Lacey's Passivity Training

Submitted by: BB (Blue Balls)

Story catagory: Mostly true, but some fiction, so you decide. Female keyholder w/ feminization.

My wife began using chastity as a way to control my masturbation when I am working at home. I'm locked in a CB6000 most of the time and usually allowed to orgasm about every four days. We remain equal partners out of bed, but she has gradually been increasing her sexual dominance of me over the last year or so. She has been training me to only focus on her pleasure and she would really like to get to the point that I am only milked while locked up and then sent to bed in feminine sleepwear. She finds the idea of never allowing me a "male" orgasm again very appealing.

The following is part fantasy... but mostly reality of something that really happened two nights ago between my wife and me. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Two evenings ago, my wife had me take a shower and then report to the bedroom.... this usually means we are about to have sex. Instead, she had me get into bed naked, but still locked up. She was wearing her professional work clothes and difference in our power/status was striking. She stood near the edge of the bed and allowed me to kiss her ass, stomach, and area between her breast through her clothing (she has not allowed me to kiss or fondle her breasts in years). When I tried to go higher for a kiss on her lips, she instead presented her hand to me. As I kissed her hand, I could feel my face flush with embarrassment as I realized my place in our sexual relationship.

She took a step back, raised her skirt, and began rubbing herself through her panties. The power differential and sight of her thighs and crotch were driving me crazy with lust. She then sat down on the bed next to me and allowed me to smell her fingers while she told me of the surprise she had in store for me. She then went to the closet and brought out three wrapped packages and placed them beside me on the bed.

She handed me the first package and the tag read "To Lacey, from Mistress." She explained that "Lacey" was my new name when feminized and that I would soon grow to love being called by this new name. When opened the package, I found a very sexy nearly transparent powder blue baby doll sleep set.... but it looked way to small for me, so I was confused. She explained that the sleepwear was for her to wear and she had me wait on all fours on the bed while she took her time putting it on in another room. When she returned, she looked incredibly hot in the outfit.... it fit her form beautifully and you could see every part of her through the sheer material (including her erect clit and nipples). My cock got instantly hard in the CB6000 and I could feel it pulling my balls away from my body as my penis pushed the cage away from my body. More redness in my face ensued. I was also confused by the whole thing because she never wears lingerie to bed and she has always refused to let me buy sexy nightwear for her.

The next package was also addressed to "Lacey" too. This one was a very sheer white baby doll nighty with crotch less panties that seemed to be more my size. Much to my embarrassment, my cock tried to get hard again as she had me put on the new outfit. Then laid down in bed, handed me a bottle of lotion and motioned for me to rub her feet (something she has me do often). As I rubbed, I was made to whisper softly over and over "my pleasure is unimportant, my only goal is pleasing Mistress." She put her favorite show on the TV and relaxed as I said my mantra and pleasured her feet for at least 30 minutes or so as she occasionally teased me by playing with my balls and caged cock. By the time she was satisfied with this, my brain was mush. I was half brainwashed and really was becoming anxious to please Mistress (although my cock was screaming to cum too).

With her show still on, Mistress had me kneel to the side of her (I couldn't even look at her body at this point, the frustration was too painful) as she played with my balls and nipples. She told me I was a very good bitch and then she slid off her panties and pointed to her crotch (my signal that I was allowed to please her orally). I licked and sucked like the mindless little slut that I was at the moment. In just a few minutes, I felt her clit throb over and over in my mouth as she had a tremendous orgasm. She pushed me away and had me kneel besides her body again as she came back down to earth. She wanted a rest, so she had me turn away from her, get on all fours, and "fuck" myself with a medium black vibrator as she watched her show. Occasionally, she would rub my balls with her toes or fingers, which sent huge wave of pleasure all through my body.

When she became ready for more action, Mistress told me to go clean up and report back for the third and last present. Before the wrapping was even off, I could tell it was a strap-on. My ass actually clenches as I realized I was probably going to be fucked and there was nothing I could do about it. I was embarrassed, frustrated, and turned on all at once. Once the strap on was out of the wrapping, she said she had a surprise. As it turns out, this was a strap on designed for a male to wear when locked up in chastity. Its base presses against the pubic mound above the penis and there is an opening below to allow my caged penis to stick through without interfering with the function of the strap on. She said that she still may want my penis in her at times, but this way had a lot of advantages She can be fucked to completion no matter how sexually frustrated I am and that we don't' have to waste time anymore fiddling with the CB6000 to get it on/off before sex or at bedtime. I was literally tearing up with embarrassment as I tried to figure out how to get the straps set up and tightened properly. Once it was on, having the bobbing rubber penis stick out in front of me felt very strange. I almost expected it to have the same feelings as my own now-trapped penis.

Mistress began calling me her "stud" and she began playing with the rubber cock. To further my embarrassment, she even began sucking it... something she has only done once to my cock in the last year. Again, my eyes teared up with embarrassment and frustration. She was beaming! She was so proud of her idea and how good the current situation made her feel. When she had enough of this satisfaction, she laid back and ordered me to fuck her. But then she stopped me and said "oh, no. You need a rubber on that cock stud". So I had to kneel and put a rubber on the rubber cock.... just as I have done a thousand times with my own cock. It was totally bizarre and overwhelming. Then she snapped her fingers and said "get to work, bitch" and motioned for me to mount her. She had me whisper my mantra over and over as I used the rubber cock to please her. She screamed out loud during her first orgasm (very rare for her) and then had me lay with the rubber cock still in her for a while until she was ready for more... all the while whispering my mantra, which clearly excited her to hear. This process was repeated two more times, each with another orgasm for Mistress.

She pushed me off her and slid back on her panties and just laid there exhausted for a while. I was no longer in tears; I was just completely numb and dominated. She had me remove the strap on and "get cleaned up for bed". When I returned, she made me thank her for not allowing me to orgasm and for allowing me to please her. I was also made to tell her how happy I was to be her bitch "Lacey." All the while, the sight of her glorious tits (which I rarely get to see) though the sheer material was driving me completely mad with lust. Then she rolled over and said "spoon me, honey" and she drifted off to sleep. I was so exhausted from the emotionality of things that I soon fell asleep too with my caged and frustrated cock pressing against the sheer material between her glorious ass cheeks.

Hope you found reading this enjoyable and/or food for thought. If you want to contact me, you can email me at

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