly walk the next day. He really can do it I think his record is five hours straight.

After he had been pounding me for about twenty minutes Jamie was getting bored and she said she was going to go get fucked and that Mr. Rabbit should go ahead and enjoy the ride for as long as he wanted to.

Oh by the way she said I forgot to tell you that we injected your cock with Botox.

Incase you didn't know it's not just for wrinkles anymore. She reached out and grasped my cock and bent over and licked it like a lollypop.

Nothing, not a hint of feeling, just a slight pressure at the base were her hand was wrapped around it was the only sensation I had.

She laughed as she looked at me. The stunned expression on my face must have been pretty comical to her. She said now you don't need the belt anymore to control that nasty habit little boys like you have of whacking off, because no self respecting woman would settle for fucking that little toy cock of yours.

The benefit for me is that you will be horny for the rest of your life or at least as long as I let you keep your balls, unless I help you out or someone else, you won't get any relief at all. The only way you get to cum from now on is by being on your hands and knees like a bitch in heat so you can have your prostrate massaged. You know like having a big long cock stroking in and out of your ass while it rubs across your prostrate and gives you that nice feeling deep inside. It's more like the way a woman comes and like a woman it will take awhile to get you off and you'll need to have foreplay to be ready for it.

When you're on your back like this you won't get enough friction on your prostrate the angle is all wrong, so now you'll know what a woman goes thru when she gets fucked and can't cum, it's really frustrating and leaves you even hornier than when you started.

So now you're going to be my little bitch in heat, you'll do anything I tell you or you won't get any relief. Got it? Nod for me she said and I did.

Off she went and Gwen lowered my head again for any guests that might need my services while rabbit man continued to pound away at my ass. It didn't take long and a short line of women was waiting for their turns for me to do cleanup duties for them. Try and imagine how hard that is to do when you've just been told you can't cum anymore and a guy is mercilessly pounding your ass.

Jamie came back in about an hour that felt like a week and asked rabbit man how it was going and he said good best ass I've had in months. I like the handle too it helps me get in deep. While he was fucking me he had grabbed the tube for my balls with both hands and that was the handle he was talking about it hurt bad not like when they tubed me but just about like when someone slaps you in the nuts and you ache deep inside your gut. That was the feeling like being constantly slapped.

Jamie said good, by the way did his cock ever go down and rabbit man said nope been waggling around like that since I started. Jamie smiled and said good, then she was off again and rabbit man just keep on going and going just like the energizer bunny.

Well it took at least another hour and bunny man was fucking me faster and faster and grunting and groaning and now a small crowd was gathered and cheering him on. He was finally going to cum for the second time that night and as his thrusting reached a fever pitch he suddenly pulled out and scrambled around the chair and mounted my face to unload his balls cargo down my throat. He never stopped humping just went from my ass to my mouth and keep right on fucking. After he finished spurting his gue in my mouth he went right back to my ass and started humping it again his cock never even started to go soft.

One more time he said and I didn't know if I could take it anymore. It was maddening like a itch you can't scratch my ass was burning and my balls ached like never in my life and all I wanted to do was cum. Oh how did I let myself get into this much trouble.

Jamie had been in the crowd watching rabbit man cum, cheering him on and she sauntered over as the rest dispersed to pursue there own pleasures. She leaned over near my ear and said it's going to get much worse before it gets better, we're staying all weekend and that means when everybody leaves tomorrow night we can go home. But as conciliation you did get to keep your balls that's what you wanted right. Even thou they are what make you horny and hornier you'd rather suffer than give them up. Well we'll see in a couple of months with no relief if you still think that way. That's why I didn't want you castrated this is far better torture that beatings and whippings would ever be.

Cheryl was standing beside Jamie when she said that and she laughed oh my, my, she said so that's it, why you little devil bitch and I thought you'd gotten soft I should have known better. I would have crushed his balls and been done with it but your right this will be good and when he's broken and can't take anymore then you still get to crush them, awesome way to go girl.

Jamie just smiled and said you've got it dearie, and the two of them left me then and wandered back to the rest of the party.

Well rabbit man fucked me for four more hours straight without a rest before he finally came for the third time. I thought my asshole was turned inside out it was so raw feeling. He did his usual ritual and popped off in my mouth and then just left without so much as a smile or a thank you.

My ass was finally empty and I was still frustratingly horny. I needed to cum so badly and when rabbit man was fucking me he had made sure that he stayed away from my prostrate to deprive me of even that slight pleasure.

Jamie came over with Rod in tow and looking at my wide spread ass said oh I see your open for business, chuckling at her own joke, she was of course talking about my asshole and the fact it was hanging open from almost 6 hours of non stop abuse.

Jamie had lead Rod over by his limp cock to my face and said cleanup time and get him hard while you're at it. She fed his cock into my open mouth and right down my throat. I still couldn't believe how big he was even soft he was enormous.

Rod started a gentle face fucking sliding his cock deep down my throat on every stroke and it didn't take long for him to start swelling up and get stiff. As his cock started to swell he was having a hard time getting it past the wedges in my mouth it seemed that Cheryl's cock guard was too small for him.

Jamie saw the problem and told him to change ends she needed a good cleaning anyway.

So Rod pulled out and walked around to my open asshole and he immediately started to mount me. My poor abused asshole was now getting the stretching of the evening and I didn't know if it I could take it anymore.

As soon as Rod had the head of his cock in me Jamie mounted my face and lowered her ass to my mouth. She was facing Rod, she wanted to watch him do me she said. French me baby she told me and I did. She unloaded a whopping big squirt of cum on the first probe of my tongue and her familiar taste comforted me in an odd sort of way especially since she was responsible for my current position and the torture session that I had endured so far.

Rod hadn't moved since he had mounted me and Jamie said ok Rod all the way in, in one stroke, I want to feel him squirm under me and squirm I did. My ass was so raw from rabbit man that I would have screamed like a girl getting raped except for the fact that Jamie's ass was pressed down hard on my mouth.

He pushed in all the way, thru the second sphincter and didn't even stop until I felt him slam his pubic bone against mine. Then he just ground into me hard and rotated around trying to get in deeper. My over used ass was on fire and stretched to the max by Rod, his rotating and grinding was not helping matters but Jamie was happy as I was jerking and withering, trying and get away and she found that to be exciting. She liked to see me squirm, the more I did all the better as far as she was concerned.

She leaned forward and slapped me hard square on my balls, suck me she said, I don't like to be ignored, just because you have a cock in your ass is no excuse for not sucking mine.

The slap got her what she wanted as I jerked upward and sucked in a big breath from the shock and pain just as she pressed her asshole down onto my open mouth and pushed at the same time. I was rewarded for my pain and surprise by a large mouthful of ass tasting cum.

Rod was still grinding away at my butt and now he started to fuck me in earnest with long deep strokes, pulling all the way out and plunging all the way in. He finished each stroke with a hard grind to let me know he was all the way inside me. He slowly built up speed and Jamie said to make sure that she had enough time to get off me before he let loose she wanted to see him shoot it into my mouth and watch it pool up inside before I swallowed it.

Well she didn't have to wait long as he started a staccato slamming stroke in deep and he let out a groan and Jamie literally jumped off my face to make room for him. He rushed around to be in position and I saw the first spurt rocket out of his cock and lost sight of it as it splattered against the roof of my mouth and tongue. Jet after jet of thick hot cum filled my mouth and Jamie was cheering him on, oh yaw, another one she shouted after each heavy squirt.

Finally he slowed to a dribble and Jamie leaned over and said swish it around with your tongue I want to see how much he gave you. Oh awesome she said, now swallow it down like a good little slut, that's it she said as I did. Ok Rod cleanup time she said I need some fresh meat and left as Rod impaled my throat with his softening cock.

Time seemed to stop for me as the party continued, I have no idea how much cum I drank that weekend or how many pussies and asses I cleaned out, or how may guys came in my mouth and throat. I do know I was sore and tired and it didn't seem to matter to me what came next.

Well next was it was time for me to cleanup and meet the ladies in the den before going home.

Gwen un-strapped me from the chair that I had been in for the past 18 hours and I found that I couldn't move any of my body parts. I was totally exhausted and my muscles had all seized up. She helped to slowly stretch out my legs an inch at a time and the same with my arms until I could move them again under my own power it took almost an hour to be able to stand up. Walking was another matter and Gwen helped me to the bathroom and eased me onto a stool in a hot shower to help loosen things up. She pried out the mouth appliance as well once I was seated and I found I couldn't close my jaw it was locked open and it ached like mad.

Finally I could move under my own power again as the hot water did its job. It felt marvelous to me as the aches and pains of my strained muscles eased a bit. I was far from normal but getting there. I washed up as best I could and spent some time examining Jamie's latest modifications to my body. I had to be careful in doing it as Gwen was watching my every move and I couldn't dwell on any part to see what they had done other than the tube holding out my balls and the fact that when I washed my cock I couldn't feel it, that was especially weird since I hadn't been able to touch it in three weeks and it was still hard and I was still horny.

When Gwen was satisfied that I was mobile again she shut off the water and threw me a towel and said get dry the ladies are waiting.

We started for the den the instant I was halfway dry. She told me to finish as we walked. As we arrived all that were left from the party was Jamie, Cheryl and Rod it was evident that they had all showered and were relaxed, lounging around naked on Cheryl's comfy couch. They all looked satisfied like cats that had gotten what they wanted and were now laying around with not a care in the world.

Jamie looked me over and said well you seem to be none the worse for wear and smiled. You look funny with that little baby boy cock sticking out all raring to go bet you could fuck for hours now and still won't cum. Oh to bad for you, not that anybody would want to fuck it it's so tiny, I don't even think most woman would feel it when it's in I know I sure wouldn't.

Cheryl was laughing out load at my humiliated beet red complexion my embarrassment was complete or so I thought.

But Jamie had other ideas in her head. She continued on with your going to embarrass me when we go out with that itsy bitsy cock sticking out so I guess we have to do something about it before we leave. Since you've been good this weekend you deserve a treat, so I want you to lay back on the recliner over there and I want you to jerk off. I want you to cum for me so you won't have that little hard on sticking out. If you don't cum and lose that hard on I'll be forced to take corrective action so you don't embarrass me understood she asked.

I nodded and went and laid back in the recliner as asked and Gwen magically had a bottle of lubricant at my side. I lubed up my pole and started stroking squeezing and pulling and twisting my cock for all I was worth and nothing, nothing at all it was like it wasn't there attached to my body, it was but it had absolutely no feeling at all. No matter what I did it was to no avail I was horny as a mad hatter and wanted to cum so badly and yet I couldn't. They cheered me on and then they jeered me to no end.

Jamie said what's the matter little boy, you don't want to cum for me? Try harder she said faster pump it harder. I did and still nothing. My balls were aching with the worst case of blue balls from being over stimulated for weeks and I still couldn't cum.

I started to cry in total defeat and humiliation and Jamie said there, there you'll still be able to lick and suck my ass and make me happy and that should be enough for you after all it's only fitting that your cock looks prepubescent so you shouldn't be able to cum. So all is right in the world.

So now we have to fix your little problem so I can be seen in public with you. First we need to get rid of that little boner. Gwen handed me a bag of crushed ice and Jamie said squeeze it tight around your baby cock, it'll help get the swelling down.

I couldn't believe my ears she wanted me to ice down my own cock for her.

Go ahead don't embarrass me in front of these people and I wrapped the bag around my cock. It was really cold and I did feel it. This shouldn't take to long and she smiled her devil smile again.

As soon as I started to shrivel up Cheryl came over to me and attached a split ring around my ball tube and applied some colored liquid to the screws as she tighten them in place. That's locktite on the screws she said the only way to get them out after it dries is to get them red hot and she smiled.

Then Gwen took the bag of ice off my shriveled up cock and Cheryl started to laugh again, god she said it is so small, I still can't believe it.

Gwen handed her a syringe body without the needle attached and Cheryl placed the end of it in the opening of my cock and pressed the plunger, she told me it was surgical lube. Then Gwen handed her a curved shiny rod and Jamie said hold on I want to watch this come on Rod you to and they came over together.

Cheryl took the rod and wiped some lube up and down on it and then she pressed the rounded bulbous end into my pee hole. It stretched it open and stung a little as she got it inside of me, more feelings good for me I thought. Then she went to work inserting it in my cock a little at a time pressing it in and pulling on my cock working it in deeper and deeper.

Cheryl looked to Jamie and said permanent or not and Jamie shrugged what difference does it make to me, none she said and Cheryl grinned wickedly and said permanent it is then.

She slid the end she was holding into a little pocket on the split ring and then with some more locktite she screwed a small screw into place locking it to the tube on my balls up close to my body.

The finished effect was a stainless steel rod went into my cock and ended deeply inside my body. It did a tight curve to the base of my balls and was locked in place there and it was permanent. My cock was bent into a tight U shape and the head was just about touching the ball tube.

Now lets see how that looks said Jamie stand up, I did and I felt the rod move in and out, way up inside me. Oh that's much better she said look it's so tinie winie and it's all tucked up in tight circle. Jamie reached behind me as she said I need to test this, she inserted a finger deeply up into my ass and pressed hard on my prostrate. My cock instantly tried to harden but all that happened was it ran into the tube and plumped up a bit. Good work Cheryl.

Ok now we can go home she said.

I heard a whimper behind me and Jamie looked at Gwen, what's the matter dear she asked and Gwen just stared at the floor not saying a word and Cheryl said oh silly me I may have promised her a go if she was good this weekend.

Jamie said oh my, of course you can, how much time Cheryl. And Cheryl answered well it should be a good show for a half hour is that ok with you Jamie, Jamie said of course.

Well get undressed Cheryl said times a wasting. Gwen was naked in a second flat and Cheryl took the key from around her neck and handed it to Gwen. Gwen unlocked her Chastity belt and handed the key back to Cheryl, then removed her belt. Her cock got instantly hard, it had been locked up for the same three weeks mine had but in her case she still had feeling in hers and it was quite a bit bigger than mine.

Cheryl said Gwen shall we go for a new record. You have thirty minutes and I'm going to lock you back in the belt for a week for each orgasm you have, unless you can cum ten times in the next thirty minutes, then I'll give you a treat. So if you only cum nine times its back in the belt for nine whole weeks with no milking either.

Jamie told me to get on the floor doggy style on my hands and knees and went on to say the rules are the same as the weekend, you only get to cum in his mouth, understood.

Gwen nodded yes and Cheryl and Jamie both said together, ready, set, go.

Gwen wasted no time at all and was on her knees in front of me in a flash. She grabbed my head in both her hands and impaled my throat with her cock, she went balls deep in one hard stroke and started to jack hammer her cock in staccato thrusts. She lasted all of twenty seconds and came in a torrent she sat back on her haunches and squirted into my open mouth so that the judges could she that she did cum. Then after a couple of jets she rammed her cock back into my throat to finish up still humping like mad. She didn't go soft and like the last time she just keep on stroking until she came again it took another minute for her second orgasm and like the first she sat back so that it would count.

This time after she humped my throat for a minute she pulled out and still on her knees she wriggled her way around behind me and impaled me the instant she got there. No lube, she wanted a lot of friction, to help her cum again fast.

My ass was still overly tender from the almost non stop fucking it had endured for twenty some hours and I tried to resist and move away from Gwen's onslaught. That only fueled her fire and she redoubled her efforts and was slamming away in no time, she started to pant she was so worked up and like a dog in heat she howled and pulled out and scurried up to my mouth. Open it bitch she yelled and the first jet of cum just made it past my opening lips. Some more throat fucking and she went back to attack my ass some more.

She kept up the brutal attack for eight orgasms alternating from shooting her cum into my open mouth to dry hard fucking my poor abused asshole. Time was running out for her. Twenty-five minutes had gone by and she was fucking me like a mad man she squealed again as she scurried up to my mouth to make another deposit of her cum.

That was number nine and I didn't think she had enough time left to get off again but Gwen was not going to quit now she was bound and determined to get to her goal and she was again behind me humping like her life depended on it. Four minutes later and I thought she might make it she was going like mad again and the friction and heat in my ass made it feel like it was on fire.

Jamie and Cheryl were chanting cum cum cum and Gwen was making every effort. Suddenly Cheryl yelled times up and Gwen stopped in mid stroke she extracted her cock from my ass and with a whimper asked if she could have a last clean up before the belt went on again.

Cheryl said well Jamie what do you say shall we make this interesting, Jamie asked what she had in mind and Cheryl whispered in her ear.

Jamie said oh yes that would be interesting for sure, go for it girl she said.

Cheryl asked Gwen if she still wanted a shot at the treat and Gwen said yes please, so Cheryl got up and came over to us. She said I'll give you another five minutes on the clock but you have to cum twice more. If you don't the weeks will be months instead. Either nine or ten months understand, but if you do cum twice more you'll get one week out of the belt and you can fuck me to one orgasm for yourself.

Gwen was almost crying she was so happy and said I won't fail you. Good so lets start she looked at my poor abused asshole and said oh this needs some lube it's so raw, she squirted some on my asshole and then on Gwen's cock and said well what are you waiting for and Gwen jumped into action. She slammed into me so hard it almost knocked me over. The lube was so slippery that I almost didn't feel Gwen's cock as it entered me and she started humping like mad with long hard strokes.

I knew I shouldn't have felt relieved with the good gesture of some lube. It turned out to be icy hot and man I thought my asshole was on fire before, it was nothing compared to now and Gwen was rapidly ramming it in deep. There were tears streaming down my face it burned so bad but it was just the thing for Gwen she squealed I'm cuming as she rounded past my shoulder and jammed her cock home down my throat. Now I was burning at both ends my lips tongue and throat were on fire and Gwen was humping like mad. She shot off into my open mouth and it did nothing to cool the burn. She started to go for my ass again and I shimmied away from her new onslaught. Cheryl and Jamie were laughing at the sight of me trying to get away from the fuck happy dog that was Gwen.

Gwen didn't fool around not with 10 months of chastity service on the line, she grabbed my tubed balls and pulled, she used them like a leash and a handle and started thrashing away at my scorched asshole she was slamming me as hard as she could and was quickly building up to number eleven. Time was running out for her and she knew it so she redoubled her efforts she was moving so fast it was like a vibrator was in my ass and I was starting to get off on it as well despite the awful burning sensation.

I'm cuming she screeched and made a beeline for my open mouth. She slipped and fell on the floor and a jet of her cum went skyward landing on her belly before she righted herself and plugged her cock into my waiting mouth.

The girls, Cheryl and Jamie were laughing so hard I thought they might hurt themselves. After Cheryl calmed down a little and caught her breath she told Gwen that the show was worth the week off for her but she forfeited the chance to fuck her when she wasted that jet of cum that landed on her belly.

Gwen thinking fast grabbed a handful of my hair and said stick out your tongue then she used my hair to guide my tongue to the rivulet of cum that clung to her belly. Lick it all off she said and of course I did it.

She smiled at her mistress Cheryl and Cheryl was laughing some more and said nice try Gwen, I'll see what I feel like during the week if your really good we'll just have to see but you do get an A for effort.

Cheryl was in a good mood and Jamie was sated for the moment, Gwen was happy to be out of her chastity belt for a week and I was still on fire my ass still hadn't cooled down from the icy hot that Cheryl had used to lube it up, my mouth and throat were also burning from the stuff.

Cheryl noticed that I didn't look happy and asked me if my ass hurt, I nodded yes and she looked at Jamie and asked her if she should get something to take my mind off of it. Jamie said sure why not one last thing before we leave she said and smiled.

Cheryl told Gwen to get her special box out of the cupboard and Gwen was off. Lets get him ready shall we and she looked over at Rod, think you can get it up one more time big boy and he said with a little help.

Cheryl croaked her finger at me and I knew what was next. I crawled over to Rod and Jamie feed his soft cock into my mouth. Get it hard for us she said and I sucked away at his impressive dick.

He was rock hard in no time and Cheryl told him to sit on a low stool, next Jamie lead me to him and turning me around started to push me down towards his cock. I whimpered and she said quiet your going to like this she said.

As my ass got within range Rod held his cock out and lined it up to impale me. Only thing was, I was impaling myself for the first time. His cock head pressed against my over heated sore ass hole and Jamie put her hands on my shoulder and started to push me down on him.

His big fat bulbous head popped inside of me and my legs started to tremble, Jamie took me by surprise and slapped my trapped balls hard with the back of her hand. My reflex action was to try and pull my legs up to protect myself and this had the desired effect of me slamming all the way down on Rod's cock.

I saw stars my balls hurt so much and my ass was stuffed full and burning even worse. The added length and girth of Rod's cock worked just like a plunger and drove all the icy hot inside me up farther into my gut and I started to whither and twist in agony.

Jamie took my wrist and went around behind Rod and took the other arm and pulled them both together behind him and I heard a ratcheting click and she fastened handcuffs to my wrists. Locking me to Rod, next she took a couple leather straps off a table and attached them to my ankles. She pulled my feet up off the floor and attached the straps together behind my neck. Now with my feet off the floor all my weight was on Rod, driving his cock in as deep as it could go.

Jamie looked at me and said comfy, then she said it wouldn't be long like this she just wanted me immobile for Cheryl.

Gwen had returned and handed Cheryl a box Cheryl opened it and was fiddling around with some stuff when she turned around and said ready. She had a large Syringe in her hands.

She came towards me and said this is gonna hurt but you'll like the results. She took hold of my nipple ring and pulled it away from my chest stretching the nipple up and away from my body. I arched up as much as I could then to my horror she took the syringe and pressed the needle into my nipple from the bottom edge of the areola upwards in towards the center. I thought my neck was going to break as I tried to jam my feet on the ground to get away from the needle. It was a searing hot pain as it was inserted and then she depressed the plunger and withdrew the needle only to do it again this time from the top down. She smiled as tears welled up in my eyes, then she injected me from the right edge then the left edge, one more then we'll do the other one she said. This time she pressed the needle right in thru the center of my nipple and deeply into the tissue of my boob.

That was the worst pain of all. She let go of my nipple ring and watched it snap back into place. She then took my other nipple ring and started all over again. When she was done she smiled at me and said see I told you this would take your mind off your ass and she laughed in my face.

Cheryl said by the way the next time I see you, you should have nice puffy swollen nipples just like a little girl starting puberty since I injected you with several female hormones that will slow release over the next week. Your going to have very tender nipples and I love to suck and bite them when they are like that, it really turns me on.

Jamie looked at Rod and asked him if he wanted to finish up in me and he laughed and said he already had, he couldn't help it, I was squirming around so much it was one of the better fucks he'd had lately.

Jamie oh good, well I'll get him off you and then we can go home and get some sleep she said.

Home at last, my last chore of the weekend was to have a shower and get dressed for bed.

Dressed for bed was a little girls flannel nighty and some icy hot for my nipples. Jamie said I might as well get to know what puberty felt like. It was a bitch trying to sleep that night and in the morning after my shower my nipples were swollen and itchy. I wanted to scratch them off it was so irritating, everything that touched them made them buzz and ache.

Jamie took great pleasure in pinching and rubbing them every chance she got that day and in the days that followed.

It was a quiet week at home for us, she didn't go out much and didn't have any guests in either, it was strange but I relished the rest.

Jamie took great pleasure in the fact that when she stimulated my over tender nipples that my little dick tried to get hard and this was where the rod Cheryl and her had inserted did it's evil task it was curved down and ended at my ball tube near the base and as my dick started to try and harden it slid along the rod up against my ball tube in a little u shape.

My cock couldn't quite get fully hard but the stimulation as it grew and slid along it's internal rod was the only feeling it had left. The other pain I had felt that night was when Cheryl had cut an opening for me to pee thru, it was just ahead of my asshole and behind my ball sack in the middle of the peritoneum, Cheryl had made a little nub by pulling some of the skin in and stitching it up. When I had to pee it was annoying because I had to pull my tube encased ball sack up out of the way as I found out the first time I peed, I peed all over my balls. Oh course Jamie was watching so she could get a laugh at my expense.

My balls were always in pain the tube was long and narrow and held them away from my body. When it was cold they tried to pull up and they ached, when I had to get dressed, I had to pull the tube back and up between my legs to get them out of the way and my balls were then trapped between my cheeks were they pressed against what ever I had on. Of course Jamie keep them sore and tender by smacking them at least once a day just for fun as she called it.

The other small annoyance was that I was constantly horny and leaking precum out of my new pee hole and it either ran back over my asshole or forward and down the ball tube in either case I was almost always wet in one or both places.

At the end of he week Jamie told me it was time for my once a month milking and it would be the only type of sexual pleasure I could expect. Depending on if I was good and deserved it, she would strap me into her milking machine and I could expect to have my asshole fucked for one to several hours. She could control all the fucking action with her PC and vary the angle, stoke speed and every nuance of the experience.

If I were bad she would insert a bull milking devise that was used on breeding farms for sperm collection of the bulls. She showed it to me and it was a large prod with a larger stainless steel ball on the end. The ball would be pressed against the prostrate and the current would be turned on. The current could be varied and modulated into pulses and it would force the month's collection of fluids out of the prostrate, adjoining ampullas and reservoir ducts.

She said since she needed to make sure I understood the difference so she was going to milk me with the bull devise this month, and then I would understand to always be good.

She started by having me get on all fours. She had me put my head and hands thru a set of stocks made just for this occasion she said. The stocks were lowered to the floor so my ass was sticking up high in the air. Then my ankles were spread wide apart and secured to rings in the floor. Lastly she put a belt around my waist and pulled my ball tube up and attached it to the belt with a metal clip keeping them up against my belly out of the way and she said the belt connection completed the circuit to my cock and balls. So not only was my prostrate going to receive a shock but also my balls and the inside of my cock as well.

Jamie held up a large squeeze bottle of what she called electro gel she said it would help conduct the electric current into my prostrate and also lube me up as well.

She disappeared and I felt the tip of the bottle being inserted up my asshole. I felt the cold gel as it was squeezed up inside of me, then a cold pressure on my asshole as she pressed the large two and a half inch stainless steel ball against my asshole. She didn't hesitate at all and just pushed it right in, my asshole closed on the narrow neck of the devise and she started to fuck me with it to coat it with the electro gel she said.

Then she attached it to something to hold it in place and adjusted it so it was pressing down on my prostrate, it felt like I had to pee as it also pressed against my bladder.

Now the last thing is the collection vial she said she showed me a small clear plastic vial attached to a short hose that had a ridged hard silicone end. She lubed it in front of me then went around back and I felt her pushing against my pee hole. It was larger than my hole and it hurt as it entered me and stuck in place.

All set she said now where are my guests.

The doorbell rang and she said right on time as she went to answer it. I heard familiar voices coming down the hall and in came Cheryl followed by Gwen.

Cheryl said oh goodie you said you wanted us here for his first milking but I thought you'd take it easy on him the first time. I like this much better it reinforces the sub in them she said.

What level are you going to use and Jamie smiled and said all of them. Oh goodie again from Cheryl then we're in for a treat. Gwen get us all some wine and a couple of vibrators, I intend on enjoying the show and he shouldn't be the only one that gets to cum today.

Oh you did insert the mouth wedge right, the higher levels sometimes cause them to bite their tongues you know.

Jamie said nope I thought you might like to have that little pleasure yourself and

Cheryl said thank you. She came forward to me and said I have a special mouth wedge for you today and said open wide and she inserted the wedge it went over my teeth and had solid silicone wedges between the molars that held the mouth open for easy access and stopped you from biting someone or your self. Here's the new part as she inserted a solid core in my mouth and hooked a bottle to it.

Every time you bite down or suck your breath in hard you'll get a little treat she smiled and said that Gwen worked very hard all week to contribute to your special day.

She went back to take her seat on the couch and then said let the show begin.

I could just see the three of them out of the corner of my eye and Jamie held up a box and said this is the remote control and I saw her push a button and I felt a surge in my loins.

The electrical pulse didn't hurt but it made me hump my ass up in the air and that ground the ball harder into my prostrate. Jamie told Cheryl that it was on automatic for now and the pulses would be varied some strong others gentle some long and some short. We don't want him to enjoy this too much and she laughed out loud, so did Cheryl and Gwen.

The next pulse was soft and kind of vibrated, felt rather good and as soon as it ended a real strong hard pulse hit and my ass went skyward again driving the ball hard against my gland. It lasted for a good twenty seconds and when it stopped I was panting from the exertion of it. The next several were varied some soft, some long and pulsing and then another whammy driving me to slam my prostrate again. This time when it ended Gwen announced that I had started dripping my cum and then another hard slammer and Gwen giggled and said it's working we got a spurt that time.

On the hard jolts I bit down and tried to suck in air thru the gag and was rewarded with a spurt of Gwen's weeks worth of collected cum. It was a large bottle and I knew it wouldn't run out soon.

On the following soft jolts of electricity I continued to leak cum and then the hardest jolt yet. Oh goody Gwen said that opened the faucet, awesome he's running like a tap now. Then another large slammer and this one stayed on for some time. My legs and back were quivering from the stress and then again another really hard jolt I would have screamed from the intensity but the mouth wedge just muffled the sounds.

After about ten minutes of this Jamie came over to see the progress just as another hard jolt went into my prostrate and as I humped up yet again another squirt was forced out of me. Jamie looked at the collection vial attached to the tube she had inserted and said we have got a long way to go yet. I guess we'll have to turn up the level and see if that helps.

I was whimpering and she just smiled at me and said it was for my own good they didn't want me to have prostrate troubles did they.

As she took her seat she picked up the remote and fiddled with it and said all set this should help. The next jolt was far and away the hardest one yet and I saw stars. It was not only stronger but it oscillated and made my insides undulate and contract in waves. It also made me hump up in a series of strokes each one higher and harder until it stopped and then it hit again. I had hardly gotten a breath in and Gwen squealed that's it you should see how much that made him squirt.

It went on like that each wave of current causing me to hump and grind and eject my cum into the vial after twenty more minutes Jamie again came over to see how I had done but this time she had the remote in hand.

She checked the vial and said not bad for the first time lets see what's left inside. She showed me the remote the little intensity control knob was at half way up the scale and she flipped it to manual and turned the knob up to maximum. Then she smiled at me as she pressed the button.

I thought I was going to die. The intensity was tenfold of all the jolts I had received and the oscillating waves of current were slamming my body around like a rag doll. Jamie said I'm holding this on high until your dry. Oh my that rhymes, Gee I'm a poet and didn't know it, hee hee.

I was covered in sweat and I thought my back and hips were going to break finally it stopped and I felt like I had run a marathon, I was totally spent.

Jamie said that was good you spurted for about half of the time I had you on high. With a little practice you will probably not have to go there, unless I feel like a little torture session. Then she went on to say, the more we do this you'll get used to the milking and you'll look forward to it. You'll be conditioned like a dog and start to leak cum as soon as I tell you that it's the day for your reward.

The door bell rang and Jamie said oh good right on time. She sent Gwen to answer it. Gwen returned with Jamie's favorite fuck buddy Rod in tow and Jamie said I have a little gift for you.

Rod asked what it was and she told him me. I have him all heated up for a good fucking she said and told Rod to get undressed.

Rod was naked in no time and as he approached me Jamie reached out for his gigantic cock and steered him to my face, she pulled the plug that was in my mouth. She helped feed his cock into my mouth and down my throat.

Dam he said I keep forgetting what a good cocksucker he is. Oh ya suck it, that's it and as he moaned and groaned he swelled up to his hard massive size.

Jamie said ok Rod enough head, I have something else in mind and she lead him off by his massive cock.

I figured she wanted to get laid so imagine my surprise when I felt a cold wet finger in my ass then a squirt inside of me and then the hot throbbing head of Rod's cock pressing against my poor tired asshole. He popped the head of his gigantic cock inside me and then proceeded to smoothly push the entire length of his cock up inside me. As his groin made contact with my ass cheeks he ground the last inch inside with a swirling hump that planted every millimeter of his cock deep inside of me.

Rod paused then and Jamie said I just milked him dry so I want you to fuck him hard and make sure you grind on his prostrate, I want him hot and horny when your done with him. Cool by me said Rod, I like that angle anyway feels good to me as I bump and grind over it.

Rod started to fuck me then but in a totally different way than ever before. He had fucked my ass several times before and after I got used to the size it didn't really hurt but it didn't do much for me either. Now it was different he was trying to get me going and he dragged his cock head over my gland, then bumped it on the reentrance and swirled over it and generally was fucking me for my pleasure and not just his own. What a difference, I could feel my cock start to puff up and slide down the rod that impaled it until it abruptly stopped as it ran into my tubed balls.

Rod's fucking was exquisite and he was making me hot I wanted nothing more than to cum, to be able to stroke my cock anything to have an orgasm.

Of course that was Jamie's plan to milk me dry and then turn me into a blathering idiot to enslave me to her even more than I already was. At that moment I would have done anything she asked of me if I thought that I'd get a chance at cuming and she knew it as well.

She was in my face watching me and she leaned in close and asked me if I could would I cut off my balls to be able to cum would I crush my own balls with my own bare hands. I answer yes to everything she said and Cheryl said my that is impressive Jamie I got to try this with the next guy I ensnare.

Jamie let Rod fuck me for the next half hour and it was mindless torture, I was so close to having an orgasm, yet it was a breath away and I couldn't quite get there.

That was the torture being kept on the edge of an orgasm and not being able to achieve it. Just what Jamie had intended and Rod was an expert at it. As Rod got closer and closer to having his orgasm he increased his speed and the intensity of his thrusting and grinding he was getting real close and Jamie whispered something to him and he grunted sure that would be great.

He lasted a few more mind bending hard thrusts and he pulled out. I hear a hello oh that feels great and still didn't know what was happening. I felt something cold go up my asshole and then Jamie was in front of me again with a big grin on her face she also had the remote in her hand so I knew what was in my ass again.

She smiled at me and said Rod had given her his deposit and I was going to get the pleasure of cleaning it out of her ass while she milked any remaining cum out of me that Rod might have stirred up.

She promptly lay back on a recliner that was in front of me and as Gwen pushed it closer, Jamie scooted her ass up to my mouth. At the same time she turned on the remote and said she was going to manually do me with it, so the better I treated her the better for me, so get to work with that tongue of yours.

I slid my tongue thru the mouth gag and into her musky hole which was hard to do with your mouth held open and was treated to a little squirt of fluids. She squirmed her way closer to me so my lips were squished tight around her asshole so nothing could escape and then she said go to it boy, suck me dry and make me cum.

I started to tongue fuck her in ernest, and she was starting to moan when she turned on the milking devise. The first jolt was mild but long and it caused me to raise up my hips and impale myself like before. As the current stopped I settled back down and felt the probe glide over my prostrate and it felt good like when Rod had been fucking me as soon as I had settled all the way down the next pulse hit me and it was a strong one making me jam myself upwards again and it stopped almost at once, again I got the pleasurable down stroke and wham another one.

Jamie was making me slam fuck my own ass over the invading probe. She was using short hard shots of current to slam my hips up and when they came down it felt good, so on it went and Gwen checked the vial under me for any residual discharge leaking out and she reported to Jamie that I was once again leaking fluids.

Jamie said good I'll make sure we get it all by the time were done. The pulses got stronger and harder and as she got closer to her own orgasm she kept increasing the intensity of her assault on my prostrate.

As she came she hit a button and I arched up in agony she had turned it to high and as she came she held the button down for several long seconds as she crested thru her orgasm, she also squirted a ton of cum out of her ass and into my open mouth and I thought I would choke and drown, I couldn't breath from the current in my ass and I was paralyzed, all my muscles straining.

When her orgasm ended she let go of the button and as the shock wore off and I had a chance to swallow she hit it again and she started to cum again just from me being at her mercy. This one took longer for her to crest thru and she let go of the button and immediately hit it again and she had her third in a row grinding her open ass on my tongue and mouth it was her biggest orgasm so far and I was in total pain and agony.

Gwen said that I had spurted the first two times and just dribbled the last time and Jamie hit the button again and waited, when she let go Gwen said nothing at all that time. Jamie smiled at me and said good boy, I guess you're done for milking today.

Gwen unhooked me from the milk machine and removed the vial. She undid all the straps that held me in place and when I was able to move I was told to lay on my back and finish my cleanup duties on Jamie's ass.

When I was done with that Jamie held up the vial and said not to bad for the first time. Open up and she poured my cum into my mouth, swallow it she said and then she had me lick the residue out of the vial to make sure I got it all.

That was good now go make lunch for our guests. And gave me a slap on my ass as I was off to the kitchen to do her bidding.

When I came into the living room to serve lunch I was surprised to see a new addition to the furniture. There was a black and gleaming chrome straight back chair that had a seat that was in a vee shape from the main back support column.

Towards the rear of the vee was a large dildo sticking up and Jamie said I see you noticed your new chair. When you're done serving us go and take your seat and wait until we're done.

I finished serving them and headed towards the chair. They all turned to watch me as I turned around and started to take my seat. The large dildo pressed against my puckered opening and as I pressed down it started it's way up inside of me. I was worried, I thought I couldn't take it all, as I lowered my self on the dildoe and finally felt some relief when my cheeks made contact with the vee shaped seat.

Gwen got up and came over to me she took my right foot and moved it to the end of the vee leg and attached an ankle strap, then she did the left foot and finally she went around behind me and took my arms and attached wrist straps too them binding them around the back support behind me.

Then she wrapped a strap around my elbows and pulled them together forcing me to stick out my chest and press my back against the back support.

Cheryl tossed Gwen something and Gwen caught it in the air. She came around in front of me as she smiled, she immediately leaned over and attached nipple clamps on to my nipples, oh mother that hurt. With my chest jutting out I couldn't move away and she giggled and went and retook her seat to finish her lunch with the others. There were times that Jamie had put clamps on my nipples but since the injections at the end of the party, the clamps hurt doubly bad.

They took there time with lunch and chatted and laughed having a good old time and when they were done Cheryl asked Jamie if she wanted her to do the maintenance on me.

I wondered what maintenance was since I wasn't a car. I soon found out. Jamie, Cheryl and Gwen got up from the table and came over to have a look at me.

Cheryl bent over and had a close up look at my nipples with the attached clamps and said, oh my, he's coming along nicely. I like the way they're all puffy and swollen, I bet the clamps hurt like a mother she said and chuckled. She reached out and started to pull on a clamp and she twisted it around. I was in agony my nipples had gotten slightly numb and had calmed down to a dull throb but Cheryl's actions had reawaken the feeling in them and it was bringing tears to my eyes. I tried to pull away from her assault but I couldn't move.

Jamie said what do you think and Cheryl said looks good another three weeks of treatments and they should be real cute.

While they were discussing my nipples, Jamie reached out and removed the clamps and I saw stars. My nerves protesting the lack of blood flow had dulled them out now they were bitching up a storm. I was panting at the pain and it felt like someone was holding a lit match under them.

Cheryl said I need my stuff and Gwen as usual was ready with Cheryl's tools.

Cheryl unzipped a pouch that Gwen had handed her and she withdrew a syringe. She ripped open a package and pulled out a white wet towelette that she used to wipe down my nipples. The liquid was cold to the touch and that made my nipples harden up and hurt even more than before. Next she took the syringe and started the same series of injections as the weekend before.

Cheryl started by using the nipple ring to pull up on my nipple and insert the needle at the bottom edge or the areola then the top and both sides then in the middle right thru the protruding nipple. Needless to say the four outer injections hurt like a mother but the one in the middle just about did me in, all I saw was grey and the world was spinning.

After she finished with the injections in the second nipple she smiled and said see you in a week my dear, oh and by the way they are starting to look good even if I do say so myself.

The evening wore on and I was put to work servicing the ladies and Rod. Gwen got to fuck me again as her reward and last night of freedom so she was like a wild woman and she came at least ten times that evening.

Hey did you notice his nipples this morning, yes I did she said as she reached out and ran circles around one with her finger. That caused it to stiffen up and got a moan out of me. Jamie giggled oh you little slut your way to easy, then she used a finger and thumb to grasp it and she squeezed it hard as she twisted it. My little moan turned into a groan of exquisite pain. It hurt but I felt intense pleasure pangs deep inside, like my nipple was hooked up to my prostrate.

I knew then that if she continued to work on my nipples I would cum from the stimulation. Unfortunately for me she knew it too, being a woman and knowing how sensitive some woman's nipples are, she was testing me to see how I was developing. Since the direct hormone injections into my nipples to make them develop into a girls nipples was directed by her and Cheryl.

Oh I'm going to have to do something about this she said. I think that Botox will work same as on his cock. What do you think Cheryl?

My heart sank I knew she'd do it too since she had done my cock.

Cheryl said sure why not. But why don't you wait until they are fully developed remember that they are real sensitive now due to the injections and they are growing once they develop some more they will lose some of there sensitivity and you'll just drive him mad with more teasing and denial.

Good point Cheryl said Jamie, I remember when mine started to develop I couldn't get enough of them until they got bigger then they just made me horny.

Why don't we just tease him right now and get him really worked up and when you think he's had enough for today I'll inject some novocain to numb them, then he'll just be stuck on hold for the rest of the day what do you think, should be fun.

Well Cheryl and Jamie fingered and sucked my nipples, as well as squeezed and twisted them until they were raw. They were at it for over an hour my mind was numb from the pleasure and pain I wanted to cum so badly I would have done anything to get off.

When they had enough Cheryl had another evil thought, instead of the novacain she rubbed icy hot all over my raw tender nipples, then she put a snake bite suction cup on each nipple drawing them into the evil devices making them expand and puff them out even more than they were already.

It was shear agony for me they were so raw and tender all I saw was stars, it was like my nipples were on fire and I was squirming all over trying to get the suction cups off to no avail. All I succeeded in doing was to fuck myself on the big dildo that held me in place on the chair.

Finally Cheryl and Gwen left and Jamie invited Rod to stay the night. Her last order for the night was that I had to sleep on the futon at the foot of her bed that way incase she needed something I'd be close and available.

She had me help and watch Rod fuck her in the ass to finish off the day she said and I was surprised when she just rolled over to go to sleep after he came in her.

I woke early and as usual Jamie was asleep on her back with her legs spread and I went to work licking her pussy to wake her in her usual fashion, she loved being awoken like that it put a smile on her face she'd say.

Today as she woke up she told me to get on my back on the bed. She straddled my face and had me lick her to her first orgasm of the day. I was so horny that I could feel my precum oozing out of my new pee hole and soaking my asshole and cheeks.

Jamie said oh sorry I hope I didn't wake you to Rod. I heard him chuckle and say it was a pleasure to watch her getting off first thing in the morning and she said well you look like you need a little relief yourself, nice tent.

She raised herself off my face and turned around facing my feet, then she reached down and grabbed my ball tube and told me to lift my legs so she could hold my ankles.

I did it ASAP. When someone is holding your trussed up balls you learn to do their bidding with no questions asked.

As soon as she had a hold of my ankles she said will this do for now and Rod said don't mind if I do. He has a nice tight ass and it will feel good to get rid of this morning wood.

I felt the bed shift and then could sense him between my legs. I jumped at the first touch of his cock to my asshole and he just pressed it against me and slid it around. He said wow is he ever wet, this is gonna be good, as he pressed the head home and pushed himself into my open asshole.

I moaned into Jamie's crotch as he entered me and she giggled and said yes he does that to me too. I felt the bed shift some more and got ready for what I knew was coming. Rod had moved forward to get into a better position to fuck me, he started slow with gentle in and outs spreading my lubrication into my ass as he worked his way in deeper.

Jamie said oh that looks real good, my ass is just twitching remembering last night. Then she moved herself down and said eat my asshole, suck out last nights creamy deposit. I started to lick her asshole and tasted last nights crusty dried cum and she pressed herself down tongue fuck it she said and I did. She said suck me hard and as I did she bore down and squirted a mix of last nights cum and her ass juice into my mouth. Glad I hadn't brushed my teeth yet or I'd be tasting her ass all day.

Rod had picked up speed and was fucking me in earnest, Jamie said let me know when your ready so I can get out of the way. Rod just grunted won't be long now. He hammered himself into me balls deep a few more times and said I'm cuming and Jamie scurried to get out of he way as Rod pulled out of my ass scooted up and jammed his oversized cock into my open mouth.

He had just the head in and started to cum, Jamie said stick out your tongue and stroke the bottom of his cock. I did it and he continued cuming in large hard jets. When he finally stopped he withdrew his cock so Jamie could see my cum filled mouth before she told me to swallow.

After that she had me lick and suck him clean so now I tasted her and my own ass flavors mixed together with his cum.

Rod said a guy could get used to waking up and a life like this, Jamie said get your own boy toy this one is mine for now, or maybe I'll loan him to you once in a while or until I get bored with him and want to sell him or trade him.

Jamie told me to go and get cleaned up for the day and she and Rod were going to have a little fun this morning before I brought them breakfast in bed. She told me to bring some buttered toast for myself.

I ran off to do my morning enema and shower. I got dressed in a pink stretch lacy top that irritated and aggravated my overly sensitive nipples and made then harden and stand out even more than usual. Next was a short black satin maids dress that left my ass showing out of the bottom and the required six inch locked on high heel come fuck me pumps, I snapped the locks shut and started to the kitchen to make them breakfast.

I returned to Jamie's bedroom with breakfast and she and Rod had just finished fucking up a storm, I heard him cuming in her as I was coming down the hall.

They were still locked together when I entered and Jamie said just in time.

Rod got off her and I set the tray on a nightstand to be able to serve them.

Jamie said give me your toast I need to get it ready for you. I was puzzled until she sat up and then squatted, she took my toast and placed it under her wide open pussy and Rod's cum started to dribble then run out of her stretched out pussy. When there was a large puddle of cum on the toast it she switched to the second piece and continued to dribble the rest of his morning load onto it.

When she was satisfied that most of his cum was out of her and on my toast she handed me my plate and told me to sit on the edge of the bed and enjoy it, oh and don't forget your manners you'll need to thank Rod after your breakfast for the jelly he provided you. She then giggled, smiled and said start eating I know your going to like your breakfast.

It's funny when your slurping on a cum filled pussy or asshole it's a different mental image that comes to mind your zoned into the moment and your thinking about the sex. This was something entirely different and the result was I was thoroughly disgusted. Oh course I'd eaten loads of Rod's cum before, sucking them out of Jamie's pussy and ass and even had it right from the source when I was forced to suck his cock until he came.

Now thou faced with this situation, I couldn't bring myself to eat the toast with his cum on it. I just sat there sort of stunned. Jamie said what's the matter why aren't you eating your breakfast. I couldn't tell her why so I lied and said my stomach wasn't feeling well today. She harrumphed and said fine, leave the toast here and get some saran wrap.

When I got back to the bedroom she told me to wrap up the toast and put it on the tray she was going to save it until later when I felt better she said. I was so upset all I wanted was to cry, I didn't want this to be happening but knew better than to say anything.

She spread her legs and pointing, told me to get between her legs and do my cleanup duties while she finished her breakfast. When she was satisfied with my efforts and had finished eating she shooed me away from her pussy and closed her legs a little.

She told me to start her shower so it would be warmed up for her and Rod.

To be continued...

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