All the sex I wanted...

Copyright 2009 by Bill One

Neither the statement "I get all the sex I want, any time I want it." nor "I'm locked up and it never gets out." would be exactly true, nor would either one be exactly false. So I'll give the history below so that you can understand how such a situation has come to pass.

I'd always had a chastity belt fetish, but that is something that is somewhat hard to broach to a partner. Fortunately for me there are now some fetish dating sites, and I decided to give it a whorl. Finding people to respond to my ad was easy, but most were were men pretending to be women, or apparently women just not wanting real world contact. Finding a woman in a straight laced area of the world like mine was harder still.

I finally found someone that seemed reasonable, and I insisted on telephone contact to make sure that they were real also. And, much to my appreciation, we started doing telephone interaction where she granted me release by mailing me a key. We had a number of compatable bondage fantasies, and I think the time was well spent.

I was, of course, quite willing to to push to "in person" time, and she was willing subject to her own conditions. She didn't like some of the phonys that she met on the net, and her first condition was that I use a device that she would provide, with her having the keys. She had a long list of measurements that I had to provide (which I readily gave) and for about a six month period we continued as we were as the custom device was ordered.

I was excited to hear that the device finally arrived, and it was now time to meet in person. She requested that I lock lock up in my device, and send her the keys as usual. She wanted me to get adjoining rooms (with a connecting door) at a local motel for the weekend, and leave a key for her at the front desk. I was to secure myself to the bed in my room, except for locking the last lock, and then I was to call her on the cell phone and tell her I was ready. She would arrive some time later and pick up the key and we'd get started. Since I had a "hands free" headset for the phone, I was to stay on the phone from then until she was there in person. We agreed that that she would leave me locked into my device for the two weeks before our meeting.

I knew I was taking a number of risks, but at this point I was pretty sure that I knew her well enough that I was doing the right thing. We had discussed all of my chastity fantasies carefully, and it seemed that she was as willing to go those directions as anyone I had met. And after many months of telephone and mail play I think I knew her style quite well.

Friday of the big day came, and I booked the rooms through Monday morning. I put on the telephone headset, took off everything else (except for my chastity device), and attached the restraints to the the bed. I did a last trip past the restroom just in case it would be a long time before another chance. I took out the restraints and locks, and put the keys to the locks on the dresser in her room. I dialed the number she had given me, readjusted the headset, and locked the lock on the left hand restraint as it rung. Locking a lock on my left hand with my right was easier and not as awkward as locking the lock on my right hand with my right hand was going to be. I applied the blindfold as it rung. Since there was always the possibility that I had a wrong number, or she couldn't make it, or any number of other senarios that my paranoid imagination was running, I didn't want to lock that last lock until I knew she was on the phone. She picked up the phone. She answered. She wanted to know where I was in the process. I told here and she gave me the go-ahead. I awkwardly worked at getting the lock on my right wrist locked.

With a loud click (which was loud enough for her to hear over the phone) that final lock locked and I was, for good or ill, committed. She said she'd be there eventually and we could get started. We chatted for what my phone bill later said was about an hour, until she announced that she was at the motel. Over the telephone I heard her talk to the desk clerk and get the room key after he made her show ID. As she went back to the phone call I could hear her both through the phone and out in the hall, and then she entered.

She stood there a long time, and I assume she was looking over her new property. I broke the silence with a "Hello, nice to finally meet you." She stated in a very firm, but friendly, voice that she didn't want me saying anything unless I was spoken to. I felt the pain of what was probably a belt across my stomach. She warned me that violations of her rules would be dealt with very severely. So I decided to be quiet. I heard the click of a camera, and started to protest. Two more hits, both quite hard, were followed by another warning. Well, there was nothing I could really do about it anyway... we'd just have to discuss this later.

When she walked back out into and down the hall may natural paranoid returned. But on her return the sound of the squeaking little luggage wheels reassured me that she had just gone to get her luggage. I heard the sound of a zipper, and the sounds that normally accompany getting undressed, and the chastity device did it's job of not letting my erection go anywhere. She must have been watching me because she commented that it looked like that device was effective. But, omeniously, added "But it doesn't look as secure as the one I brought.".

She came over and hugged me [Yes, that told me she really had undressed]. She pinched and teased me for a while. I could tell she was enjoying herself. She added what must have been clothespins to my nipples "to make sure I would be glad when she got back". I could hear her go into her room and take a leasurely shower.

The noise of her coming back in excited me greatly, or at least as far as my chastity device allowed. She lay down beside me, removed the clothespins, and played with the painfully sore nipples for a while. "You have no idea how long I've looked forward to this." I nodded yes also, and her voice sounded like she was pleased. "Next we need to get you out of your device, and into mine." That process was the real demarkation of the start of her control. With the key she had no trouble removing mine. She grabbed me playfully by the testicles, and gave an experimental squeeze. "You know I thought of letting you get off before I put my device on you, but I really don't have any way to know for sure if you've really been in your device for the last two weeks, or if you just put it on before I got here." In fact I had been, but I could see that I had no way to prove that to her.

Getting me into her device was a lot more work, partly because I couldn't see to help. She explained the features that she found important to her, the first and foremost being security. It had a remote control shocker as we had discussed in advance, and a chip that allowed it to be controlled from the net over WIFI. This feature seemed to really float her boat... and at this point anything that pleased her also pleased me. "... And here is the feature I *REALLY* like." "As we discussed, the sheath around your member is straight, and a separate lock allows it to be locked down, or locked pointing straight out." From prior discussion I knew that having sex with tube, with me inside and unable to even get an erection, was a seriously hot scene for her. It was hot both from the B&D control issues, but also for the idea that it was not possible for the guy to cum early and not last as long as she needed. Both ideas fit into my fantasies also, and I stayed excited but frustrated.

She tested the "local" remote, and it was able to hit my limits without any problem. "Hmm... you safeworded far below what it can do... looks like it will work very very well." Next she tested what she called the "network" remote. This device was just bright enough to open a connection through a nearby WI-FI connection, and use the chasity device's WI-FI connection to operate over the network. "Any time, any place, control!" she said gleefully. And, as you helped design, it has bluetooth connection for your phone, so that I can activate stored programs by text messaging your phone." She tested this feature, and said that the device checked out perfectly.

"I have a TV show I normally watch at this time, but if you are a good boy I'll come back as soon as my show is over." This was definitely working out as well as I had imagined. She left the device on "Random shock" with a tingly low, and a high under my limits, and left to watch her show.

Whoever had programmed the random setting was clever... just as I thought I was detecting a pattern, it would suddenly change to something else. I was definitely ready for her return.

When her show was over I heard her getting dressed. She came in and gave me a kiss, and told me it was getting to be dinner time, and she was going to go out and get dinner with the money I had left out for her to use for that purpose.

She turned my cell phone back on so that we could stay in touch. It wasn't quite "Never leave a bound sub unattended", but it was as close as we could come and still fit her fantasies. "Are you ready?" "Yes, Ma'am" I answered, and I was answered in turn by four hard swats from the belt. "No talking without permission, just nod your head!". She said I needed more punishment, and I heard her text message on her phone, and the intensity of the random shocks increased notably. It was nothing I couldn't handle, but it was definitely enough to get my attention. She left for dinner, and I could hear her walk down the hall.

"I'm at the resturaunt, and got a table immediately, so you get rewarded." I felt the intensity of the program drop noticably. The phone was on as she ordered the meal, and but many people keep headphones on between calls so I assumed that nobody saw anything strange in that. The meal took longer than she wanted to arrive, so she upped the program again. I could hear her correct the waiter on a minor error he made on the order, so the notable increase in shock intensity was no surprise when she texted it. She tried everything, and it was good, so down came the intensity. The waiter was slow with the bill, so the intensity was turned up again. It was raining lightly as she walked back to the motel. (Up again) and it was a relief for her when she got back inside the motel. (Back down)

Finally she was in the room, and the intensity was turned to what I assumed was the lowest setting. "I'll bet you are glad to see me!" I was, and nodded "yes" enthustiasticly (I wasn't going to make the mistake of speaking again). I could hear that she was getting undressed again. She lay down beside me, and must have been cold because she pulled the covers over her since I *WAS* cold, I was grateful. I suspect that she had turned the room temperature down on the way to dinner. It was nice to have her naked body snuggling up to me, and I was living the stuff of fantasy. "Well, shall we try the sex part?" I nodded yes, and she made adjustments to lock the tube pointing away from me and therefore up in the air. I could hear her adding a condom or two to it. She started to make out with me, and gave a little testicle squeeze any time she thought I wasn't showing enough enthusiasm. It seemed like this was going on forever, with me getting more and more frustrated as we went. (: Just what I'd always wanted! :)

Finally, she climbed on top and started making use of the tube for sex. The idea of actually being in her without being able to feel it or get off was exciting, and therefore painful. Wonderful! I started to notice that the longer she was on, the higher the intensity of the shocks became. She commented on my increasing struggle, "Nice, I wouldn't want a partner that just lay there like a log!" Finally, she climaxed, and lay down on me. I loved it. I noticed that the shock intensity was starting to come down also. After a long time snuggling, she started speaking again. "You've been excited since I first put the device on... " I nodded yes to her comment. "And I know you were very excited while I was 'enjoying' myself." Yet another nod. "And now the excitement is going down." I was still nodding "yes". And you notice that the electrical intensity roughly tracked your excitement? I node again, although my puzzled expression was probably obvious. "That electric feeling, my new found lover, is a feeling called 'hornyness'". "See, you've just been confused, and thought that some other feeling was that... but you'll soon see how it all works." "The reason that it is only slowly trailing away now is that you don't get to get relief for two weeks, so your hornyness sticks around a good long time."

She continued to snuggle and make out for a good long time, until it was obvious that she was getting tired and sleepy. She released my hands, and let me make an apparently supervised rest room break. When I was slow to get back on the bed to be resecured, she gave me a taste of the device at higher intensity than I would want repeated. I cooperated, and she reseccured me.

She slept in the other room, and left me secured. The device had been turned down to a tingle that I could barely feel, but still enough that couldn't help but notice. I therefore slept fitfully the first part of the night, but by the end of the night I learned to ignore it and fell into a deep sleep.

I awoke to a notable (but not really painful) increase in shock intensity. She must have been standing over me and watching. "Oh, I see you are awake!" she said sweetly. "Yes, Ma'am." I replied. A long pause, eight severe strokes with the belt. "Don't speak unless you are told to!" I had forgotten, I wasn't going to do it again. "You looked uncomfortable when you woke up." Again I nodded yes, and the device was still making me uncomfortable. "More education: You are feeling horny again, that is what that 'electric' feeling is." It was actual electric shocks, but I was not in any position to dispute that point. If she wanted to call it "hornyness" I'd go along with it. "The longer you go without my getting sex, the hornyer you get... But I'll be back after breakfast." She gave me another bathroom break, and gave me water, and resecurred me. She turned the cellphone back on, and placed a call to it, and left for breakfast.

Sure enough, the longer she was away for breakfast, the higher the "hornyness" shocks became. (Although punctuated by short high intensity shocks when she had some reason to be displeased at breakfast.)

"Hi sugar!" she cheerfully greeted me when she returned. "Since the only way to cure hornyness is to have sex, I'll bet you are really wanting sex!" While I had the good sense not to say it I had the thought that I was wanting whatever would turn down the pain level, and if sex was it I'd take it. "OK, but first breakfast..." She had brought back a single mini sausage for me to have for breakfast. She spent about five minutes feeding it to me piece by piece. Since I'd not eaten since noon before, it was welcome but not enough.

"OK, on to sex...." She necked with me a bit, and all the while the shock intensity increased. Finally, to my great relief she climbed on top, and when she finished I could feel the intensity trail off. "In two weeks you'll get to feel sexual relief... but until then you'll just have to be a little bit horny while I'm here."

The rest of our weekend went very much like that, and Monday morning she stated that she was going to release my bonds, but she wanted me to leave the blindfold on. She warned me that the punishment would be VERY severe if I were to remove it before she called and said I could. My curiosity had had days of priming, and I very much wanted to see what she looked like. She knew that keeping me from seeing her would be yet another form of frustration he could inflict, and she reveled in it.

"OK, we meet again in two weeks and you'll get release then." I nodded my yes. "Next time at your house, OK?" I nodded my agreement. "And, remember, any time you are feeling horny in the next two weeks just give me a call."


We politely parted, and I settled into my week. There was always a barely feelable tingle from the chastity device, but not enough to be troublesome. I didn't know the capacity of the batteries in the device, but apparently they would be enough for the next two weeks.

Tuesday evening the device starteding delivering higher and higher shocks. Not yet enough to be a real problem, but the trend was obvious. I called her. "Hi honey! Glad you called." "Yes" I told her, "I'm starting to get stronger and stronger shocks." Long pause. An extreme, "drop me to the floor" shock followed. "Oh," she said sweetly, "you must mean you are starting to feel horny and decided to give me a call." I wasn't in a position to argue. "Yes Ma'am, I was feeling horney and thought I'd give you a call." As we talked it became obvious that she was granting herself sexual relief as we spoke. We continued talking and finally she hit climax. The my intensity started trailing off. She continued "I'm glad you called, I really like phone sex. It takes the edge of of my hornyness, and as you are seeing taking the edge off of mine takes the edge off of yours."

For the rest of the two weeks we fell into a routine. I'd feel "horny", give her a call, and she'd take the edge off of hers and then mine would drop down slowly to the barely preceptible base level. But there was one day that went differently. I felt the "hornyness" start and called her. She said that she didn't actually feel horney that night, so I'd just have to grin and bear it and it would eventually go away. "It will help you appreciate what a favor I'm doing for you when I have phone sex with you." It was pretty rough for the next hour, but then it started to fade again.

Finally two weeks came around and during our phone sex she told me she was coming over for dinner tomorrow, and she hoped I was fixing her favorite. She said she'd be there at six, and then we could have sex afterwards... and she'd see to it that I finally got relief myself. I was to have the food served and on the plate at exactly six, I should be wearing the cellphone headset, and I should be blindfolded again.

I fixed as good a meal as I ever had, although cooking is not my forte. She made sure that the feeling of hornyness was slowing increasing during the meal. She enjoyed the meal, and afterwards she playfully suggested that I looked horney and we should take care of that. She secured me and preped the device for the same "ride the rod" that we'd done two weeks before. I knew that she REALLY enjoyed that, and if that made her happy, it could only bode well for me.

This time, however, was different. The pain level ramped up a little faster than before, but as she neared climax she hit a button and it ramped to levels that would have dropped me to the floor if I'd been standing. She climaxed a minute or so later, and instead of the slow decrease afterwards the pain cut off totally and abruptly. I was physically exhausted from the effort that I had expended thrashing around from the pain. I lay there breathing hard and enjoying the complete lack of pain. "That was quite a relief, wasn't it?" I nodded yes. "That, Kid, was an orgasm... you can feel the relief and now the hornyness is totally gone." I started to protest, and she grabbed a testicle. "I'd suggest that you stop and think... you do feel much better than you did an hour ago." Again I nodded yes. Even though the chronic pain level was very very low, not having it was a great relief.

She untied me, and said she would be back next Friday.

The next week was similar, but she gave me permission to speak and but I begged her to discuss the chastity device and my release. "Oh yes, I remember you discussing your chastity fantasies before we started dating." Her voice sounded of mock sympathy. She continued "No, I don't think we want to discuss chastity belts because If you were in a chastity belt, you'd be horny without any possibility of release for weeks at a time." There was humor in her voice when she followed with "You can barely deal with a few hours of real hornyness now..." "If you REALLY REALLY want to try chastity, we could get let you spend a week being very 'Horny', without a hope of release, but maybe we should start with just an evening..." I knew I had blown it when her standard feeling of 'hornyness' returned. I begged for her not to leave me horny. She relented and pointed out that the only cure for hornyness was an orgasm. She rode me to another thrashing orgasm, and afterwards I was gratefully basking the the exhaustion and lack of pain. "Isn't that much nicer than a week of being horny? "Yes, Ma'am" I meekly responded.

She looked thoughtfully and said: "It is probably not fair of me to get off on our phone sex sessions, while you remain frustrated." I agreed, but with some caution since I thought I could see where this was going. "Phone sex isn't as satisfying as real sex, but it would be very easy to give you an orgasm like this (but shorter) every time we have phone sex."

So this became a part of our regular routine. A few weeks later she went on a camping vacation, and was out of touch for a week. What I noticed was that the new "orgasm", as painful as it was, was at least a a relief of SOME sort, and better than nothing at all.


It has been a year now, and as you have seen I now get to orgasm any time I feel horny which happens many times a week. And as you have seen I have never gotten out of the chastity device and never gotten off again. Both statements are true in a sense, and false in a sense, and can now be joined by a third statement of the same sort: "I'm living my fondest fantasies.".

We are to be married in June. She has some friends that she has invited, but given what's planned I don't think I'll invite mine. She has a kinky friend that is a minister who will do the ceremony, and she has promised that as soon as the marriage is officially over I'll get to remove the blindfold and see her. I look forward to it.

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