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Winner of the National Leather Association Pauline Rèage Novel Award.

As She's Told is the story of an intense bdsm relationship: extreme, loving, creative, steeped in imagination, embedded in the real world. This intelligently written, critically - acclaimed novel follows the journey of Anders and Maia through the development of their own master/slave relationship. Anders uses teasing, denial and enforced chastity as part of his strategy to control Maia, every step of the way.

The Package

"So. Do you think you've learned to keep quiet?" he asked.

She looked up in some surprise. "Yes, master. I think so."

"Good. We've got something else to think about right now, and I'm going to need a little verbal feedback." He laid her back on the bed, sat between her legs and took the device out of the package.

"Here's what I hope will stop those busy fingers." He held a thin, light curve of grey metal about as long as her hand, the shape of a squashed oval, with a number of slits, perforations and grooves over its length, lined inside with a fine metal mesh. The thing was vaguely spoon - shaped at one end, with a clasp - like piece set into it at the other. He held it and turned it above her face for her to see, and noted with pleasure that she looked but did not try to touch; her hands stayed above her head on the bed. This slave of his was beginning to be well - trained.

Anders set the thing aside and examined the soft, naked vulva before him. Looking for any sign of redness or infection, he tugged firmly on each of the six rings in turn; all was well. He turned each ring so that its bead was all the way to the inside, next to her skin. The pink wings of flesh within were taking on weight and a dusky hue, and slippery moisture was beginning to reflect the light. He ran a finger back and forth over the arc of pubic bone, spiralled in toward the hidden nerve centre, then out to slip along the creeping tide of liquid. Her breathing was quickening; he gave her pubic bone a kiss, and sat up.

"This should fit well. You remember the mold I made." The first step in construction had been a mold of her form from heavy foil and plaster. He folded her knees back for more access. The metal followed her curves exactly, providing a shallow cup over her pubic bone, a differently oriented curve over pouting pussy lips, reaching back to her perineum. She watched, breath coming short, as he began inserting her labia rings through the six slots meant for them, two and two at right angles to the length of the device, on either side of a long central slit. The rings proved a little trickier than Anders had expected, since when one went through, the previous one tended to slip out, but at last he had all the little hoops where he could get at them. He pressed the metal shield down hard on the soft flesh, felt her tense and try not to wriggle, and removed a long, thin U - shaped metal strip from the package. This was formed to follow the same curve as the shield. He slid this very carefully from back to front through all the rings, three on each side of the U, pressing the shield down as he went and coaxing the rings up. Then he pressed the base of the U over the clasp at the rear of the shield, and pushed down until he heard a click.

"Stand up." He heard her shaky intake of breath as she got to her feet. "How does that feel?"

"Strange. May I - touch it?"

"Please do." He watched her explore the metal between her legs, and glance at the full length mirror.

"Is this for - ?" She touched a long slit down the middle.

"Peeing through, yes. Liquid can get out, but the mesh will make sure that objects can't get in."

Her hand went deeper, back to the clasp. "This is the lock?"

"Yes. Walk, see what it's like. She walked back and forth a little, gingerly, then with more confidence. "How do the rings feel?" he asked.

"The pressure's spread out. It's quite light, really. I hardly feel the weight. It just feels - strange." Her hands were trembling slightly. She turned to the mirror again. Anders stood behind her and touched a swollen nipple. Instantly her breathing accelerated.

"Strange as in arousing, evidently," he said, amused. But breathing a little fast himself.

She gave a small groan. "Yes, the rings and - just being locked up - you know - ."

He reached round her and put a proprietary hand over her metal - covered pussy. "Tell me more about that." He saw her sideways glance, the whites of her eyes a brief flash.

"I - the fact that you'd lock me in a - device - no choice, you know - my own body isn't mine, and that - that - "

"Excites you no end. Uh - huh. Go on."

She took a deep breath. "The rings and all this - hardware - make me feel like a - a thing, an appliance. Just part of your - your equipment."

"Well, you are. A very rare and useful part, mind you. Not available at Home Depot."

A soundless laugh, her eyes meeting his in the mirror, then she took another breath. "And this new - thing - "

"Chastity shield, let's call it."

"This chastity shield, it seems like it's supposed to be - part of my body." She leaned her head back into the crook of his neck. "You keep owning me more. I keep thinking that I'm completely yours, and then you find a way to own me more."

"What a tribute. It's nice to be appreciated, even by property." His erection nudged her rear. "Let's test this out a little. Lie on your back; let's see if you can get your fingers under it."

She tried, at his direction, from every angle, and in a couple of different positions, but the rings held the metal firmly to her flesh, allowing almost no leeway. She was afraid she might tear the piercings, so he told her to stop.

"Press it toward you. Any contact with your clit?" She obeyed, and shook her head. He let her shake and pull at the shield, even try to twist it. After several minutes of this she was whimpering, her fingers growing frantic. Her skin was flushed; she was starting to urge her hips despite herself.

"I need - master - I can't - "

"No, you can't, can you?" His voice had gone low and husky; his cock felt ready to burst. He grabbed her up by the wrists and folded her down over the footboard, lubricated her ass and plunged, visualizing her soft, swollen pussy locked to its hard carapace. The image had him thrusting almost convulsively. His hands squeezed and twisted his slave's sensitive tits, pushing her arousal, listening to the sound of moans like heartbreak. His cock took what it wanted, free and arrogant, thrusting itself toward a spectacular climax, making her frustrated flesh languish and weep.

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As She's Told
(C) Anneke Jacob
Pink Flamingo Publications
ISBN - 10: 1934349992
ISBN - 13: 978 - 1934349991
Cover Photograph: istock.com (c) Royce DeGrie

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