Trouble With Beggars

Submitted by: Mick

Ever since I was a teenager I have loved bondage and cross dressing, for years I was happy to ask my girlfriend to chain me up or use our handcuffs on me, she was only too happy to oblige and for quite a while we were happy.

Eventually though we split up so for the next few years I would dress up and use self bondage, I always made it hard to get free but always did in the end it was like a personal challenge to see how close I could get.

Not long after the internet was first in regular use and it was easy to view sites and chat I discovered bondage chat sites and loved it that was the start of my love affair with chastity belts.

After meeting a Mistress online and visiting her several times we had some great sessions she told me about chastity belts and I loved the idea, but we never pursued it as she moved to another country but the idea stuck.

It would be a few years before the topic came up again online and this time I decided to buy a CB 2000 to go with my growing collection of handcuffs and restraints.

When I first tried it on it was great and I could not wait to tell my mates on the chat room I went in, the women thought it was funny because I had to sit on the toilet they used to say are you going to powder your nose.

I wore it regular when I was not at work and kind of got used to it so much so I decided to go out for the day to another big city near where I live in the hope of finding a new set of handcuffs, it was an ideal opportunity to wear my belt out so I put it on that morning and headed off for the day I did have the key in my wallet in case anything went wrong.

When I got to the bus station I headed off to the old part of town where I knew were some antique shops.

Like most towns and cityís it had its share of beggars and it was not long before I was asked if I had any change, several times I said sorry but one young woman kept asking and followed me around.

She said I will do anything for you I just need 10 pound for some drugs she said she was willing to have sex with me at her place just round the corner if I paid her.

She was a nice young woman who had obviously had a bad time and I felt sorry for her so I asked if she lived alone when she confirmed she did I smiled and said well I can give you the cash but we canít have sex because Iím wearing my chastity belt, she burst out laughing and asked what one looked like.

When we got back to her flat it was obvious she lived alone and was not very good at looking after her place, I pulled my trousers and pants down to show her my belt and after feeling it for a minute she asked how I had sex or masturbated.

I explained that when I was wearing it both were impossible and if she had the key I would be her maid for the day and clean her flat up, she let me choose some of her clothes and makeup and took the key whilst I got to work she went for her drugs, when she got back she was a lot happier and let me have a drink with her.

Whilst we were drinking she asked me about my belt and why I was wearing it I explained that I loved bondage and wearing it was a big turn on but confessed that it would be much better if I did not have control of the key.

She surprised me by telling me to get back to work because if the flat was not spotless by bedtime she would not let me have the key back.

That night she inspected her flat and marked it out of 10 she gave me 10 out of 10 but found fault with my make up so decided she was going to tie me to the spare bed and make me do it again next morning.

When she had me tied to the bed she stripped and teased me for ages laughing at my obvious discomfort, in the morning I had to make both of us up much to her pleasure.

I got scared when after breakfast I said I had to get going as I had work that night and needed to get back home, she looked at me and said if you think Iím letting you go now mate think again unless you want me to chuck this key away.

She gave me a skirt and blouse to wear and high heels, when she was satisfied I looked a convincing woman she took me in town to a cash machine with the instruction to take as much money out as I could if I refused she would destroy the key.

I had no choice and gave her the cash which she spent on drugs and food, I was trapped once back at her place she made me satisfy her, whilst she had me tied down I heard her go out she was gone for several hours and I was frantic when she got back.

She informed me that from that point on I was going to be her slave and call her Mistress Lisa, she then produced a leather dog collar and chain and padlocked them around my neck.

That was a month ago and I am now her full time slave she has let me have sex with her once in that time and says if Iím a good girl I can have sex with her at Christmas but on the condition her sister can use me as well.

As for the chastity belt key she has given that to her sister for safe keeping after she came round and had the pleasure of lacing me into a very tight corset which stayed on for a week, both women love my belt and Mistress Lisa has told me for Christmas she might arrange for me to have boobs.

I will keep you updated yours Michelle formally Mick.

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