The Bitch

Submitted by: Strike

My Girlfriend of 4 years has me locked in chastity, let me explain, she is a hot stripper she has a tight skinny body long blond hair, big breasts implants, her pussy looks like the hottest pussy you have ever seen, and her ass is so perfect with a tight pink clean ass hole. She loves sex and sometimes like sex with girls. I know what your thinking what's the problem, well I guess the problem is she decided I wasn't paying her enough attention, you see when she goes to work I stay home and get so horny waiting for her I often watch Internet porn to cum and then she gets mad when she gets home and I have already had sex.

So the new deal is she locks me up in chastity until she gets home, that way I am forced to save myself. Doesn't sound like that bad of a deal huh? Well it wasn't until last night.

You see she went to work and locked me in CB 3000, she promised em when she got home she would let me out and later we would have awesome sex. so I waited all night for her to get dun work, I went to pick her up and on the way home she said we where going to have a great night, I couldn't help but fondle her clit on the ride home and she was happy to sit back and enjoy.

So we arrived home and as usual she likes to watch TV and wind down before we have sex, so she unlocked my cock from chastity reassuring me that I would have a satisfying night, but she said she wanted to watch the show that was in first, so I figured that's fine I know it will be worth the wait, so she was sitting there with a high shirt on showing some under cleave from here perfect tits, and she was wearing a mini skirt with no panties, from time to time I could see her pussy and or ass showing, she was looking so hot tonight.

I waited for like an hour, I even went into the bedroom and masturbated my cock a bit getting myself way to excited and almost cumming but I caught myself before I did, I definitely wanted to hold out for when she was ready to have sex. I decided to try and get her in the mood so I went back out in the living room and began kissing her legs moving closer to her pussy, she was happy to spread her legs inviting me to pleasure her, so I began licking her pussy a few light kisses flowed by some light licks from her vagina to her clit, then swirling my tongue around her clit, I could hear a sigh if pleasure from her as I did this so I thought it was working all I had to do was get her a little hornier and we would definitely be having sex rite now, so I began licking her clit faster up and down and I could feel her clit stiffen so I spread her pussy lips with my fingers so I could really focus on her clit she was moaning again and again, I could tell she was really into it and I was afraid I was doing to good of a job so I stopped and came up and started kissing her lips and for a moment it looked like she was going to have sex with me rite then but then she kind of leaned up and grabbed hr cigaret's and started smoking while refocusing her attention on the TV again.

Well now I was totally frustrated, I waited all night to have sex and masturbated almost to orgasm, and licked her pussy with all my best moves and it seemed I was still going to have to wait, I was a bit angry but I didn't want to push things I knew we would have sex eventually tonight as this was our routine, and I didn't want to complain and make her angry, so I went into the bedroom and couldn't stop thinking of her hot body I found myself masturbating again and again just at the point of orgasm, I was actually thinking of just letting myself cum, but then I though she would be so angry with me.

You see this is a mistake I have made in the past and have been dumped for, the last time it happened, but I begged her to take me back and promised it would never happen again, and I was even the one who brought up the chastity device so she would know for sure I was serious, so she took me back and has held me to my promise ever since. She is just to hot and she knows she can get any guy she wants, and she wants a guy who will let her control his orgasms, I know she would have have 20 guys lined up around the block tomorrow begging for a chance to serve her as her chastity slaves, if she dumped me today. So I' am not about to make that mistake again.

So I stopped myself from cumin once again and realized how late it was. It has been 3 hours since she came home and has been winding down, this was a bit unusual she never makes me wait this long so I went back into the living room could see she had her skirt lifted, her tits out and her legs spread in an inviting manor, so once again I found myself between her long sexy legs licking her sweet shaven pussy giving her all my best oral moves, this went on for some time and every time I stopped licking and came up into missionary position she would push my head back down to continue licking her pussy, this went on for thirty minutes then I couldn't take it anymore it had been way to long , I needed to cum like now, my cock was throbbing hard and leaking pre cum like crazy.

I stopped licking her pussy and I said

"ok im ready to have sex now"

she said

"Not just yet, im not ready but you can keep licking my pussy if you want".

I explained to here how crazy this was making me and how I have been waiting all night and I couldn't take it anymore, and how I was masturbating in the bedroom and came so so close to cumming twice already and that I just couldn't take it anymore and that I needed to cum NOW!

She explained that she was wondering what I was doing going in and out of the bedroom all night and she was kind of mad at me for even almost cumming, she told me she wasn't ready to have sex just yet and I would have to wait and to bring her the CB 3000. I was not happy to hear her demand I get the CB 3000, the last thing I wanted was to be locked up again, not now not after this long sexually frustrating night, she explained that we where going to have sex but she didn't want me masturbating anymore tonight she feared I might accidentally cum, I assured her I wouldn't and it wasn't necessary, she told me to get it now, and I could tell she was getting angry, I brought it out and she began going through the motions of putting it on me, I was still adamant that I would not be locked up again tonight, she was smiling and so was I we where kind of flirting and playing like while she was locking my cock up, I kept saying

"you are not locking me up tonight you kinky bitch lol"

she was laughing and said

"oh yes I am lol"

next thing I knew she had clicked the locked shut tight and smiled at me and said

"see I told you"

I sat up as fast as I could and grabbed the keys as fast as I could, and we where both still laughing and playing and it was seemingly all in fun and not a serious situation.

she demanded I give her the keys ... there was no way I said, as I tried to explain that it wasn't even necessary and that I would not cum until we had sex, but she kept telling me to give her the keys, Well I had had enough and I said now way and reached the key to the lock to unlock myself well she quickly grabbed my hand with her one hand and my balls with her other, I said come on stop playing as she said she wasn't playing and began squeezing my balls , and it was definitely hurting , but we where both still smiling and laughing as I kept trying to get teh key to the lock , but every time I did she squeezed my balls more then I could stand until I would pull the key away from the lock, then she looked at me serious and told me to put the keys in her hand, (I could feel her adjust her grip on my balls), and I once again told her no an that it wasn't necessary we are just going to have sex later anyway, she began squeezing pretty hard to (but truth be told it wasn't anywhere close to hard enough, I mean she would seriously have to really hurt me to get me to give her the keys and I knew she wouldn't she never really squeezes my balls that hard and usually stops when it really starts to hurt anyway), but this time she wasn't stopping and she just kept squeezing harder and harder, it was hurting way to much, and even though I knew I could take a lot more I just thought at this point what's the point of going through this , I mean I know we are going to have sex anyway so I gave her the keys, she smiled with satisfaction as if she had beaten me in some big game, but I knew I would be the winner in the end anyway, after all I knew she really wanted to have sex anyway.

At this point I said ok um well when are we going to have sex?

she said "later when im in the mood"

I said ok and she told me to lick her pussy some more.

I started licking again!! She was moaning and moaning I started to stop cause I didn't want her to cum , but she wouldn't let me she was holding my head and humping my face, I could here her making this moaning noise as if she was cumming and I said "hey you better not cum"

she assured me she was not , and I be lived her as I almost never able to get her off through oral sex, but I could have sworn the noise she was making was an orgasm, sounded like she was kind of holding back her moans to, then suddenly she said ok that's enough, and I asked if she was ready to have sex, and she said "no not yet !! I just need a smoke"

So she lit one up but she also turned around on her stomach and I could see her sexy ass spread a bit , just enough to see her tight pink sexy ass hole, at this point she said "why don't you get you face in my ass" so I started kissing her but cheeks but apparently that wasn't enough she told me "you call that ass worship, lick my ass loser" I laughed and said "loser? huh" , she said "yes loser now shut up and lick my ass hole" , I would have argued more but god her ass looked hot so I did as she said and began licking her ass all around her ass hole and poking my tongue in every now and then and I could feel here raise her ass as to push my tongue into her ass more.

This was going on for some time now she had finished her cigaret and I could see she wasn't even paying attention to me anymore, she was so into the TV again, so I stopped worshiping her ass, and she didn't protest, she didn't react at all.

So I just figured ok I will just wait till she is ready, then finally an hour later she looked at me and said she was tired, she got up turned off the TV and began turning the lights off (I was thinking "oh God yes I cant wait its about time"), but the next thing I knew she had turned all the lights off and went into the bedroom without me ... I quickly followed her into the room and then under the covers and into bed , I could see she had taken all her cloths off, I claimed on top of her and she pushed me off saying she wasn't in to mood now, I said "what I waited all night !!! YOU PROMICES!!!" she explained that she never promised anything and she was tired and it just wasn't going to happen, so I begged her "ok ok well just unlock me so I can go masturbate" she refused and explained she didn't want me to cum tonight and she would take care of me tomorrow.

Well I couldn't believe it, my cock was still throbbing even inside the CB 3000, and leaking precume all over, I begged and told here she couldn't do this not after this long an asexually frustrating night, but she wouldn't budge , and told me no, an that nothing I said would help, so I said on no, and I started touching her ass hole with my fingers, and acting like if she didn't unlock me I was going to finger her ass, she just kept telling me to stop and shrugging me off, but I wasn't going to stop , I needed to cum and now, and besides I knew doing this would prevent her from falling asleep, finely she got mad and told me to stop now or I would be sorry , and that if I didn't stop she was going to totally make me her bitch. I explained ok ok look I am your bitch , totally now let me out of this thing, she said "oh you are my bitch? ok fine well tomorrow im going to make you prove to me that you are my bitch"

I said fine fine ok whatever just unlock me, and again and again she refused, and she explained that she wasn't going to let me out and nothing I could do would change her mind, and she threatened that if I didn't knock it off now I wouldn't be coming tomorrow either, (I could tell she was serious I mean if she could refuse me tonight she could do it again tomorrow) So as much as I couldn't stand it and I knew it would be a long night of hell I decided to try and forget it and just wait till tomorrow. And she turned over and that was it.

Early in the morning I woke up to some serious blue balls and and they where hurting bad, I started to get out of bed and I felt her reach around and check to see I still had the CB 3000 on, then realizing I did, she went back to sleep.

I got out of beg tried to just get my minded off of sex, but then I started thinking ... when the hell are we going to have sex? I mean we never have morning sex and I just realized she had work yet again tonight. Normally she keeps me locked up till she gets home from work.

Man I cant wait that long, oh well nothing I can do now but see what happens, she totally had me by the balls.

Well she slept really late and it was almost time for her to get ready for work. (being a stripper this could take some time) she woke up, took a shower and started getting her makeup on and , I asked her if we could have sex before she goes to work, like just a quickly, she laughed and was like "yeah right lol". she said "besides you promised you where my bitch rite", I said "yes" she said "rite so I told you I was going to make you prove it"

I said "um ok?" she said "ok well when you prove it then ... and only then will I let your cock out." I knew there was no arguing and I playfully said "ok what do you want , me to lick your pussy?" she said "no lol, loser lol, go get me a pair of my sexy thong panties" () she was naked so I didn't think anything of it", I returned with her panties and she told me to get her high heel stripper shoes, and then a pen and paper.

I brought this all back for her and she demanded I put her panties on... "What ? are U serious ?"

"Yes your my bitch rite? well put on your panties you little bitch lol",

"no please I just ...",

"shut up and put them on .. seriously or you can forget about cumming tonight",

I was so humiliated but I knew she wasn't playing so I started putting them on, she turned around with an evil smile and started watching me (this was different cause she was just putting her makeup on and not looking at me while we where having all this conversation).

after I finally squeezed them on she was laughing and told me to turn around she wanted to see the thong up my ass, she laughed again and I could tell she was loving my humiliation, but I figured ok whatever it takes to get to cum tonight, then she told me to put the heels on, I couldn't believe it... I tried begging over and over, but she wouldn't budge, and she was threatening to not let me cum if I didn't do it rite now, so I found myself standing there in front of her with clear stripper heels , silky pink panties and my cock locked in chastity, I couldn't believe this was happening but at the same time I was so so horny from the night before I was willing to do just about anything.

Then she grabbed the pen and paper and started writing?

she handed it to me I started reading.
1. Straighten up the living room
2. vacuum all the floors
3. clean the tables
4. do the dishes
5. clean the kitchen counters
6. make the beds
7. finish the Landry
8. mop the kitchen and bathroom floors
9. clean the toilet

If any of this isn't done and isn't done rite, you will not get to cum again tonight. LOSER!

Love your Princess.

She handed me the paper, after reading it I asked her .. "are you serious?" she explained yes and that this wasn't all either , "when I get home I will inspect your work and if you did a good job, you will continue to prove to me that you are my bitch until I am satisfied, then and only then will you get to cum"

I could see it was going to be a long night. I once again tried talking her out of it, explaining I didn't think I could make it all night waiting for her to get home, but she said this was the way it was going to be and that I had better start cleaning now, I hesitated at first but realizing she truly had all the control, and taking into consideration how much I suffered last night, I knew I should just start cleaning and get all the chores done.

So I started straightening up the living room, I couldn't believe I was doing this, I was walking around in sexy high heels like a girl wearing thong panties with my cock locked in chastity cleaning up the house at her command, I was so beyond humiliated I started to feel like I just couldn't do this I stopped and in a serious and more quit voice said "can I please please please please put on my cloths and do the cleaning this is way to much and i feel so stupid, you have totally proven your point here and I will be good from now on ok?" she looked at me and smiled and put her hand up gave me the middle finger and said "aww what's wrong do you feel stupid? cause you look unbelievably stupid... but don't worry its not like im going to tell all the girls I work with or anything ha ha ha, but no seriously if you think this is bad wait till you see what happens when I get home.. this is just the begging and if you don't like it then leave, otherwise get the fuck back to work BITCH! ", that was it I knew there was nothing I could do but suffer the humiliation and do as I was told so I went back to cleaning and feeling like a bitch, after a few minutes I heard a click sound, I turned around to her and I saw she had taken a picture of me with her cell phone, (click) and another, I said "hay wait don't do that what are you doing!!!" Nothing she said just taking some pictures the girls aren't going to believe this ha ha ha, "No wait are you serious?" I exclaimed, "no no im just messing around don't get your panties in a bunch loser", she said, then she said you know what I really need is to make a video with you sometime, in case we ever break up and I want to blackmail you into being my house maid loll, she said. , then she said "oh you know what you can do ... get the video camera and set it up in each room as you clean so I can make sure you keep you bitch uniform on all night while your cleaning, lol you got that loser?" I assured her I would video tape all my cleaning so she would be sure I did it dressed like this, so after setting it up with the tripod pointed at the living room, I went back to cleaning.

Some time later she was ready for work and heading out the door, she told me I had better work really hard and pay attention to every detail cause my cleaning will have to pass and strict inspection if I wanted to cum tonight, I said "ok I will." she said ... and you better still be dressed like this when I get home, heels and all, "ok I will" , she said" that's yes Princess to you loser" so I said "yes Princess and she left".

The night went on and I spent the next 2 hours or so cleaning and doing all the chores and making sure to video tape it all, I wanted to make sure after all this that I would at least get to cum, I wasn't going to screw up this night.

So she comes home after work, im sitting on the couch watching TV still in panties and heels, first thing she does is look to make sure im dressed still, then she looks at me and sez "why are you just sitting there watching TV and not still cleaning?", I told her I had finished hours ago. "Really!" she said , I explained I did everything she put on the paper and I made sure it was done really good, she said "ok if your sure you did a good job?", I said "yes im sure" and exclaimed "look around the place is immaculate... don't you thing?", she looked around and was shaking her head in a positive way and she said "well it dose look pretty good, but if your going to prove to me that you are my bitch you need to prove that you can clean like a bitch,... I will have to inspect all your chores later but it looks like you don't have anything to worry about".

Then she went to change and wind down, some time went by and then she came out of the bedroom, she was dressed maybe hotter then I have ever seen her before, with lipstick, garter and stockings, everything .. she looked extremely hot, she was smoking a cigaret and had her purse with her (I didn't think anything of it) and she asked me

"so are you ready to prove to me that you are my bitch?"

I said "um I guess"

"good" she said "get over here"

so I came over to her and she reached into her purse and took out red lipstick and started putting it on my lips, all I said was "oh come on" and let her do it, she had me pretty whipped at this point. She looked at me and I couldn't believe my humiliation was actually getting worst , first the panties then the heels , now lipstick, and don't for get the CB 3000, OMG this was awful I would have never thought she would be capable of being this cruel to me, I knew she could tell that this wasn't fun for me, but the more defeated I became and the sadder the look I made on my face, the bigger the smile on her face became. I seemed like somehow she was really getting off on this, and I even said to her "" I cant believe your doing this", she said "why not? as many times as you have fucked up in our relationship, and failed to make me happy, do you really think I should feel sorry for you? This is payback and im not going to show you an ounce of mercy, you know you deserve every bit of this", there was nothing I could say to that.

She finished with the lipstick and seemed happy with how it looked, at this point she told me "now get on your knees bitch!", so I did, she was looking down at me with one hand on the back of my head and the other holding her cigarette, as she moved my lips closer to her pussy though still covered by her panties, I knew what would happen next she wanted me to lick her pussy and get her warmed up for sex, or so I thought , I started kissing her panties pussy , and she laugh at me and said "wow you look good you little bitch, I love your lips like that, you know your lips would look so so good wrapped around a big cock" she laughed, and I shrugged it off, then she said "no seriously I want to see you suck my cock," and she pulled out her 8 inch rubber dildo and pushed my head back away from her pussy and held the dildo between her legs as if it where her cock. Oh come on I proclaimed, she told told me to shut up and listen good, and explained I was going to obey each of her commands without delay and if I even delayed for a millisecond then I would have failed and I would not be unlocked tonight, I was so degraded but I said ok, and she said ok bitch I want you to open your mouth, so I did, then she said no you fucking loser wider then that , and I did, I was so embarrassed but she told me not to look away and to look rite into her eyes, I said ok I will and I did, she then started slowly moving the tip of the dildo closer to my open mouth, while she still had one hand on the back of my head, she then told me to put my hands behind my back and not to move them, so I did, and closer the dildo moved to my mouth, now it was just outside my mouth and she "aww you look like you want to suck this cock so bad loser lol, well here it comes," and she moved it slowly into my mouth telling me to open wider , it was about half way in my mouth but still not touching my mouth as I was opened so wide, then she said "now close your mouth bitch," and I did I was kneeling there with this huge cock in my mouth looking up at my girlfriend while she was smiling evilly at me. "she demanded I start sucking , so much to my disgust I did.

"You call that sucking cock ??" she yelled at me, "I give you this chance to prove to me your worth letting out of chastity and this is how you suck cock, no no no that's not going to work, look I understand this is embarrassing for you but you are not pleasing me and if your not pleasing me, then I wont be pleasing you understand, so you need to stop with the virgin act and start sucking this dick like you absolutely love the cock!, you need to make me believe you love sucking cock more then anything or els we can just forget it now", I sighed in embarrassment and said "ok", she said "ok what what ?", I said "ok Princess?", and she said ok "Princess what?" I said "ok Princess I want to suck cock", and she said "do you cause you don't sound like you do, maybe this was a mistake maybe we should just forget it now", "no no I said please !!", "then make me believe you want to suck this cock .. beg for my cock bitch!" so I started begging "please let me suck your cock, please Princess please let me suck your big cock" as she yelled "not good enough make me believe it loser!!" so I begged "oh god please let me suck your big fat cock , please let me take your cock down my through, please let me show you how much I love sucking your cock, please Princess please give me a chance to show you how much of a good cock sucking bitch I am!!" and with that she said "good this is your last chance you better make it count or we are seriously done tonight, now suck my cock .. and like it bitch!"

So I really started sucking it like I like my cock sucked, going in and out at a fast pace with my lips puckered, I thought for sure I was doing good, and she yelled "no bitch you better do better then that, take it deeper, yes that's it gag on it , now keep on gagging, you still don't look like you love sucking cock, keep sucking but you smile like you like this cock loser smile and moan , moan like a girl, mone like your a little bitch, in a high pitch voice while you suck and gag on my cock".

So I was doing, just like she wanted I was on my knees wearing panties and heels, hands behind my back, with Pink lipstick on sucking and gagging and smiling and moaning like I was a real cock whore, I could see she was satisfied with how I was performing, and she said "now that's it, now you have it, now stop for a second" and she reached over to grab the hand held video camera, and reapplied my lipstick, and said "I need you to remember how to do this for next time, so im going to video tape it so if you ever forget you can review the tape," and then she started video taping and told me to start again from where I was begging , and so I did, I did it all over again this time while she video taped me and laughed at me , and egged me on, until she was satisfied with her taping, and then she said "good job you are really starting to prove to me how much of a good little bitch you are, now get in the bed room and wait for me on the bed," so I did , and she came in and set up the video camera again this time with the tripod, so she was recording everything that was happening on the bed, then she took off her panties and I was thinking "yes, yes yes !! finally !!" and I could feel my cock straining and throbbing inside the CB 3000, I knew finally release was almost at hand.

So after she set the camera up she got into bed and spread her legs showing her sexy shaved , perfect pussy, and she told me to lick her pussy, so I did, knowing this is how we always start having sex, a little oral sex then she usual lets me fuck her, so I tried to lick her pussy so good, showing her how grateful I was, and she was loving it, she moaned and moaned and this went on for some time, before she finally said it was enough.

Now she got up went over to the camera and hit the record button, came back, and so I started taking the heels off, and she said "no no ! keep them on" I thought "ok that is weird", she said "ok you have one more task to prove to me that you are my total Bitch !", I was thinking oh no now what this couldn't get any worst... I was wrong.

She told me "ok so your my bitch right?"

me "yes Princess",

Princess "ok and you love cock like all little bitches rite loser?"

me "yes Princess"

Princess "well there is one thing you still need to prove to me, there is one thing all bitches like and that's getting fucked in there ass hard by a big fat cock."

me "oh come on?? I cant do that!! please ? I have done so much",

Princess "ok that's not what I wanted to hear, that doesn't sound like you begging me to fuck your ass like a little bitch?",

me "no please I cant I have had enough don't make me do this",

Princess "ok then you have proven that your not my bitch , forget it then, you have done all that for nothing ... you don't get to cum .. forget it",

me "no no wait please please I need it please !! don't I cant take another night like this!!",

Princess "you know what .. ok , im going to do you a big favor im going to help you out here , im actually going to show you some mercy", I was so so glad to hear that, I was so happy, I knew there was no way I was going to be able to do what she was asking for. and she said,

"ok just do this for me , take off your panties, now turn around"

me "but you said I..."

Princess "im not going to fuck your ass not if you don't really really want me to, ok, now im trying to help you out here so just be smart and do what I tell you",

so I said "ok"

Princess "now turn around" .. good, now get on your hands and knees, ok good, now spread your legs,

now I could feel her had between my legs as she grabbed my still chaste cock, on hand I could feel her searching for the lock, and I thought "great she is going to unlock it", then I felt her other hand grab my balls, and then tighten, and then more, until it actually rally hurt and I said.

"what are you doing"

Princess "I said I was going to help you rite, well this is how im going to help you, im going to forced you to give me what I want this way you will satisfy me and actually have a chance at cumming which I know you really need",

She squeezed even harder I could hardly move let alone talk it was so painfully, it was the worst she had ever squeezed them before, I was riving in pain.

me "ouch oh god .. please stop what do you want!!"

Princess "oh well I want to hear you start begging for my cock of course"

so I just said it "please I want your cock",

Princess "your going to have to do better then that or I will break your balls", {squeezing even harder I really thought she was going to pop them so I couldn't help myself}

I started begging as she continued egging me on and squeezing till she heard what she wanted.

me " please Princess please fuck my ass please fuck me like a little bitch , I want it I really do please Princess"

Princess oh your just saying that you don't really want to get fucked'

me "yess yess oh god please fuck my ass please I really rally do please just stop hurting my balls",

Princess "well if you really wanted it you would show me by getting on your knees and spreading your ass with both hands and keep your ass spread", so I did as I was told,

Princess "now if you really want to get fucked I want you to take this dildo and work it deep into your asshole and show me you want it"

So I had no choice she had me by the balls and she was more then happy to seriously hurt me, she was holding one ball in each hand so she could squeeze extra hard if she had to, and so I did what she told me , first I asked for lob she said you want lob then suck it, so I used my own saliva and started putting it in my ass slowly until it was deep, and she demanded I put it "balls deep" so I did, and then she said start "fucking yourself, good deeper"

now she held my balls with only one hand and then grabbed the dildo from me demanding I hold my ass open with both hands and stay like that, as she started fucking my ass with the dildo, she was really doing it and deep and fast to, I was moaning and riving in frustration, my ass hole felt like it was being stretched apart, and it going so deep was such a frustrating feeling it was somehow effecting my cock and making my cock thrive and strain , I was leaking pre cum everywhere, and she seemed to like the we I sounded when I moaned in pain and she demanded I moan more, while she squeezed my balls and fucked my as, so I did, she demanded I do it like a girl , "no you need to sound like a girl getting fucked moan like a girl or I will fuccking break your balls while I fuck your ass, and so feeling her squeeze harder I did as she said I was moaning like a girl, "louder she demanded, and louder until I was doing it so loud I swore the neighbors could hear, only then she started letting up on my balls, and she told me to keep doing it just like that and she grabbed a little mini vibrator and I could hear her turn it on and start playing with her clit with it.

So there I was ass in the air spreading my ass with both hands, moaning like a bitch and begging that she fuck me harder {like she told me to say}, locked in chastity, wherein high heels, and lipstick, being videotaped while my girlfriend was fucking my ass relentlessly and vibrating herself to orgasm, and this went on for so long , I think like 20 minutes or something it was the most painfully, and humiliating moment of my life,

but then I realized I had done everything she demanded and that I would defiantly get to cum tonight , after all one thing about my girlfriend .. she never lies if she sez she is going to do something she does it. so I knew at least I would get that much, finely I heard her cumming , and then she collapsed in extacy, and pulled the dildo out of my ass , she lit a cigaret and clayed on her back and I started to say something and she said , I don't want to hear you now, she took the dildo and held it between her legs and told me to suck it now!!, I wasn't happy about it, but I did as I was told she just smoked and watched me slowly suck the dildo that had just been in my ass. when she was finished smoking she told me to put my panties back on and meet her in the kitchen, so I did,

After she cleaned herself off she met me in the kitchen and looked around and said looks like you did a good job in here, so she lead me back to the bedroom and laid down on her stomach and started telling me ...

"well it looks like you have won your release and your orgasm, you have proven to me that you are my bitch and you would do anything to please me, so as I promised you can get out of chastity and cum .. but there is one problem,, I really liked making you suffer and I don't want you to cum lol, but I know I promised and I would not break a promise, so here is what we will do, I want you to chose, on one hand if you chose I will unlock you from chastity and let you masturbate to orgasm, on the other hand ... If you chose... you will not get out of chastity tonight or actually lets make that a full week, ok , but you will get to work and lick my ass for a few minutes... lol"

I couldn't believe this was she serious I was going out of my minded horny I was so defiantly going to chose to cum , even if her ass is so fucking hot, and I have always totally gotten off to licking and worshiping her ass hole.

she continued " but don't make your decision until I tell you to ok... you can chose any one you want its totally up to you I promise, first I want you to do this, bring your face to my ass,", so I did I could see her hot tight pink ass hold begging to be licked , I could imagine licking it, and I let my self for a moment imagine what it would be like if I actually did lick her ass, so humiliating after all this to give up my orgasms for a whole week just because her ass is so hot looking, I could I would feel so stupid if I did that, I would be so totally mortified to be licking her ass knowing that I just screwed myself for the night and the rest of the week.

so then she told me to bring my mouth closer to her ass and that I was to just look at her ass, and imagine licking it and imagine how much suffering I would go through for doing it to, but again she assured me its my choice and I don't have to chose that, but again that she didn't want me to chose just yet, the she spread her legs a bit opening up her ass so I could see her ass hole even better and she told me now she wanted me to stick out my tongue and just imagine licking her ass hole, move my tongue up and down , around and around and just imagine, then she said "you know you really have proven to me that you are my total bitch tonight and for that you have given up a lot, you see from now on you will be cleaning my house in the same manor as you did today, and from now on I will be fucking your ass just about every day, and yes you will be sucking it to, oh and of course I will be dressing you like a little whore bitch to humiliate you, as a matter of facet im even going to record all outer adventures and sell them online, see your my little porn bitch and im going to pimp your bitch ass videos out online lol" that's is what you have done to your self already, .. you really fucked yourself didn't you, now im giving you a chance , that's it keep pretending to lick my ass, as I said im giving you a chance to prove to me something ells, to prove to me how much a a loser you lol, to totally lose tonight , ha ha ha while I totally win, if you lick my ass you will only have a chance to cum once a weak, and its only a chance there is no guarantee, the rest of the week you will be cleaning and looking like a bitch and getting fuck like the bitch you are, and if you do a good job, once a week I might let you cum, or I might make you chose .. just like im making you chose rite now.. now bring you tongue close to my ass hole, and really imagine licking my ass.. are you ready to chose yet? are you ready to cum? or are you ready to really start suffering for me? you know what I want don't you??? seriously .. I want you to lick my ass and show me how much of a loser you really are... show me just how much of a stupid loser bitch slave you are that you would actually lose your orgasms for a whole week, maybe even longer, just to lick my ass hole for a few minutes.... now I want you to chose loser.. you have 5 seconds or you get nothing... 5 4 3 2 do it loser chose now... lick my ass you fucking loser , lick my ass so I can show you how merciless I can be!!!

and then the next thing I knew I was doing it .. I wasn't just pretending licking her ass, I was actually licking her ass, I couldn't believe I did that, I totally fucked up, her ass looked so hot, and now my face was buried in her ass hole, licking and worshiping her ass, I was totally fucked what had I done. how was I going to get through the week?

Good you stupid loser.. she said, "I knew you would make the rite choice... how do you feel giving up your cock for a few minutes licking my ass hole, ha ha ha, its ok don't worry I promise everyday this week you will get fucked, .. that's the one promise I make you , once everyday , I will fuck your ass with the dildo, for this whole week lol, every fucking day, and you will make me cum every day, with your tongue with the dildo, anyway I want it." now stop licking "

she turned around and looked at me in discus and giving me the finger she called me a loser, and told me if I asked to be let out even once before the end of the week, she would add one full hour of me fucking my awn ass in front of her while she just watched TV, she was serious, if I even flirted with asking her , I would automatically have to fuck my own ass for an hour straight and the pas she chose.

and after that I stood there in shock as to what had happened, she had totally dominated me in one night, using nothing but my own cock, I knew it was going to be a humiliating and cock teasing, week, I couldn't believe this was really going to happen and she could be this cruel and merciless, just then on her way out the door she said, "oh and loser.... you know you deserve this". and she left the room.

The end ... until next time.

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