Slave Scott reports to the Dungeon

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Chapter 1

Scott, a successful businessman who craves female domination, reports to Mistress Danielles dungeon as ordered at 3 pm.  Jill the receptionist makes him wait merely because he is a slave.  It is 3:30 before Scott is told it is time.  She wonders why such a muscular stud gets off paying to grovel and be punished.  Oh well, it pays the bills.  After asking how his day is going, Jill ushers Scott into the main dungeon.  Jill knows Scotts day is about to get a lot harder.   

The main dungeon is gothic and well equipped with a cross, steel dog cages, a kneeling bench, and an assortment of floggers and instruments of torture.  The floor and walls are broad flagstones with bars blocking the windows, like a prison.  Candles flicker and cast shadows on the whips, chains and manacles.   

As expected, Scott neatly places his bag by the door and begins to strip.  Scott starts by stripping off his expensive Italian silk suit and neatly folds his clothes in pile.  He hesitates before removing his briefs, reminding himself that he craves this abuse.  His cock is straining in its steel chastity tube, hoping beyond hope that Mistress will favor him this time and allow him to cum.  Once naked, he clamps shackles on his ankles and wrists, locking them with plastic ties, and affixes his slave collar around his neck.  The collar is a black leather dog collar with metal rivets.  The shackles are heavy.  Mistress explained last time that they were designed for photographs only, but Scott begged to wear them and suffer.    

Scott almost forgot a critical item and had to search his bag.  Yes he had it.  he tightly positions the old red ball gag into his mouth.  Mistress would not be amused if he forgot the ball gag and she does not usually enjoy slave whimpering.  Finally he places the blindfold over his eyes and sinks to his knees.  Scott assumes the position legs spread, hands clasped behind his back, head down in supplication.  The flagstones on the floor are cold.  He was so hot and heady with anticipation that he did not really notice before.  his dick is hot, trying to get hard and straining.  The anticipation is hard to bear.his expectation is high, and his cock tries to get hard.  But he is a slave, locked in chastity, so he waits .  

The door opens.  Is it Mistress?  Scott is unsure.  Then he hears the clack of her spiked heels and the order to stand.  Yes it is Mistress.  She orders Scott to spread his legs wide and attaches an iron spreader bar. Mistress Danielle is deft and easily locks the spreader bar to Scotts shackled ankles.   

Are you happy to see me? inquires Mistress Danielle. 

Yes, Mistress is slave Scott's ritualistic reply.  It is really the only reply that is acceptable.

Then comes her order to raise his hands into the air. 

Yes, Mistress

Click, click. a chain is attached to Scotts wrist shackles. 

Mistress notices that the ball gag could made tighter and cinches it tighter.  It will muffle cries during the whipping. 

Mistress whispers: hold on and lets out a laugh as she turns the lever that hoists Scott to his tippy toes and beyond.  It is almost a relief because the shackles themselves are heavy.  But is a short relief because Scott knows what is coming.   

Mistress orders I want to pull your arms out of your sockets actually my arms out of my sockets because I own you slave right?

Yes, absolutely Mistress mumbles slave Scott through the ball gag. 

The pain subsides after about five minutes but every time Scott changes position to relieve his arms and shoulders, the tug on his balls reminds him that his is an utter slave.   

Mistress decides to inspect her property and focuses in on her cock.  She is pleased the chastity cage is intact and sees that her slave cock is straining.  Oh, well she remarks. 

Mistress loops a cord around slave Scotts balls and cinches it tight.  She pulls it through Scotts ass crack and then ties it off to a ring installed on the floor.  She gives it few tugs and Scott whimpers. 

Once sufficiently trussed up, Mistress feels for the small golden key on a chain around her neck and fingers it; considering whether she wants to abuse the struggling cock in front of her.  Mistress Danielle teases slave Scott by kissing him and licking him slightly, she runs her fingers through his hairy chest.  She touches him and then pulls away.  Slave Scott reaches forward to receive her touch, longingly, even though it puts pressure on his balls and pain creeps into his arm sockets.  He curses the rope around his balls, which restrains him and the cock cage the cruelly keeps this cock from sporting an erection despite its best efforts. 

She asks slave Scott if he was ready to fulfill her special request this evening and brought the item. 

Scott mumbles yes, Mistress.  But Mistress does not hear him. 

Mistress instructs slave Scott to nod yes or no and he vigorously shakes his head up and down. 

Mistress dangles a golden key and then decides that Scott needs more punishment and to show more proper respect before she will consider unlocking his cock from its prison.   

Mistress attacks her slave with the spiked wheel sensitizing the balls, nipples and thighs.  Then they are ready for her red clothes pins, which she affixes to remind Scott that he is a slave.  Pain and torture are his lot.   

Mistress knows Scott hates the whipping, but it is for his own good and Mistress enjoys it.  This is not a decision for Scott and he must confess his transgressions and be punished.  After all he is her slave.  Slaves need discipline.  She removes the ball gag because Mistress decides tonight she wants to hear his begging and the yelps. 

Scott confesses to his sins and begs for a light whipping.  Mistress replies Scottie, you know my rules, you must beg FOR the whipping 

I expect sincere thanks after each blow  admonishes Mistress.

Mistress hits Scott hard with the crop; she wants a red ass to admire.  She remarks "20 hard strokes should do it."

Scott groans. 

How impertinent 25 stokes   

Scott dutifully thanks his Mistress after each stoke.  he is off balance and when he recoils his body to absorb each blow he also feels pain in his arm sockets and an uncomfortable tug on his balls.   He is blindfolded and cannot anticipate the blows. 

During the whipping, Mistress berates her slave. While it is a full eight inches when erect, she he castigates his puny cock. 

What kinda man are you? You are worm, a slut, a slave boy  "Your little cock is not even hard with a hot woman right here for you."   

She is not careful and accidentally steps on the ring holding the rope and encircling Scotts balls causing an unexpected and painful tug.  Oops sorry says Mistress with a mischievous grin. 

At the conclusion of the whipping Mistress takes some pity on Scott and lowers his arms down a notch.  She removed a few selected clothespins, the spreader bar, and lets blood return to Scotts feet.  She also removes the blindfold so Scott may behold her in her glory. 

Of course Mistress is in black leather with spiked heels. 

Scott looks her over and does seem to admire her but she notices that he tends to focus on his reflection in the floor to ceiling mirror and decides to bring him back to focus on her as it should be.   

Just for fun she jams a heel spike into Scotts foot as she nestles close to him.  he screams.  How improper Mistress Danielle remarks. Open your mouth and stick out your tongue slave commands Mistress.  Mistress cruelly clamps a clothes pin on Scotts tongue to keep it in check.  She runs her hands over his taut body, enjoying the feel of his skin and her raw power. She is feeling a special tingling deep inside her as she grinds the spike further into Scotties's poor foot. 

I get pleasure giving you pain 

Yes, Mistress, but I like it too replies slave Scott.  Mistress decides she wants to see the cock bob as she whips Scottiess ass, so she frees it from its prison.  It immediately springs to full erection, a solid nine inches and thick.  The balls are also engorged because Scott has not been released for over a week.  Mistress berates the worm cock saying I have had better.  She actually likes Scottie's cock, it is a full seven inches, cut and lanky, kinda of like Scott.  He has soft dirty blond pubic hair.  It is unsightly but Scottie has been caged all week and can not shave.  Mistress enjoys putting more red clothes pins on Scottie's cock, scrotum and of course, the sensitive glans of his cock head, which is red and engorged with blood.   

Mistress knows Scott is a not a much as a pain slut as he enjoys being in her control.  Scott says he does not like the second whipping, but his cock is rock hard throughout.  In-between stokes, Mistress feels up Scotties body and noticed that his cock is leaking pre-cum uncontrollably.she dabs it with finger it brings it Scotts mouth to lick.  Scott hates this part, but he is a true slave and slurps it up as best he can with a clothes pin on his tongue. 

Just a taste of whats to cum   

Mistress reflects: Scott is powerful man; 6ft tall muscled with light, soft brown hair.  He does not have washboard abs and could lose some weight, but Scott would be a good catch.  Scott could easily lift up Mistress or overpower her but it was the furthest thing from his mind.  Scott could easily get a date and she thinks he has a vanilla girlfriend.  But he comes here to me to get his special craving fulfilled.  She ponders this and amuses herself further while twisting the clothes pins on his scrotum, making Scott wince in agony as she thinks of the special entertainment she has in store tonight.  She enjoys having such a powerful stud under her complete control.   

Chapter 2

Mistress releases Scott from the pulley and orders him to lick her boots.  After a sufficient period to calm Scott down, She cannot wait and asks again if he has the item.  Slave Scott replies Yes Mistress, it is in my bag Go get it.  Scott begins to walk over.

Crawl! Slave yells Mistress. 

Yes, Mistress

Scott positions the mouth opener as best  he can by himself, but then he must ask mistress to help tighten and lock it onto his head. 

Beg, for it

Yes, Mistress  Please clamp my mouth open   

Once affixed, Scott's mouth was pried wide open with a tool that was designed for dentists. 

Usually Mistress had Scott suck her black dildo and he sucked for all he worth because that was all the lubrication she used before sticking it up his ass. 

Tonight Mistress leads Scott over to special kneeling bench like a church confessional.  However, this one was nasty.  It had iron rings that she locked with short chains to the shackles on Scotts feet and hands.  The diabolical kneeler also had two wooden boards that separate with a hole, like a glory hold for Scotts manhood, locking in his cock and balls.  While the cock and balls were free of their cruel chastity prison, the rope was still taut around the balls.  Mistress used it like a leash to position Scott and tug at him for her amusement.  She secured his manhood in the wooden prison and said you are almost ready.   

Mistress alternated pleasure and pain. She stroked Scottie's cock until glistening precum again began leaking while removing the clothes pins one by one stinging Scotties nerves.  She again berated him and said he needs the mouth opener to accommodate her tonight.  Scott thought he might have to take an even larger dildo than the standard black 7 incher.   

Mistress admired her handiwork and said that Scott needs one more touch.  She returned the blind fold over his eyes and said now that youre incredibly hot; I will take a break and get my surprise.

Dont go anywhere" she cooed.   

Chapter 3

When she retuned after what seemed like an eternity, Scott's cock had almost began to sag.  Scott was blindfolded but he thought he heard another person. 

Mistress said "slave Billie, this is your lucky night."  This cocksucker is even lower than you and will service you.

  Scott is not gay and he was unsure.  Scott wanted to say no, but he did not want to displease Mistress.  he just did not know what to expect tonight. 

Suck ordered Mistress. 

On his knees, chained to the bench, with his mouth stretched wide open and perfectly positioned to receive a dildo or cock, Scott had no choice to comply.   

Billies cock was bulky and thicker than Scotts.  Scott started slowly licking the tip and upper shaft and Mistress Danielle ordered Scott to deep throat Billies dick.  Billie smelled like a man.  he smelled like man sweat and the humiliation of it turned Scott on despite himself.  Scott almost gagged but he was true slave and wanted to please his Mistress.  Scott noticed that around the root of Billies cock and balls was a metal ring that compressed Billies balls into Scotts nose when he sucked to the base.  The man smell was incredible.  Billie's precum was flowing and salty.  Billies pubic hair was coarse and manly and Scott felt like a true slut.  His own cock, hard as rock, ached and glistened with pre-cum.  Of course, Scott had asked for such a scene a few months ago, but he did not know it was going to be tonight or the full scope of his humiliation.    

Mistress instructed Billie to control Scott by using the rope on his balls. 

one tug for good, two tugs for bad 

With his mouth splayed open and blindfolded Scott did his best. He did not want to be tugged for bad.  

Mistress directed that Scott use his tongue to worship Billies balls. 

Scott was blindfolded and was surprised at the thickness of the cock and the coarse pubic hair that grazed his chin.  his prior work on dildos had not prepared him for a real cock and this was a first for him.  He really wanted to see, but did not dare beg  

Mistress got out her digital camera for slave bille was a tempt black boy with a thick, meaty cock that just looked so hot sliding into Scotts stretched white boy mouth.  The mouth opener was probably not needed, but it added to the effect and Scott had no choice.  Billie fucked Scotts face like a stud and Scott had trouble taking it all in.  slave Billie also wanted to cum and Mistress had to slow them down and command Scott to slow down and lick the underside of Billies balls and the area under the balls.  Mistress checked; Scott may not have expected this, but the true test revealed his inner feelings, his slave cock was rock hard and leaking precum.   

Scott was desperate for release or even a touch.  Mistress was not utterly mean; she gave Scott a few light strokes on the tip of his straining cock and scratched his thighs with her fingernail as a reward for his sucking.  Billie was close to cumming, but like any good slave he sought permission from his Mistress.   

"Wait" barked Mistress enjoying the scene too much to stop it.  She wanted to remove Scott's blindfold to see the look on his face when he saw Billie.  Of course, he must be able to catch all of the pent up come.  After all, slaves clean up the messes.   

Maybe Scott would earn a chance to cum tonight? Maybe slave Billie would service Scottie?   The possibilities put Mistress over the edge and she shuddered with an orgasm. 

Mistress also reminded herself to tell slave Scott that she is going on vacation next month, and she has another Dom to lend him to.  And if Scott hesitated to swallow Billies whole load-- Scottie may face the whole month without release

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