U-Turn to Hell

Submitted by: TK

It's not as if I did anything absolutely awful or something, but she took it all really hard. She pretended to get sweet on me again, but then I found myself waking up from an unplanned nap, bound tightly to a heavy wooden frame, with a gag in my mouth and a sheet of rubber wrapped tightly around my mouth and jaw on top of it, just to make sure I couldn't make a sound. There was a plug up my ass that felt gigantic and seemed to be attached to the frame, so I couldn't move my hips at all. I was in the basement and the air was cold on my bare skin. As far as I could tell without being able to turn my head there was no one else in the room. My head was tilted forward to give me a good view of my crotch and I could see that there was a tube up my prick, with piss dribbling out its end into a bucket.

I didn't feel one bit patient, but I waited, just because I had no choice. I felt like I had to break free and run as far and fast as I could - I really needed to. But the fact was that I could scarcely move a muscle, no matter how hard I strained. I felt total, blind panic, but I could do nothing.

My gag had a hole in it and by looking down I could just see the tube that ran from it down to the bucket. Its end was well above the level of the liquid now, but I imagined that she would close off my nose, push the tube down into the bucket, and drown me in my own piss. And there was nothing at all I could do about it.

On a bench in front of me were laid out some metal parts and tools. I saw a knife among them. Maybe she was going to cut me, to leave the catheter in and cut my prick and balls away around it, leaving me a eunuch. I could only wait to find out. I tried to scream, but nothing came out.

After ages of torment I head a door close behind me. Then she stepped into view, her face twisted into a sneer of hate and triumph.

The first thing she did was to put a clip on my nose! I almost threw up in my terror.

Grabbing the tube from my gag she said, "See that bucket of piss? You can start breathing again as soon as you've drunk enough to get the level down."

With that she pushed the end of the tube below the surface and clipped it in place. Desperately I sucked the stuff into my mouth and swallowed as hard as I could. It tasted horrible and I felt an urge to throw up, but I fought it, knowing it would only make it worse.

While I gulped frantically she calmly went about her business. First she took a hypodermic and stuck it repeatedly into my groin and penis. She finished off one and took another.

"In a few minutes this will make you limper than you've ever been, shrivel you right up. Then we can get to our work. Now I'll just give you a shave."

Finally I was able to breathe again. I gasped air through the tube. It tasted of rubber and piss, but the air had never tasted sweeter.

My whole groin tingled and my prick felt tight. She began to shave my public hair.

"While we're waiting," she said, "how about a change of pace, or a change of place. How's your asshole feeling, asshole? A little loose? Let's pump it up. The plug is hydraulic."

The plug felt horrendously tight. I couldn't imagine anything bigger up my ass. But in the corner of my eye to the right I could see a hand hydraulic pump, and she proceeded to give it several strokes.

I fought for breath through the agony. It felt like my pelvis would surely split under the pressure, as if my ass would burst open.

"Got to prepare you for the real thing, the permanent one," she said, mockingly. How could I have a permanent plug up my ass?

She busied herself at the bench for a few minutes before turning to show me two crescents of darkly gleaming metal. "You see how these snap together. Once we do that the ring can't be pulled apart except by cutting it. And titanium isn't easy to cut."

She put the pieces in place around my shaft behind my scrotum and used some masking tape to hold them in place. Then she got a pair of pincers with three foot handles. Gripping the ring pieces with the jaws of the pincers she squeezed hard on the handles. I heard and felt a snap, and felt constriction behind my balls.

The tape stung as she pulled it off. "There, nice and snug. Now for the other ring. This one just slides on."

After smearing my prick with lube she worked a tight-fitting ring up it. Then with the pincers she snapped it to the projection from the ring behind my balls, squeezing my scrotum firmly between them.

"Now for the real jewel. Look at this beauty."

She held a titanium tube, close to half an inch in maximum diameter, about four inches long and bent into a U. One end was somewhat tapered while the other had a cylindrical fitting. Except for the tapered end, which was smooth, its length was covered with a score or more of deep ridges.

"First it goes into the autoclave, and then it goes up your prick, you prick."

After putting it into the autoclave she turned back to me. "While we're waiting you need to clean up some more of the bucket." She thrust the tube deeper into the bucket, forcing me to gulp much more of the stuff. After I had gotten the level down and gasped a lungful of air she shoved the tube even deeper and I had to do it all over again.

The bell rang and she turned to the bench just as I finished drawing in the last of the poison. I felt dizzy and nauseous.

"Time to take the cath out," she said, "but there's still plenty of piss in the bucket, so you won't go short." She pulled the tube out, a weird sensation.

She held the U up again, now coated with some sort of goo. How could something that big go up my prick?

"Now we just ram it right up your hole." She laughed wickedly, as my heart pounded with dread. "No, it's a lot too big, isn't it? The shots have relaxed your pisser as much as it can be, but we need to take it slow and easy. Here goes."

Grabbing my limp prick she began inserting the thing. It stung like hell - it must have been the goo. Then the ridges started to go in. Each one was a mountain to climb, a wave of pain on pain. I was panting to fight off the pain.

Noticing, she took a moment to push the breathing tube deeper into the bucket so I had to gulp more piss desperately. My lungs were bursting by the time I was able to draw breath again. All the while she kept cramming the tube into my urethra, bending my prick down and back into a U.

"There, just where it's supposed to be. One more step and we can go on to your ass. First we put a post through your Prince Albert piercing and screw it tight into the U-tube. It's a little tricky because of the cramped quarters."

It took her a few minutes. She got the pincers. "There. Now we snap the post into the ring around the base of your prick, in front of your balls."

Another snap. I could feel the head of my prick pressing into the base of my ball sack, between my balls.

"Now for the other end," she said, cheerfully. "We could deflate the plug, but that would be cheating, wouldn't it? Fortunately, we've got a nice big lever to help pull it out."

She walked around behind the frame where I couldn't see her. After a moment the intolerable pressure in my ass grew worse. "Bear down like you never have before. It's coming out one way or another and straining will make it easier."

I strained and strained and the pressure got worse and worse until finally the thing popped out. Then I felt something much smaller up my ass. It felt as if she was swabbing me out. Then something else, maybe a grease.

She walked around to the bench and picked up a gigantic titanium plug, again with ridges running around it. "You see this, shithole? This goes up your shithole, and it stays there. Of course shitholes have to shit, don't they? Well for that you can unscrew the cap in the center and pull it out so the shit can go through. Now lets coat this up with adhesive and insert it to match your piss tube."

More goo was applied and then she walked around behind me again. I felt a pressure on my asshole. "Better bear down again, asshole."

It went in like a huge rasp, abrading my tender hole. Finally she was finished. It was just as large as the previous one, and the goo added sting.

"There. Everything's where it needs to be. Now we just have to make sure it stays there. The adhesive needs to be activated by heat. It's a self-renewing biological adhesive. It won't hold forever in places like these, but it's good for several years, at least. Enough time for you to enjoy it. And of course the prick tube can't be removed even without the adhesive. No more fucking days for you, fucker."

She clipped a wire to the end of the tube up my prick. Then she flicked switches on an electrical unit on the bench.

"While we're waiting for the heating to come up, we've got some more piss to take care of." She pushed the breathing tube even further into the bucket.

My stomach almost rebelled this time. Only the terrifying thought of drowning in my own puke gave me the strength to hold it down while I gulped the stuff.

The stinging in my prick and ass turned to burning, as if I was being poked with hot irons. I wanted to thrash around and scream, but could do nothing.

"It will take three hours for this stuff to cure fully and then the timer will shut off automatically. Some of the tape holding you to the frame has been treated to make it weaken and you'll be able to break free after a few hours. You need to work at it - it won't break by itself. I won't wait - I'll be long gone by the time you get free.

"But first I'll tell you a few things about your new toys. There's a rotary valve on your piss pipe. You have to hold it open while you piss and then it springs shut. Of course you have to get your pisser away from your balls. It'll be tricky. You can squat over a drain in the floor, or you can go outside and piss in the yard like a dog. The valve makes a really great spray. Piss on you, piss all over the place.

"To crap you're going to have to unscrew the cap. And to stop you need to screw it in again - the sphincter there isn't going to work any more. You'd better be sure you don't lose that cap down the crapper or something, because you'll be leaking shit all the time - you'll have to wear diapers and you'll stink. The real you, you stinking pile of crap.

"By the time the plug can be pulled out of your asshole, years from now, your sphincter won't work any more, probably forever. So you'll have to wear some sort of plug for the rest of your life, unless you get it closed off and have a colostomy bag.

"By the time you get free I'll be long gone. I wouldn't advise trying to find me, and I've arranged a nasty welcome for you if you do. And before you go to the cops just remember what I know that they would be very interested in. Hard time with your pisser and shitter plugged would be even harder.

"Now just to show you that I'm not really a total bitch I have a little treat for you, a little change from piss."

She brought out an oversized beer bottle and took off the cap. She set it beside the pail and transferred the tube into it, pushing it all the way to the bottom.

I figured it was going to be horse piss or something, but it was the real thing, good brown ale. It was a hell of a gulp, half a liter or so, but it sure tasted a lot better than piss.

She gathered up the tools from the bench and put them in a bag.

"So long, now. Have fun."

A few minutes later the lights went off. The winter night was coming on quickly and the basement was plunged into gloom.

My prick and ass still burned but the beer took the edge off. I started trying to tear free of the tape.

After a while something else started to catch my attention - my bladder. I really needed to piss. Of course, with all that beer. But just as she had said, the valve closed off the route.

The urge grew and grew. I had never had to piss so badly in my life. I struggled desperately but the tape wouldn't yield.

I tried to relax my bladder. It would work for a few minutes and then the urge came back stronger than ever. I tried straining against the bladder in hopes of forcing the piss past the valve, but soon grew afraid I could burst my bladder.

It was the worst agony I had ever felt. I would have done anything to make it stop, but nothing worked.

The timer went off and the burning in my piss-hole and shit-hole faded. But the pressure in my bladder went on without end.

I had been straining against my bonds so much that my muscles were turning to butter, just spasming. Finally, though, I felt a little give in the tape holding my right arm. I wrenched with all my remaining strength and it broke free.

I grabbed for my crotch, but nothing happened. My arm was free but my hand was still taped tightly into a fist. It was just a ball of heavy black tape. I beat it against my crotch in frustration, but that only made the pain worse.

Finally I managed to tear completely free of the frame, but both hands remained bound in balls and I couldn't get the gag off. Whimpering into it in misery I managed to find and open the door and climb the stairs up into the house. She had turned off the heat as well as the electricity and I had to stumble around in the freezing dark with only the ghostly illumination of street lights outside the windows.

She had stripped the house completely. There was nothing left. No tools, no clothes, no keys, nothing.

I could go out into the night, stark naked, hoping someone would help. Sure, and the cops would have a lot of interesting questions I couldn't afford to answer. The idea of going back to prison, this time for more than just a few months, did not appeal at all - she was right about that much.

Finally I found some musty old curtains to wrap myself in. I got the door open and staggered out, walking barefoot on the freezing sidewalks. Buck's place was about two miles away. I couldn't imagine how I could make it, but the agony from my bladder drove me on. I stayed in the shadows and hid when anyone approached. I fell several times. My feet were leaving bloody tracks. Somehow I managed to keep going.

Finally I reached Buck's place. The windows were dark. I pounded on the door, desperately, shivering with cold and wild with my need to piss.

"Who the fuck is it?" Buck's voice demanded angrily.

I couldn't answer but I pounded in a pattern we had sometimes used for identification.

"What the shit are you doing?" His face in the doorway was the best thing I'd seen in a long time. "Zeke, is that really you?"

I nodded vigorously.

"Why are you wearing that?"

I held up my right hand.

"Shit. Somebody taped you up?"

I nodded again. He got out his knife and started to cut the rubber away from my face, but I waved my right hand wildly.

He cut the tape binding it and I pushed past him to rush to the bathroom. I squatted in the shower and probed my prick for the valve. It was largely buried in the head of the prick and hard as hell to grasp, let alone turn. Finally desperation gave me strength.

It sprayed all over the place, just like the bitch had said. After a few moments my numb fingers slipped and the valve closed. I would have screamed if I could have. After a few more tries I managed to get it going again.

It was really just dribbling out and the pressure seemed to go on and on. After what seemed like hours, though, my bladder started to feel less pressure. There was piss all over me, all over the shower.

I wiped myself off some and got Buck to give me his knife so I could get the rest of the tape and rubber off, with some help from him. I explained to him what the bitch had done to me.

By then my guts were cramping and I knew I needed to shit. It was an ordeal. First I had a lot of trouble reaching around to my ass and unscrewing the cap five turns to get it out, and I nearly lost it down the toilet bowl just like she had said. The crap just flowed out of me, so the cap and my hand were covered with it. After the first part, though, I had to bear down to get the rest out, because the hole was less than an inch in diameter. Then I couldn't get the cap back in.

Finally I stood up and took it over to the sink, dribbling shit down my legs and onto the floor, so I could wash it off. Still I couldn't find the trick to getting it back in. I stood up and leaned over so I could use both hands to guide it, still dribbling shit. I got it to the hole but the threads jammed. I tried again, same result. Finally after about a dozen tries I got it in.

By then I had a strong urge to piss again. Finally I got it all out and spent half an hour cleaning up all the piss and shit all over the bathroom before taking a thorough shower.

I couldn't go on this way. It was just unendurable. But what choice did I have?

There was worse.

Buck let me sleep on his couch. Not very comfortable, but I was too tired to care.

But early in the morning I awoke with a cramping feeling in my prick. It was trying to get hard, only it was bent into a U. I tried to ignore it and go back to sleep, which I badly needed, but it wasn't going to be ignored. I felt as if I just absolutely HAD to get hard and get off, but of course there was no way. Holding it and stroking it just made the urgency worse. On top of it was the nagging discomfort of the plug up my ass. I writhed and tossed on my bed of fire and could not get to sleep.

The bitch had really sent me to hell.

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