The New Key Holder "L"

Submitted by: L's pet

For me, being submissive to a beautiful and very well maintained sexy partner is special. Chastity, teasing and denial have always been of great interest to me. I have had numerous partners over the last 20 years. Most participated to some degree, but I was usually the one leading the fantasies. I have had numerous devices and now have one of Lori's straight metal locking tubes. The longest I have gone in this tube is about 2 weeks without release...

I have waited many years to find the special person to spend the rest of my life with. She is 11 years younger than my 46 years and she gets many looks, as she is quite attractive. I have helped her by purchasing much of her wardrobe, shoes, makeup, under-ware and bags. I also have bought her laser hair removal for her crotch and underarms. Recently, she has had her breast implants replaced with larger silicone implants, making her a D-cup. She is 5'6" and maintains her weight at 118 lbs. She indulges me by getting frequent pedicures and manicures and keeping her nails longer than she would otherwise. She also has asked me which colors I prefer. I don't understand why, but beautiful long nails have always turned me on.

She was not real enthused the first time that I shared my fantasies with her, as she prefers a submissive scenario herself. I have indulged her in her strong-man fantasies at times, but I have longed to have some fulfillment of my desires.

I have been pleasing my partner with oral sex and occasional penetration. She would also watch me masturbate and participate by playing a role in my fantasies. She gets off best from oral sex combined with a rabbit vibrator. I have asked to be locked up with her as a key-holder. We tried for a few months on and off, but she would let me out and just couldn't deny me past a week, stating that I was getting angry and that I needed the release.

I read up on what people have done on this site and others and I found some answers. Milking seems to hold the potential of lengthening the periods between my orgasms, while having the occasional decrease in the pressure/intensity. I told my partner about my plans. She was willing to try, but had some doubts. Since she hasn't previously enjoyed delaying me, I devised a game.

With my tube being locked on during all of my waking hours I waited a week and told her of my plan for her participation. Once a week I would prepare for this event with an enema and cleaning. I am to be naked as she is in lingerie and heavy makeup. She would roll a single die with her beautifully manicured hands. I told her on the first week, if she rolled a 1 or a 6, that I would get to masturbate. If any other number was rolled, I would milk myself with the Aneros device to empty my prostate of some of its buildup. Each week a number would be added to the winning numbers until I won, or got to the fifth week, when 1-6 would be winners.

With me looking at her holding the die after the first week, she asked me, "Why don't we start with one winner on the first day, as that seems more natural to me?". I couldn't believe my ears. My princess was starting to take some control. I stated fine and that "1" would be my choice this week. She agreed and rolled the die. Amazingly, 1 was rolled. I was thrilled, but I could really detect some disappointment from her. She actually asked if she could re-roll. I stated that the rules were hers to change. She thought about it while I pleased her. Afterwards, she told me that a deal is a deal, but that there were likely to be some changes to the rule as time goes on.....

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