Chaste Newlywed

Submitted by: Throne

I started simply. Before we got married, Tessa said no to intercourse because "I want to save myself until our wedding night" and "I don't want our relationship to be all about sex". Maybe I should have suspected something when she explained that it was alright for me to provide oral service to her, while returning the same would have been somehow insulting to her. But I was too smitten with her sexy figure and the way it contrasted with her angelic face. Besides, it would only be a few months until we walked down the aisle.

So, by our marriage day, I was quite distracted with need. I suppose that's why I made the foolish choice I did. You see, one of her wedding gifts was from Denise, who I had dated before I started going out with Tessa. I knew Denise was still mad at me from our break-up but she was my new bride's oldest friend and I didn't want to cause any problems that might boomerang on me. So when Tessa showed me the novelty gift Tessa had given us, I simply acted amused.

"It's really clever," Tessa said. "This little tube fits right over your penis. The tube's not too big but then, neither are you down there." She chuckled, although I found her joke a bit inappropriate. Okay, I wasn't huge like some guys but -- well -- okay, I was a bit under average. Then she went on, "I know you're eager to consumate our marriage, and so am I," she added suggestively. "But I promised her I would have you model it for me. And I can't lie to her."

So I got naked and stood there while she applied some ice from the mini-fridge in the honeymoon suite, wrapped in a washcloth from the bathroom, to my member. Then, when I had shrunk to my absolute limit, she slipped the tube on me and locked the attached ring behind my scrotum. It felt odd, even a bit stimulating, but also disturbing. A guy's sexual confidence kind of fails if you incapacitate him that way. I wanted her to take it off me right away but also didn't want to act like a wuss. So I allowed her to examine it. She was especially amused by the way it contained the shaft of my organ but left the head uncovered. Tessa wet her fingers in her mouth and used them to stimulate the exposed, sensitive end. I shuddered with pleasure. The tube had tiny, inpointing ridges at its open end so that, even as my penis tried to erect, no part of the shaft could escape. Only the head could enlarge. The design was diabolical. I could be aroused but not get any release.

"It's soooo cute," my bride purred. "I should call her right now on my cell phone and tell her."

"Uh, honey," I said, hearing the tension in my voice. "Maybe you could save that for later."

"What?" she snapped, suddenly testy. "I can't do what I want? I can't make a two minute call?"

"I'm sorry, it's just..."

"Never mind," she huffed. "I'll unlock your precious peenie." Tessa got the key but, when she tried to use it, it didn't fit. "That's odd. I guess they put the wrong one in the box."

"B... but, we're married and..." I started, with rising panic.

"HEY! Stop being a buzzkill. Do you think that just because I'm your wife now you can lord it over me? Are you one of those 'master of the house' jerks? I'm seeing a different side of you all of a sudden."

"No, no, I'm only saying..." I fell silent, seeing how nasty our exchange might get. And I really did feel unmanned from being stuck in that tube. I meekly offered, "Maybe we can figure some way to get it off without the key."

"I don't think so. It's really well made. And we wouldn't want to risk your equipment, would we?"

That was a disturbing thought. I agreed that we shouldn't take that chance. Then Tessa had an idea.

"You know," she said brightly, "you've been doing a great job with your mouth while we've been engaged." She reached out and teased my nipples, something she knew drove me wild with arousal. I moaned. "So maybe for one more night we could have fun that way." She didn't stop stimulating me. "Hmmmm?"

Maybe it was because she was still dressed and I was naked, or it was the teasing, or the other reasons I mentioned before, but my willpower melted away and I dopily went along with her suggestion. She led me to the bed like I was a first-timer and got me on my back. Then she went to work teasing me with her hands and mouth and body until I was totally distracted. That's when she straddled my face on her knees and lowered her moist pussy over my mouth. I went at her hungrily, striving to give her the maximum amount of pleasure, thinking only of her and how helpless I was to satisfy her any other way. She rode my mouth through a trio of loud, hip-grinding orgasms and was left fully satisfied.

That might have been the end of it but, starting the next day, she found excuses not to pursue getting me unlocked. Sometimes she would upset me and, when I got angry, accuse me of picking a fight. Other times she would insist that I was being selfish and thinking with my cock. Somehow I always gave in. Again, the psychology of being in chastity kept me at a disadvantage.

Then she began pointing out how excited I was all the time, how ready to serve her, and how much enjoyment I was experiencing. The first two were accurate, though any fun I was having was tempered with extreme frustration. But the longer I went without emptying my sore balls, the less I was able to fight back. Sometime around the end of the second week we turned a corner. I surrendered. She said the tube would stay on until she decided that I had improved my attitude enough and had earned my release.

It all seemed unfair and slightly surreal, being a married man who wasn't allowed to control his own member or to have intercourse with his wife. Plus, having to be a sort of -- what? -- oral slave to her in bed was demeaning. At the same time I had come to look forward to it and even, I reluctantly admitted, to think of it as normal.

That was six months ago. It's easy to stay clean where the tube covers if I sit in a hot bath. Tessa has me do that every evening. She also requires me to follow that with a cold shower because, as she likes to point out, I'm still learning how things are going to be and need help controlling my urges. I've heard her on the phone with Denise and can't help but suspect that everything that has occurred was plotted by the two of them. My wife has even made jokes about the three of us having a menage, saying that she owes Denise a favor for not holding onto me.

How do I feel about it all? I'm still confused, still aching for relief, and increasingly aware that Tessa's control over me is growing in every area of my life. Even so, I just can't access my male ego and fight back. I keep telling myself that I'll figure a way, but then she buys a new see-through nightie or some other super-sexy lingerie, or struts around the bedroom in flashy heels, or just has me get into the shower with her to wash her back and legs. I can't escape from her spell.

She is already hinting that something is going to happen on our first wedding anniversary, something to do with my chastity tube. All I can think of is that she will finally release me from it. I mean, she wouldn't decide, after a full year of not being able to feel me inside her, that she wanted to leave it on, would she? I'll admit that, with my mouth, I can give her climaxes on demand that leave her panting, but would a woman want that instead of having a man penetrate her? All the time? Year after year? Would she?

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