TimeLock Chastity Torture

Submitted by: Longterm

I had been recently fitted into a pre-measured NeoSteel chastity belt over in Germany. It had taken a few days to find a perfectly fitting belt that was suitable for my penis and body, but I did eventually succeed in getting what I required and I was able to fly back to England a very happy and excited young man. I was only 21 years old, but during the last six years, I had become an excessive masturbator and it was stopping me from being able to get through a full day without thinking of cumming all the time.

I was young and permanently horny, even when I had cum, I wasnt completely satisfied and was ready to cum again within 20 minutes of my last orgasm, I had an insatiable lust that could not be controlled indefinitely and that is why I decided to try the steel chastity belt. I had read many reviews on chastity belts online and noticed that the steel ones were most effective. I needed something that was definitely inescapable so that I couldnt give in to the temptation of needing release and then breaking the belt off whenever I wanted to.

After getting back home to England, I began to practice wearing my new Neosteel chastity belt for days at a time, wearing it in and seeing how long I could cope being in the belt before it felt painful or I got sores. Surprisingly, the belt was a perfect fit and it wasnt long before I could wear it for a few days. I was never able to wear it for more than three days without getting incredibly aroused and because I had control of the lock key, I was able to remove the belt rather quickly and then pleasure myself.

I felt a little more than disappointed that Id spent this much money on an expensive steel belt and yet I wasnt willing to spend more than two days in chastity. At the same time, I was heavily relieved that I didnt have to be imprisoned in this thing for more than three days, as it would certainly turn me into a lustful beast and when I reached this point, I was unable to go any longer without making myself cum But then things changed for the worse

I was reading about chastity online on several forums and it wasnt long before I discovered a software program known as TimeLock. I thought about my chastity some more and then an idea hit me in the face. I knew that I lacked the willpower and courage to keep myself in prolonged chastity without eventually giving in and releasing myself, but this TimeLock tool offered me a different alternative, the option of no release, even if I wanted to, it was something actually beyond my control. I contemplated this punitive little scenario and it made my cock bulge into a rock solid erection just thinking about it, although I was a little nervous in my stomach about the whole thing.

Having my cock taken out of my hands was daunting, it was a scary thought to know that I couldnt reverse the decision when I felt really lustful. I finally purchased a copy of TimeLock and started practicing with its many functions, testing different scenarios such as the tease and torment options. One of the more tormenting options of TimeLock was the ability to have my chastity controlled by a remote key holder, giving them the total power to choose which options are set and the length of time the chastity period would last for, it was all very scary.

One late night, I placed myself into the Neosteel chastity belt taking great care in making sure that every single angle was cut off and ensuring that it was tight and secure around my waist. I had worn this belt many times before in practice and it had never slipped off, nor had I managed to break it off and most importantly, I had never been capable of more than a semi-erection. It felt like a semi-erection, in reality it may have been smaller as I could not even see my penis.

After locking myself up in chastity, I placed the keys into my Free Standing Cash Safe, a grey high security mini vault built into the wall that was more than capable of keeping my keys from my grasp. I closed the door and took a deep breath as I set-up the combination code, the keypad said, please enter 16-digit code please, but instead of putting in a combination code that I knew and was familiar with, I turned my head away in the opposite direction and randomly selected numbers with my finger, making sure that each number was different from the last, I counted the bleeps so that I knew when I had finished inputting the 16-digit code into the safe.

After I had finished doing this, I grabbed a digital camera and set it up so that it would capture a picture of the combination code on the keypad, but I did this in such a way as to not see what the code was myself. Once I had took the image with the camera I made sure that the code was no longer displayed on the keypad. After doing this, I quickly took the jpg file off onto the computer via USB and didnt even bother opening the file to check whether the picture was clear enough and I knew that this was taking a risk in itself, but it was exciting at the time and I was stupid, horny and na´ve. I looked on the TimeLock Yahoo group in search for a dominant key holder; I introduced myself to the group and stated that I was looking for a key holder that was willing to lock me up for 8 days without release. 8 days was a long time, but I was willing to try it.

I got an immediate response on the group because I had mentioned that I was using a Neosteel chastity belt in combination with a hi-tech safe and this made my advertisement even more valid and appetising for dominant Masters on the group who were looking for a young male to lock up for their amusement and pleasure. My advert was even more of a catch when I mentioned that I was a straight guy and just couldnt stop myself masturbating to pictures of female celebrities more than three times per day. I quickly came to the realisation that there were many dominant people online whose greatest pleasure was to erode the sexual enjoyment of a young male, to strip him of his freedom to cum and control it indefinitely for long periods of time.

I wondered what I was getting myself into, but the thought of it kept getting the better of me, the restriction, the lack of control, absolute helplessness at the mercy of another person As they decide when I get to use my cock, a complete stranger in a far away country, punishing me for their own enjoyment with no way of getting out of it for me. They would constantly remind me of that fact and take enormous pleasure in doing so, while I begged and pleaded for orgasms that I would never be allowed to get.

Eventually, after a few hours, a French man approached me on the group, he said that he was 54 years old and had plenty of previous experience with key holding and controlling male chastity slaves, insisting that I could trust him. I contacted him by e-mail as he seemed a trustworthy guy and sent him the jpg file of the combination code, as well as various pictures of my chastity state and hi-tech safe. I was also required to leave my web camera on whenever he demanded it. Once he was completely and utterly satisfied that I was placed safely within inescapable chastity, he generated a Remote Key in TimeLock and sent me a 35-digit code to apply within TimeLock.

I was instructed to turn on the web cam so that he could watch me lock the jpg file within TimeLock to avoid any cheating, which I did. I was presented with a screen, which stated that my chastity period would be between1 week and 12 weeks, I was shocked, and surprised, Id only requested 8 days chastity period. I had my finger on the mouse button, I felt an adrenaline rush in the pit of my stomach and I knew that if I clicked the button, it would be all out of my control, I had to wonder if I could trust the French guy. Once again, my arousal got the better of me

Why had he set it as 12 weeks? Did he think I would yield in the spur of the moment and click ok? Well he must have a good instinct with male chastity slaves because I did click ok as I swallowed hard, contemplating my doom, suddenly I saw another dialogue box that said, are you sure? I thought about it for a few minutes, knowing that I could get access to my penis anytime that I liked and if I clicked that little button, then my pleasure would be gone for an undetermined period of time. He wont lock me up for 12 weeks surely! This was my final lifeline to change my mind, but after bravely convincing myself, I nervously clicked the mouse button and sealed my fate, there was no turning back now as I pressed the button and was taken to the next dialogue box.

I saw the Confirmation Key that the French guy was demanding I send back to him immediately, I copied and pasted the code and sent it to the dominant French guy. I clicked ok and realised I was now truly in the fate of TimeLock and more scarily, the French Master who I didnt even know, he was a complete stranger to me, my cock was now his prisoner, locked in his cage and only he possessed the power to let me have my freedom back.

I felt like Id made a mistake and panicked in the heat of the moment, but there was nothing I could do about it now, I had set everything up too well so that any eventuality or escape plan was not possible. My cock was already yearning for a release; I had not gone beyond 3 days, oh my God, I was feeling a little nauseous and regretful; I had put myself into the more than capable hands of the Frenchman, who I would later discover was going to become a lot more sadistic and controlling with me over the coming weeks and months and I was going to bark at his command.

From here on in, life suddenly became very hectic indeed. I truly didnt want this anymore, I was a horny young man and I wanted my cock freedom back already, I wanted to have control over what I masturbated over and had plenty of regrets, but I now had to face up to the fact that I no longer had control. I was trapped in the hands of Jacques, a dominant Frenchman that had been very quick to start making his new plaything carry out many tasks and duties, despite me being very unwilling to do so.

I refused point blank to do what was asked of me, that was until Jacques threatened to extend my chastity period for even longer, of course, I had no choice but to comply and within the first night I had become Jacques personal web cam slave, he had forced me to strip completely naked wearing nothing but my chastity belt and then do press-ups and various other exercises while he watched probably with a sadistic gaze on his face, he was probably relishing the fact that I couldnt escape my predicament and was looking forward to enforcing more control over my life.

One of his favourite tortures was to make me learn French, as I was English and barely knew any French, he found it both amusing and punitive to make me connect a microphone to the computer and then read long French manuscripts that he selected to the best of my ability and I would never be allowed to hear him speak, he simply just listened.

If he was not happy with my reading skills, or pronunciation of difficult French words, I was given copying and translating tasks to do, which would fill up many hours of my time, I was going to be grounded almost every day from hereon in, barely being allowed to have any free time to myself, as I sat there in my belt on web cam, he watched me spend my hours working on long and punishing French language tasks and FOWs, while my cock was completely imprisoned in its inescapable sheath as I worked tirelessly. I could think of nothing else but wanting to cum and this was only the first night.

When I was able to escape the prying voyeuristic eyes of the Frenchman on web cam and get some free time to myself, I would desperately try to rub against the bed and carpet in a fractious manner in a vain desperate attempt to pleasure myself, my cock trying very hard to achieve an erection, my tortured slick glans somehow trying to sniff a way out its steel prison, pressed up against the sides, looking for holes to squeeze through, but the walls were certainly unyielding and not willing to provide me with any possible means of escaping

My cock is constantly looking, searching every nook and cranny for a way out that will never be found because the steel belt is much stronger than human skin. No matter how much my cock tried to grow and push within its sheath, the more the steel would remind my penis that it was hopelessly trapped and wasnt going anywhere in the slightest.

This was only the first night of my chastity and already, my cock was yearning and pleading for an orgasm, begging for any kind of release. It would grow semi-erect and work as hard as it could to escape, only to be brought crashing back down to Earth by being shrunk back down without getting anywhere even close to an orgasmic shudder. My cock was trapped and uncomfortable and the frustration of being beyond any escape caused me to lose my mind as I continued to try and hump against the bed.

The steel sheath around my penis was so tight and every time I tried to thrust or rub against the mattress, the sheath would hug my cock and keep it almost completely rigid. I was unable to stimulate my glans or cause any kind of movement in my foreskin, on top of this, as I rubbed against the bed, I could only feel the bed rubbing against the steel plate and this was extremely torturous because it blocked off any attempts to filter stimulation through to my aching cock, if anything, it only succeeded in making me more and more lustful and horny, but I knew that my penis couldnt get the stimulation that it so greatly needed right now.

After two hours of non-stop dedication and concentrating really hard, rubbing against the bed, I finally let out a weary and tired groan and collapsed exhausted as I fell asleep on the bed, face down in my torturous plight. I was free for now in my sleep, but the next day when I woke up, it was going to be a full new day of absolute torment and entrapment inside my NeoSteel chastity belt and it was likely to continue day after day, getting increasingly worse, my balls desperately crying out to be emptied, only to be ignored and impossible to satiate my flaccid throbbing cock.

I woke up at 8am the next morning. I was awoken not by an alarm clock, but by the frustrated semi-erection and feeling of horniness from down below. The torture was never ending for me, I really wanted to get out of this belt, I couldnt bear it, I just wanted to watch my cock eject jet after jet of semen and enjoy the feeling of being able to cum, but I knew that this was not possible anymore. I flipped back onto my stomach and tried to grind against the bed again, hoping that I could manipulate my cock into some sort of position to orgasm, but not only was it impossible to do so, but I couldnt even get close to ejaculating, I felt so far away from the orgasm that I desperately needed. I continued to grunt and groan like a horny dog in heat.

I turned over onto my back and lay there on the bed for the next hour, suffering mentally and physically, unable to distract my mind from wanting to cum and it dominated my thoughts completely. I tried to slide my hands and fingers down into the belt, but I quickly realised that the man responsible for creating this belt had covered all possibilities and angles.

I thought about how sadistic the man who created this object must have been, knowing that his creation would control the use of my cock and balls, my sweaty salty penis twitched inside the claustrophobic leather prison, it certainly felt slick inside there, I had probably pre-cummed a little bit, but not enough for my liking. I kept daydreaming up possible ways to escape, such as trying to guess the combination code on the safe, but I was kidding myself if I thought that my futile plan would work.

Dejectedly, I got up off the bed and sat at my computer and checked TimeLock, which only said Very Cold. I had a horrible feeling that it was going to be saying that message for a rather long period of time. I began to check my e-mails, quickly noticing that I had got one from Jacques, the Frenchman now in control of me. He had sent me another cruel e-mail, with 2 FOW tasks attached.

Both FOW tasks were long, in French and each with their own little penalties and consequences for failure, my deadline was clearly written underneath with further threats that if my work was not finished to his satisfaction by the next morning, he was going to add 2 more days to my overall chastity period. I just put my head down and groaned in total frustration, I didnt want to do this, I was now having my time consumed by the dominant Frenchman at his whim and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it, I had to just do as I was told and obey or else suffer the misery of being locked up longer.

To be continued

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