Destiny Fulfilled

Submitted by: Nellie

High Priestess has fulfilled my destiny, enslaving me forever beneath her superior feet. I am truly her chastised sissy slut slave panty boy bitch. While we have had the curve for quite a spell, it's use has been to date rather token. That has changed.

My last orgasm was two days ago, after a stretch of ten days in the device, broken up by two days of torment and teasing before the cage was again securely locked in place. My longest stretch of denied orgasm, following a full week prior. High Priestess allowed me to masturbate onto her belly, licking up my cum after.

Like my chastity, her insistence I dress appropriately in panties, bra and stockings has increased. She enjoys freeing me from the cage to tease, torment and enjoy her slutís frustration, riding to orgasm as her slave fights back release. My ass is ever more frequently kept properly reddened under her hands and paddles, and Iím learning to crave her strap-on filling and fucking my ass between the plugs to remind me of my good fortune to have been enslaved by High Priestess.

She has informed me I will only be allowed four more orgasms this year, but was gracious enough to grant me the privilege of choosing the dates of my release. So now it will be sixteen days before the fall equinox and I am next scheduled to enjoy an orgasm. Again, a new record of chastity for me. The reality of my enslavement is exceedingly difficult to deny.

I chose October 13 for my next orgasm, 21 days after the equinox, opting for a ramping up of my time teased and denied. November 11 is the next date chosen, at High Priestess's suggestion, as 11/11 resonates with us, a full 29 days locked up in her name. While the end of the year would be 50 days away, in her mercy, my final orgasm of the year is slated for the darkest day of the year, the winter solstice, December 21.

I can do nothing about this, as for years I have begged to find myself in just such a predicament. I find myself now craving the taste of my cum on my tongue, licking up all traces of my release, and her strap-on coaxing sissy tears of frustration from her slut's cock.

This morning, the spacer ring for the curve seems to have disappeared and after a day of freedom, I am again caged while out of her presence, for the first time with the sharpest points of intrique applied in lieu of the spacer.

I suspect upon her return from work, she will open my ass to accept her dildo after paddling it the proper shade of red, fucking her slut dressed as a slut in nylons, bra, panties, my collar padlocked to the eyebolt installed in the bedroom floor, or perhaps the new eyebolt, on the deck behind the house as the traffic on the highway races obliviously by.

I honestly never thought this day would arrive, but it has, and now I have no choice in the matter, High Priestess holds the key and I am indeed her sissy slut slave panty boy bitch to her strap-on, tongue eager to lick up every drop of cum she allows to be released. Her cock swells uncomfortably within it's confines as I ponder the reality of my enslavement.

Thank you High Priestess,
sissy slut slave panty boy bitch Nellie

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