The Periodic Discipline Session

Submitted by: Linda

Husband, darling, you know the end of the month is approaching soon.  You know what that means, right? asks the dominant wife.

Yes, it means that we should have as much sex as possible in the next few days replies her husband flippantly.

Ha-ha.  On the contrary, it means that you better be on your best behavior, and that comment was not in the spirit of demonstrating that.  I'm scheduling your monthly disciplinary session for the 1st, at 9 oclock, in the bedroom.

All right I guess it'll work for me if it has to.

Works if it has to?  Youll have to do better than that.  I expect you to be report there on time and ready.

The first of the month, in the bedroom, 9 PM sharp.  Husband is standing at the foot of the bed.  Wife enters.

Husband, this is a part of the continuing series of disciplinary session that we will conduct regularly as part of our marriage.  This is not a punishment.  The purpose is to help you submit and surrender to me, to establish and maintain discipline in our marriage, and to reinforce my female superiority over you.  Of course, if you deserve to be punished in addition, it will be added on.

For the next hour, you will speak only when spoken to.  Is that understood?


Lets begin by having you strip down to your underwear.  Husband takes off clothes down to his boxers.

You will begin by kneeling and kissing my feet.  He kneels and kisses both feet.

How have you behaved this month?

Pretty well, wife, he replies, smirking nervously but trying to appear sincere.

She looks surprised.  You really think so?  I think you did some things well, but you also slipped a few times too, sometimes badly.

He remains silent.

Husband, who wears the pants in this family?

You do, of course.

And what does that mean?

It means that you are in charge.

Thats right.  I am the boss, your boss, and you must ultimately obey me.  Since only one of us can wear the pants, what does that mean for you?

It means that I have to wear the skirt.

Thats right, and not just any skirt.  Your skirt is a very skimpy, lacy, girly, mini-skirt.  Its a symbolic reminder to help you surrender your macho male ego to me, so that you know without any doubt that you belong to me. 

She hands him a very short black mini-skirt.  Go on, put it on.

Embarrassed, he reluctantly slips on the skirt and zips it up as she watches with a smile.

Looks pretty, darling, so skimpy, so frilly, sexy black with pink dots, so feminine!  Now, I dont think your man underwear really matches with the skirt, so I am taking away your boxers.  For now, youll wear only panties.  Is that understood? Yes, mistress.  He removes his white boxers and then puts on the pair of sexy, lacy Victorias Secret panties his wife gives him.

Also it doesnt make any sense to have an erect penis underneath your skirt and panties, does it?  We better do something about that.  I want you locked up in the chastity belt.

Yes wife.  Grudgingly puts on the CB-6000 after 10 minutes.

Good.  Explain to me why I have to put you in the chastity belt.

 My penis is being locked up so that it can have some much-needed time to think clearly.  This will help me appreciate you properly, and learn to focus on satisfying your needs which will make both of us happier and keep our marriage most blissful.

Smiling with delight, she responds, Very good, now lets figure out how long you should be caged.  According to my table:

BehaviorDays in ChastityRationale
Perfect8 hoursEven perfect behavior must be reinforced.
Excellent1-2 daysA rare reward for exemplary behavior.
Very good3-5 daysA recognition for meeting a high standard.
Good6-8 daysTypical, good, but not commendable.  Time in chastity will serve to teach something.
Fair, below expectations9-11 daysToo many oopses.  Expect a tough dozen nights and days.
Bad, unacceptable12-14 daysGuaranteed to change behavior quickly.
Very bad, completely unacceptable behavior.Indefinite chastity.  Minimum 15 days before re-evaluation.Ouch!  Better hope this doesn't happen.

*These guidelines are completely at the womans discretion and can be changed at will.

I think this is a typical month.  You were very attentive and respectful, but you also failed to wash my panties and bras on time, I caught you playing with yourself at least once, and I had to deal with your attitude a few too many times, so Id say that qualifies you somewhere between fair and good.  Ill be generous this time, and sentence you to the good rating, which puts you at a one week minimum chastity time, maybe longer, almost certainly not any sooner.

Please, please, wont you reconsider, he begs.  I really tried so hard.

Of course not!  You know I dont negotiate.  Its for your own good.  You need to be tamed.  7 days and nights of CB-6000 she says confidently as she hangs the key to the lock around her neck.

Its really too bad, because Ive been soooo horny.  I would have really enjoyed a week of intense sex every night I've been craving a good hard fucking, my pussy is just itching for orgasms.  Its too bad your little penis wont be able to do me right.

Damn!  Come on!  I really need you.

Did I ask you for your opinion?  You are not allowed to speak out of turn.  That will cost you, husband, and don't worry - you'll get to use the strap-on for me.  Make sure you have enough lube, condoms, and batteries, or else.

Next comes your disciplinary spanking.  I want you to assume the position against the bed.  Keep in mind that this is only the usual disciplinary spanking, what I give you every month just to reinforce our marital vows.  Recite the Ten commandments now.

  • 1.        I will serve you lovingly and selflessly.
  • 2.        I will behave respectfully to you and towards other women.
  • 3.        I will obey you completely.
  • 4.        I will not question your authority
  • 5.        I will listen attentively.
  • 6.        I will have eyes for you only.
  • 7.        I will give you orgasms whenever you like.
  • 8.        I will not complain.
  • 9.        I will submit to punishments gracefully.
  • 10.     I will surrender unconditionally to you.

Excellent.  After 6 months, youve finally memorized all 10.  As a reward, you can choose which implement youd prefer to be punished with either 3 strokes of the cane for each commandment, or 5 strokes with the paddle your choice.

Ill take the paddle, please he replies, fearing the sting of the cane in his wifes hands. 

Very well then.  Youll get 5 strokes of the paddle for each commandment - 50 strokes.  As you receive the spankings, it'll help you reinforce them to yourself.  Lift your skirt up, lower your panties, assume the position, and recite your vows.

Wife paddles him 50 times as he repeats the commandments out loud with each stroke.

She soothes his reddened bottom when finished, saying you may thank me now.

Wife, I thank you sincerely for that disciplinary spanking.  I am most grateful to you for reinforcing the vows.  It will no doubt help me honor them more consistently.

Now lets move on to the punishment spankings.  For the punishment phase, I will use the cane - you do not get a choice in the matter.  Last month you were squirming around and whimpering a lot.  I hope you can stay composed and take it like a man this time.

Yes, I will, he replied.

She removes her panties and pulls them over his head.

  This is as close as youll get to my pussy for a while, she teases, something to help you concentrate on the punishment. 

Thank you wife, he mumbles.

Youre getting another 25 extra strokes on account of masturbating without permission, not doing your chores, and talking back to me just now.  As this is intended as a punishment, these strokes will be administered appropriately more forcefully.  I have to warn you that this is going to sting.

Slowly, she gives him 25 severe strokes with the cane, leaving flaming red marks across his buttocks and soreness to last him several days.

I had no choice but to give it to you good, husband.  You must realize that I will not tolerate such behavior.  I was debating whether or not to give you a second punishment tomorrow be thankful for now that youre getting only a single corporal punishment.  That was for your own good, and its making me very excited.

Its a shame that you cant fuck me right now.  Even if you were free, your little penis wouldnt be able to satisfy me.  What will I do about that?  Hmmm??

He answers, Ill try to last longer.  I just need practice.

No, definitely not.  I've heard that before - too little, too late.  I want, I need a big dick that stays hard and satisfies me properly, and I need it now.  While you're locked up in chastity, you understand that I am free to date another man and have sex with him.

Yes, the husband replies quietly, I accept your need for sexual pleasure while I remain in chastity.  His penis strains against the chastity cage.

Good.  You know that I love you as my husband, but I am planning on going out on a fun date later this week, and you will be supportive and help me get ready for it.

Who is he? he asks jealously.

None of your business.  All you need to know is that hes a young stud, he knows how to dance, he flirts every time I see him, he sports a delicious looking bulge in his pants, and Im dying for him to fuck me all night.  And it would be just that just really great sex, nothing more, OK?

Yes, I understand if you must, he replies dejectedly.

Awww, dont be jealous now.  I simply need a bigger, harder, wider penis than yours to ravage me in bed.  Im absolutely craving for a another mans penis to fill my pussy, bang me deep and hard, and finally erupt inside me an intense, throbbing orgasm in a way that you just cant.  Itll give you some incentive to work harder for me she teases.  Husband wants her more badly than ever.

You are just teasing me.  I dont think you would.

Oh yes I will.  You just wait and see. You will get to paint my nails, and select the lipstick, bras, panties, perfume, and shoes I wear on my date, she concluded with a big smile.  And if you give me any more attitude about it, I can promise you that you'll be licking his spent semen out of my pussy when I return.

But for right now, I am starving to have a cock inside of me, so put on the strap-on and fuck me good.

He diligently gives a long session of sex with the strap-on, resulting in an intense and overwhelmingly satisfying orgasm.

Good night husband.  I love you very much.  I want you to stand in the corner for 10 minutes before coming to bed.

He serves his time standing in the corner in a state of tremendous euphoria and ultimate love.

The next week goes by with both partners enjoying a renewed, intensified level of love, the woman enjoying orgasms nearly every night and stellar attention from her husband, the man enjoying virtual love in chastity and intense desire for his wife.

She liberates him after 7 days; they enjoy passionate loving.  The cycle starts again.  

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