John's Story

Submitted by: Karen

My name is Karen. My husbands name is John. Here is his story.

Part I

John has had a chastity fetish for quite a while now. We bought his first cage, a CB-2000, about five years ago, and played lock up games off and on for a couple years. This was something that turned him on, but did nothing for me, so I wasnt much into the keyholding role. I couldnt understand what he got out of it, and never really tried to learn. John would get upset when I left the key is obvious places while he was locked, and we often argued about how I didnt take it seriously enough. My biggest fear was John getting in an accident and being discovered after not being able to get the thing off, so I never let him go anywhere with it on unless I was with him. After a while, John stopped trying convincing me about all the benefits being a serious keyholder would bring me, and the subject was dropped.

It had been a couple years since we discussed the cage, and I wasnt even sure if John had it any longer. But I new he was still interested, since a regular check on his browser history file told me he was reading about it regularly on the internet. Then tragedy struck our family my sisters husband was killed by a drunk driver while he was jogging in his neighborhood. After the funeral I had several talks with my sister about how her husband had all these dreams he wanted to fulfill, but kept putting them off for her and the kids sake. She felt extremely guilty that she never convinced him to see Greece, the home of his ancestors, or to take the cruise to Alaska that he always talked about. Those conversations started me thinking about Johns chastity fetish, and how I was preventing him from doing something that he so passionate about. The death of my sisters husband convinced me to try it again, but this time for real, if thats what John wanted.

I started researching the latest chastity devices, and found exactly what I was looking for, with the help of Johns web browser history. The new Birdlock was small enough to avoid detection under clothing and flexible enough for both comfort and physical fitness. This device, combined with numbered plastic locks, resolved my anxiety of John not being able to take it off in an emergency. It also meant that he could where it while traveling for either work or our vacations. Like I said, I meant to take this fetish of his very seriously, if he was still up for it.

It just so happened that Johns fiftieth birthday was a month away, which gave me plenty of time to order the device and to read through Johns collection of chastity stories that he had earmarked on his computer, another thing he didnt realized I knew about. After his party, I gave John his last present while in bed that evening. His face showed shock and excitement at the same time when he realized what it was. I asked him if he really wanted me to be serious about being a keyholder, which he quickly answered yes. So I then explained the rules:

1. There would be short break in period where John wears the Birdlock at his leisure in order to get used to wearing it.

2. After the break in period, we would have a sixty day trial period to see how we both responded to this new dynamic in his life, and to determine what to do from that point forward.

3. The number to the plastic lock attached to Johns cage would be written on the calendar hanging on our master bathroom wall, to mark the day since John was last released, and also so that I could periodically verify that the same lock was still attached to Johns Birdlock.

4. John could take the device off by cutting the plastic lock without my permission only in an emergency situation.

5. If John ever took it upon himself to take off the cage outside of an emergency situation, the Birdlock would be destroyed, and there would be no further discussion of his chastity fetish ever!

6. Since John would now be under my control, I would be free to make additional rules as I deemed necessary to enhance the lifestyle.

I asked John if he agreed to the rules, and again he gave me an enthusiastic yes. I told him he could think some more about it since we would not officially begin until after his break in period. I also told me that I had been researching what being a keyholder was all about, so he had better think carefully if this was what he really wanted.

The break in period only lasted a week. John had no problems working, sleeping or jogging. The only think he said about the comfort level was that he needed to use a lubricant regularly to avoid pinching. Other than that, he only realized it was there when he looked down at it, or when trying to get erect, which the device did a good job of preventing.

When John told me on Saturday morning that he was ready, I asked him again if he agreed to the rules, and was this something he really wanted to do, which he again answered yes. I then took him by the hand into the master bathroom, had him remove the gym shorts he was wearing, and proceeded to write down the number on the plastic lock attached to his Birdlock into todays date on the calendar. The conversation we had at that point was quite interesting.

Arent we going to make love first, to celebrate the starting point?

No. I may have you make love to me later with your tongue, but you will stay in the cage.

But I have worn this for a week already, and I havent had an orgasm since we made love last weekend.

Of course I know you had an orgasm last weekend when we made love. By saying what you did, you are insinuating that you sometimes have orgasms without me, but you didnt this week. Is this true?

Ahah, of course not, but the point was that I have already been locked up a week. How long do I have to wear this before I can cum again?

I havent thought about it really. But youve agreed to the rules, and now youre complaining? I guess I will need to add rule number seven. Complaining about the cage and/or asking me permission to take it off will only extend the time before you actually can take it off. Are there any other questions?

No, I think we covered everything, he said after a brief pause absorbing all that I told him.

Good. Now get your clothes on and start cleaning out the garage. You have a lot to do this weekend and that is the first thing on your list.

John stared back in disbelief, wondering what was going on.

Isnt this one of the benefits of being your keyholder that you tried selling me on a few years ago? You told me I could get you to do anything that I wanted? Well I want you to do what youve been telling me you would do for a month now - clean out the garage!

Part II

It didnt take long for John to realize what he had gotten himself into. That weekend, he not only cleaned the garage; he also checked off a long list of house and yard work chores that Ive been pestering him about for a while. On Saturday night, I had him lick me to orgasm while kneeling over his face. I could see the frustration in his eyes as they looked up at me in this servicing position. The cage was preventing an erection, but the act of cunnilingus was getting him very much aroused, as it always has. Like the good keyholder that I had been reading about, I couldnt help but tease him about his predicament.

That feels so good John. I want to have a big orgasm, so Im going to hold off a while. I hope youre not too tired from all the work you did today. After I cum, Im going to fall right to sleep, but you will have to try and sleep with all that sexual frustration built up inside you. In the old days, you could always take care of yourself, which I now realize happened quite often. But youre all locked up now, and only I can let you out.

Isnt it wonderful not to have to worry about your own orgasm and to concentrate solely on mine? Oh I know sitting on your face gets you very excited, but this is what being locked up is all about. This is what you always wanted; your wife controlling your cock, not letting you orgasm.

I might have you lick me like this every night. Wouldnt you just love that? And we could wait the whole sixty days before youre unlocked. That would probably be your ultimate fantasy, wouldnt it? The last words put me over the top, and I grinded away at his face with a powerful orgasm.

I didnt do either of what I threatened, but I did constantly remind John throughout the week that he was locked up, and that I was the only one who could let him out. Sometimes I would do this after kissing him passionately. Other times I would tease him while he was rubbing the feet that I planted in his lap while he was watching the baseball game. We also had two other cunnilingus sessions throughout the week, and he never complained or asked out of his cage. I was actually enjoying the whole scene, and he was doing everything he could for me with the hopeful thought of release on the horizon.

The following weekend I intended to step up the teasing a notch. John didnt realize how much I knew about his sexual fantasies. He wasnt very good at covering his tracks on his computer, and I am a web site designer by trade. After a long day of crossing out items on his Honey Do list, I told John to get naked on our bed, as I had a surprise for him. I waiting five minutes or so, just to keep the anticipation building in him, walked over to his side of the bed, and began doing a strip tease.

Want some action John, I teased him as I slowly slid my panties down and sat down on his lower stomach. He was like a dog in heat, shaking his head to the affirmative. I held my panties in front of his face, and then brought them down to his chest, playing with his erect nipples through them. You like my panties after Ive worn them all day, dont you, I giggled as I continued to message his chest. In fact you like them so much, that you pull them out of the hamper and sniff them when Im not around, or at least you used to before you got locked up. Johns eyes were wide, which only confirmed my long held suspicions.

My panties get you so excited; the way they feel against your skin, I teased again as I held them back up to his face. But its the smell of my panties that you like the best, isnt it? My pussy and ass smells drives you insane with lust. I hovered the inside crotch of the panties over Johns nose and lightly draped them over his face. And I bet you masturbated every time you played with my worn panties, didnt you? Well thats one nasty habit Ive stopped, isnt it John?

John was actually moaning through the panties, his hips bucking up and down as if trying fuck the air. You leave those panties right where they are while I go take a shower, or it may be a long time before you get any release, I laughed as I got up and headed for the bathroom. And when I get back, Ill be putting that tongue of yours to work again.

While in the shower I contemplated whether I was being too cruel to John. He was getting everything he thought he wanted while being locked up, and I was being his ideal keyholder. But was reality as good as fantasy? I guess I would get that answer after the sixty days were up. Until then, I decided to keep up the teasing and to thoroughly enjoy myself.

Another week flew by like lightning, well for me anyway. I continued to tease John throughout the week, and he continued to do everything he could to please me. Only once did I sense a rebellion in him; when I asked him to throw out some of his old high school and college souvenirs. John had not had an orgasm in almost three weeks, and all I needed to say was I guess you wont be getting unlocked any time soon. His attitude immediately changed, and out to the garbage went the box collecting dust in the basement.

I had gotten into an every other day routine of comparing the number on his plastic lock to the number on the calendar. Johns cage had definitely not come off since that fateful morning I recorded the lock number. I decided that it was time I let him out, as eventually there would be no incentive for his model husband behavior. Earlier in our marriage, John instructed me on the fine art of bondage. It was amazing how well you could secure someone with a few neckties, robe sashes, or pantyhose. John was more than willing to play the prisoner, as I promised him an orgasm in return. While secured to each corner of our cannonball bed, I cut the plastic lock off and carefully removed the Birdlock in its entirety. I then rode John very slowly, deliberately stopping when I saw John close to the edge, hoping to make it last as long as possible. After what Im sure felt like an eternity for John, I started a consistent pace going, and in no time, John was bucking like a bronco in ecstasy. His orgasm definitely lasted longer than what I was used to seeing. I waited a few minutes while his cock began to deflate inside me.

My internet research taught me about how men did not feel very submissive after having an orgasm, and the best thing to do at that point is to immediately put them back into the subservient role. My turn, I announced as I slipped off Johns penis, pinched my vaginal lips together, and inched my way up Johns chest. I was over his face before he realized what I was doing. The words of his protest were quickly cut off by my sitting on his mouth.

Rule number eight. You will clean me up with your tongue if you are privileged to cum inside me, I stated matter-of-factly. Now begin your clean-up duties, and do it slowly! I want to enjoy this for a while. I glanced back at Johns cock and noticed that it was standing at attention once again, telling me he was enjoying this new role.

Part III

John had three orgasms over the last eight weeks. He was bound to the bed each time, so I have become quite good at both removing and installing his Birdlock. John had to comply with rule number eight twice. The other orgasm was my masturbating him into a pair of my panties, with another pair of panties over his head and face.

Rule number nine was invented when I decided that he needed to mouth wash the panties he had just exploded into.

The sixty day trial period would be over in a few days. When we first started down this path, I was hoping that John would have gotten his fill of chastity and teasing, and that he would decide that it was a fun game once in a while, but not a full time thing. However, the last eight weeks had changed my mind. I really liked the benefits of being his keyholder; being waited on hand and foot, having the house cleaned for me, my meals cooked for me, getting needed household projects accomplished, foot and back massages on demand, and the explosive orgasms by his expert tongue anytime I wanted. Everything was just too good to give up. But it was Johns call. He had to make the decision. I could not keep doing the things I have been doing to him if I knew he did not really like or want it.

On the evening of the sixtieth day, we both arrived home from work at around the same time. I had John pour two glasses of wine, and asked him to bring them into the living room so that we could discuss each others feelings about what had transpired over the last two months. I went first, and honestly told him how I felt. He then went on to describe how much he too enjoyed this lifestyle. He said it was very frustrating, but the few orgasms that he did have were the best he has ever had in his life. The only part that he found was not as real as it should have been was the fact that he could cut the cage off at any time if he was willing to live without chastity. However, if I was willing, he had decided that he wanted to continue in this lifestyle on a more permanent basis.

Be careful what you wish for, I thought with a smile on his face. Convinced of his sincerity in really wanting this, I asked him if he was willing to accept all the rules that he had been subjected to over the last two months. He replied that he would. He was not expecting what came next!

We are now in agreement to continue your chastity lifestyle on a permanent basis, with all the rules that have been established. To address your one issue of how real this should feel for you, I have thought a great deal about this, as it has been mentioned in reviews of the Birdlock that I have read on several chastity websites. Please follow me, I instructed as I lead John into the den and sat him at the computer. I want you to log into my latest creation, which is now in your favorites folder. The look on his face was absolutely precious when he suddenly realized that there was a website called Johns Chastity Lifestyle in his drop down menu. Clicking20on it, he found a log in screen, requiring a user name and password.

Your log in name is John, and this is your password, I said as I handed him a piece of paper with his password written on it. John logged in and was immediately taken to a page containing various pictures of himself wearing nothing but the Birdlock. The caption at the top stated the following: Hi, my name is John, and welcome to my life in chastity. I must have been a very bad boy recently. Otherwise, you would not have been able to obtain a user name and password from Karen. John looked at me not knowing what to say or how to react.

I believe it will be very real to you now John, I stated. Im sure you can image what rule number ten is, which youve in essence agreed to by agreeing to all the other rules, including rule number six. But wait, it gets better, I laughed as I directed his attention to the lower banner on the web page that read Click here to read Johns story. John clicked the banner and was immediately taken to a story on the Altarboy chastity website, simply titled Johns Story. He shook his head in disbelief as he read the first line:

My name is Karen. My husbands name is John. Here is his story.

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