Marla's New Life

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She sat at her desk, looking over last years numbers. Since taking the new position, the company has been doing very well. There was a small set-back, when Harry was lost 2 years ago. But she had found a way to get him back. As she paged through the documents, her phone rang. She answered.

"Yes, I've been expecting him. Send him in.", she smiles, hanging up the phone. The door opens, and Harry walks in.

"Hello Harry, have a seat.", she says to him smiling. He approaches her desk, trying to hide is hatred for her, and sits.

"So, how's it feel to be back? Everything falling back into place?", she asks.

"Yes, I'm doing ok. It's good to be back.", he replies, trying to force a smile.

"Good. Well, I called you hear because it's been 2 months since Sue decided to help you. How has she been?", she asked. It had been the worst 2 months of Sue's life. Harry and Sue spent hours trying to get her new belt off, but like Harry's belt nothing they tried could even scratch the surface.

"She's doing well, and adjusting. I told her it would be better after a few more months.", he replied, trying to tell her what she wanted to hear.

"Great. Glad to hear it. I'm so glad she made the right decision.", she said with a smile.

She continued. "Well, let's get to the point. I'm sure you're anxious to get that belt off, so let's do it. Stand up and lower your pants.", she said, standing up, straightening our her tight leather skirt. Harry knew better than to protest, so he complied, unbuttoning his pants and lowering them to the floor.

Marla opened a drawer of her desk, and pulled out a set of keys. She set them on the desk and approached Harry, bringing her hand to the front-- the black impenetrable prison covering Harry's crotch, smiling, tapping her long red painted fingernails on the surface.

Harry looked at the keys, his heart racing.

"I can see you're pretty anxious to get the belt off, but before we do that I want to show you something."

She walked to the other side of her office, and returned with a screwdriver and a small hammer.

"One of my men discovered a small flaw in the original design. Let me show you..", she said, bringing the head of the screwdriver to the keyhole on the belt.

"Turns out, if you tap it gently, in just the right spot..", she said slowly, tapping the handle with the hammer, " will..", she tapped again, popping the lock into the belt, causing the belt to split as if being unlocked. "..unlock!", she said with a smile. She set the hammer and screwdriver down, and pulled the belt apart.

"I think you can take it from here!", she said with a laugh, as she returned to her chair and sat down.

"Harry lowered the belt the rest of the way, and removed it from between his legs. The cool air rushed to his crotch and his dick slowly came to life for the first time in over 2 years.

"Oh, I'm flattered..", she said with a smile.

Not knowing what else to do, Harry quickly pulled up and buttoned his pants. He looked at the belt on the floor. The anger boiled inside-- knowing he had the power to remove the belt himself all this time.

"Your new belt will be ready in a week, so enjoy your freedom. Oh, and don't worry; the new belt has been greatly improved, and it isn't vulnerable to the screwdriver trick. I was so happy to have learned of the vulnerability early on. The poor guy who showed me wasn't thinking. He showed me while his wife was still locked up. Had he waited until her belt was off, they'd both be free now. But, they're both in new belts now. Nobody found out about the flaw, and I threatened him and his wife permanent chastity if the news got out before I had a chance to fix everyone. I had to get all the belts remade and installed quickly. Luckily my manufacturer is so cooperative.", she said, letting it all sink in. The way she ended led me to believe the manufacturer was also locked in a belt. How many people does she 'own'?

"Well, that's all I needed to discuss with you. Here, you might as well have your old keys. I bet you never thought you'd actually hold these again!", she laughed, handing me the keys to my old belt. He looked at them, and noticed there was a number '1' engraved in it.

"You are the first, so your keys are number '1'. I have to number all the keys or I'd lose track of everyone, since there are currently 37 people in my posession. Have a nice evening. Tell Sue hello for me.", she said with a laugh as she sat back in her leather chair putting her stiletto heeled feet on her desk.

Harry walked out of her office. His crotch felt strange, not being secured after all this time. He couldn't think of anything else but getting home for the rest of the day.

"Well, I'm sure you're pretty anxious. Drop your pants now!", said Sue after Harry walked in the door. He smiled and did as she requested while she too got undressed. Seconds later his manhood sprang to life. Sue touched it, and it was immediately hard.

"Something tells me I'm not going to be able to make this last very long..", she said with a smile. After fondling him for about 10 seconds, he exploded, moaning loudly. Years of built up energy released in seconds. He smiled and looked at Sue. She sat down on the couch and started to cry.

"I...I don't know how long I can stand this..", she said, pounding her fists on her chastity belt. Harry sat down next to her and held her close.

"We'll find a way, and Marla will pay for this."

A week had passed since Harry had been released, when Marla called him into her office. He knew the reason.

"Hello Harry. I just wanted to let you know that I hadn't forgotten about you. You're new belt is ready. I'm sure you're anxious to try it on, so let's not wait any longer. Please lower your pants.", she said as she opened the box on her desk. The belt looked exactly as his previous belt.

"I haven't had the need to change the design, other than that little issue with the lock. It's been heavily re-enforced inside to prevent that little flaw. Put your hands behind your head.", she ordered. Harry complied.

"Now step in the left side.", she said as she rested the belt on the floor for him to step into. "Now the right side..". He stepped in. She raised it up, smiling, looking him in the eye for a few seconds, then back down as she raised it all the way up.".

"Ok, work yourself into the tube.", she said, holding the belt as he did so. She then raised it the rest of the way and pushed the ends together as they clicked, locking away his sex once again.

"There, doesn't that feel better being safely locked away again?", she asked, not expecting an answer.

"Ok, I'm sure you have work to do. Pull up your pants so you can get back to work.", she said, sitting back down at her desk and turning to her computer.

Harry left the office, and closed the door behind him. As he headed back to his office, he couldn't help but wonder who else in this office was in Marla's herd. He needed to find out.

It had been a busy week, and Marla was looking forward to the weekend. Traffic had been rough, but she finally made it to her luxurious home. Marla was a beautiful successful woman, and didn't need anyone in her life to make her happy. Her job was enough satisfaction, since she controlled so many lives. The thought of having all those men and women's sex locked away and under her control still made her excited beyond words. After entering the house, she put her things down, poured herself a glass of wine, and sat down on the leather couch. As she reclined back, she kicked of her tight stiletto pumps.

"Oh, finally..", she moaned as she rubbed her black nylon clad feet. She was thinking about Harry and Sue, thinking of the look on Harry's face when she removed his chastity belt with a hammer and screwdriver. Now he was locked up again, in an updated chastity belt with years of success behind it. The thoughts filled her head, turning her on-- again.

Smiling, she stood up and tip-toed to her bedroom. From in her closet, she pulled out a box and set it on her bed. She reached in and pulled out a chastity belt-- her chastity belt. She rubbed the smooth polished surface with her fingers and set it back down. Reaching behind her back she unzipped her leather skirt and let it fall to the floor, and brought her hand to her crotch to rub herself. After a few minutes of getting primed, she picked up the chastity belt, squatted down, and stepped into it. Slowly she brought the belt up and worked it up to her nylon clad crotch. As it made contact, she let out a quiet moan pulling it up all the way tight against her crotch. Then she pushed the sides together, locking away her sex with a click.

Smiling, she tip toed to the living room and slid her feet back into her pumps. Returning to her bedroom, she looked at herself in the full length mirror, bringing her hand to the crotch of the belt. The belt prevented her touch as she laughed playfully, squirming in the belt. Her thoughts went back to the previous year when the idea occurred to her to get a belt made for herself, to experience the frustration her slaves felt. It brought her incredible pleasure, getting all worked up and frustrated in the belt, imagining what it is like to be locked away and unable to remove this device. She would push and pull, trying to remove it as her slaves probably do initially, before they've accepted their fate.

After only an hour of being locked away rubbing the front of the belt, she couldn't take any more. She walked to her walk-in closet to a wall where rows of keys hung on numbered hooks. The key to her belt hung with all the other keys-- key set 31. Excitedly, she took the key from the hook and inserted it into her belt. The key unlocked her belt and fell to the floor as she quickly hungerly reached for her sex-- rubbing herself madly-- bringing herself to climax after climax.

"Oh god.. this is SO wonderful..", she purred, falling to the bed exhausted. Marla had everything she could possibly want, more than she ever dreamed possible, and would do whatever it took to keep it.

Over the next few months, Harry got to know more people in the office. He still didn't have any idea who else was locked away, but was always looking for signs-- indications that might tip someone off. If he saw a guy using a urinal, he could rule them out. But it's possible they were standing at the urinal faking it. No guy would ever inspect another guy close enough to know for sure.

One of the newer people was Chuck. Harry got to be pretty good friends with Chuck, but never ruled out that maybe he was Marla's property as well. One day as Harry was heading into his office, he caught a glimpse of Chuck adjusting in his chair. He appeared to be pulling and pushing at his crotch until he finally got comfortable. Harry caught a glimpse of the dark waistband. Chuck was locked away too! Just then, Chuck turned and saw Harry. He was speechless, trying to regain his composure. Harry walked into Chuck's office, and closed the door behind him.

Harry and Chuck had been speaking for about an hour-- sharing their stories and how they got trapped.

"Marla told me all I had to do was wear the belt. She would make sure I had a good stable job, great salary, and my own office. I agreed, and a week later I was fitted. I tried everything to get the belt off when I got home, but nothing worked. I couldn't even scratch the belt with any tools. About a week later she called me into her office, telling me there was a way I could get some release. Those words were music to my ears! Then she laid out the terms. I would need to arrange to have my wife fitted with a belt. I was furious. There's no way I'd do this to her!

I didn't even tell her about it for a few days, until she finally got me to tell her one night since I had been acting so miserable for the past weeks. Well, she agreed to have a belt installed on her. I told her we'd find another way, but she insisted this was the only way. Before I knew it, she had already arranged with Marla to be fitted and showed me her new hardware one evening when I got home from work. Later that week, Marla called me into her office and offered me some release. I was free for about a week before she locked me back up. She said my wife could now be freed. The catch was always that she'd never let us both out at the same time. If she did, I'd definitely quit my job. But now she has us, and there's nothing we can do.", he finished, looking down at his desk.

"What did you do for work before this? Why were you so desperate for work?", I asked.

"My track record isn't so good. I was in prison for a few years for theft. I can crack any lock, break into houses, and make off with stuff before anyone would know I was there.", he said proudly.

"What about the lock on the belt? Can't you pick that?", I asked.

"I've tried, believe me. I don't know what kind of locks they are, but man they are secure.", he replied.

Harry thought about what Chuck said, about being able to pick locks.

"Maybe we are going about this wrong..", said Harry in a thought provoking tone.

"I wonder.. where do you suppose she keeps the keys?", Harry asked.

Chuck looked back at Harry with a blank expression.

"Her house maybe?", he replied.

"Safe assumption. And you can break into a house!", he said excitedly.

Chuck smiled deviously.

Over the next few weeks Harry and Chuck laid out their plan. Neither knew where she lived, so one of them needed to follow her home after work. It was decided Chuck would go, since he would be able to scope out the neighborhood to determine the best approach.

On Tuesday, Chuck carefully left the office after Marla. He could hear her stiletto heeled pumps in the parking garage and easily spotted her climbing into her Porsche. Quickly, he made for his car and caught up to her leaving the garage. Following at a safe distance, he followed her to a wealthy part of town where she pulled into the driveway of a large home. He drove past, and parked around the corner to watch. Marla got out of her car now parked in the driveway, and entered the home.

"Well, this must be the place..", Chuck quietly said to himself.

The next day Chuck shared his findings with Harry.

"Ok, suppose I get in the house. Then what? Do I take the keys? We could get in a lot of trouble.", asked Chuck.

"What if we made copies? I now it would take time, but you'd have all day. Plus you could use the mould material from the lab to make an impression of each key rather than a real copy. We could worry about making the keys later.", replied Harry.

"That could work. I could prepare a block in a briefcase, so all I need to do is lay them all out and press the lid shut.", schemed Chuck.

Harry looked at Chuck curiously, "Something tells me you have experience with this?".

Chuck smiled.

"I'll need to take a day off work when I know Marla is here. I'll then try my luck at her house.", Chuck said with relative confidence.

Harry and Chuck made a plan for Thursday of the current week.

"I'll be in the office, ready to give you a call if she leaves the office for whatever reason.

They finalized their plans and prepared everything for Thursday. Chuck would call Harry once he got to Marla's house so Harry could verify that Marla was in the office. At that time, Chuck could start. He had his briefcase mould all ready to go, and his toolkit for the lock. He suspect there would be an alarm system, so he was prepared for that as well.

Chuck sat in his car and scoped out Marla's house. At 7am Thursday morning, he spotted her leave. He called Harry to let him know Marla should be on her way. About 45 minutes later, Harry called Chuck informing him that Marla arrived at the office. It was time to get busy!

Making sure the coast was clear, Chuck left his car and headed behind Marla's house. It was a quiet area, no traffic since he had arrived-- perfect. He inspects the door, and finds no evidence or signs indicating an alarm system is present. However the locks are pretty secure. After about 15 minutes, he got through the first lock. Working slowly and carefully, he managed to get through the 2nd lock and entered the house. The place was huge. He gazed around, not sure where to begin. Experience told him he should try for the master bedroom. There he found a couple dressers, and a large walk-in closet. A quick scan through the dressers turned up nothing, so he preceeded to the closet.

"Oh my..", he said, looking at all the leather outfits. There were several rows of stiletto heeled pumps and boots-- none with heels less than 4". Even her slippers had 5" wedge heels. Trying to regain his concentration, he returned to the task at hand. Then he spotted the key rack on the wall.

"Oh yes!", he said as he inspected it more closely. The keys were numbered from 1 to 45. Without giving it a second thought, he loosened his pants and exposed his chastity belt. Then, 1 by 1, tried each key. His hands shaking with each new key, he finally found a key that turned: 19. His belt made a click, and opened. He was so excited he almost forgot where he was. He removed the key and put it back on the hook, leaving his belt unlocked.

After about an hour, he had a mould made as planned. He checked to make sure they came out ok, and was satisfied. As he was packing up, he noticed a box on the shelf above the keys-- the only box on the shelf. Curious, he reached for the box and opened it. His chin dropped when he saw the chastity belt.

"Oh my.. what do we have here? Why would she have this? Her next slave?", he thought to himself. He took key 45 and tried it, but it wouldn't turn. Working backwards, he found the key which turned: 31. Curious, he compared the belt to some leather skirts in her closet; they were the same waist size. The belt was smaller obviously, since it needed to be tighter, but he was convinced this was a belt for herself. He put the belt back in the box and on the shelf where he found it, and finished making sure everything was as he found it.

The mission was a success. Chuck reported the details of his success to Harry, who listened intently. He explained the keys, and the chastity belt he found. He also confessed to finding his key and unlocking his belt.

Harry smiled, "I understand. I'd have done the same thing."

Harry sat and thought for a moment, then with a smile he spoke. "Chuck, I have an idea...".

Over the next couple weeks, Harry and Chuck worked on the keys-- making copies of each one.

"Ok, I think it's about time to see if we succeeded.", said Harry. Chuck smiled and left Harry alone in his office with the keys, but taking 19 with him.

Harry locked the door, and lowered his pants. He suspected his "new" key was still key number 1. He inserted the key, and turned it. CLICK! His belt unlocked. He was just about to take it off, when a thought occurred to him. He smiled, and pushed the belt back shut-- CLICK!

When Harry arrived at home that night, he found Sue waiting for him. He smiled big at her, asking her to hold out a hand. Curiously, she held out her hand. He dropped the key into her open hand and smiled.

She looked at it, "Oh my.. is this...?"

"Yes, it's the key to my belt.", he replied.

She looked at him but before she could speak, he held out a bag of other keys.

"..and one of these is to your belt.", he said.

They tried each key 1 by 1, and found Sue's key: number 43. After verifying the key, she locked her belt and handed the key to Harry.

"There. We have each others' keys now. The secret to a healthy marriage."

They both stripped completely, and unlocked each others' belts. Harry sprang to life, and neither could resist. Sue grabbed Harry and pulled him deep into her. They fell to the floor and made passionate love. After all this time, it was well earned.

The next day Harry gave Chuck the rest of the keys. He found the key for his wife's belt, and brought the rest of the keys back to work.

"So, we're free, and our wives are free. We need to decide how to proceed. Here's what I was thinking.."

Harry explained his idea to Chuck, and was met with total agreement. It would involve Chuck visiting Marla's house again on Monday, but the outcome would be well worth it.

They forumlated their plan, got all the documents needed, and planned to set the plan into motion at the office as soon as Tuesday, but it might not happen until later that week-- depending on Marla.

Chuck visited Marla's house with Harry on the cell phone like last time. He made his way into Marla's closet to verify there were still only 45 keys. Upon completion of that task, and one other small piece of business, he made his way out and back to his car. Everything was set.

Marla arrived home that night, exhausted from a long day at work. She poured herself a glass of wine and headed for her bedroom.

"It's only Monday..", she said to herself, setting her glass down on her dresser, and started to unzip her tight leather skirt. It slide down her black stocking legs, past her black leather knee high stiletto heeled boots, and to the floor. She stepped out of it, leaving her crotch exposed, and headed for her closet to retrieve her chastity belt box. After setting the box down on her bed, she removed the belt and set it down on the floor. One booted leg at a time, she stepped into it and slid it up, past her stockings, to her bare crotch. Once all the way up, she pushed the ends together where they mated with a gentle CLICK. Now in slightly better mood, she walked back to her dresser to get a drink of wine.

"What would I do without you?", she asked, as she rubbed her hand across the unyielding chastity belt and walked back into the living room. After reading the mail, she sat down, unzipped her boots and slid them off. She moaned as she rubbed her stocking clad feet for a few minutes and relaxed on the couch. As she thought about the day, and how much better things were now, she stared playing with the chastity belt-- rubbing the front, pulling at it, getting herself worked up and excited. After about half hour, she stood up and tip toed into her bedroom, and to the closet. She reached for the keys on post 31, and inserted into the lock. Smiling, she tried to turn the key but it wouldn't turn. Shocked, the tried to turn it again struggling with the key, but it wouldn't turn. She quickly pulled the key out and looked at it. The key had a "1" on it. Confused, she looked at the other keys and found another "1" key in it's correct place.

"What the...", she said, trying the key again, with failure.

"Where is 31? And what is this other ...", her heart skipped a beat as she let the key drop to the floor. She quickly stepped into her stiletto heeled slippers and left the closet area.

"What is this??", she said, instinctively trying to push the belt down to get it off, but it wouldn't budge. She screamed, trying to get the belt off, but it was locked tight, and she had no way to remove her belt.

Tuesday arrived. Harry and Chuck were already in the office when Marla rushed into the building, stiletto heels echoing in the hall as she walked as fast as she could to her office, and closed the door behind her. Trying to calm down, she opened her email. There was an emergency meeting in 10 minutes.

Harry and Chuck were already in the meeting room when Marla came in. She looked very upset, and Harry and Chuck knew why.

The president started the meeting, and got right to the point. "Apparently, there were some company resources misused over the past few years. I'm sorry to say that we'll be letting some people go. They will be contacted privately after the meeting."

Marla's heart was racing. She stood up and made a stiletto heeled dash for her office. Before reaching her office, the president took her arm and guided her into a different conference room.

"Marla, I'm sorry, but I'm afraid we're going to have to let you go. We have documents implicating you on some of the activity mentioned in the meeting. You'll have the rest of the day to clean out your belongings and meet with HR.", he said abruptly, then left.

Her mind was going a million miles a second.

"What happened? Who did this?", she started to cry. Then she remembered her chastity belt, and rubbed it through her leather skirt.

"How am I going to get this thing off?!? Who has my key?!". She stomped a stiletto heel loudly on the tile, drawing attention. Crying, she ran to her office and closed the door.

After she entered her office, Harry held up the original key 31 from his pocket. Chuck reached into his pocket and found the copy he made.

"These are the only 2 copies.", Harry said.

"Shall we?", Chuck asked.

They headed into the men's restroom, wrapped their keys in paper towels, and flushed them down the toilet.

When people in the office found out about the keys, they visited Harry and Chuck who happily unlocked their belts. Once the last belt was removed, they destroyed the mould.

"Here's to Marla's New Life", said Harry as they smashed the mould.

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