How I Became My Wife's Chastity-Belted Slave

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As the title implies, I am submissive to my lovely wife Allison. What follows, while not as graphic as some of the stories on the Altairboy site, has the benefit of being entirely true. My wife Allison and I have been together 11 years, and married 9. I had always heard that women reach their sexual peak in their late 20s, but in Allison's case it was a bit later. Two years ago, when she was 33, her sexuality turned a corner. She and I had previously played domination games to satisfy my submissive cravings, but as her libido increased, she turned into a true dominant, taking me further into submission than I ever dreamed. As you will read, she can be a demanding domme, and I am sometimes tormented mercilessly -- and denied orgasm past the point of tears. But I wouldn't trade her for the world. Allow me to start from the beginning.

Allison and I met through mutual friends when we were in our 20s and both living the single life in New York City. I was a few years older, and captivated by her beauty from the day we met. Not that she's a supermodel, but she's a perfect mix of girl-next-door innocence and sexy-party-girl you might meet in a hip NYC club. The first time we met was at happy hour with a large group of acquaintances. The second time was with a smaller group, and I was amazed she remembered my name (of course I remembered hers!). To me, she's the perfect package: petite and athletic, with a great natural body, average-sized perky breasts, beautiful brunette hair, brown eyes, and the sexiest ass I'd ever seen.

After working up the nerve to ask her out (which I believe required three martinis of liquid courage), we went on our first date not long after that second meeting. The rest is history. To cut to the chase, we were married two years later, and have since moved to the Pacific Northwest. Not long after we started dating, though, I again had to muster some courage -- to divulge to her my kinky interests. Specifically, that I dream of a leather clad dominatrix teasing, using, and humiliating me. This has never been easy for me to disclose, particularly in this case because we had mutual friends. And there was another reason I was concerned... not only was I unsure if she'd have any interest in s&m, but I also suspected that if she did, she would be a submissive rather than the dominant woman I was looking for. That said, I had dated enough women to know that a relationship couldn't work for me if I didn't get the female domination I crave, so I got up the courage to tell her what I wanted and needed in a relationship.

In those early years, and up until about two years ago, I would say her response was lukewarm. As I mentioned above, she occasionally played the dominatrix, but I always got the idea that it was to satisfy my needs and not out of any sincere interest on her part. We did all the typical things you'd expect in a femdom relationship, like bondage, her fucking me with a strap-on, forcing me to worship her body with my tongue, and all the rest... But it was rare that we played, and it really didn't satisfy my needs. The rest of the relationship was great, however, so I never complained. I figured you can't get everything you wish for in life.

Things for Allison and me progressed in fits and starts, particularly when I confessed to her (about five years ago) my desire to wear a chastity device with her holding the key. I told her about the altairboy website, and about all the stories I had read there. She took me up on it, had me buy a device, and started holding the key, teasing me, and keeping me locked up, sometimes for up to a few weeks at a time. However, it always felt more like a game than the stories I had read, because Allison rarely kept me from orgasming for very long (usually only 2 or 3 days). Also, we would often go months in between playing these chastity games. What really bothered me was that she didn't even hide the key when she left the house. . . she'd leave it sitting on the counter where I was free to unlock myself to masturbate (and often did). In the short term, I really wanted access to myself, so I appreciated being able to masturbate. But on the other hand, this resulted in me feeling like it was just a game -- I didn't get the feeling of being truly under her control as in the stories I'd read.

One day, about two years ago, I got up the nerve to tell her I needed more. I told her I wanted it to be real, and even printed out a few altairboy stories I had read. I told her that I wanted to be truly controlled, rather than just playing around like it's a game. She explained that the reason she usually left the key on a counter when she went to work is that she didn't feel safe if she was away and I needed to unlock myself in an emergency. So I told her of a system I've read about in which the Mistress keeps the key in a sealed envelope, signs her name across the seal, and then leaves the key in plain sight in the house while her slave is home. This satisfied her safety concerns, because in an emergency I could always unlock myself . . . but if I ever did it without permission, I could be punished. Or, as she said, "severely punished."

This struck me, because she had never before expressed much interest in punishing me or enforcing her key-holder role. That's why I remember it so clearly when she said I'd be "severely punished" if I ever opened the envelope in the absence of a true emergency. It turns out, as Allison told me repeatedly in the next several months, that she was just reaching her sexual prime. In that state of mind, I guess she decided that this dominatrix thing might be a little more interesting (and satisfying) than she had previously given it credit for. What follows is an explanation of what Allison has done over the last two years to turn me into her chastity-locked slave and to turn herself into the dominatrix I'd always wished for. As I've learned though, be careful what you wish for!

I should note up front that, unlike some of the stories on this site, I am not her 24/7 slave. We go for periods when I'm kept in chastity 24/7, during which time I'm her slave. These have lasted from as short as a week to as long as two months. During those periods, which probably account for about 50% of our marriage, I am under her complete control. I am locked, the key is in a sealed envelope that I can't open without her finding out, and she uses her power over me to manipulate virtually every aspect of my life -- making her life easier in all respects, and mine harder in all respects. And when I say all respects, I mean all respects -- the housework is done without her having to ask, she gets as much sexual attention as she could ever want, she watches what she wants on television, almost always has dinner cooked for her, and never has to deal with a husband talking back, complaining, or disagreeing with her.

I guess the best way to explain our relationship is to refer to one of the periods when she's not domming me. . . or at least I think she's not. The first time I saw this occur was about two years ago now. We'd gone about a month without me being locked up, and I complained to her about watching a chick-flick I didn't want to watch. Rather than respond like a typical bickering spouse, though, she turned to me with an icy stare and I knew that we were no longer equals. I was ordered to get the device, the lock, and an envelope. As I turned to get them, she threatened something about keeping me locked this time a lot longer than ever before (my longest period of being locked without an orgasm, so far, is four weeks).

What's really different than before isn't just that the key is now kept in a way that makes it impossible for me to get it without her finding out. It's also that when we enter a period of enforced chastity, she truly dominates me and turns me into much, much less than her equal. It no longer feels like a game. In short, it's exactly what I've always dreamed of. I no longer have the slightest doubt that Allison is a true dominatrix. For starters, when she dominates me now, she has no mercy, and makes sure I know at all times who's in charge. The chastity device stays on at all times other than when she allows it off for exercise (which she monitors), for hygiene (again, she monitors me), or for teasing (always with my arms bound in a way that prevents me from touching myself or stopping her merciless teasing).

In the last year, she told me that the chastity device isn't enough to remind me of my place. Actually, her words were that it's a good start, but that when I'm involved in any sexual act, I should have an additional reminder of the subservient place I hold in our relationship. She chose a butt plug. It's thin at the tip, but about 1.5" at the widest point, and she makes sure that I am impaled on it most of the time that I'm engaged in any sexual activity -- whether I'm eating her pussy (which I do about every other day), getting one of my rare orgasms, or kissing her ass. In the early years of my submission to her, Allison was grossed out by my desire to worship her beautiful ass, but now whenever I'm under lock and key, she has me kiss her ass almost daily. For example, if I offer to eat her out before going to sleep, sometimes she's not in the mood for sex, but turns over on her stomach and pulls her panties down. She doesn't have to say anything more. I immediately go to work with my tongue on her ass. And she now loves what used to disgust her: she spreads her ass cheeks to make sure she gets a good licking and often grinds her beautiful ass into my face. When she knows my cock is straining against its cage to the point of sheer torture, she rolls over and goes to sleep.

One of her favorite methods of control is constantly reminding me what a pervert I am, and how embarrassed I'd be if she ever "outed" me to some of her friends, or even to a stranger. She often brings her dominance over me to the verge of doing just that -- outing me in public. For example, about half the time I am made to wear thongs rather than male underwear. During those times, I am constantly afraid someone will see a thong strap poking above my pants. Since I don't fit in her thongs, this means that we've made several trips to lingerie stores, where she makes it perfectly clear to anyone paying attention that we are buying for ME and not her. She'll say "This one's nice and slutty, but too bad they don't have it in your size." And it's not just that it's a thong; she picks out the most feminine, lacy, humiliating thongs you could imagine. In fact, I think my underwear drawer now has more thongs than briefs.

Even worse, a few times now she has ordered me to accompany her when she gets a mani/pedi. She requests two chairs where we can receive pedis next to each other, and then requests that my toes be done to match hers, usually a bright shade of pink or red. From that moment on, until she allows me to use nail polish remover, my status can be revealed by something as simple as allowing my feet to be seen by anyone other than her. And of course, the asian women in the salon see exactly what's happening. Not to mention the other customers, which include many of the hot young college girls from our area. They usually look away awkwardly, although I've noticed that a few stare with interest as I'm told where to sit and what color my nails will be painted. I always wonder if they know exactly what's going on, or if they think I'm just getting ready for a costume party or something like that. I guess I'll never know.

When I say she's changed over the last few years into a true domme, perhaps the best example is the way she now actually controls me. It's not a game like it was before. Instead, this is true behavior modification. It's behave-or-be-punished in a painful way that will make me afraid to misbehave again. It's conditioning the same way a dog is conditioned with a shock collar -- if I am anything less than 100% obedient while locked up, she makes sure to enforce the rules. She says the reason for the harshness of the punishments is because she doesn't like doing it, so she wants to make the message unmistakably clear in as few punishments as possible. She does make herself clear, that's for sure, but I'm not sure if I believe she doesn't like it.

I first learned this when I complained one day after being teased. Allison had me locked up in a way that didn't allow me any access to my cock, as she always does before unlocking the chastity belt for a teasing session. Before the session started, I was required to insert the butt plug in my own ass. (I forgot to mention that she's named the plug Allison, so that I can learn that, for me, sex almost always involves Allison penetrating my ass). Anyway, my hands were locked to both ends of a spreader bar, and I was made to sit in a chair with the arm-spreader-bar tied to the back of the chair. The same rope made a figure-8 around my waist, keeping my ass firmly planted in the chair, and my arms behind my back. My legs were tied to the legs of the chair, and a tight rope connected the arm-spreader bar to a d-ring on back of the leather dog collar around my neck -- in sum, I was completely immobilized and at Allison's mercy. Only then did she unlock my belt and start teasing me.

When she teases me (which is anywhere from everyday to maybe once a week), I never, EVER know whether the teasing will end in an orgasm. Usually it does not -- I am teased, then locked back up when she decides that I've been sufficiently tortured. What's amazing is that Allison has found a way to exert her control over me through this teasing whether I'm allowed to come or not.

First, let me explain what happens when I'm not allowed to come. This is an example of the behavior modification I mentioned earlier. After the particular teasing session described above, I was told that there would be no orgasm that day. On this particular night, I had cooked a nice dinner, put the dishes away, and hadn't spoken back to her all week. She agreed that I had done nothing to be punished for, but said she was exercising her prerogative to tease me without release because part of being submissive is being subject to her whims. Even though I'd been good, she said, it might give her more pleasure to tease me and deny me an orgasm, and if that's what gave her pleasure, that's what I should want. She also said this treatment was necessary to give me discipline and self control. When I learned that I wouldn't get to squirt that night, I let out a whine of protest (I'm sure I sounded pathetic, particularly considering that I was immobilized and helpless). In the past, when I'd complained like this, she would sometimes give in and allow me to come. Or sometimes she'd lock me back up and spank my ass a little bit, but that would be the last I heard of it.

Now that she has decided to engage in true behavior modification, I learned that the consequences of expressing my displeasure would be much, MUCH more severe. First, she got out the wooden handled spoon and spanked my cock long enough for it to soften so that she could re-attach my cage. Next, she announced that we'd go to bed and that I was to spoon her until she fell asleep... but that I'd spend the next day learning not to complain about the way she chooses to exercise the power I asked her to exercise over me.

We woke up the next day, a Saturday, and I thought that all had been forgiven. I asked her if I could go down on her and give her a nice orgasm to start off the day. She told me to ask for little Allison, which meant that I had to beg to be fucked in the ass with the butt plug. After she was satisfied with my begging (about two minutes worth), I went to get the plug, lubed it up, and inserted it in my ass. She had me lie on my stomach, then grabbed Allison by the handle and started ramming it in and out, far enough each time for the thickest part to really strech my ass to the point of pain. She'd hold it there for a second, then ram it all the way back in, then slowly begin to withdraw it again. After a few minutes of this, she went to the bathroom and returned with an adult diaper, telling me to put it on over my butt plug and chastity device. She then laid on the bed, face down, and pulled her panties down for an ass-kissing session that went on much longer than normal -- to put me in the right frame of mind for my day of subservience, she said. Then she announced that she was done with my mouth for the time being and ordered me to get my gag -- a penis-shaped gag that goes in my mouth and gives me the feeling of sucking a cock while also preventing any talking.

Finally, she announced that I would spend the day cleaning. I'd wear the diaper, the butt plug, the penis-gag, and my chastity device. And to make things even more difficult, my hands would be together with handcuffs, and locked with a chain to my dog collar, allowing me to use my arms but move them only about 18 inches from my neck. This may sound like a submissive's fantasy, but after six hours of cleaning in this get-up (punctuated by several very hard spankings with a paddle for not cleaning things as perfectly as she expects), I had learned not to complain after a teasing session. I also had a very wet diaper. When it was over, she told me that my next release had already been scheduled for three days later, but was pushed back a week as a result of my complaining. I wanted nothing more to complain at the unfairness, but immediately understood the consequences. My next orgasm was now 10 days away. Even with the gag in, I could have released a whimper of dissatisfaction, but she had effectively cut off any thought of disagreeing with her for fear of the consequences. So when she asked me if I accepted my new status in our relationship, including my inability to control my own manhood or even complain at her decisions, I nodded enthusiastically.

Of course, on the rare occasions that I'm allowed to come during periods that I'm under lock-and-key, there are consequences for that as well. As I explained above, I am always totally immobilized when I'm being teased, which puts me completely at Allison's mercy. To remind me of my place in our relationship, she announced more than a year ago that she was instituting a rule that whenever I am permitted to come during a period of chastity, I should be "put in my place" immediately afterwards. In short, I always, always have to swallow my own seed, something that I truly believe every man dreads. When I'm being teased, I always willingly agree to swallow it if I come. As soon as I ejaculate, however, the idea of swallowing it is a complete turn-off. The first time she explained this rule, I agreed to it out of my desperation to come, so she had me come in a dixie cup which she then brought to my face. I grimaced and closed my mouth. Again, the dominatrix bitch side of her came out like nothing I'd seen before.

I was immobilized and unable to defend myself as she punished my ass with a belt (this time, I had been tied bending over a saw-horse -- one limb to each leg of the saw-horse, and my collar connected by a rope to both ankles, keeping me completely bent over, vulnerable, and exposed). She didn't stop when I agreed to open my mouth and swallow the come, or even when I begged to swallow it. She said I had to be punished for disobeying. After the beating, I couldn't sit for a week. And it wasn't just my ass, it was my thighs and my back too. I later noticed that the whole back side of my body was completely welted.

I had no idea she could be so mean. I was a truly beaten man, in every sense of the word. Physically, I was a battered husband. Bruised, and afraid to complain. Even if I wanted to, how could I go to the police, or to anyone, and explain that this woman half my size had done this to me? Like most battered spouses, I would cover up the evidence (wearing a shirt and pants to hide the welts until they went away), and I'd believe my spouse had treated me this way because I deserved it. Mentally, I was even more beaten. Allison now had complete, unfettered control over me simply by controlling my cock. Probably the best way to explain this is that, even immediately after the beating, she could easily have gotten me --willingly -- back into the same position over the saw-horse. She didn't do this, but she could simply have mentioned a slight chance of an orgasm, and I would have begged to be tied back in the same vulnerable position. She wouldn't have to promise an orgasm, of course. She could simply dangle it out there, and it would be enough for my cock to take over and put myself back in this helpless position, even if the end result was just another whipping with the belt. The fact is we both now know she has that level of control over me -- control to the point where I am helpless to resist -- and it's clear to me that she has grown to like it.

As you might suspect, the next time I was allowed an orgasm, I remembered the whipping and agreed to drink my come without hesitation. But the memory hasn't stopped me from grimacing on a few occasions since then (sub-consciously, I think). The punishment has been different, but equally harsh every time. As I said, this is pure behavior-modification. She's teaching me that even the slightest disobedience leads to consequences I don't want to bear. Not only that, she's teaching me that disobedience gets me nowhere: complaining about a denied orgasm gets me not only a punishment, but also an additional week in chastity. In fact, after that first time I grimaced when told to eat my come, Allison kept me in chastity (with no orgasm) for four weeks as punishment. That's the four week record I mentioned earlier.

You might wonder how all this benefits Allison. I mean, it's a lot of work to tie someone up like that, come up with the rules, and enforce them. The answer, I guess, is that there are at least two ways that Allison benefits. First, as mentioned above, Allison has turned me into her idea of a perfect husband at all times that I'm locked up. I come straight home from work without meeting the guys for a drink, and I don't need to be told to start cooking dinner as soon as I get there. Nor do I need to be told to clear the plates, wash the dishes, or start the laundry. And when she wants me to curl up on the couch with her and watch Pretty Woman for the 50th time even though my favorite baseball team is playing, she doesn't hear or see even the slightest hint of a complaint. When I'm not locked up, I may not be quite as perfect, but I always know that her other side could come out any minute, so she still has a much more compliant husband than she used to have. She tells me that she takes particular pleasure when any of her friends comment on what an attentive husband I am (in fact, she often tells me that she's going to show them the reason sometime).

The second way Allison benefits is that she's now getting the best sex she's ever had. Unfortunately, I'm not bragging about my great pussy-eating skills -- she enjoys that, but gets her best orgasms from penetration. Even more unfortunately, I'm not talking about penetration with my cock, because she knows I can't control myself. She's solved this problem with her favorite toy: my strap-on face-cock. Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like. After I eat her beautiful pussy to get her ready for a fucking (usually with little Allison up my ass), she'll announce that I should fuck her the only way a submissive husband like me can fuck his wife. The cock attaches to my face with a harness; straps go under my chin, across my forehead, and around the back of my head, holding a 7 inch cock in place protruding from where my mouth would be. I usually start by kneeling between her legs, and driving "my" cock into Allison's sweet pussy, which I can smell but not taste. When she changes positions, I know my job is to lie on my back as she mounts my face. She used to go gentle, afraid that maybe she was going to hurt me or something. Now she rides that cock for all she's worth, having mind-shattering orgasms as I can do nothing but smell and look at that perfect pussy. Of course, I know the consequences of complaining, so when she lays down to enjoy the post-orgasm glow, I excuse myself to remove little Allison from my ass and to clean our toys before returning to bed to cuddle with her. Sometimes I dread the day I showed her the face-cock on the internet, but knowing how much pleasure it gives her, I've come to love it too. I think it goes without saying that she usually sleeps a lot more soundly after one of these sessions than I do!

I'm now fairly used to all the treatment described above, and have adjusted to my role in our relationship. I now genuinely enjoy Allison's orgasms, knowing that it's the closest thing to sexual pleasure that I'm usually allowed. I even enjoy having little Allison in my ass, and sometimes find that I buck my hips as she's coming, getting the only pleasure I'm allowed -- that of being fucked in the ass. On the rare occasions that I'm allowed to orgasm, I willingly drink my ejaculate without even the slightest complaint, because I see Allison's point -- when she's generous enough to allow me that pleasure, which she could easily deny me forever, she needs to immediately remind me of my position. It makes perfect sense. And making me perform this vile and humiliating task without complaint is the perfect way to demonstrate the complete control she has over me. As she likes to remind me, it's the life I craved.

Lately, Allison says it's time to take me even further down the road to true submission (I thought I was there already!?). The butt plug, face harness, and cum-eating were introduced over a year ago, she says, so we need to take the next step. What lies ahead turns me on even though I have no idea where it will lead. My new training began a few months ago, when I noticed that Allison would often have me eat her to orgasm immediately after she had urinated. After a few weeks of this, she asked me how her pee tasted, so I knew it wasn't by accident. Of course I told her it tasted wonderful -- as if I could say anything else! She explained that I had nothing to worry about, because she had done some online research and determined that urine is perfectly sterile (something I know from my own research as well). I thought this was just another bit of humiliation -- taking me down another peg -- until the other night. As I was eating her and noticing the taste of her pee, she rolled over and told me to kiss her ass as she explained her latest plan.

She reminded me of how she has always detested public restrooms, particularly at highway rest stops (it's true -- both of us hate dirty restrooms). She said she no longer sees the need to use them, and would like to implement her plan during our planned trip to San Francisco this weekend (a 10 hour drive). She asked if I'd be willing to use the restroom for both of us, and asked me to stop licking long enough to nod my head yes or no. With little Allison in my ass reminding me of my submissive position, and my cock having been locked up without an orgasm for a week, I nodded yes without even knowing what she meant. She told me to return to her ass as she explained my new duties. During the drive, whenever she has to pee, she'll urinate either in a cup, or if no cup is handy, we'll both get in the backseat and I'll kneel between her legs. In either case, I'll drink her urine (from the cup, or directly from her beautiful pussy). She's a neat-freak, and reminded me that there would be hell to pay if so much as a drop ended up on the car's leather seats (just to be safe, she said we'd take my car!). After swallowing her pee, she said, I could use the urinal for both of us. She says this will really cement my servitude to her, to the point where I'm even performing her bodily functions for her.

As the trip approaches, I'm both humiliated and turned on by my new assignment. If this is what she wants, I will of course perform this service enthusiastically for my beautiful wife and dominatrix. And it's not like complaining is an option!

To be continued?

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