Online Chastity

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It had been what seemed like an eternity, though in reality no more than a few weeks, for Jamie to prove his worth to the woman who was becoming the object of all his submissive fantasy.

He had met her online and immediately established a rapport and comfort with her that hed not been able to find with any other of the potential Dominant women that hed talked to.

Now - naked, sweaty and his cock throbbing with frustration as he knelt before the computer screen, he wondered if that instant connection was going to prove itself fruitful and lead to what he had been seeking for so long.

He had called her Maam since the moment he began talking to her. He wanted her to know he respected her. He wanted her to know he would make it his mission to earn the right to call her something different.

Chastity had been an early topic of conversation and one shed tested him on early. After passing an initial 2 day trial run, she had been able to get into his head. Her goal had been accomplished, she wanted to see what made him tick and he exposed himself to her in full. What made him tick was suffering.

And suffer he had. It had been 5 days since his last orgasm, a particularly intense one she had ordered up him. Hands cuffed behind him he had been given ten minutes to cum. Following a stint in chastity where her words every day teased and tormented him, he was not going to let this opportunity past. No matter how difficult it may have been. No matter how degraded he felt, lying face down on the bed. Writhing and shaking as he drove his cock into the mattress. Shed laughed at his journal recounting of the story, particularly how difficult the clean up had been. Next time she suggested coyly maybe well have to try the carpet

Following that event it had been back into chastity. But this time, not consecutively. They would talk online almost daily and she would have him remove the belt and stroke for her. Telling her all about how if felt. Telling her how close he was, only to have her command him to stop. His cock throbbing and waving frustrated and full. She would quiz him. Tease him with humiliating ways she might let him cum. Asking him if he would comply. She found out things he would do for her. She found out he would do many things for her.

As his frustration grew, his willingness to debase himself and submit to her grew exponentially. She had him right where she wanted him. During these sessions she was gathering info. Seeing him at his most vulnerable. The laundry list of questions grew and expanded. From the relatively tame Would you go a week without an orgasm if I let you cum now, Would you spank yourself till you could barely sit? to the more humiliating Would you let him share your journal with some of my dominant friends? Would you fuck yourself on webcam in an adult chat room dressed only in panties?

Things he had once been hesitant about, as his frustration and desire grew his hesitations would turn to Yes Maam. Yes I would do that if it pleases you

He was becoming her slut. Her slave. Her submissive. Whatever the term was, he was becoming it, or at least agreeing to it in theory. If only shed take him. She would give no timeline. She would make no promises. That fear of not being taken by her, drove him each day to please her.

And she had been pleased by his progress. More than she would let him know. Each day his journal entries showed an increasing devotion to her, remarkable, she often though, since she still had committed nothing to him. He still needed to prove himself. With actions and not words.

Now, at the present, was the promised day of release. While the 5 day mark did not seem like much in the calendar sense of time, with the constant teasing and edging, it felt like a lifetime. He was going out of his mind.

Turn on your mic she told him following the last edge hed completed for her. She wanted to hear the suffering in his voice...

Yes Maam. He turned on his mic and she did as well.

She could hear his ragged breathing before he even spoke.

Now she told him, her own voice a little low as her excitement grew at the prospect of what she was about to do you will stroke again. Tell me when you are close and then I will tell you when to stop. If you dare cum before Ive given you permission, Ill be extremely disappointed and these past weeks will have been for nothing. If you even want a chance of serving me, youll lick up every last drop, and I know how much you hate that, but at that point. It may be your only recourse. Do you understand?

Yes Maam

Good. Stroke for me

He began. His cock was still hard and it did not take him long before he told her he was close.

Keep stroking she told him. Dont let up at all

He groaned and obeyed. He could barely hold it back.

P-p-p-please Maam I cant hold it

Faster she instructed.

He moaned louder as his hips bucked against his hand. Just when he has moments away, she told him to stop.

Thank you Maam he said. His cock twitching obscenely in the air.

She loved that he was thanking her for allowing him not to cum. She revelled in the power she had gained in such a short time.

Now.. I promised you could cum today didnt I?

Yes Maam

I didnt lie. You may cum now

Thank you Maam. He reached down for his cock, but before he could touch it she spoke again:

But, you should know something

He paused. What is that Maam

You dont have to cum. You can instead elect to get your cock soft. Ill leave it to you how that happens, a few whacks to your balls, maybe a few ice cubes. However you want.. its your choice, but if you went with that option Id want you back in that cage within 5 minutes

He didnt know how to answer. He didnt understand.

But I am allowed to cum?

You are

Or I can not cum and go back into chastity


Would you like that, Maam

I dont think you need to ask that question

He didnt. He understood.

Well get on with it then

Yes Maam

She heard the answer in his resigned voice. The clock is ticking. You have 5 minutes

He slapped his balls a few times with his paddle, but the days of torment and elevated level he was currently at, the hard slapping only made his cock harder.

2 minutes

Ill be back Maam

He quickly got to his feet and retrieved the ice. Something he used to hate... Something he still did hate, but that didnt seem to matter anymore.

When applied to his cock, the results came. His cock went soft and he slipped into his cage and locked it.

She loved, more than anything previous in their activities, when she heard the click of the lock

Im locked, Maam he told her.

Good she replied, obviously pleased. One more thing slave

Yes Maam?

You may call me Mistress now

He beamed. Proud of earning her trust. Proud of earning the right to submit to her.

Yes Mistress

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