The Burning Love of the Brothers Grimm

Submitted by: Justin


"Timmy! Jarrie, are you coming down? Mommy's got cookies! That is, if Timmy got his work done!" WHACK! WHACK! Jared Grimm gritted his teeth as Timmy Grimm brought the wicker carpet beater down on his bare butt. "Those math problems better be right... I want to go play ball with the guys. Are they, Jared?"

Jared squeezed tears out of his eyes as he rolled his head over to look at his brother. How did Tim get him tied up like this? Jared was older and smarter than Tim,who after all wasn't even a part of the family--just a foster kid that Mom and Dad had decided to adopt. But Tim had a way of just telling Jared what to do... suggestions.

"Yes, I did them right, Timmy... they're dumb old multiplication tables... I'm in Algebra How could I get them messed up? You'll be the genius in Special Ed, Timmy!

Tim began twisting Jared's balls, watching them grow purple as Jared opened his mouth to scream. "Shut up, or I'll hit 'em with the strop, Bubba." TIm said warningly, as he pulled the skin on Jared's penis taut.

As Tim pulled Jared's scrotum, it turned more and more purple. Tim put his knee on Jared's chest and tried to pull his scrotum off his crotch, it seemed, and finally Jared screamed. True to his word, Tim grabbed the strop, lifted Jared's cock and slammed the strop five or six times on Jared's balls. WHACK WHACK WHACK

Jared began crying hysterically, and Tim lit a cigarette and kept on working on him WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! "No please don't hit me on my butt any more... Tim!" Timmy grinned. "Okay, I'll turn you over then, and hit you you-know-where!"


"So here you are, Tim." Jared Grimm looked at his foster brother with some contempt. Timothy Grimm grinned, tipping his Coors, and flashing his dark eyes at Jared. Jared had to admit he missed the rapscallion, and here he was settling back onto the luxurious couch in Jared's suite near Harvard Law School, where he was a third year student.

"Great to be here. Is my cycle--?" Jared nodded patiently. "Yes, I kept it for you in a garage downtown. I didn't know it would take you so long to be paroled." Jared's cock began throbbing painfully as he watched his brother lean back, moving his hips around in the tight black jeans. Did he have to wear those obnoxious combat boots?

Tim nodded gravely. "I couldn't stop hitting people. You know that about me, Jar." Jared nodded, and his cock pushed against his crotch... but always in that helpless loop. Jared felt the piercing pulling his frenum.

"So did you use the bolt cutters?" Tim smiled. "Did you wimp out, Jared?" Jared shook his head. "No, Tim, I asked you to put the piercing on, and though it's been twenty-seven FUCKING MONTHS, I've left it on,though I didn't get far on my dates." Jared smiled ruefully.

"Such a shame." Tim said casually. "I left the bolt cutters for you... thought you might get over your childish obsession, you know? I came almost daily, in my cellmate's mouth, in the neighbor's mouth... all the punks I corn-holed, marvelous... I even had an affair with the warden's secretary, Miss Persimmons, just so she'd arrange to get my dope through. Tim paused in memory. " Yes,and then I fucked a barmaid yesterday, four hours after I got out... aaw, are those tears, Jared. Is Jarrie Grimm jealous."

Tears were indeed stinging Jared's cheeks as he stared at Tim. Certainly he'd asked Tim, right before sentencing "I want to belong to you. I've only been in chastity belts, but I want to stay faithful to you while you're in prison, Tim... "

And it had been so hard, two years and three months of lonely waiting... seeing beautiful girls and handsome guys, all who Jared could've tricked with, on campus... and he couldn't even masturbate. His balls had felt as if they were carrying an anvil... and his baby brother had cum every damn day! All those men in prison, Jesus.

Tim didn't care about him at all! Jared shamefully wiped a tear off his cheek as Tim regarded him scornfully. "I just... just thought that you'd... I don't know." Tim snorted. "You have a piss-poor attitude, and as always, you're unrealistic. Sure you drove seventy miles to visit me every week, you sent money, but you keep forgetting, you're MY bitch, Jared. You need a memory lesson, I think. Take off your clothes, and bring me the handcuffs and the razor strop."

"You can't blame me for... " Jared's heart began racing as Tim pointed to the closet, his eyes narrowing. Jared went to the closet, head down, and brought out the old bag that had the "toys" that he and Jared had kept since junior high.

After removing the handcuffs and the evil strop, Jared stripped off his Ralph Lauren navy cashmere sweater and unbuttoned his shirt, taking off his undershirt and socks. He hesitantly brought the strop and the handcuffs to his younger brother, who took them, and smirked, regarding Jared, now clad only in his "tightie whities"

Tim handled the strop lovingly. "I've gotten some practice inside, you know." Jared looked questioningly at his brother. "Yeah, whipping, if you can believe it."

"For a while I had a slave-boy in the joint, Jared... his name was Whitaker. I couldn't get any good straps to discipline him with so I used a rope whip... it was like, a piece of hemp an inch thick and about four feet long, with three braids..and I soaked the ends in waxed cotton so they'd cut in the skin..

I discovered that Whitaker was a slaveboy because I found a Leatherman magazine in his office, and after that I made him meet me for whipping and sucking in the showers when no one else was around." "You found the Leatherman in his office?" Jared asked. "You mean his cell, don't you?" Tim looked innocently at Jared. "No, the Captain of the Guards in our prison had his own office, and yes, he kept his S&M books there." Jared gasped, but said nothing.

"Turn around, Jared" Jared obediently spun, putting his hands in the familiar position behind his back. Tim locked on the cuffs and stood up, unzipping his leather jacket. Jared's eyes bulged as he saw how much more muscular Tim had gotten in prison.

"It's a great place to work out... all I did was lift weights and read Donald Westlake novels." Tim tantalizingly stretched, his thick muscles cinching, and then he reached over and pulled down Jared's Fruit of the Looms. There was the Prince Albert piercing, right through Jared's frenum, and connected to his scrotum.

Tim laughed as Jared hung his head in shame. "Only an idiot would allow himself to be pierced this way... you are just unbelievable. But here's the key." Jared breathed easily as his cock was freed for the first time in nearly two and a half years. As it became completely erect, the little loop hanging off the bottom of the glans, Tim teased it a bit with his fingers.

Jared closed his eyes... oh, Tim knew so much about a penis. Jared had been with more than a few girls before his piercing, as well as lots of frustrated necking sessions afterwards, and they were nothing next to baby brother. Jared gently pushed and pulled Tim's penis as he breathed inward and he could feel the semen rising to the tip of his cock as his legs trembled.

"Oh you're wonderful, Master Tim" Jared breathed. "Oh, thank you it was all worth it--"WHACK! Jared opened his eyes in acute pain. Tim, grinning had hit Jared's erect cock with the razor strop, just before he was about to cum. "Sorry, bud. Business before pleasure, ya know. So get over the side of the couch, now."

Weeping bitter tears, Jared shuffled over to the couch, his underpants tangled about his knees. Although it was difficult for Jared to bend over without using his hands, years of practice had taught him, and he leaned over the couch, and Tim came forward with the strop.

"Now put your cock and balls behind your legs, so I can have good access." Tim smiled as he pulled Jared's genitals through the back of his legs, then forcing the legs together. "Ah, now we'll get some exercise!"

Twenty minutes later, Tim was whistling and smoking a cigarette as Jared wept into the itchy wool of the sofa, his buttocks and genitals bright red and somewhat welted. Jared had forgotten how much power little brother had.

Tim finally went over to Jared, and dragged him up off the couch. "All right, it's time to look at that other thing... I know you've been waiting a long time." Jared's heart sang as Tim helped him to step out of his undies, and led Jared into his bedroom, where Tim lay Jared down on his back.

Jared winced as his ass didn't feel like touching anything right now, my God it was scorched, but he stared happily up at Tim, who went into the bathroom and brought out a bottle of lubricant.

"But before we start... I'm feelin' a little stiff, and I should get relief first, eh?" Jared sniffed. "You're not the one who's been in chastity for two years... " but Jared quieted down as he saw Tim unzip his pants.

As Jared gazed, mesmerized as he'd always been by his foster brother's cock, Tim pulled his nine inch member out, and it was quite hard. "Goodness it's a big... " Tim interrupted Jared's remark by shoving his cock in Jared's mouth, and Jared licked and sucked the long, tawny thing that he'd missed for the last two years.

It had seemed to Jared over the past decade that Tim had constantly been taken from him--sent to mental hospitals, drug rehabs and then juvenile and adult prisons... and the punishment that supposedly was supposed to be Tim's had always been suffered by Jared so much more... how he'd missed his foster brother!

Suddenly Tim grabbed Jared's ears and began skull fucking him hard, Jared, coughing and gasping, and then he shot, hard down Jared's throat, the cum jizzing out of the sides of Jared's mouth.

Tim pulled out, zipped up and began rubbing Jared's armpits and nipples with the baby oil. As Jared gasped, Tim patiently ran his strong hands up and down Jared's chest. Though Jared's hands were still cuffed behind his back, Tim was able to cover his entire upper torso.

"When are you going to touch my cock, please get down there!" Tim moved obediently down, but of couse it was too easy. Tim began rubbing the baby oil on Jared's feet, on the backs of his knees, and then, tantalizingly on the insides of Jared's thighs, making him gasp in frustration.

Tim looked incredibly hot just wearing his black jeans and his T-shirt, and his attentiveness to Jared's thigh area was incredible. Tim finally began touching Jared's cock, first tentatively, and then pulling it hard as Jared gasped. Pull, pull pull... .Jared began raising his hips. Oh, God, to cum... WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

Jared screamed as Tim grabbed the razor strop which he'd unobtrusively brought into the bedroom and began whacking away at Jared's erect penis. Whack! Finally it began subsiding as Jared burst into tears.

"Do you ever think it might be about me?" Tim asked gently. "I'm getting horny again... can't you see that?" Tim unzipped his pants and again, Jared took the penis in his mouth, sucking and slurping away. "You seem like you got some practice while I was gone, even with your cock all locked up." Tim said admiringly, as Jared's practiced mouth licked and slurped Tim's cock until once again he spurted in his brother's mouth enthusiastically.

Yes, it was true. Jared had had some practice since Tim had been gone, though he hadn't cum, of course. Jared had put an ad in the free weekly sex paper offering oral service to military types, once or twice a week, and had several times gone in drag downtown to suck off drunks in alleys. He was much better at it than he had been.

Tim once again zipped up and began rubbing the oil on Jared's penis, pouring more and more oil on the shaft, and squeezing it up, before finally getting Jared's ball s in his grip and pulling them away from Jared's groin.

"Well, your balls are bigger now, or your scrotum is... you've been using your stretcher, eh?" Tim asked genially. Jared sighed. He had, indeed gone through many punishing months wearing a ball stretcher, which forced balls to be side by side, instead of at the different levels they naturally were. The edges of the metal stretcher had really chafed his balls and cock, but he'd worn it under his clothes for quite some time, just so Tim wouldn't call him "tinybasket" any more.

In the evenings, when all the other kids at Dartmouth were going to parties and having a good time, Jared had hung cinderblocks to his ball sac and he'd stood with his feet on two separate chairs, so his balls would be brought down lower. It had been incredibly painful, standing on the chairs with his scrotal sack being pulled down between the two chairs.

Jared had been able to withstand it, and had mousetrapped his nipples as well on those evenings, thinking of when Tim would come home, though he couldn't masturbate, being locked in the Prince Albert. He'd desperately wanted to!

It was fortunate that Jared had his own apartment, an unusual thing for a student, and so no one could see him doing this. But, he'd gotten a four-year scholarship to Dartmouth and Mom and Dad had written off Tim and were quite happy to pay for Jared to have a little extra space.

And the result was... low hanging balls, though Jared's cock was still rather small... but Jared's family were all little, mousy people with long degrees and good jobs... Tim, though was adopted, and was six feet tall by the time he was twelve, and the beard he'd grown at thirteen enabled him to buy beer wherever he'd liked, though his preference at that time, sadly, was heroin.

Tim stroked and stroked. "Jared, I'm so proud of you... you've elonogated your basket, and you're such a brave boy!" "Does that mean I'm going to cum, Master?" Jared asked hopefully. Tim leaned down and took off one of his combat boots, slamming it into Jared's ball sac. Jared screamed. "Well, we got a ways to go before that happens, but I'm proud, and filled with brotherly love


Jared Grimm stood in the middle of the living room with his pants down his bare butt red and blistering, and his penis rock hard... but oh, did he feel ashamed... .ghastly. Natalie looked terribly uncomfortable, but not as uncomfortable as she had half an hour before. Tim Grimm chortled.

"What's wrong, Jar... hard for you to show it all off to your so-called fiancee?" Jared bit his lip. Goddamn it. He'd come over tonight with Natalie, to let Tim know that he was finally ready to get married...

"Jared, I just wanted her to know what you were really like, dude." Tim rubbed Natalie's arm in a casual way, and she smiled hesitatingly.

"I know it's disturbing, you come over to meet your soon-to-be husband's younger brother, and instead of congratulating the two of you, I take Jared's pants down and give him fifty with my razor strop--"

Tim shook Dad's old strop and grinned--"But first, he didn't do the dishes before he left, bad boy Jared." Jared bit his lip and stared at the floor, gazing at his expensive trousers bunched up around his ankles. Tim grinned.

"And secondly, I just wanted you to see what a wimp he is! I mean, look at him! My brother's got twice my I.Q., and he works out four times a week, and he's a fourth degree black belt... and he could break my pot-smoking ass over with one blow... but when I told him to take down his britches... did he argue... well a little bit of... " Tim's voice went into high falsetto

"Oh.. please, Jared... please don't punish me in front of Natalie, she's my fiancee... " Jared bit his tongue and a tear rolled down his cheek. "And you see that, he's crying!" Tim laughed. "Isn't that kind of revolting, that what you want to fuckin' MARRY?"

Natalie couldn't believe how Jared was letting his younger brother treat him, but what was even more remarkable was how erect Jared's penis was... it was dribbling, even!

She'd never seen him so excited. On their dates (Tim had never allowed "sleepovers" Jared had to be home by ten to give Tim his massage) Natalie had used every trick with her mouth and clit to elonogate Jared's penis.

But the best Natalie ever achieved was a sort of half-flaccid erection that had barely been able to do the job. And look at Jared's cock now! JAred himself looked absoultely miserable bearing up under Tim's taunts and gibes... he kept slipping apologetic looks at Natalie.

"Jesus look at him, he's fucking crying, the wimp!" Tim laughed, stretching his muscles in the tight black shirt. Natalie looked, and yes, tears were coursing down Jared's face, his lower lip was trembling and he kept muttering under his breath.

But, Natalie couldn't stop noticing that Jared's penis was so rock hard! It had been so since Jared had been forced to pull down his "britches" as Tim called them, and then endured oh... it was horrible.

Tim, feigning enragement, had whipped poor Jared's bare buttocks for neglecting his "home-chores". And Tim had yanked Jared around by the hair! But Natalie had soon noticed that Jared's erection was right out there!

Was he gay? It was so weird! It seemed like Jared's cock had lengthened and re-lengthened under the barrage of whacks from Tim's razor strop. Then Tim had professed horror at Jared's tumescence and had ordered his older brother to stand with his cock sticking straight out over the dining room table.

Tim had then slammed his strap on Jared's erection, whamming it into the hard table again and again, and Jared had screamed in pain, and finally the erection had subsided... until he backed off from the table and Tim smiled... and then Jared had become hard once more!

Certainly Jared had winced and danced as Tim had swatted the glans into the dining room table with the strap, but Natalie had been sure she'd seen serious enjoyment in the eyes of the man who had presented her with a $28,000 diamond ring just the evening before.

He'd seemed so athletic and competent when she'd met him at his company's picnic... a corporate banker running for D.C.City Council, for God's sake! Strong and tall, but now he stood with his rigid penis in the middle of the room staring down at his crumpled trousers.

Jared just don't look in the middle of the fuckin' living room, go get your fiancee a beer... get me one too." Jared turned towards the kitchen and began to shuffle, suddenly stumbling over the trousers tangling his ankles. Tim laughed uproariously and Natalie was horrified to discover she was just barely withholding a giggle as well.

"Can I pull up my pants, Tim?" Jared called out. "I mean, Jesus, you've proven your point... you ruin everything for me." Jared's voice sank into a whine. "No, no take them off, Jared. Take everything off." Tim said airily.

"You've seen it all before, haven't you, Natalie, though perhaps not this enthralled." he added knowingly. Natalie flushed. She knew Tim knew about the erection thing.

She watched Jared step out of the jumble that was his shoes, socks, pants and underwear, taking off his tie and unbuttoning his Oxford shirt at the same time.

"Fold them up, Jar, you don't want more of the strop do you?" Tim said warningly, and Jared sighed and folded his clothes neatly, placing them on the mantel. As Jared turned towards the kitchen, he felt his member bounce painfully against the open door, and this time heard both voices laughing, Tim and Natalie. Jared slumped into the kitchen, sobbing bitterly.

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