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People don't believe me when I tell them I'm a professional female chastity belt wearer.

Think about it - these days there are lots of chastity devices and they all have passed rigorous testing from the National Security Institute's Chastity Security Seal of Quality. No-one would bother buying a device which didn't have a CSSQ mark. And the Institute has to test the devices, so they employ people like me.

It's an interesting job. Even as a young girl I'd been into bondage, even before I knew what it was called, and when I grew up and started finding out about the real world of BDSM, I was in heaven! Chastity belts were my favourites, so when I heard I could apply to be a tester, I was first in the queue.

I was even more surprised to find it's a part time job. They lock a chastity device onto me, then I can carry on with my normal life and working at a normal job, doing everything except sex. But I get paid for the chastity work as well as the thrill of being locked - it's a win/win situation!

I work in the Female Chastity Testing department. There are three sub-departments, called units - the Short Range unit checks out the basic wearability of devices for up to three days. Some devices fail this if they're uncomfortable or prove to be unsecure. If any of the testers manage to have an orgasm while locked, the device is doomed.

Then there's the Medium Range unit. Here, testers are locked into devices for four weeks, and regularly monitored for that time. This tests the comfort and security over a reasonable period, which is as much as most customers need from their devices.

And finally, there's the Long Range unit, which is where devices are tested non-stop for at least 6 months, and sometimes much more. You have to be very dedicated to work there, and the belts are on for so long that sometimes the testers get to feel like the belts are a part of their body and don't want to give them up at the end of the test.

I'm in the Medium Range unit. They lock me into something on a Sunday, and send me away. I come into the lab for regular testing, but it's not until Saturday four weeks later that I'm unlocked from the device (if it's a successful test). I'm allowed out, free and liberated, for the Saturday night, then on Sunday I'm locked into a new device and the cycle starts again.

Yes, that's right, in every 28 days, I'm locked up for 27 of them. It sounds tough, but it means in one night I get a month's worth of pent up orgasms, and I love that bit, it makes it all worth while.

The experience of being secured varies a lot, depending on the type of device I'm in. There are three types of belt that are tested on me:

  • Standard devices - these are the normal devices you're used to seeing, with a waist belt, crotch shield and either a rear bar or rear chains holding it together at the back. Some interesting variations include:
    • One I tried which had a mesh arrangement over my arse. This was to prevent anal sex, but was quite messy using the toilet. When I was in that, I told the guy I was seeing that I love being fucked in the arse, but he couldn't work out any way to do it, which got me even more horny as well as earning the device a thumbs up for achieving its goal.
    • Another had a front shield but no rear chains or bar, it just relied on the stiffness of the curved shield. When I was first locked into it I couldn't find any way to get around the belt, but after two weeks locked, my horniness turns into resourcefulness and I found a way of slipping a spoon handle underneath the shield. I then held a vibrator on the spoon and the transferred vibration was enough to get me off. That product didn't get any further in testing.
    • There was one with a butt plug attachment which was part of the belt, attached to the waist on a long hinged bar. You had to keep the plug in most of the time - you could pull the plug out by swinging the bar on its hinge, but with the bar pulled out there's no way you could wear trousers or a skirt, so in practice you had to be plugged any time you were in public. That was a horny device, although after two weeks I had to ask the scientists to change the plug for a smaller one.
  • Maximal devices - these are usually bigger than standard devices, and include bondage of other parts of the body. Some examples are:
    • One which had straps secured around my thighs, attached to the belt and locked together with a short chain. This stopped me spreading my legs, and also stopped me wearing trousers. I had to buy some longer skirts, as all the skirts I usually wear weren't long enough to hide the thigh bands. That was a very restrictive device, I couldn't walk very fast in it and couldn't forget about it in many other ways. I was very pleased when it was unlocked and I could spread my legs again!
    • Another included what they called 'breast chastity' - a steel bra locked on and attached with chains to the belt. This stopped any access to my nipples, but of course they put fake nipples onto the orbs of the bra, which meant under my usual tee-shirts my nippels appeared to be even more prominent than usual, and nothing I could do about it.
    • I also had a breast and thigh band chastity device which extended up to a collar, so chains would run right the way from the steel collar down to the bra, then to the belt and finally to the thigh bands. It was a real problem keeping that one hidden in normal use, I had to wear high necked jumpers for the month even though the weather didn't require it.
    • Then there was a 'device' which was actually a rubber suit with the rubber specially moulded in various places to control access to the body within it. It was surprisingly effective, when the suit was locked onto me, hardly anything I did to the outside of the suit got through to my nipples or pussy. The one I wore had short legs and no arms, but they company produced a version with attached hands and feet as well, I was very pleased they didn't lock me in that for a month!
  • Minimal devices - these don't have a waist belt, they just have a crotch part. Such as:
    • One relied on my piercings (conveniently I already have quite a few vaginal rings) and was just a cup over my pussy, also preventing access to my clit. After a week I was able to defeat it with a high powered vibrator on the cup.
    • Another was like a dildo which pushed up me and had some system (which I never saw) for attaching inside and preventing pull-out. The outside end had a shield which protected my clit from stimulation. But I didn't last a week before asking it to be removed, it was too uncomfortable.
    • There was an interesting one which had a cup part for my pussy and a butt plug part, joined with a lockable hinge between my legs. When the device was secured in and the hinge locked so it wouldn't allow the plug to move away from the cup, it prevented any access to my pussy, and even seemed to be good at absorbing the vibrations from my favourite toys. The butt plug part was very thin, hardly noticeable when worn, and didn't prevent using the toilet in the normal way. I was able to have anal while locked in that, but it defeated all other attempts at anything more fun.

I've worked out a system for how to get the most out of my few hours of freedom a month. After about three weeks locked up, I hit the bars. By this time I'm getting horny so I usually dress as sexy as I can - very short skirt, tight top, only steel underwear. Then I see who I can pick up. I flirt with guys and try to get an idea of which ones might be a bit kinky.

I chat to one for a while, then I whisper in his ear, telling him to put his hand on my waist (if I'm wearing a device with a waist belt). Then when he feels the steel I encourage him to feel around and follow the contours of the belt. And then, when the penny drops and he works out what it is, I tell him I have to keep it on for another week.

This splits the guys in half. Some just walk away, they can't see the point of chatting up a girl if they can't fuck her. But fortunately, some guys are interested to find out more, some even quite turned on by it.

If I've picked the right sort of guy, I'll go home with him, and we'll have sex. Some sort of sex anyway, usually me sucking him off. There's nothing that turns me on more than giving a guy pleasure when I can't get any for myself, and that just drives me on to do more to him. With most devices, he can fuck my arse just not my pussy, and the guys seem to be happy with that although it just frustrates me even more.

Once I've got him keen, I'll explain about Saturday night. After the scientists have taken their measurements and removed the device, I'm let out of the lab. Somehow I resist the temptation to run into the nearest toilet and fuck myself silly. Instead I go home and get dressed up in something short and sexy (this time no underwear at all) and take my man out to a restaurant or night club. All evening I want to jump on him, and he's excited because he knows what's coming later, but we're in a public place and we try to maintain a respectful appearance despite underneath bubbling with lust.

Then we go home and fuck like rabbits. I have my first orgasm for a month with him inside me. Then I have my second and third, and sometimes I'm still going at it with my vibrator while he's exhausted and asleep.

Usually we get up to unspeakable sex acts in the morning, right up to the time when I have to go into the lab to get fitted for my next device.

I never see the same guy twice, the thrill of the chase is just too much fun, it wouldn't be the same if it was a regular thing with the same guy. So, three weeks later, I'm back in the bars eyeing up the guys, wondering who will be the next one to break my month long abstinence.

It may sound like madness, and it takes a particular type of girl to actually enjoy this sort of torture, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

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