Two Weeks in Paradise

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Hi Altairboy:

This is my first ever submission. I hope you and your readers find it entertaining. I am sorry it is but a work of fiction. I am still writing the story so I welcome suggestions for exercises and workouts and situations to BoxTopPrize at

Chapter 1

Okay I admit I put on some weight after college but so had she. We both did and while neither of us looked bad we both could have looked better.

Then they put in a 'Curves'. You know one of those 'ladies only' gyms. My wife got together with a couple of her girlfriends and pretty soon there were about 5 of them and they worked out regularly two or three times and maybe more each week. I have to admit she was looking hot again. Very hot. I have an attractive wife and she was back even better than before.

That should have been enough for me to get my lazy ass in to my gym but I didn't have any buddies to work out with and was not motivated enough by myself. I couldn't work out with her because of that "ladies only" sign in the front window of her gym. It was so bad she was actually mentioning it every so often that I should lose some weight. I should have gotten a clue but you know how guys can be sometimes.

In the spring she mentioned that she might have a solution. We could go to a resort for our vacation where they have a workout program. While we are on vacation I could also work out and I won't need to worry about making time for the workouts since they are part of the program. She was still working out the details and a few weeks later she said some of her girlfriends from the gym might be able to make it with us so I could meet their husbands (I was friends with a couple of them already) and we could be workout buddies. We could have some companionship and even some competition because she knew how competitive guys can be. Eventually I find out that it is just an hour or two from here, she is not great with directions, but we will all drive together in her girlfriend's big SUV.

We live in an area of the west that either temperate or warm most of the year and there are plenty of resorts in driving distance. I appreciated that she was taking care of the details as I had a nightmare project at work keeping me busy. I was busting my hump to get done so I could take the two weeks off that she had scheduled us for. All I had to do was lay out my clothes that I wanted to take for the two weeks and she had the rest under control.

So the night before I put my clothes and swim trunks sunglasses etc in a suitcase and placed it by the front door. All I had to do was be home from work by 4:30 and we were good to go.

It was 4:45 when I got home. It took till the very last minute to get the project complete enough to leave. When I got home I put the suitcases in the car and a big insulated chest of food. I didn't realize we would be doing a lot of our own cooking but that was fine with me. Two weeks away from work with my lover was great either way. Twenty minutes later we were at her girlfriend's house. It was a fairly large ranch house with a real (more or less) working ranch. The couple that owned the place were Tom and Betty. Everyone else was already there and waiting for us. We came in and were introduced to everyone. The ladies all looked like they must work out with my wife! They were all attractive and in great shape for their ages which must have been late 30s to mid 50s. If I wasn't married any one of them would have been able to have me in a heartbeat.

We sat and had a few munchies with everyone and the ladies told us where we were going for our vacation It wasn't quite a resort but a private island in a small river about two hours away. We would be camping on the island and Tom who had been a marine and frequently lead PT would be leading the workouts. I asked and was promised that he was NOT a former drill instructor. The island was owned by some locals who did not want many people to know the whereabouts of the island so we would be wearing blindfolds to get there. The men would be riding in one SUV with a small trailer to carry the gear and the ladies in a mini-van.. The men went out to load our suitcases and any remaining camping gear into the trailer while the ladies did whatever they needed to do inside. When we went back in there was another detail every couple would wear a matching uniform during the day. That would help everybody keep straight who was married to who until we all got to know each other. Each couple each found a separate room to change into our uniforms. We got the utility room since we were the last to arrive. Kris had ours in a paper grocery bag. When she put hers on it was a rather fetching one piece swim suit all black but trimmed in pink piping or trim or whatever you call it. Mine was black also but a different fabric since it wouldn't be so form fitting. Then I noticed it was trimmed in pink too! Black trimmed in pink! "Put them on. We got pink since we were the last ones here. I told you to be home by 4:30 so it is your own fault.

I'll need to help you put those trunks on because there is a little something extra in these trunks." As if the pink wasn't bad enough now she doesn't think I can figure out how to put on swim trunks. Turns out the pink trim went inside too. There was an elastic strip from the middle of the back waistband down the inside through the legs into an elastic loop that went around my balls and cock then up the inside to the middle of the front waistband. Pink all pink. From the outside it looked like basic men's trunks but the trim was also elastic at the bottom of the leg. Where the trim went it was tight on the leg not loose like usual. So there was an elastic band at the waist, a strip down the outside of the leg, and elastic stip on the thigh and that accursed band through my legs and around my cock! ALL PINK!

After I got mine on we went back out and a few couples were already there and the rest came out shortly. Everyone was wearing black but the trim color differed. Tom and Betty were white, Fred and Wilma (no really) were yellow. His first name was not Fred but his middle name was. Since her name was Wilma he decided to start going by Fred. She said it took a while to get used to it. Greg and Gail were blue, Sam and Elsie were Green, Kris and I were still pink. The ladies all seemed to give me catcalls for my pink. "I'll bet next time you will be here on time at 5:00"

Well it was time to leave. And each lady was given two masks, one to put on her husband and one for herself. It was one of those whole head stretchy things with a collar. It was a material that was mesh and you could breathe through it but not see much at all. I didn't notice the collar but after I had the mask on my wife clicked a little padlock in it before I knew what happened. I heard several other clicks and knew I wasn't the only man locked in. Tom didn't get one since he was driving but the ladies were all to be in blindfolds in their van except for Betty who was also driving. I got a kiss through the mask and got in the SUV. The other guys climbed in we started off. The women would follow as soon as they were blindfolded right behind us.

We were barely out of the driveway before we started asking Tom what the program was for the two weeks. "There will be daily competitions. You want to win since there will be a reward each day for the winner. Sometimes there may be penalties for the worst performers, so always do your best. I'm not supposed to tell you anything about what the workouts will be but I will tell you the first competition.. We will take a boat over to the island but the guys have to swim the last hundred yards or so. They will drop us in the middle of the river and there is a beach on the near end of the island. We have to swim there then there are five tall posts. They each have a bar sticking out. Hanging from the bar is a cable with a handle. You have to jump up and put your wrists through two holes and grab the handle with both hands. When your weight hits the handle it will determine in which place you finished. Since it will be dark look for the holes otherwise you might miss the handle and someone else might just beat you."

After that we talked about sports and what we each did at work for the rest of about two hours. Then Tom stopped and called Betty on his cell phone. He got the combination for the lock on the gate to get in and then we were off road in fields or something for another mile or so and we stopped. Tom opened the doors but our wives had the keys to our collars so we just stayed put. Five minutes later the women pulled up and after a couple minutes they came over carrying their masks and took off ours. There was a boat at a small dock on the slow wide river. I didn't see any island. We put the first load of luggage and coolers in the boat. Tom took the men and stuff in the boat downstream and after about a half a mile sure enough there was an island almost 100 yards long and maybe 30 yards wide. Sure enough on the neat end of the island five posts just as Tom had described. We all studied them and noted that they were in a semicircle around the beach. It looked like they were all about the same distance from where you would probably get out of the water if you swam to the island on that beach. I suppose to keep everything fair for the race. We went down one side of the island a there was a dock we could use to unload the stuff. We moved it all to the middle of the island and there was a nice clearing to set up tents and camp. Tom laid out where the tents and things were to go. We left three guys there to set up and organize. Tom and I went back for another load. We had left out five lawn chairs for the ladies and they were talking and had broken out a couple bottles of wine while we were gone.

With fewer men in the boat there was plenty of room to take the rest of the gear except for what the ladies were using. Soon we were back on the island and everything was in the clearing. I started setting up our tent in an area that seemed to have a slight breeze. I built a bonfire for later in a ring that was already there and we set chairs on what Tom said seemed like the upwind side. There was a kitchen area already set up, tables, coolers and utensils. The five tents in no particular fashion on the north/northwest end of the clearing, the bonfire to the south away from the tents, kitchen to the northeast corner and two tables to eat at between the tents and the bonfire.

We worked through twilight and finished the setting up by flashlights. Tom had several of those nice LED flashlights to set up by. They sit on the ground and can light up a large area. The tents were up, the bar-b-que and the bonfire just waiting for a light.

Tom said it was time to get the ladies so we all headed back to the boat and were off. The ladies piled in with the lawn chairs and seemed pretty happy to see us again. I wondered if they had more than two bottles but they were drinking on empty stomachs. With ten the boat was overloaded but the river was slow, we weren't going far and the men were only going part way in the boat. Tom took it very leisurely and we were just fine.

We got about 150 to 200 yards from the island and Tom took a gentle circle in the water. Betty gave us the rules. "Tom wasn't supposed to tell you but I bet he did didn't he?" We acknowledged that he had. "Well that is just fine, he will get punished for that later!"

Punished?! We sure didn't imagine that Tom would get in trouble. But just how much trouble can he get in from his wife? Would she send him to bed without supper or put up his Star Wars figurines for a week. Betty continued and I returned to the instructions. " Just in case you don't know ALL the rules I will give them to you. We will put you all in the water and when I hit the horn on the boat you head for the beach. Find the nearest post step under it see the two holes in the board above you reach through them and jump up for them. Grab the handles and pull down with your weight. The cables are connected so we can record your times."

"Everyone will line up so you are between that cone on the one side of the river and the one on the other." There was indeed a cone on each side to form a rough starting line. "Now everyone climb over side starting with mister blabbermouth, Tom you get in first. We all jumped in the water. It was a little cool but not cold. We all jockeyed into place trying to gain what little advantage we could and continued to tread water. Betty took the boat away gently and the women all giggled at us in the water. They must have gotten into a third bottle! While they floated a few yards away Betty hit the horn and we all started scrambling toward shore. It was pretty even most of the way in. We apparently were all good to fair swimmers but there were no Olympians amongst us. Near the shore Tom took a lead that was going to win him first place. I was now swimming for second but did not have a lock on it. The ladies had hollered for us from the boat then they headed for shore to see the ending. They were now on shore and had hand flashlights. We could see them walking around or rather the beams moving. Tom was out of the water and headed straight toward the center post. I was out just behind Greg who was just ahead to my left. He ran to the post right of Tom which made the right most post the one easiest for me. By now Tom was hanging on to his handles, then Greg jumped, I could see Sam was jumping for his just as I looked up to find the holes I was supposed to put my hands through. Kris my wife was pointing her flashlight up at the holes for me and giggling again. I jumped it was not too far maybe a foot and grabbed the handle and came back down. Then I realized I couldn't let go or rather I couldn't pull my arms out. Something had wrapped around my wrists and was holding my hands above the holes. I looked at Kris and now I knew why she was giggling. They had played a trick on us. The women were all in on it. About then I heard a bell and someone Betty announced that Fred was the last one in. I had gotten fourth which bothered me more than the fact that I couldn't get free right now. I was feeling the slight breeze on my wet body and noticed that it was warm enough that I didn't even need a towel.

The ladies all produced the big LED flashlights and set them on the ground in front of their man. On a cue from Betty they turned them on and each of us guys were lit up like it was broad daylight. Then I noticed none of the other guys were wearing anything. Well they had their trim from the swimsuits but no suit. I had a horrible thought and looked down and neither did I. I had my pink trim but no swimsuit. Kris had her suit and so did the rest of the ladies but none of the men. We all tried to get down but whatever was holding my wrists was on the other men too. Now the ladies pulled out their lawn chairs and sat down giggling again. Now I really knew what was so funny. I can't say I was laughing. It was small consolation but at least I wasn't the only guy in this predicament.

Betty announced, "Since you boys would not listen when we asked and pleaded with you to get into shape for us we had to take matters into our own hands. We set up this vacation to get out here where we would have control and you had no choice but to do as we say. You see none of you know where you are except Tom and he knows better than to foul up MY vacation!" All of a sudden I didn't think Betty was someone to be trifled with. She continued, "We brought you out here two hours from my house and almost 2 hours from town and you don't even know where. So good luck trying to leave, especially naked. You know how at the airports they ask you have your suitcases been in you possession at all times? Well you guys would all fail that question. When you went to work today we all unpacked everything in there and only kept your suntan lotion and maybe your shaving supplies. But don't feel like you came all this way dragging an empty suitcase. We were sure to fill it with the things that we ladies thought WE would like to have on vacation. There are romantic novels, massage oils, loofahs for you to scrub our backs and more for you to discover later. But there are no clothes for you to wear! None, Nada, Zip, Zero, Zilch! You will be on display for all of us these two weeks. Just think how much we ladies would be enjoying that if you had gotten yourselves into shape when we begged you. As it is we will have to make do."

Here are the rules of our little vacation paradise. Since you men have been slothful about your appearance you will be spending the next two weeks working out a lot. Every day there will be two or three sessions led by Tom and frequently attended by us. There will be swimming, running, calisthenics and whatever else we might think of to keep it interesting."

" The slothful men will carry the brunt of the work. They will do all the cleanup with some exceptions most of the cooking and keeping the area tidy. You will not leave the island or the water immediately around it without permission ever. If you do you might just be sent home. Not given a ride or directions just told to leave. We might even take you down river a few miles in the boat so you can't even come back to the island. So if you think you can rebel or escape go ahead. Your wife will stay to enjoy her vacation while you hike 100 miles or so in some direction towards what you hope will be home. I am sure the police will be notified the first time someone sees a naked man walking down a road. That will get you a ride to the nearest psychiatric hospital. Your wife will probably call the police and tell them that you were talking crazy like she never heard you before and then you just stripped and ran out of the house. So you might as well plan on staying the whole two weeks. It is still better than your options."

"So what do you fellas think? Will you stay the whole two weeks? What was that?" We all promised to stay the whole two weeks, that we would exercise diligently, that we would do the majority of the chores and we would work to make it a good two weeks for both ourselves and our spouse. We were naked hanging from a post in the middle of nowhere. Agreeing seemed like the best thing to do.

Betty continued, "That is great now it is time to shave you. Each one of you will be shaved by your wife. That didn't make too much sense to me. I often shave after work. I don't have a terribly heavy beard but I like to shave when we are going to do something after work and I had today. I only had about 3 hours of growth not worth shaving. Then I noticed that they had all grabbed a bundle out of a picnic basket in the center. About this time it also occurred to me that there were five naked men on display lit up by lights on an island in a river where other boats could come by at any time. I called to Betty and asked her to come over. She did and when I asked about the possibility of other boats seeing us she answered to the whole crowd. "If anyone comes the women are to run into the brush. Quietly go to the boat and while whoever sees us stops to check it out the ladies will get in the boat in the middle of the island and push off. They will paddle away before starting the engine and making their escape. If the guys ever mention the wives involvement there will be trouble. You need to make up a story about a club imitation or something and hopefully they will go away. Maybe they will let you down but you are supposed to discourage that if at all possible." That didn't go very far in making me feel better at all. Then she walked back to Tom and grabbed her shaving package.

Kris grabbed hers and pulled out a hair trimming scissors and towel. She starts drying me off at my crotch and I panicked. I don't shave that! "Come on Kris. Please don't shave me there."

"I have to. We all agreed that was part of the vacation deal. Everyone shaves her hubby down there. Some of the guys already do so it is no bid deal." And she began to trim away the hair, then a moist cloth and shaving cream. I have to admit it felt good being handled down there. Then the razor, I didn't like it but what could I do? Only my legs were free but I would never kick my wife even to keep her from shaving me. If I was stupid enough to do that I was still caught and now there would be 5 angry wives with scissors and razors and... ..So I took it stoically but tried begging one more time just in case that might work. It didn't in fact Betty heard me and someone else begging and announced, "Ladies lets get the ball gags out."

In that little picnic basket there was a ball gag larger than any I ever had before. Well I had never had one before but this one still seemed large to me. In a moment it was fastened in my mouth so now I would be quiet. The shaving finished without further incident. I was bald from my navel down to my crotch and due to the extra care Kris took I knew I was bald to my asshole as well. This was not how I imagined how our vacation would be starting.

"Ladies grab your clipboards. And five clipboards came out of five baskets. Take down the measurements for you man and let's get started. Pretty soon Kris was pulling and tugging on my cock and measuring me with a tailors measuring tape. Length not erect, how far around at the base, the same for my shaft, how far from my scrotum to my asshole and a couple others I wasn't even sure about. Next she started getting me excited and took the lengths and how far around again. Everything was written down on the clipboard. She took some additional notes but didn't tell me any of the figures. At least I was freshly shaved for my measurements.

"Ladies rotate" Now what, then I saw Kris move to the other end of the poles to Fred. Gail Greg's wife moved over to me with her clipboard, looked up, said "Hi," she put on some gloves, and immediately went to work on taking the same measurements that Kris had just done. After she took my "hard" measurements she had a little time left and enjoyed playing with me. I was actually grateful when I heard "Ladies rotate" and Betty came to me. She changed gloves and looked at me. "The ladies are in charge here buddy. We make the rules and you follow the rules. The rules make our lives better and keep you in line. If you have a question you ask your wife and she gives you the answer. If she has a question she comes to me. If she gives you an answer it is the same as if it came from me. The only time you ask me a question is when she is not around which won't be often. Understood?" I nodded meekly since there was little else I could do. "Good I glad you understand me" Then she began with my measurements. When it was time to make sure I was hard again she seemed kind of rough. She took her measurements and pulled out a tube of what looked like sex lube. She lubed up an index finger and reached between my legs. "I just want to insure that you understand what I was explaining to you before." I felt the finger tip on my anus. "Do you understand?" I nodded vigorously. "She said "good" as that finger went inside. Kris and I rarely played anally. She was not into it and so I was not used it on either end. Well now I am on the receiving end or receiving it in my end if you prefer.

"You see for these two weeks this is a feminist island and the women are in charge. It may not be what you expected but it is what you are going to get" She kept wiggling that finger inside me. "We are going to help you lose weight, and make you a better lover."

Kris had never mentioned that was ... Whoa all of a sudden another finger went in my ass. I uhhh, we had never , she didn't mention making me a better lover or needing better or damn two fingers feels good or big or too big and too good or what were we talking about?

"We are gong to control practically everything you do these two weeks. How often you make love to your wife. We will make sure you give her oral sex .." DAMN, whoa what ... I'm sorry there were three fingers all of a sudden in my ass. My ability to concentrate was, well it just wasn't there at all. "That is right we will make sure you give her plenty of oral sex and anything else she desires. You beautiful wife has worked hard to make herself look good for you and you will start showing some serious appreciation.

Those fingers were going in and out and in and out and I was in no position to negotiate. I nodded my head as it I was trying to make it fly off. By then this turn had taken longer than the other two and while the ladies were still paying with the man in front of them they were also paying attention to us. Betty took off her gloves and said "He needed a few questions answered. So I was helping him out. Do any of the rest of you guys have any questions?" Every one shook their heads NO.

"Ladies rotate"

I was looking forward to the next woman whoever she was. After Elsie and Wilma each had a turn with me, Kris came back with her filled clipboard and a big smile. Clearly she had enjoyed the exercise. She also said it got her hot to see me playing 'sit and spin' on Betty's hand. I wanted to reply but between the gag and not knowing whether to complain or ask for Kris to play a round with me I just stood there with my arms in the air.

"Well, ladies have we forgotten anything?" It was Betty again. It looked like we were to finally be let down and could start our vacation.

"YESSS!!" the women all seemed to answer almost in chorus. "THE CAGES!!"

"Yes, I almost did forget didn't I." Betty was a pretty good actor, I almost believed her. "Well gentlemen as I was explaining to Bill."

Good reader did I ever introduce myself? I am Bill husband of Kris, king of my castle (at least in my own mind) engineer of great stature (again in my own mind) and humble author of this fanciful tale. A tale I wish I could bring to life. And now back to the tale.

"I was telling Bill that these two weeks were not only to get you boys into shape and for everyone to relax but also to make you men into better lovers. You will be more attentive, better explorers of your wife's sexual areas, of what makes her tick, of how to listen and how to be more romantic in general.

"Part of how we will do that is to get your hearts and minds where WE want them. There is a quote, 'When you have them by the balls their harts and minds will follow.' So boys we intend to grab you by the balls, so to speak." The giggling began again and everyone reached into their baskets again and pulled out something small maybe the size of a baseball. Betty gathered everyone over by her. "The winner of the race from the boat was not going to wear this tonight but Tom was not supposed to tell the boys anything to expect this weekend. I've learned to be more careful about what to tell him and he will learn to be more careful what he says." At that point she began putting whatever she had on his cock. All the ladies moved in close to get a good look. They moved to Greg next. I still couldn't tell exactly what was going on but when they were done he had something where his cock had been. I would know soon as it was my turn next. Betty was explaining to Kris how to do it. First she tried several rings over my cock and scrotum until she was happy with the fit. I didn't get any input. Then they tried these pegs and even cut them down to get a better fit. After that was what they liked they put on this plastic cage over my cock and Kris slipped little metal pin that held it together. They moved on the next wife was instructed how to 'cage' her man until we were all done.

Next Betty produced a metal box. The box had five hasps for locks to go in and there was a slot in the top of the box. Each lady reached into her basket and pulled out a brand new padlock and a small chain. They opened their padlocks. Put the keys on her chain and dropped it around her neck. The locks then went on the box and now it was locked with 5 locks and could not be opened unless all 5 women agreed to open it. Everyone reached into her basket again (I got scared every time Kris looked at the damn thing) and pulled out a small lock. Kris opened hers and put the lock where that metal pin was and locked it. I knew I didn't like this. I would learn later just how much I didn't like it. All the ladies then went to the metal box with their keys. Betty explained, "We can only open the box when everyone agrees. The cages you boys are wearing will keep you from getting erect or having sex until it is removed. It cannot be removed without the key. The keys are going into the box. Your wife only has one of the five keys needed to open the box. No matter what you say or promise she can't open it even if she wanted to. Each night we will open the box and pull out one key. Only one key. If you win the challenge for the day it will be your key. If you don't you will be waiting. The cages you are wearing won't hurt you but it will force you to concentrate on your wife. Just because you can't be satisfied doesn't mean she has to wait. Just the opposite. Since we aren't concentrating on your orgasm you will be able to concentrate on ours. Tom was supposed to be out tonight but he blew that by opening his big mouth." She looked directly at him and said, "Instead you will be doing something else with that mouth tonight." And dropped the key to the little lock in the metal box. All the other ladies followed suit. I began to like this cage a little less and I didn't like it to begin with.

After that we were all let down and told to start cooking dinner. Tonight was burgers and dogs and the ladies were hungry.

To be continued?

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