Nikki 2

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Disclaimer: While written in the first person, this is a work of pure fiction.
(Certainly I've never been this lucky.)

Part 1

Back in the early days of my playing with chastity I spent some time with a lesbian couple as my key holders. It was a sweet arrangement... I got to indulge my need for chastity control, and they got all sorts of handy work out of me. No SM, just chastity control. They weren't cruel or unreasonable, and I did my level best for them for about four hours a week. If some major problem came up there might be a sudden huge amount of work to be done, but they'd make up for it afterwards. Sometimes (with prior arrangement) we'd play some other chastity game that interested me, and sometimes they'd negotiate some game that interested them.

Each Friday we'd meet at the local sandwich shop and we'd go over their evaluation of my work for the week, and they'd give me the good (or bad) news. If it was bad news, they got some humor over it and we would leave on a good note. If it was good news, at the end of the meal I'd be given the key, and I'd hit the restroom to unlock and unload. I'd then lock my chastity device back on and return the key. In any case I'd pay for the meal and we'd leave.

At first I'd been uncomfortable running discussions in a sandwich shop, or any public place for that matter, because I was I worried that someone might overhear. But after a while it stopped bothering me, and I realized that even if someone overhead a sentence or two, they would have no context to make any sense of it.

This wonderful arrangement went on for some years, but they say all good things come to an end. In this case a great job offer that they could both take out of state meant the end of our arrangement and I was once again left without a key holder. Although, given the creature of habit that I am, I continued to eat every Friday at the sandwich shop. Our regular waitress (Nikki) noticed that I was now without my usual company and offered condolences when I told her my fiends had moved off.

A few weeks later when I was about to leave she stopped me, and said that she knew that I went south when I left, and it was a somewhat questionable neighborhood (which it was) and she didn't feel comfortable walking through it although she hadn't actually had any problems yet. She said that she would feel safer if she could walk with me. I hemmed and hawed but finally told her that while I was flattered that she would ask me I couldn't come back later to do that. She happily told me that she generally gets off about the time I leave anyway, and she could adjust her schedule a few minutes either way if it meant that she could walk home feeling safe. I was flattered, and I walked her home.

In the next month we settled into a comfortable pattern of my walking her home. It made her feel safe, and (since she was a bright, friendly, and quite beautiful young lady) I enjoyed doing so. We did have a number of interesting but ultimately meaningless conversations and we got to know each other at least superficially. Since she was a lot younger than I was (I estimated her age at 18 or 19) and I was in my 50's, we didn't have a lot of cultural common ground. Being a dirty old man, I did have my fantasies, but showed the good sense not to try to hustle her. It is indeed a sad fact of life that pretty young women don't generally find fat ugly old men very exciting in a sexual sense.

On the walk was one place where we took a shortcut between two buildings which cut a good deal from distance, but was a bit isolated. One day she stopped in the middle, with a look that told me that she was working her way up to saying something. "I know what you are into.", she said in an unsure voice. For lack of anything reasonable to say, I only managed a weak "What?" in response. I honestly had no idea what she was talking about. "You know, Chastity." I asked what made her think that. "I used to stand around the corner and listen when you were having lunch with your friends." she elaborated. "Oh" I said rather stupidly (and possibly sounding a bit guilty). At least I now knew what she was talking about, but it was uncomfortable to realize that she must have known for some time. I wondered where she was going with this. She continued in what sounded like a rehearsed speech, "Well, I don't think you replaced them, or you would have been having lunch with the replacements." That was true enough, and I admitted this. She continued with "I've been doing some reading on the topic, and some thinking about it, and I think I'd be interested in maybe taking the position as your key holder, if it was alright with you."

Well, at this point you could have knocked me over with a feather. It sounded like the lead in to the fantasy of every old man into chastity play. I muttered something, but it probably wasn't very coherent. It looked like she found my response encouraging, and she continued with more confidence. She said that it would do her a world of good, which she would tell me about later. She then took a firmer tone of voice and said: "BUT NO SEX! No Nudity, and no dirty conversations! OK?" I said that wouldn't be a problem. She said she believed me, because she has listened in on my conversations for a year and it was obvious that whatever I was getting out of it didn't involve any of those with my old Key Holders.

Wow... this day was being different. I hadn't actually gotten around to looking for new key holders yet, and to have this seeming miracle fall into my lap (so to speak) was too good to be true.

She said that there were a few things she wanted to do differently, and wanted to know if that was OK with me. I said that was probably alright, but what did she have in mind? She started off sheepishly, and told me she wanted me to use a more secure device. She named a specific brand... which surprised me, but showed she'd done her homework. She even knew that if you ordered one it would be shipped in six to eight weeks. We discussed whether or not I could afford one (I could, but it was a strain), and she insisted that she was fully willing to be key holder if I got it, and wasn't willing to play with the old one at all.. not even while waiting for the new one.

"And", she continued, "I want to have my own little fantasy until you've gotten the new device." "What kind of fantasy?" I asked. She looked at me somewhat sheepishly, and said "A FemDom fantasy, is that OK?" I'm somewhat careful by nature, and instead of just agreeing I asked for details. I guess I was still waiting for the catch in all of this. I probably would have found anything she could suggest OK if it wasn't outright dangerous, but it didn't hurt to ask. She said that it would be easier if I just let her try it once and followed along. She said that if I'd play along once she'd show me, and if it wasn't acceptable we didn't have to do it again. But if it was acceptable I could tell her next week and we'd make it a regular activity until the device came. I agreed, and I asked what I needed to do now.

She took a deep breath, and said "OK, I'll start and you just do what I say. Part of this might hurt, but I think from what I've heard you say you won't mind much." "OK" I said, wondering where this was going.

Her voice took on a tone of command, and she put her hands on my shoulders, and ordered in a firm voice "Put your hands behind your back!" I did. "Move your feet apart until your eyes are at my level" I did so. She was obviously having fun, and trying to be serious. but it looked like she found some humor in that and might laugh. I did as I was told.

She started to sound "official" and continued. "The only reason that men are put on this earth is to be my slaves." And then a deep breath, and "But I've been your waitress for a year and you've not begged to be my slave." "Since you didn't volunteer, I'll have to just take charge." She sounded more sure of herself as she got into it.

Without warning she brought her knee up into my balls, and I fell to the ground in pain. With my legs spread there was no way she could have missed. I could see she looked worried, but she rapidly finished her little speech, still in her commanding voice, but with just a touch of insecurity sneaking in. "So now I get to do this every week until you buy a chastity belt and turn the keys over to me!"

This was apparently the end of the scene, and time to see if I was OK. I was... although surprised and sore. "Are you OK?" "Yeah, I'll be OK in a few minutes." She looked relieved. "Was that OK?" "Was what OK?" "The fantasy I just acted out, was it OK" "Yeah, it was fine." She helped me up, and we walked the rest of the way in silence.

The next Friday we started home, and she asked if I'd ordered the belt yet. I admitted I hadn't. "Why not?" "Well, I wanted to talk to you and make sure you really want to do this." "Oh", she looked crest fallen as she said "I'm sorry if you didn't want to do it." Well, now I had done it... I was screwing up the best deal I'd ever been offered. I hastely reassured her that I did want to do this and I'd place the order tonight. As we passed into the alley where we had our original discussion he looked up at me sweetly and asked if I had decided whether or not she could have her little fantasy in the mean time. Given how close I had just come to blowing it I, of course, said she could.

She happyly ordered me to put my hands behind my back, and placed hers on my shoulders. Once again she ordered me to spread my feet until my eyes were at the level of hers. This time it was more of an effort to comply since I knew what was coming. But I did it. (Besides, this wasn't that far from some fantasies that I had, and I knew that I'd be returning home quite turned on.) She launched into a stern, but mock serious, lecture about how I should have ordered the device the week before... and how a week later meant a week more of her fantasy. It was quite a long lecture and the position I was holding was drifting into quite uncomfortable. Without warning she kneed me solidly. Much more solid, in fact, than the prior week. I suspected that there was some real anger in that for my delay. While I lay on the ground she sternly said that I should make SURE that I ordered it tonight. After that she softened and helped me up, and the walk home was uneventful.

Of course I placed the order that night. Things then settled into a routine of Nikki having her little fantasy each Friday night, and asking when it would be here. I, in turn, pestered the company and kept track of the progress.

She did her little fantasy each week always finding some new speech. Everything from "Men don't tip enough, and you are a man, BAM" to some long winded speech about how I'd looked at her chest without permission [BAM]. It was actually rather cute.

A good week before they were required to have it ready the company informed me that it would ship next Monday, and should arrive Wednesday or Thursday of that week. When Friday came around I told her, and she seemed pleased (and looked a bit relieved for some reason). She hastened to add that since it wasn't here yet she was still entitled to her fantasy this (probably final) week. She must have been really pleased at the news, since this time her lecture was short and the kick mild. We discussed the logistics and agreed that I would put it on when I got it, and work out the bugs in an overnighter or two before our next Friday meeting. I would be expected to have it locked on when I met her the next Friday and I would give her the keys. For the next two weeks she would let me out at the end of each meeting, so that we could work out any remaining kinks. She said that she wanted to wait until then before discussing what we would be doing beyond that.

She also asked that I get a scribing tool and put an obvious note on the front that said that the contents were hers and not mine, and any locksmith opening it without her permission risked a lawsuit.

Part Two.

The device had actually shipped Friday before the weekend instead of Monday afterwords, and so was waiting for me when I got home Monday. I spend the next few days making adjustments and getting it ready, but didn't actually have the self control to keep myself locked up all night. So in the middle of the night I would unlock it, give myself relief, and leave it off for the rest of the night. Thursday I finally got up the nerve to wear it to work. I had been wearing the old one to work for years, but somehow a new device brought new worries. But the worries were unfounded... it wasn't visible, and it was a lot more comfortable than the old device was. I put a scribed sign on the front as she had asked for, and I had to admit it looked hot.

Friday it was all I could do to eat my meal and wait for when she got off work and we could start the walk home. "Did it arrive?" she asked, "Yes" I answered and she once again looked relieved. I asked her why she looked that way and she only commented that she had some plans. "Are you wearing it?" I answered yes, and asked her if she wanted to see it. She screwed up her face and made an "EWWW" noise and gave a look of disgust. "I said no nudity!" Obviously I shouldn't push that issue any further.

When we got to the place where we'd been indulging her little fantasy, she stopped and looked at me. "I'm going to miss my encouraging you to get the device." She sounded wistful. "But hopefully better is to come, please hand me the keys." I did, and she looked happy. She put them away, and gave me a long hard look. "I've dealt with men before, and they always seem that even a few minutes of delay would kill them... and as soon as they are finished they have no interest in keeping their promises. It will be strange to know that you have have to wait because there is absolutely nothing you can do about it until next Friday... and then you have to trust me to keep my promise to let you out."

She smiled, "Don't worry, I can be trusted to keep any agreement that I make with you." Since it had been a few months since I'd been locked up, and I'd been cheating on the overnights this week, I knew that the next week would in fact be a bit grim in that department. She continued "Did you know that I find this really hot?" I confessed that I had suspected it. "I just know that I'm going to find the thought hot, and I'll probably be playing with myself each night thinking about it." An attempt at a raging hard-on is never particularly comfortable in a chastity device, and while standing there with a pretty young lady it is no better. She saw my discomfort and asked what was wrong. I told her. The explaination pleased her no end. "I'm going to really like this" she grinned. On the way home Nikki shared a little bit about herself for the first time since I'd started walking her home.

"I've had a lot of bad experiences with men. Their pleasure was always first and mine was often not even a goal. Just thinking about this day coming has been good for me. This upcoming week of knowing that this time it is the man who goes without, and the man that has to trust, will probably be the best I've felt in years."

Her look of joy was so honest and open that I knew that this was going to be a truely memorable key holder. The week was as frustrating as I expected, made more so by the mental image of her having fun.

Friday FINALLY came around, and I was so frustrated that I almost trembled my way through the meal. True to her word she dropped the key off with the check, and after my probably too long bathroom stop I returned it with the tip and we started our walk.

She told me how the last week was the most intense sexual relief she'd ever had, and how she was looking forward to the next week. She asked me for the details of how my week had gone, and it was clear that my frustration really did it for her.

Now that I was used to being in a chastity device again, the next week wasn't quite as bad, and I slept better. But the frustration wasn't any less. She gave me the key again the next Friday and we talked some on the walk home. She said: "Well, the two weeks of adjustment we agreed to is over, and next Friday I actually get to decide whether or not you can relieve yourself, or whether you go twice as long." The thought was obviously turning her on so well that it was hard to walk normally. Well, it was time for me to broach the obvious question. "In my old arrangement my release was based on the work I did for them. What is it going to be for you?" "Well I haven't really got all the details worked out yet." She thought for a few minutes. "I think that next Friday will be determined by whether or not I get off at least as many times as I did last week." She seemed satisfied with that, and given her current state I was sure she'd have more fun this week than last, and I'd be getting out Friday.

She grinned as she saw that that seemed agreeable to me. "OK, you are in until I get the same number of climaxes as I've had this last week. That many and you are out, fewer and you stay in until I get there." Sounded good to me. On the remaining walk she shared more of her past. She said that she matured early, and that men took advantage of this and she was even abused. "You know how men stop thinking with their heads when they see a chance at a young woman." She sounded quite bitter.

Well, Friday came again, and as expected I got a key. As we walked home she commented "You shouldn't expect to get out every week, it is time for me to start working on a plan that keeps you frustrated a bit longer." I agreed, and asked her what the plan was this time. She said that she would call me Wednesday and tell me. She said that she expected that that would increase my frustration markedly, and that would help the upcoming week be much more exciting for her. "There is one thing that I need to do to make it even more enjoyable for me in the meantime." "What is that?" "Show me the device, please." I did, and was glad for the chance to show off. "Curiosity get the better of you finally?" I asked. "No, it is not that." She took out her key and took the lock off. Then she pulled another lock from her purse and locked it on. "It is just that I have no way to know if you had another key made." Well, that nailed it... I had, in fact, had another key made and had left it with a good friend for emergencies. But I guess she read me too well, or was just naturally paranoid enough to cover all bases. She asked if she could keep the old lock as a sovineer, and I agreed. She pulled out a permanent marker, and asked me to autograph it. "Write 'For Nikki, from her sex slave Bill' on it please." and I did.

Well, the next week proved frustrating both from the obvious sexual end, and from not knowing what she had in mind. I was kicking myself for not having been more careful about negotiating the rules. As she had said, a man sometimes stops thinking when he sees a young girl in his sights.

Wednesday I came home to the phone ringing, and it was her. She said she had to go with her mother in about 10 minutes, but that should give her just enough time to explain what the rules were going to be. "You know what I said about men and young girls?" I said I did. "While you are sweet, you are no different in that respect than most men. The chance to have me as your key holder has caused you to act like an unthinking puppy dog from the begining. You were a lot more interested in me for the role than interested in me for me." I didn't like the way this was going. However, although the words seemed angry words, there was somehow no tone of anger in her voice. I started to say something, I forget what, but she cut me off and asked me to let her finish uninterrupted for a while. She continued with "I'm sure that the first thing on your mind right now is when I'm going to let you out." This was true enough, and I was relieved we were getting to that part. "My plan is to discuss your release the first Friday after my 18th birthday." I stammered something like "What???". She said "Shhh", and continued. "Yes, I'm not yet 18, and you never even asked my age, because you were too busy trying to get me to bring your fantasies to life." She then explained that they were moving and she had to go join her mother in the car to carry the last load over. She figured that this move was a good time to spring this on me because I'd have no way to come over and cause her problems if I had trouble with it. I was stunned, and asked how old she actually was. She said that she didn't need to tell me before she needed to let me out. She thought (and hoped) that that would really frustrate me, and it would make the scene hotter for her. Great, I was screwed. "But as soon as you turn 18 you'll let me out?" "I didn't say that. As soon as I turn 18 we can DISCUSS letting you out, that should give you a good deal of time to consider what you can offer to the arrangement." "But that's not fair!" "It is fairer that filing a child molestation report." I had no idea what to do... and I tried to think back on everything she'd ever said to get some idea of her age. No luck. She said, "Got to go, I'll think about you every night as I play... I hope you think about me every night as you don't." And then she hung up.

Part three.

For a while I hoped that she was really close to 18, but as the months wore on it was clear that I had really miss-estimated her age. In this state one can't get a work permit unless you are at least 15. I knew that she had worked at the sandwich shop for about a year as a waitress. Which meant that her age at the time we started playing was somewhere between 16 and 18. But I couldn't narrow it down beyond that.

The more time that passed the more thought I gave to what I had to offer to the negotiation when she finally did show up. I started to save money because that seemed most likely meaning of "what I could offer".

Every Friday I'd scan the street outside as I ate, hoping that I'd finally see her face. I thought of just eating my pride and seeing a locksmith, but she was right, she could file a complaint that I'd have a hard time arguing against. Any number of people knew I regularly walked her home, and that autographed lock would be hard to explain away. If she turned 18 and found I wasn't in the device she could cause me serious trouble. So I waited. I'd had fantasies in this direction, so it wasn't as hard for me as it could have been.

Every night I thought about her, and I hoped that she was actually enjoying herself. Somehow that thought cheered me up, and I had no doubt that if a week's frustration was that hot to her, the months that had gone by were probably even better for her.

About a year and a half later I was eating my meal, and scanning for her, when a young lady marched over to the table and sat down. "Do I know you?" "No... but you will." I asked what she needed, and she explained that she was a friend of Nikki's. She explained that after what Nikki had done to me she couldn't bring herself to face me yet. But, it would not be fair to not keep the agreement. I said "OK", rather stupidly, and she continued. "She has told me all about the arrangement, and I think that I find it at least as hot as she does. We've discussed it a lot the last few months, and she decided that the best thing to do was to just let me take over for her."

After all this time the chance for release brought me almost to tears. "Do you have the key? Are you going to let me out?" She replied in a very business like manner "No I didn't bring the key... now that she's 18 the agreement was that the terms of your release would be DISCUSSED." My heart fell, but at least now there was some hope. I pointed out the money I had saved, and she seemed pleased with the amount. "Lets go to the bank and get it, and I'm sure she'll be pleased when I give her her half." I asked "And then you'll release me?" "No, that is just a holding fee." I had visions of being blackmailed for the rest of my life. She noticed that look and reassured me they wouldn't be asking for any more money. "So what ARE the conditions of my release then?" "I'll tell you after we take care of the money." We went to the bank, and I gave her the money. She handed me a card and said "Meet me at noon at this address, and be clean." She turned and left.

I didn't sleep well that night, imagining any number of really bad things that might be in store for me. (Including nobody being there when I showed up) But I was pleasantly surprised to see that she was there and in a good mood. The address was her home address, and she invited me into the living room to talk. She explained that Nikki's knowing that she could give herself sexual release, while I couldn't, had helped her work on her abuse issues. While it was comforting to know that my suffering had done some real good in the world, that wasn't what was on my mind now.

"I'm sure you have been wondering about, and worrying about, what the final release conditions would be. And to tell you the truth Nikki had no idea at the time she moved what she should do. Over the last six months or so she and I have considered a great number of choices. In the end we felt that it had to be something that would appropriately symbolic of what you have been going through."

I waited with apprehension for the punch line. "We've decided that you will introduce me to sex." Wow. But... "How old are you?" She showed me her drivers license. That was a relief... over 18. I wasn't going to fall for that one again given how much I'd just paid for my last mistake.

"Really?" that sounded too good to be true for sure. "Well, there is a catch." I asked to hear it. "I really haven't had sex before, or even pleasured myself before. It is not uncommon for a woman's first climax be something she doesn't even recognize for sure... and it usually takes a few before it is up to the 'earth shaking' stage."

Where was this going? I had no idea. But as long as it meant I got out, I was listening. "So, the plan is this. As soon as you have, on ten different nights, given me something I can recognize as an orgasm, you get out." OK, that would be frustrating, but the light was visible at the end of the tunnel. "Keeping you in until you get the goal will, of course, motivate you to do your very very best. And making the rule that you get out the next morning after you achieve the goal will keep you from hurrying that last night." It sounded like it would take a while, but I was going to get out. "Oh, and I'll remind you that surveys show that as many as 25% of all women never have an orgasm at all, I guess we should both hope I'm not one of them.... Shall we start?" I stammered out the question "What happens if you are in that 25%?", but followed her promptly. She answered that if she didn't get hers, I'd never get mine. And then she instructed me to stop talking and get to work with my fingers and tongue.

I was highly motivated, and was over there every night and all day weekends. Once she was having orgasms she insisted that she had the right to as many each session as she could. And she told me that if I refused one she'd be frustrated and that day wouldn't count at all. But after two weeks even she admitted that I had met the terms and could be let out the next day.

I came in that next morning, and she took me to the spare bedroom. The bed there was a bondage lovers delight, with a built in stocks at the head and the foot of the bed. She instructed me to take off my clothes and lie down. She then locked my legs in place. I put my arms up to be locked in, but she said that wasn't necessary, although she did lock my neck in. So my arms were free, but I wasn't going anywhere. She handed me the key, and said "OK, I think you have earned it. "You have one hour to unlock yourself and take care of your frustration." After I unlocked it relief didn't take an hour, it took seconds. But it was the most intense orgasm I'd ever had in my life. I managed a second one before she came back at the end of the hour.

"OK, lock it back on." I said I didn't want to, she pointed out that I wasn't going anywhere until I did. She also pointed out that a whip could reach me while keeping her out of reach. I reluctantly locked back up. I asked the obvious question "What are the conditions of release this time?" She grinned. "Well, we've been discussing it... and I think she's ready to face you again." Come over tomorrow and well see where things go. I had obvious mixed feelings about this, but it seemed the best thing to do was to not make a fuss. She sent me home.

I slept better that night than I had in years. The next evening I showed up and there she was. I had had no idea how I would react, other than I dared not do other than asked. When I came over the next day Nikki was there. Nikki was awkward, but started with an apology for springing the year and a half on me. She told me I deserved it for lusting after under age girls. Her friend said "I've been telling her all about the last two weeks, and we've decided she needs an introduction also. So same conditions... ten separate nights of orgasm to get out. She giggled and showed me her drivers license. "I just thought you might want proof." I felt a lot better.

"OK, lets go upstairs and get started, and lets hope I'm not in that 25% either." She was a lot harder to please than her friend, and for a few weeks began to worry that she was one of those 25% that never orgasmed. But since obviously she could get herself off that shouldn't have been the problem. I suspected that this was an abuse related trust issue, and over the next two months we worked on it and I finally achieved my goal. The release was handled just as the prior one had been, and I had to lock myself back in again. I had a feeling of dread as I asked what the release conditions were to be this time.

They told me that we needed to settle on a sustainable plan. They discussed what Nikki remembered of my prior arrangement. They decided that if the last arrangement took four hours of my time a week, this one could take 12...

They told me that, just like the old relationship, I'd buy lunch each Friday, and they would decide. Unlike the last relationship they felt that they couldn't yet trust me, so release (if any) would be after lunch back on the bed with the stocks. So the only issue is what work they wanted. They decided that I should put in two hours a day every day except Friday. Since they expected that I'd be less motivated after possibly getting release it was thought better to just give me the day off. (Although I personally suspect it was because Nikki's friend was Jewish and Friday evening started the Sabbath.)

But what work? They had both enjoyed their introductions. So now I spent two hours a night bringing them off. If they both got off each night, then I got off Friday. Otherwise I didn't. And they reserved the right to find appropriate punishments for any night they both failed to get off.

All in all I think I was correct at the beginning. Definitely a most memorable key holder.

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