Astarte's Wedding

Submitted by: Nanny

Astarte was awakened from a deep sleep by Nanny's gentle shaking of her shoulder. Aided by the many glasses of wine Astarte had consumed during the previous evening's celebration, the sleeping draught had mercifully plunged her into a dreamless sleep, sparing her a night of tossing and turning while anticipating the upcoming day's events.

"Get up now my little darling. We must begin all of the preparations now," said Nanny.

"Oh Nanny, I really don't think I want to get married," wailed Astarte.

"Don't be silly, you ninny. If you back out now everyone will be so disappointed, especially your ma and da. And you will never get another chance to be married. You'll end up as a whore in the plebian district, sucking filthy plebian cocks for your food and lodging."

"Oh, I know all that," said Astarte. I'll do it. I'm just not sure I want to do it. I've heard a lot of nasty stories about the wedding night and the marital bed and all."

"Well, all of you aristocratic women have to lie on the marital bed. It's a custom. After all, your mother and her mother and her mother's mother all going back into the mists of time have done it and survived. Otherwise you wouldn't be here. You'll survive too."

Astarte noticed that Nanny hadn't denied the nasty stories. Oh well. She got up, took off her nightgown and followed Nanny into the cleansing room. Nanny used the key on the chain around her neck to unlock Astarte's chastity belt. After relieving herself Astarte stepped into the bath and began to scrub herself. "You missed a spot here," said Nanny. "You must smell nice for your husband." Meanwhile Nanny cleaned the chastity belt.

When her scrubbing and rinsing was done, Astarte climbed out of the bath and Nanny dried her with a large, soft towel. Then she massaged her entire body with fragrant oils. Back went the chastity belt without any complaint from Astarte. She had worn it ever since her puberty began and had come to accept it as a part of life. No one had ever removed it except Nanny, not even her mother.

"You must get ready for your inspection now," said Nanny. Astarte put on no undergarments, a plain white gown, low white socks and low heeled shoes. She reached for her lip rouge but Nanny said, "no makeup. I don't want you looking like a slut." Nanny picked up an in-house phone, pressed a button, and said, "she's ready." After a pause she hung up.

"Now we just wait. Try to be patient for once in your life. While we're waiting, I'm going to tell you something. It's important so pay attention. Don't tune out like you do in all of your classes. Except sex ed. You know I'm going with you to your husband's home. You know how your pa's nanny lords it over all of the other household servants and your ma's nanny is the second from the bottom and I am at the very bottom? It'll be the same way in your new home. I'll be at the bottom until your babies get their new nanny. You always come to me when you have a problem with a servant, right? Because I've been here a long time I can usually talk the other servants into things in spite of my lowly status. Well that won't work anymore. I won't be able to do anything for you and worse, if your husband's nanny finds out you've bypassed her she'll punish you for it, in some devious sneaky way that you couldn't prove if you were stupid enough to take it up with your husband.

So at first you shouldn't try to change anything. Give your pa's nanny the respect she thinks she deserves. Don't try to make a friend of her. The best you can do is earn her respect by acting like a responsible adult. Your ma learned how to boss your pa's nanny. You may be able to do the same eventually in your new home if you're smart enough.

If you really want to have something changed, do it through your husband. If you can't convince him right away, forget it. The last thing you want to do is nag him. I know you enjoy it when I spank you - don't deny it - but if you piss off your husband you won't enjoy what he does to you at all.

Thanks be to the creator of the world that you paid attention in sex ed. You should know everything you need to do to please your husband."

After a few minutes of silence the phone rang and Nanny answered. Then she said, "she's coming," and hung up. "Let's go."

Astarte led the way to the reception chamber. Waiting for her were her ma and da, her future husband's ma and da and all four of their nannies plus her future husband's nanny and the Holy Eunuch who would officiate at the wedding later on. She walked to the large upholstered chair in the center of the room, gathered her skirt up about her waist, sat down, spread her legs and draped them over the arms of the chair. Just like rehearsal. She blushed a bright red with embarrassment. Just like rehearsal.

Turning to Nanny, the Holy Eunuch asked in his high-pitched voice, "do you swear by the creator of the world that the key to Astarte's chastity belt has never been out of your possession and that you have successfully guarded her chastity at all times?"

"Yes, Holy Eunuch," said Nanny.

"The keeper of the key to the lock of chastity will now unlock the chastity belt of Astarte," said the Holy Eunuch.

Nanny complied at once.

The Holy Eunuch produced an odd looking optical instrument and proceeded to perform a thorough exploration of Astarte's sexual parts, perhaps a bit too thorough since all he really needed to investigate was the condition of her hymen. Then he handed the instrument to Astarte's future husband's ma. She proceeded to repeat the examination followed by all of the others except Nanny in the sequence prescribed by tradition. Somehow Astarte's future husband's da managed to grope one of her breasts which were very large for a woman of her tender age.

"Replace the chastity belt," said the Holy Eunuch. After Nanny had done so the Holy Eunuch said, "take Astarte to her room." Astarte adjusted her skirt and led the way back to her room, followed by Nanny. The Holy Eunuch pronounced, "All persons present, both aristocrats and plebeians, having duly examined the hymen of Astute, certify to her virginity."

Back in her room, Astute burst into tears. "Oh creator, I hated that."

"Don't blaspheme, darling," said Nanny for perhaps the thousandth time.

"I just wonder how much worse it'll be tonight. This was just a simple examination. But maybe I failed it."

"You did fine, dear. Your lovely blush was perfect for the innocent young virgin you are, in body if not in mind," said Nanny.

Astarte continued her sobbing which gradually diminished. Then they both sat in silence. Waiting. Finally the phone rang and Nanny answered. She hung up and said "you passed. Now we must go have lunch and then prepare you for the ceremony."

"I won't go!" cried Astarte. "It just isn't fair!"

"I know what you need," said Nanny. She grabbed Astarte and forced her face down over her lap. Astarte was still covered only by the white gown which Nanny pulled up. She began spanking the protesting and struggling young woman with hard, deliberate blows.

As the spanking went on, Astarte began to feel the usual warm glow expanding from her ass to her sexual organs and then throughout her body. Her struggles diminished as she concentrated on feeling each blow. Eventually the erotic sensations peaked and began to diminish. Astarte sighed and said, "please stop, Nanny. I'll behave." It was the closest she had come to a real orgasm in her whole life.

Nanny stopped the spanking and released Astarte. She wiped away a tear before Astarte could see it, thinking that that was the last time ever that she would spank her darling little girl. She kissed Astarte on the lips and said, "now let's go to eat, baby."

* * *

For hours, Astarte was cleaned, groomed, rubbed, and oiled. Her lush hair was pulled up into a ponytail. Much makeup was applied and her eyes appeared greener than ever. Lip and nipple rouge completed the look. A delicate gold Y chain was secured to her nipple rings. Her hands were tied behind her with a strong silk rope. A blindfold covered her eyes.

Nanny took the gold chain and led her through the main house to the wedding chapel. They waited and waited until the bridegroom was led in by his nanny. He was not restrained in any way. He tried to look bored.

The Holy Eunuch began to read the long, ceremonial exhortations...

* * *

"I now transfer the ownership of this woman from her da to the bridegroom as his fourth wife," said the Holy Eunuch.

Nanny handed the end of the Y chain to the bridegroom. She then removed the chain with the chastity belt key from around her neck and handed it over too. She was in shock. Fourth wife! So was Astarte.

"The bridegroom may remove the blindfold and untie the bride's hands," said the Holy Eunuch.

"Thank you, Holy Eunuch," said the bridegroom, "but I'll wait until I get her safely secured to the marital bed. I wouldn't want such a juicy morsel to escape."

The rest of the bridal party and the audience tittered and laughed. The bridegroom wasted no time in leading Astarte, still blindfolded, out through the corridors to the waiting limousine. Nanny was left to find her own way to her new home.

After a brief trip, Astarte was led by the chain into her new residence. She followed her new husband and owner through unfamiliar corridors and up unfamiliar stairs. Finally they stopped and she heard a door close behind her.

Someone untied her hands and at once tied them to hooks several feet apart in an overhead crossbeam. Her feet were separated with a spreader bar.

Stretched upward onto her toes, Astarte tried to assess the situation as she hung by her wrists from the ceiling. The aroma of spicy men's cologne wafted through the air, a fan whirled overhead, and the sound of running water, a fountain perhaps, was comforting. Moving about the room, the person gathered the toys he chose for the evening and placed them nearby. He opened a bottle of wine, poured a glass, and proffered it to his bride's dry lips. Wine dribbled out of her mouth and down in between her breasts. He traced its trail with his tongue and nibbled at her nipples. She moaned. As no one had ever shown her this type of attention, it was exquisitely erotic. Her pussy dripped honey down her thighs. She heard him put the glass down and felt his tongue lick a circle on her belly. She felt him unlock and remove the chastity belt. He played with the little ring attached to her clitoris, She trembled like a skittish pony, afraid and excited at the same time.

He removed her blindfold. She stared at him. He was very handsome but he had a cruel expression that did nothing to reassure her. He must be her husband.

He spoke very little. Kneeling in front of her, he pulled on her nipple rings and lapped at the nectar between her thighs. If she wasn't bound, her knees would have buckled. With her back arched like a bow and on the edge of an orgasm, she asked for permission.

"May I come, sir?" she said timidly but with controlled urgency. He laughed.

"No. But you can lick your juices off of my face."

Astarte stretched her tongue to lick his face as he leaned closer. Her tongue washed his face like a cat cleaning her kitten. With long sweeps, she explored his nose, cheeks, and chin for that salty, tangy taste she knew to be her own juices, stopping only when he pulled away.

"I'm going to remove any misunderstandings you may have about who rules this marriage. I've been told you are voice trained. Not a peep, wife, do you understand?"

Astarte nodded as she heard him reach for an object nearby. With a crack, he unfurled the whip, and her head snapped to attention. Without any preamble, he began to paint all the meaty parts of her body with fine red lines, perfectly spaced, delivered with a deliberate pace. His exertions were invigorating to him, and soon, he had a sheen of sweat on his body. She told herself, it's just Nanny spanking me, while her body shook from the blows and the whip licked rivulets of perspiration off her skin. After awhile, the ferocity of the strokes lessened and she hung limply.

He stopped because his arm was tired, otherwise, he would have continued. Not wanting his bride to pass out, he pulled her head back and dripped cold water on her lips. He unhooked her, laid her on a bed, wiped her down with a cool washcloth, and fed her little pieces of cheese and some grapes until he felt she had had enough. The bed was unusual. It had many kinds of odd devices mounted on it, suggesting a medicine man's treatment room or a torture chamber.

"I expect you have noticed the bed," he said. "Obviously it is the notorious marital bed. I'm not wealthy enough to buy a new one for each wife so you will have to do with the same bed used by my other wives. However I have had it thoroughly cleaned and refurbished and I have had two new and most interesting devices attached to it as presents for you. Of course, after I find that the novelty of buying a new wife has worn off you will have to take turns on it with my other wives."

Astarte desperately wanted to drift off to sleep, but he had other plans for her. "However, tonight we begin by using it simply as a bed."

Her bridegroom donned a cock harness and said, "I hope you've been taught to take advantage when given opportunities for respite, because they're going to be few and far between. I assume you've been taught all about fellatio."

"Yes sir," she replied.

"You will address me as ‘darling', ‘dear', ‘dearest', or similar declarations of your love for me, never as ‘sir', ‘master', etc. After all, we are now and forever a happily married couple," said her husband.

"Yes, darling."

He put a head harness on her and lay down on his back, pulling her head over his cock. Then he thrust his cock into her mouth and connected her head harness to his cock harness. "You will stay like this until morning," he said.

Her husband grasped her head between his hands and began moving it up and down. Astarte's throat massaged his very erect cock and he quickly spurted a load of semen down her throat. She savored the moment. Her very first sexual intercourse with anyone.

"I've got to piss," he said.

She tried to nod, but could only press her lips to his cock in a silent kiss of submission.

Slowly, a stream of piss trickled down her throat and watered her as if she were a cock flower. She gulped it down easily. It was bitter, salty, and warm. When he finished, he could see his deflated cock resting on her tongue.

"You love that, don't you slut?"

"Yes, sweetheart."

With Astarte lying between his legs, his cock ensconced in her warm mouth, he patted her head, and settled down to sleep,

"You are welcome to go to sleep, my lovely little cocksucker," and with that he tightened the straps and fell asleep.

Sometime during the night, she felt his cock grow and adjusted the angle of her throat just in time. He ground his hips into her mouth forcing his cock further down her throat with short jabs. He could feel the overpowering sensation increasing much too rapidly and he tried to hold off his orgasm until his efforts were defeated and he spurted just a little less intensely than before. This time, Astarte was prepared as his cum shot deep into her throat. A few more spasmodic jerks and the mighty penis wilted and so did she.

Nudged awake again, Astarte felt his morning hardon and got ready to receive another gush of semen. He had recovered his virility and pistoned his cock enthusiastically in and out of her throat. This time he withdrew his cock until the tip was barely inside her lips when he came, filling her mouth with cum.

His hard-on gradually disappeared, allowing him to piss. He gave Astarte no warning. When he was done, he pushed aside the covers and loosened the straps just a little.

"Good bride," he said as he stroked her hair. "Soon we shall arise and you will replace your chastity belt, get dressed and eat breakfast."

There was a tap on the door, "Coffee, master," said a serving woman.

"Bring it in. Do you have the paper, too? Thanks."

"Is there anything else, master?" said the woman. The plebian serving woman, even younger than Astarte, stared at her predicament.

"No, perhaps later," he said. The woman left quickly, thanking the creator of the world in a silent prayer that she had not been born an aristocrat.

"Let's see what the headlines say."

As he read the paper she gently sucked his cock. Astarte didn't have second thoughts about marriage anymore. Her life had been simplified. She loved the physical demands of being a bride, the structured life she would lead, and the occasional bliss of serving her husband like this. Perhaps he would allow her to come. Someday. Whatever unknown horrors the marital bed might soon inflict on her didn't matter - she would eagerly submit to all. She had no decisions, no choices to make. Whatever happened happened.

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