MortiSafe - a time and internet controlled key safe

Submitted by: Mortice

I've been working on a design for a keysafe. One of the design objectives has been to make the design very cheap and easy, so that people can build their own.

You could buy the bits and make it for about UKú50 or US$80.

It has a microcontroller which can be set to unlock the safe after specified time or after an unlock code (like a password) is given. It can be controlled with PC software or from a website - which means the master can log into the website and set a rule for the safe, then the sub can download the rule to the safe which could, say, keep it locked for 7 days or however long's required.

Or if you're operating it solo, you could just use the safe to keep keys from you for however long you want.

The current stage of the project is that I have made one and published the details for making it. There's an initial functioning version of the software, though there's room for improvement. The website for 'proper' internet control is in development (although you can use it for control by email now).

I'd like to know if there's any interest in this. Do you want to make one? Would you like it for solo use, or are you a master/sub pair who could benefit from distance key securing? Is it too expensive? Are there any 'must have' features?

The plan doesn't take much 'construction' (a few solder points and wire cutting) but I'd like to be able to offer them for sale completed, and for that I'd like to find people who are interested in building some of these and selling them as pre-built (I have various plans for this). The builder can charge the end customer whatever build cost they feel is approrpriate.

Read more about it at:

See details for making a safe at:

If you want to discuss further, please let me know and I'll invite you to a discussion group about it.

Or if you have comments, if you're interested in making your own or buying a pre-built one, either reply here or mail me directly.

I'm aware there's various other similar systems on the market, such as TimeLock for encrypting webcam pictures for a specified length of time. I'm not saying this is a better or worse system than others, you need to decide that for yourself. My design goal was to make a cheap but useful system, and I don't think you could make one with similar functionality much cheaper.

If you want any more information or would like any help or clarification, please mail me.

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