Trapped for Three Years

Submitted by: Benjamin

I have been chastised for about 3 years now... 24/7.... i am released for hygiene purposes and when Mistress wants to use or play with me... i am always restrained and have no say as to how Mistress wants to use me. She may use me for penetrative sex, oral sex, just to tease me, or anything else She may want to do.

Maybe i should start by giving the background as to how i arrived in this position. Back when i was a teenager, i aggravated some older cousins to the point that they lassoed me and tied me to a tree in the woods. To keep me quiet, they tied a gag in my mouth and left me for quite a long time. As we were off in the woods playing, nobody knew about it. In struggling to get loose had my first orgasm. As the men in the group will understand and i hadn't ever had a orgasm, i thought i was dying when it started. But it sure felt good when it was over, of course the front of my pants were very wet. My cousins laughed at me as they knew what had happened. However they did help me to cover the situation. They did it by throwing me in the pond and claimed i had fallen off a log while crossing the creek.

As i didn't know about masturbation, i would go off in the woods, tie myself up as best i could and struggle to get loose until i orgasmed again (without my clothes on i might add. Thus began my plunge into bondage. Moving ahead to now. After we were married, i gradually persuaded my wife (now my Wife and Mistress and Keyholder) to tie me up and make love to me. Course I had to tell her what to do most of the time. To get her to tie me up the first time, i was deliberately doing something that she didn't want done. She asked how i would like it if she did that to me. I told her that she wasn't strong enough to do it to me, but if my hands were tied, i wouldn't be able to stop her, so she tied me up. I gradually led her to tie me up so that i would make love to her like she wanted.

Moving ahead some years now... As with most couples, her sex drive and appetite waned as mine grew. She would still tie me up occasionally and have sex, more often if i persisted she would just jack me off. I got to where it was easier for me to just do it myself.. got to be quite a habit. Over the years, this lead to a situation - quite often when she wanted sex - , where i wasn't ready due having beat off several times aday. Well as You may guess, this didn't go well with her. She would take me to bed and tie me down. only instead of nice, she would make it rough on me and i would have to bring her off orally ( which i really liked to do anyway) but she would do cbt on me while she was riding my face, also nipple clamps.. course i got to where i craved this action, so more and more wacking off.

I subscribed to several adult magazines like Playboy and Penthouse Variations. In these were stories about female domination and sometimes chastity. Then with the Internet came surfing and the discovery of the chastity groups. Seems She found out about my interest in them somehow. Well She went to several chastity and FemDom sites and learned of Chastity devices and how one would help her. She Knew that i would not go into one willing at this point ( although we had talked some about what it would be like and i liked to wank off to well). I often used the stories in the magazines to beat off to. She found this out as those pages got the most use. Well She and Her Sister began putting a plan together.

She ordered a CB-2000 ( i am wearing a CB-3000 now as i speak - soon to be replaced with a LORI TUBE ). As i work during the day and She was home, it came in the mail and She hid it. I also learned later that she had ordered a dildo with balls, so she could practice putting it on. Also i found out lots of those nights that i fell asleep right after supper that she had put sleeping pills in my food and drink. Then She would test fit it. However she knew that being like it was I would just cut the lock and take it off. So the plan was hatched.

Her Sister invited us up to stay a weekend with them. When we got there, her husband had been called away on business, so it was just her and us there (she lives back out in the sticks I might add.) Well Her Sister had some things in the yard that She needed doing, so i volunteered to do them. Course i got all dirty and sweaty. She and her sister wanted to go out to eat and see a movie. So I had to take a bath naturally. They gave me enough time to get my water run and good and soapy. Then in pops her Sister ( i hadn't bothered to lock the door) butt naked and jumps in the tub with me, hugging and kissing on me. I am trying to get her off me as i knew what it would appear like should my wife come in. Well, She was already in, taking pictures with not one but 2 disposable cameras. You can image what it looked like.

When She had them full She ran outside and got into her car and took the cameras uptown to get the pictures developed ( multiple copies i might add). With her Sister on top of me and me with no clothes on, i couldn't get out of the tub quick enough to stop her from leaving. She had it planned as to have taken all the keys to the other vehicles with her, so there i was. While she was gone, her Sister taunted me by saying that i was in for it now.

i thought She was going to use them to divorce me ( it was one of the options She offered me later), but Sister said She had other plans. i asked her "What kind of plans?". She just laughed and said "You'll see soon enough. Just go finish your bath and wait till Sis gets back". i asked " How long will that be?" She said " A couple of hours, She went to town to get the pictures developed and laughed again." i decided that at least i needed to be clean anyway, so i finished my bath.

After i dried off, i went to put on my clothes, but couldn't find them. i asked her Sister if She knew where my clothes were at. She said that my Wife had them locked up in the back of her car and that when i had run out to try to stop her, that she had placed what was in the bathroom and my dirty clothes in her suitcase and had locked it in her car. i told her to go get them. She said she couldn't as My wife had all the keys with her, and to just set down and calm down till She got home.

About 2 and 1/2 hours later, She asked if i was hungry or wanted anything to eat. As i had been working all morning, i was hungry and she went to fix me some food and drink. After eating and finishing my drink i started getting sleepy. She said "Why don't you go lie down on the bed in the guest room till Sis gets back". I said "Ok" it wasn't long till i was asleep.

When i woke up, my wife and sister were in the room with me. I started to get up but found myself tied spread-eagled to the bed. i began to holler at her, but she told me to shut up and listen if i didn't want her to divorce me right now. i asked her what was she doing. She said she was tired of me never wanting sex when she did and not getting her off when we did. Furthermore, she was tired of having to do all the house work and be alone while i went to play golf, fish, hunt, or spend time with my buddies, and that was about to change or she would divorce me next week.

She then showed me a copy of the pictures she had taken. If they were introduced into a divorce proceeding then she would get her divorce i was sure. She said that these were my copies and that there were 3 more copies at some of her sister's friend's houses for safekeeping. She said she wouldn't divorce me if i would agree to her terms and sign a written agreement to do anything that she told me to and that anything she did was with my permission. She said i had 5 minutes to make up my mind, and they left the room. i tried to get loose but they had me in our leather cuffs and tied good. they were locked on and the rope was looped in the "d" rings and tied under the bed, so there was no escape. After thinking about the situation, i called her back into the room and told her to let me loose and we would work things out. She told me that i had her terms and either i agreed or she would let me loose and file divorce proceedings on Monday. i had no choice but to agree as i loved her greatly. She then produced the papers i was to sign. They released my right hand so i could sign the papers, but as i didn't have my glasses on, i wasn't able to read it hardly at all. Then they tied my hand back and left the room. i told them to let me up, but they said not yet, that they still had something to do first.

When they came back, she handed me a signed copy of the paper i had signed and told me the rest were safely hidden and would be placed in her sister's safe deposit box Monday after we were gone. They held the paper up for me to read. it basically stated that from this day forth that i was to give her complete control of all aspects of my life. That in the event of a divorce for any reason, she would get everything that we owned as of that date. That i would have to do everything she wanted done without complaint or delay. She said this meant control of the finances, any item of clothing or anything else she wanted me to wear, the doing of the housework, my hobbies, and especially our sex life. That i would only be allowed to cum when and how she wanted me to. Any refusal would be grounds for divorce. At the bottom was a statement that i had read the document, agreed to all the terms, and had signed it voluntarily, being free from any drugs alcohol, and of sound mind and body as witnessed by her sister and four female names ( that i didn't recognize and had been kept covered when i signed). i knew i was sunk for the time being and would try to talk my way out of this later. i told her she had me and to let me up. She said not yet, that there was one more thing to be done first and i might as well start my new life right now..

i told her that she might control everything else, but she would have a hard time keeping me from cumming and proving that i had when i was at work. She said that was the next order of business and produced the box with the cb-2000 in it. I asked her what that was when she removed it from the box. She said it was a male chastity device and would keep me from cumming unless she allowed it. They then installed it on me. I told her that it was only plastic and i could either bust it off or just cut the lock. She told me if i did she would immediately file for divorce and get everything i owned, plus show the pictures she had to everyone i knew or worked with.

She asked me if i remembered how i used to love the feel of her rubbing her underwear up against me and she had let me wear some of her lingerie several times. And how i had commented to her about how i had oftened wondered what women felt like all dreesed up in dresses and such. How she had let me wear her panties and bras and pranced around and let her take pictures with our camera for the fun of it. the camera that put dates on the pictures. also how for a Halloween party, she had talked me into going dressed as a woman and her as a man.. How she had insisted that i dress completely as a female and she had taken pictures again as i was getting dressed in panties, hose, a garter belt, pink bra, slip, dress ,2" high heels and a wig. Course i had thought it was funny and modeled each item as it was added. At the party she had one of our male friends to slow dance with me as a joke ( or so i thought at the time) and she took some more pictures of us dancing. After she had them developed, we had looked at them and had a big laugh about how cute i was. Well she now informed me that she had 7 more copies made and she had 2 of them in a special safety deposit box in another town, Her sister had 2 copies in her box, and each of 2 of her friends had a copy and another had 1 copy sealed in a priority post package addressed to my work place, that was to be delivered by hand if she gave the word if i didn't do as she asked. i knew then i was done for.

i asked her how she could do this to me. She said that for the last 10 years that i never thought about her. i never helped her with the housework, never went anywhere with her as i was busy playing golf, fishing, hunting or out with buddies. How i had never made sure she had cum when we had sex and only was concerned with my own needs.

She said we are going to let you loose now, but i warn you that if you try to hurt us and don't do exactly as whatever I tell you to or you complain or delay, then there will be hell to pay on your part. I said i understood. She said "by the way, I am to be addressed as Mistress unless told otherwise. You are to answer "Yes Mistress, No Mistress" when in private. You will answer " Yes Ma'am or No Ma'am" when we are in public and to all other females at all times. Do you understand this?" i said "Yes" and she slapped my balls hard and i hollered out in pain. She said "How are you supposed to answer me?". i said "Yes, Mistress". She said" that's more like it and you had better not forget it either. I asked her how her sister was to be called. She said "what did i tell you awhile ago to call all females?" and hit my balls again. I said " Ma'am, Mistress". She said alright then.

They then released me, and she told me to try to get out of the chastity device. That if i could within 2 minutes that she would tear up all the agreements and all the pictures and release me from the deal. I tried as hard as i could, but couldn't get out.

I asked if i could have my clothes back now? She said by all Means that i needed to be dressed and had her sister go to the car and bring in her overnight case. She said the clothes i needed was in the case and to put them on in the order they were in the case. i opened the case and the first thing i saw was a pair of pink frilly silky women's panties. i said these are not my clothes and she slapped me and told me not to argue and reminded me of the agreement. She said that if i didn't do as she said that her sister would call the Sheriff and have me arrested for indecency and that she would contact her lawyer Monday. Not wanting that i told her ok. She hit me hard in the balls again and asked me if that was the correct way to answer her? I said "No Mistress" and that i would do as she said.

i put on the panties. next was a pair of fishnet stockings, followed by a garter belt. Next was a pair of clover type nipple clamps, then a matching pink training bra. They stuffed the cups with toilet tissue to give me a bust, which also pressed on the clamps. Next was a lacy slip that came about halfway to my knees. The next item was a blouse with a high frilly collar. This was followed by a bright green skirt that just covered the slip. The last item in the case was a pair of 3" high heels with open toes. They took several pictures as each item was put on and i was told to face the camera and to look like i was doing this on my own and enjoying it. i asked "Why are you taking more pictures Mistress?" She told me that i wasn't allowed to ever question anything She did.

Then they said that something was missing. They placed clip-on earrings on me, put on extra long fake fingernails and painted them bright red, next came purple eyeliner and some mascara. Then her sister went and got a blonde wig and put it on me. Last was bright red lipstick. Then they took me to a full length mirror. i started to cry and Mistress told me that i had better quit or i would mess up my makeup and that would make her very angry. She said she had forgot one thing. She then had me put my foot up in a chair and she put a small padlock in the buckle of each high heel, so i couldn't take them off. She then told me that this is how i would be dressed the rest of the weekend and if did as i was told all weekend maybe i wouldn't have to wear it home on Sunday evening. After some more pictures was taken, i was told to remove everything except the pantities, hose, garterbelt and the nipple clamps. Of course the shoes couldn't be removed. Then i was told to get back on the bed. i was then re-tied to the bed and blindfolded.

Mistress told us that She was going to town to get these new pictures developed and that while She was gone, her sister could "use me as she pleased as long as she didn't really hurt me or leave any lasting marks. i started to protest, but Mistress grabbed my exposed balls and started tightening her grip, and asked "You will do as I say or else?" i said "Yes Mistress". As she went to leave, She told her sister to have fun, but not to hurt me. Her sister asked what was she allowed to do. Mistress said "anything as long as it didn't hurt me real bad, leave lasting marks, or have sex with me". Then they both laughed as she said "But then he can't have sex with anyone anymore unless she wanted me too, and he sure isn't getting any for quite awhile yet".

Her Sister asked Her what kind of things to do as she wasn't used to stuff like this. She told her to use her imagination. Anything to arouse me. Tease me. She said that there was 2 things i liked more than anything else. Both of them involved smelling an aroused pussy. Both would get me hard in a New York Minute and that would be fun considering i was locked up in the chastity device and couldn't get fully erect. One thing was that i liked to have a pair of her panties ( after she had played with herself) taped across my nose and my balls played with. The other was that i liked to be "forced" to eat pussy. Both She said made my dick get hard as a rock. Her sister said she was going to like this. i groaned at the thought of smelling pussy and being locked in that damned device as i knew that i would try to get hard just as She had said..

Mistress told her that if i hesitated to do what she wanted, to just start squeezing my balls until i did. The other thing was not to release me from the bed. With that she turned to leave. I begged her to not let her sister do this and She told me to shut up and enjoy and gave my balls a light squeeze.

I could hear them talking as they went down the hall, but couldn't hear what they were saying. After awhile, i heard the car crank up and leave. Her sister came back in the room after awhile and said she was going to enjoy this. that she was going to just cum and cum and i wasn't getting none, and laughed.

i asked what are you going to do? She said not to be talking if i knew what was good for me as She gave my left nipple a hard pinch and twist. I said Yes Ma'am!. She said that was better. She then Taped 2 half dollars over my eyes and said that i didn't need to see her any more that i had in the tub ( her boobs ). i heard her sit down in the chair and it wasn't long before She was moaning real loud. i knew she was masturbating from the sounds i was hearing. Then she got up and taped the panties over my nose. The smell of her arousal was all i could smell. As My Wife had predicted, my penis tried to get erect immediately, but of course there was no way it was able. She started playing with my nipples and lightly scratching my balls with her long fingernails. This only made my dick try to get even harder and the cage pull on my balls more. i don't know how long she did this, but I started to beg her to let me loose. She hit my exposed balls hard and said that she had told me no talking. She said that since i wanted to use my tongue, that there was a better use for it. She then got on the bed in a 69 position and put her pussy on my mouth and told me to lick her till she said stop. And also if i didn't do a good job, there would be bad things happen to my balls.

Then She said, " well don't just lay there, Get started, I only got a couple of hours to enjoy myself." i hesitated and she squeezed my balls really hard. I yelped in pain and She said "well?". i started licking for all i was worth. Then She started giving me direction as to how She wanted it done. She came at least twice and i stopped licking as my tongue was tired. She slapped my balls and told me she hadn't say to stop. i started to tell her i was tired and she hit me even harder. She said " you don't get it do you? your needs aren't important anymore and to get back at it." i said Yes Ma'am.

After awhile, She said she had to go to the bathroom and pee. She said maybe should just do it in my mouth and i started thrashing around. She maybe later, that my Wife had told her not to do that yet. She put some loud music on and left the room. Later She came back( at least at the time i thought it was her) and put her pussy back over my mouth. When i started licking, i knew right away that wasn't her Sister's pussy, and when She started moaning i knew for sure it was my Wife's. Seems between her sister's legs pressed over my ears and her moaning, i hadn't heard Her return or her taking some more pictures. When She had cum twice She got up and said they were going to untie me now and let me up. The cuffs were to remain on however, should they decide to restrain me again. i was to put "my new clothes" back on and come to them in the living room. I said " Yes Mistress". She said that was much better and they left the room.

i got dressed as ordered and went to the living room to where they were sitting. i was told that when i was summoned or left her presence i was to do a slight curtsy when in private and to bow my head if in public. i started to protest, but she stopped me and said i would have to be punished. She told me to pull down my panties, lift my skirt and lay down across her sister'e lap or else. She then got a yardstick and whipped my bare ass till i was almost in tears, She stopped and asked if i was ready to obey. i said " Yes Mistress". She said then thank Me for your whipping. I said" that you Mistress for punishing me". She said to pull my panties up and get up. i got up and did a small curtsy. She said very good. Now go into the kitchen and fix us some sandwiches and drinks. i started to leave and she said "aren't you forgetting something. I said " Yes, Ma'am "and did a curtsy again. I brought them their food and drinks. She said for me to sit at her feet in case they wanted anything else.

When they had finished, She told me to get up. I did and after a short time She slapped me hard. She said that was for not curtsying like i was supposed to. i did one and was ordered to wash the dishes, sweep and mop the kitchen and report back. i said " Yes Mistress" and curtseyed and left and did as i was ordered. When i finished i reported back to them, remembering to curtsy this time. They inspected my work and approved ot it. She asked if i was hungry and I said "Yes Mistress". She said good, you can eat this and sat down on the edge of a chair and said to eat her pussy. I did and when she came, She asked if i was still hungry? i answered "Yes Mistress" and she then said i could eat her sister's pussy which i did. She asked if i was still hungry and that if i was they could get some of her Sister's friends to come over. I told het No Mistress I am full". I was then told to get up and dust the spare bedroom and the den. i curtsied and got started. When i had finished, they were back all dressed up. She said they were going to town to see a movie. She asked if i would like to go. i told her if it pleased her Ma'am. She said very good, and to go pee. I curtsied and went to the bathroom. it was then that i realized i would have to sit to pee and to wipe afterwards just like a woman. i finished and returned to where they were.

She said i couldn't gp dressed like that and to strip everything except the hose and bra I did and they brought a chair into the room and placed it in front of the tv. She said since i had forgot to properly present myself upon my return, i would have to stay home, but could watch a movie on tv, and to bend over the chair first. I did and She lubed my asshole and inserted a medium butt plug in it. Then i was told to sit in the chair. i did and they put a dog collar on me next. then they got a dog chain out and had me put my hands behind the chair. They ran the chain through on of the "d" rings on one cuff, through the rungs on the back of the chair, thought the other cuff ring, up through the "d" ring on the collar and locked it together. Then they tied my ankles to the legs of the chair. She said before they left that i could speak freely for 2 minutes. I begged her to please stop this and let us work out of problems. She said we could stop right now, but to remember that the divorce proceedings would begin next week and I had 1 minute to decide. i asked her if it was going to be like this always if i decide to continue. She said that depended upon how my conduct was on a day to day basis, If i pleased her, she would be lenient and fair. if i rebelled of failed to please her then it would be rough for me. She said "time's up decide now". i told her i would like to continue as per our agreement. Mistress.

She said very well then. She said that i would get a reward when they got back. Then she took off her panties and taped them over my nose and said she wouldn't be needing them tonight anyway. i could tell that all this had her highly aroused and my penis almost immediately started straining to get erect. They noticed this and started laughing and said i was going to enjoy my time alone tonight and to jack off all i wanted. Tears started to form in my eyes. She kissed me and told me to be sure and wait "up" for them to get my reward. She then turned on the tv and turned the satellite to the PLAYBOY channel. She gave me a drink of water, kissed me and they started out the door. She turned and said that not to worry, that they had arranged for someone to check on me from time to time and that it would not do me any good to try to get them to let me loose as they approved of what they were doing and to speak only if spoken too. Then they left.

Needless to say, i was trying to get erect the whole time and try as i might, couldn't get loose. All i accomplished was for the buttplug to rub my prostate gland and start me to leak precum. The way i was positioned i couldn't see the door. about an hour after they left i heard a car pull up and the door be unlocked and someone enter. i at this point thought that it was them that had returned. A woman's voice whispered in my ear "Are you enjoying your movie?" Oh my God it was My Wife's Sister's sister in law that lived about a mile up the road. I could have died of embarrassment and shame, but remembering my Wife's comments and instructions, i told her "No Ma'am". She said i should be as i was sitting here all alone watching porn. I told her i was all tied up and had a chastity device on my penis, so why should i be enjoying myself. She frowned. By the way, you have noticed that i wasn't surprised to see you like this. This isn't the first chastity device i have seen. You nay have noticed that my husband acts so nice and courteous towards me and other women. that is because he went through pretty much the same things you are and i know all about what you are going through. i helped your Wife and her sister plan this. After all it was the least i could as they helped me with my husband and 2 more of our friends. We have been thinking about having a party and inviting several other women that have noticed the difference in our husbands and said they would do anything to have their husbands act this way.

She then took off the panties from my nose. She said that they probably needed refreshing. She went into the back and soon i heard her moaning which started my penis to erecting again. It had shrunk when i first found out it wasn't my wife checking on me. Soon she came back and put the panties back on my nose. The smell of her pussy set me to straining against the cage almost instantly. I have 2 questions to ask you before I go She said. 1st is "would you like for your Wife to Fuck you when She returns" I said Yes Ma'am i would like that very much, my balls are about to burst with cum. Ok, I will tell her. 2nd Question is are you sure you are not enjoying yourself?. I told Her No Ma'am, i am not enjoying myself" She said that was too bad as her instructions was to untie me, take the device off and let me jack off as long as i wanted to or they got back whichever was first. but if i wasn't then She was supposed to see if she could fix it so i would. She set to fondling my package and tickling my balls, and teasing my nipples which were excited. She then got me a drink of water, went and got the clover nipple clamps and put them on my sensitive nipples. She said maybe they would help me to enjoy it better. Then She said she had left her husband tied up and had to go take the vibrating dildo out of his ass and for me to enjoy myself and she would be back to check on me later. She said she would probably have a treat for me when she returned. And once again i was left in my misery.

The pain in my nipples and balls were bad but still my penis was trying to get fully erect. After about an hour She again returned, and again asked if i was enjoying myself. I immediately told her "Yes Ma'am i am enjoying myself." She thought for a minute then frowned. She said " I don't think you are being honest with me, but i will take the clamps . The pain of them being removed was as bad as them being on. If you have ever had any on for a long period of time will know what i mean. I said "Thank You Ma'am". She went and got 10 clothespins and placed them on what loose skin there was on my balls. She said maybe you will enjoy this better and left again.

She was back in about an hour and asked again. I told her " I am indeed enjoying myself, Ma'am".. She responded that My wife had told her that if my the 3rd time i was having fun to leave me tied and to increase my pleasure and that She would fuck me when She got home. I groaned and she said i didn't have to thank her. She got the clamps and reapplied them to my nipples and this time put some weights on the chain that connected them. I groaned some more. She said "Don't thank me now. You will be allowed to thank me in the near future. Then she left again. After about 30 minutes the pain got tolerable.

About an hour later, my Wife and Sister returned. She said she was so glad that i had enjoyed my movies while they were gone. She said they had stopped and talked to Brenda ( the other woman's name) before coming home. She said Brenda was giving Sam ( her husband) a paddling when they got there. She said that since i had been good while they were gone i would be rewarded with a fucking. I thought "oh boy" I said "thank You Mistress". They untied me from the chair, took off the clothes pins and nipple clamps. they gave me some food and water. Then i was told to go use the bathroom and come back to the bedroom to get my fucking. I did as told and entered the bedroom. She told me to come around to the foot of the bed and bend over the foot railing. I had a questioning look on my face and She said " Just do as i say if you want a fucking". Reluctantly i did as i was told and they tied my arms over my head to the headboard of the bed. Then they stretched out my legs and tied them to the legs at the bottom of the bed. They then took the panties off my mouth. I heard my Mistress tell Joan ( her Sister) to help her get ready and laughed. Joan then came and took off her clothes and got on the bed ahead of me. i felt Mistress remove the buttplug and spread some kind of slippery stuff up my ass. It was then that i realized i was fixing to get fucked in the ass by Mistress. Joan said "don't say anything!... You said you wanted Your Mistress to give you a fucking didn't you?... Well She is going to fuck you." The old saying " be careful what you ask for, you may get it popped into my mind. i did agree that i wanted her to fuck me and not me to fuck her and besides there wasn't anything i could do about it anyway.

Then Brenda came and said She hoped she wasn't late. They told her they were just getting started and She could take the pictures of it all.. oh no more pictures i thought. Mistress came around where i could see her and She was wearing a strapon about the same diameter as the buttplug and about 6 or 7 inches long... She said "You are about to get the reward that you asked for. I am going to fuck you with this." What no Thank You for this?" I said "Thank You Mistress" immediately and She said "Your Welcome and I am going to enjoy paying you back for those time you fucked me backdoors."

Joan said that since Mistress was on the other end for me to make use of my mouth and slid down to where i could pleasure her. Thankfully Mistress eased the strap-on in slowly even thought the plug had been in for more than 3 hours.. She started slowly thrusting and it hurt somewhat as she penetrated me more and more. Gradually it went from painful to fairly pleasurable. After about 10 or 15 minutes, She asked Brenda if She would like to do me. She said She would and swapped places with Mistress who swapped places with Joan.. Brenda thrusted faster than Mistress and i felt like i was peeing slowly.. Later i found out that the dildo have milked my prostate gland and i had cum although there wasn't the pleasure like an orgasm gives.

After about 10 or fifteen minutes, they swapped up again with Joan doing me and Brenda getting pleasured by my mouth after She blindfolded me. Actually the shafting i got was really pleasurable towards the end and was sorta of a reward. At the least, it relieved the buildup of the cum in my balls. When they finished Mistress asked me if I had enjoyed my reward. I answered "Yes Mistress, i enjoyed my reward". She said, well aren't you going to thank Miss Brenda And Joan for their part?. I said " Thank you Miss Brenda and Miss Joan for my reward". Mistress said since you didn't include them in your first reply, you will receive 10 strokes with a yardstick from each of them to remind you the next time. You will Count each stroke and ask to receive another one Mistress said. i said Yes, Mistress". Finally it was over and i had a very used and sore ass.

They untied me, had me get in the bed and retied me face up and teased my package for about 30 minutes then they said to get a good night's sleep as tomorrow was another day in my new life. I went to sleep sometime later after crying thinking about how my life was to be from now on. Needless to say i didn't get much sleep that night.

The next morning they took everything off me but the cage and had me to get a good bath. Then I was dressed in the clothes, shoes and makeup that i wore the day before and was given cleaning chores to do. I also waited on Mistress and Joan hand and foot all day. Brenda came by about 2 P.M. and asked me how things were going. i answered "Very Well Ma'am". She said good and gave my crotch a couple of pats. They all talked while i was in another room doing my tasks. I saw Brenda give Mistress a package and groaned.

Finally, the day was over and it came time for us to go home. I asked Mistress if i was to go home dressed like this?". She said no not this time as i had been good all day. She said the clothes for you to wear home sre on the bed. You may go change now and unlocked the high heels. Boy was i in for a surprise when i got in there. i expected to see my male clothes and shoes... Wrong again.. There on the bed was apair of slacks (if you are old enough, you will remember the type that zipped up the side and had no fly, a feminine looking blouse, panty hose, a sports bra, and a pair of open toed shoes with low heels. I asked her i was to pee with no fly and she said since i now had to set down to pee, i wouldn't be needing a fly anymore. Not what i was wanting to hear at this point for sure and then she laughed. All these items were what Brenda had brought in the package i was later to find out. i hesitated in getting dressed and Mistress came back to see what was taking so long. She said i would have to pay a price for taking so long. She said that she had forgotten about the eyeliner and had to remove it herself. Finally we were ready to go and said our good-byes.

Mistress said she would do the driving. About halfway home, She said we would need some gas. We starting pulling into a little gas station that we often stopped at and She knew the people there. She said not to worry, that she wouldn't make me pump the gas. i breathed a breath of relief as it would be obvious to all that saw me that i had on women's clothes. She got out and pumped the gas, then got back in and handed me the money and told me to go in and pay for it. She said "I said I wouldn't make you pump the gas, but I didn't say anything about you paying for it.. I suggest you hurry while there isn't anybody else in the store or I could just call my lawyer??." I got out and hurried into the store. Seemed like it took extra long for the lady behind the counter to take the money. Then She said aren't you supposed to say something when you get back the change?. My heart sunk but I told her "Thank You Ma'am".. She said that is better and gave it to me. As i went out the door, she said loudly "Nice outfit" and the one person in the back looked up from the magazine he was looking at and grinned. I hurried back to the car and got in... Mistress asked how it went and when i told her She laughed. Seems her and the lady were real good friends from High School and she had called her earlier and told her about how i would be dressed and what to do. I was glad that there was only one other person in the store and he didn't know me. We talked alot on the way home. When we got home She had me go look in the mirror. She had not removed all the eyeliner and it was fairly obviously that i had on purple eyeliner. i could have died. She said the store was just to show me what She was going to be capable of if i didn't co-operate.

It took me about a week to fully realize my situation and how it was going to be, and learn the punishment/reward system. Now it seems like it should have been like this a long time ago. I love my Wife/Mistress very much and realize that i had really been a selfish heel for most of our marriage. Now I treat her like the Lady She has always been...

Funny thing... Last Saturday night, I took her to a very expensive restraunt. I opened the doors for her, helped her into her seat, got up and helped her out of her chair when She had to go to the restroom. Helped her into her chair when she came back. Yes Ma'm, No Ma'am to the waitresses and Cashier. Then when we went outside there was a young couple getting into their vehicle. She got in the passenger side and he the driverís side. I opened the door for Mistress and helped her in. They were parked right next to us. When I got in I looked over at them and she was hitting him on the arm and obviously fussing at him. I can just picture her telling him that he never opened her door like that and I had to chuckle. I know this was what was taking place because he looked over at me and just glared. I just grinned back at him. They left in a hurry. ( probably didn't get any that night, neither did i ) but that doesn't matter, Mistress was happy.

That is the way it all started some 3 years ago. Things are lovely these days. I wouldn't trade my chastity and lifestyle back to the way it was before for nothing.

This story is pure fact ....... or maybe not.....

It is the way it happened, just kidding about the maybe not.

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