The Goblin Saga Part One

Submitted by: Justin


As I write this, my left leg is cuffed to the chair. I haven't been to the bathroom in thirteen hours, and Miss Stephanie has insisted that I am not working hard enough on journaling her attentions! The misery is palpable, I must confess. She spent most of last night teasing my poor cock to near distraction... "Now that you keep webjournals, dear Goblin, the world should know what a bragging little worm you are, don't you think?"

I've so little choice but to do as she demands... I've been orgasm-free for quite a long time, and my little thingie has been off limits. Miss Steph doesn't use any sort of chastity device... she doesn't have to! She examines me as often as possible, drops by my office, comes to the house... and my poor dick is always rock hard! What's worse, she gives me constant provocation, and allows me to masturbate freely, as long as I don't have a "squirtie"

Steph often will put a few photographs and a scented letter in my briefcase in the morning, after she's stayed the night (for a cool $500) and I'll take them to the bathroom, and they're always pictures of her in tiny G-strings or Merry Widows, and the letters are filled with outrageous stories of the adventures she's had with other men... and I touch and pull my cock again and again, just barely stopping before achieving an orgasm. Oh, the agony of it all! But I am too aware of the punishment that I'd receive if I had an accident.. she's done it before!

Once, she put a pair of her panties... that she'd MASTURBATED in, in my briefcase, and ordered me to spend my entire lunch hour, sixty minutes, jerking in the nasty little stall... oh, the agony! I had to stop every few minutes, and take my hand off my miserable cock, to keep from going over... those panties were HEAVENLY... and that's all I get (sob!)

The worst times are when she calls the office, on my cell phone, commanding me to go to the restroom, where I sit in a stall and listen to darling Steph's evil voice "Wouldn't you like to rub my titties right now, Goblin? Rub your poor dick with that pink soap from the dispenser as you sit on the toilet, that's a good boy... think about my warm pussy... .the glistening hairs, and how you'll NEVER get your wussy little dick in there."

"And you really wouldn't be comfortable actualy having sex with a real woman, would you... admit it, you're really just a pitiful little faggot, a queer boy." Her luxurious voice, so feminine, would bring tears to my eyes. "All the sex you need is to be sodomized by HIV positive vagrants, don't you think,darling?" A breath, then she continues. "Tell your Steph how you're just a pathetic little butt-boy, that you need sodomization by HIV positive vagrants... tell me nice and LOUD, or tonight I'll thrash you so hard that you'll scream... " a light laugh" I might even chase you naked around the block... "

It is always SOOO hard for me, as I have to whisper my part of the conversation... being in a stall in a fairly public restroom of my firm, with guys coming in and out, telling jokes, combing their hair, God knows I don't want them hearing my pathetic little whisper "Yes Miss Steffi, yes I am your pitiful little queer-boy, yes, I do deserve to have my butt sodomized by HIV positive vagrants."

Once I was a little too loud, sitting on my stall with my pants down, my stiff penis in my hands, covered as it was with that damned pink dispenser soap, cell phone at my ear, and one of the young associates in my firm, in the bathroom to take a whiz at the urinal... heard my voice, and said "What's that you're saying on the toilet, Mr. -----? You want your butt sodomized?"

But I digress. Steph doesn't want me complaining about her here... but to tell of my tease and torture session last night... and why she is the most WONDERFUL woman in the WORLD.

She is so cruel! Miss Stephanie was dressed last night in a skin tight T-shirt and leather jacket, in contrast to me, naked and bound, except for little pink gloves and booties on my hands and feet.

Steph is so ingenious at making me feel as naked as possible, and whenever she is in my house, she always demands that I am completely undressed, as opposed to her covered body! It is actually quite rare that I've been allowed to see her unclothed in our three year relationship.

Even when I've performed my oral attentions upon her, I've been forced to be blindfolded.

Her raven hair, her mocking eyes, those full luscious lips that smirk at me constantly... she is ecsquisite!

Oh, my darling Stephanie!


Today I got an e-mail from Stephanie, detailing her last client... it's a doozy! Here we are!

Dear Goblin, couldn't see you today, but here's a concise account of what I did! Hope you enjoy it!

"Aaaguh! Dr. Ashtray gasped as I flicked the ashes from my Winston on his right nipple. At this point, his big, fat stomach was covered with pink sores, from where I'd put out four Winstons, as well as a marvelous CAO Gold cigar, which had a lovely Ecuador Connecticut Shade wrapper. The good doctor (who is actually a dentist) howled mightily as I poked that stogie right near his navel. Then I re-lit it and puffed a bit and put it out again on the edge of his stiffening glans.

Many of the cigars I use are ordered by the Doc from abroad, and once I actually got to burn an original Havana that he'd gotten on a study trip--burned it right on his scrotum until he wailed like a feverish infant! Wasn't that a great day for Communism--hee hee!

The office was filled with pungent cigar smoke as I tapped and tapped the evil weed against his defenseless pee-pee... I could see the tears coming out of the old dentist's eyes as I snickered in his face. "It's so nice to have a skin ashtray here to butt out my butts, isn't it, darling?"

"Oh, please don't poke it anymore, Miss Stephanie" Doc Ashtray begged, his eyes watering from the smoke. He seemed to bounce against his bonds as the burning tip got closer and closer to his poor, quivering organ. "Please--I-I know this is my fantasy---oooh!" Got him! A big-ass burn, second degree at worst, right on the edge of the shaft! And does my D.D.S. like that? I don't think so!

As his dick faltered, from the scorching pain of the evil cancer-stick, I merely tickled and toyed just a bit! Pulling and scratching the poor worm until the blood flowed back, the Doc squirming and crying "Please, no more with the cigar, Miss Stephanie, I've had just enough--OOooH!" and again, I tapped the cigar out on his poor, pitiful foreskin.

I stepped back, and put down the cigar, and pulled up my skirt, pulled down my panties, and danced my shaved box around in front of Doc Ashtray's eyes. "Think, darling... " I cooed. "I fuck normal healthy guys, just for the price of a pizza, or even a swig of a hot guy's vodka... but you give me five hundred to a thou for me to treat you like pincushion for cigar butts... and that loses you out on getting to kiss, suck or fuck my nice quim, baby!"

The Doc looked so sad, but of course he knew that this was his lot in life... what use could his cock be... except to be tortured, teased, and then occasionally allowing him to jerk off in a lonely closet!

Earlier this morning I had another client who likes to have lit matches flung into his pubic hair, and a month ago I found a guy who wanted burning candles shoved into his rectum, but there ain't nothin' like Doc Ashtray. His nipples look like Hiroshima after Truman when I get done with my ciggie-butts and cigar ends. And the insides of his thighs--I have tried hard to find a way to brand an "S" in that tender spot... would that he weren't such a wimpie boy!

After all, that's how the prison gangs indoctrinate their members--with cigarette and match burns on the sensitive insides of arms and legs. So I think that my slaves can take at least that! What I should do is bring in a big, strong ex-con to face-fuck the Doc and make him realize what a pitiful little bitch he is, doncha think?

"Your poor dickie-wickie seems to be shying away from me." I said, and I took a thumbtack from his "Cuspid Hints" poster and pushed it deep into Dr. Ashtray's glans, and of course he shrieked. "What's wrong, baby? Don't you like a little stimulation... I just thought I'd jazz things up a bit." Again I lit the CAO Gold and puffed mightily, and stubbed it out on the long, purple vein coming up his shaft. I could see lots of evidence of tears on Doc Ashtray's face, but certainly he was staying quite aroused!

I opened my shirt a little bit, and waved my cleavage around in his face... I'd pulled up my panties, and dropped my skirt, and now I was pushing my happy canteloupes in his face. At the same time, I pulled and stroked his nice cock, gently tickling the skin and licking my lips... soon enough he was gasping and trying to hump my hand, soon enough he was about to release... just as orgasm was approaching, I backed off, slapped his face hard and picked up the cigar again and poked it violently into Doc's urethra, and strangeley, he didn't want to cum anymore!

Then I found Doc Ashtray's drill, and started buzzing it near his groin,and the poor tooth man jumped and danced, though the ropes were a bit too tight for him--and I touched the drill, just slightly against his frenum, and Doc Ash howled like a banshee! Oh HILARIOUS. Then I took off one of my strappy spike heels,and pounded it into his groin so the good doctor wept and screamed...

It is not a prettty sight, my devoted audience... a big, fat, naked dentist, secured by rope to the reclining chair where he's done so many of those evil root canals. But I'd come in half an hour before, resplendent in my silk top, open just a couple of buttons to show a hint of cleavage... and my new denim miniskirt with floral embroidery on the front and back (yes, high school boys still whistle at Steffi), and of course my infamous Valentino Black Spike Heeled Sandals.

"I'm here for my appointment" I'd smiled at the receptionist. "Dr.B---, it's Ms. Amberger." And what a surprise, Dr.B---, hereafter referred to as Doctor Ashtray, gave the receptionist and the remaining patients the boot for the next two hours. There was a BIG operation going on for Steffi. I imagine that the receptionist and the hygeinists must wonder at my poor teeth, though they look so damn good, if I do say so myself.

I mean, I visit the Doc every week, on Wednesdays, for a 2 hour operation... and it never shows up on the billing! Though I do leave $800 richer... mysteriously.

When I had gotten in the office, Doc Ashtray had smiled and locked the door, handed me my little plain white envelope, and had immediately took off his white coat, his shirt and black pants, and his disgusting wife-beater undershirt and boxers. He had looked expectantly at me, hoping as he did every week, that I might strip, or at least get down to bikini underwear, but alas, it wasn't gonna happen.

But I looked pretty damn good, my silk shirt was tucked snugly in my blue-jean miniskirt... and you could see my nipples poking through the silk!

As soon as he was completely naked, I smiled at Doc Ashtray, and then quickly kicked him in the nuts, just a clean, quick slam between the thighs, and he fell on the floor, on his chubby knees, crying, his spectacles covered with wet spots. Then I'd taken my prize car ariel out of my bag (a boyfriend had ripped it off a police car, so it was a LONG one) and unfurled it. WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK! What fun! He howled and screamed... I expect anyone left in the waiting room thought I was having a BAAD operation, eh?

The ariel curled around his pudgy legs and across his bare bottom, bursting all the zits that abounded on his ugly, withered cheeks, and finally, when my arm was tired, I rolled it back up again,and then reached down and dragged Dr. Ashtray up by the little bit of hair that was left on the back of his bald head.

"So much fun tying you to this dentist's chair, darling" I told him as my manicured fingers deftly secured the ropes... and then I began pulling cigars and cigarettes out of various little boxes, and what fun I had! Within an hour his nipples, chest, stomach, abdomen and crotch area (shaved as I command it) was covered with little red burn marks and lots of filthy ashes!

Later on in the session I turned the poor sucker over on the chair and took turns between cigarettes and cigars burning little etches all over Doc Ash's big, fat buttocks. "Can't you learn to be a man and not cry so much" I asked as I stabbed five or six cigars in and around his tender, sensitive anus.

Finally, I untied Doc Ashtray, except for his hands which were still behind his back. I laid the old boy on the floor, and raised my long. lucious leg and began gently and then not-so-gently poking my heel on his long, burned-up erection. I stabbed it and poked it with my heel, attempting to nail the shaft into the floor,gritting my teeth as I JAMMED the heel straight into Doc Ashtray's glans. And he wasn't on his side but right on his back, his cock being forced down on the floor between his quivering legs, and his teary eyes staring right up my hot little denim skirt as I jabbed and poked the heel all over his sad, massacred erection.

Suddenly the door opened and Wendy, Doc's nineteen year old hygienist looked in. She is a bubbly bleached blonde with bee stung lips, and has always been awfully flirty. I disapprove of the way she shows her cleavage--sure I'm just as bad, but I ain't in the medical profession! But she came in, looking somewhat shocked. Here her middle aged boss was, naked and disgusting, having his cock mistreated all over the floor with my heels. "Like, my God, Dr B---, what's he doin' with no clothes on? What're all those marks? Was a wasp's nest in here?" I laughed my ass off. "No, darling... he's not been stung, just burned."

Wendy giggled as she realized it was an S&M dealie... laughed hard! Dr. Ashtray was quite humiliated, But his cock got even harder. "See how pitiful you look in front of your lowly hygienist, Doc? What a pathetic loser you are." I snorted. And just as Wendy said "What the fuck do you mean lowly, you bitch?" Doc Ashtray spurted his seed all over my nice strappy heels, and then I made him lick it up!


Jesus am I dying to have an orgasm! It's been since the 6th of July... Stephanie just doesn't help, either. She's always trotting over here in a little crop-top or tiny cutoffs that hug the curves of her little butt.

Steph loves to cuff my hands behind my back and make me sit with her--watching "Medium" or "Boston Legal" and trying to concentrate as she pulls and rubs my poor doinker.

"The Allen Shore character [on Boston Legal] is hilarious, don't you think?" Steph asks, as she jerks my tumescent weapon faster and faster, my eyes blurring as I contemplate just the possibility, the meagre possibility of an orgasm... then she pulls her lovely hand away, just before I'm about to spurt... she seems to know when my thighs are beginning to tremble, you know?

And then she'll ask me what I thought of the show, and if I can't give her good answers, she tells me I'm hopeless. It's hard to focus on the television when I have a tart in bikini underwear licking my ear and pulling at my poor groin... goodness!

She tongues my ear, my lips, flicking it in and out, and we're both covered in the Obsession perfume she wears, as she's always crawling over me. Steph learned lap-dancing at Scores in New York in her early twenties, and I always get a bit of that, with her pushing her little bra and heavy cleavage right in my face... oh it's heaven... and hell.My stiff, unfulfilled cock being nestled between Stephanie's long, soft pink legs, the full calves mashing it as she crawls around on my lap, havin' herself a good time.

You cannot BELIEVE how good and intense it feels to have those soft, beautiful thighs and calves (when Steph climbs my chest) rubbing up and down my shaven cock and balls. But it's torture--because it's been so long since I had a release. My balls begin to feel as if I have a cinderblock tied to my scrotum, and my cock seems as if it's going to lift off from desire. Stephanie has especially shapely soft legs, and they're just tantalizing.

Sometimes after a lap-dance from Steph, I've had to be especially vigilant about not touching my dick, because I'm so close to cumming. If I do touch myself, I just rub my balls and don't touch my cock at all.

It's especially sensitive when I try to go to bed... my wee-wee is still tingling from the way her pink thighs were slithering all over it, my neck is still wet with her kisses, the lingering smudges from her Tintalicious Delicioso Chickstick Peach lipgloss all over my lips and cheeks.

And I have to be sooo careful that I don't a. bump my dick, as it's bouncing around, that might make me cum... or that I see any TV even the news, because any feminine image, even that of a mid-life lady newscaster might make me grab my thing and jerk...

Sometimes my bed is too soft, and I am afraid I'll hump it, rub my engorged weiner against the soft sheets... so I'll sleep on the hard wood floor with a pillow... hoping that will calm my dick down, though once in 2002, I was made to release myself after several months by humping the floor..and the memories are still there!

The problem is, of course, many of the times that I've gotten the lap-dance from Steph have led to breaking down and wanking... and Stephanie can be quite nasty about that! Pouring near boiling water on my balls, having her boyfriend drag me across my yard from a rope around my cock, putting my dick in a desk drawer and slamming it... Steph is a great believer in strict punishment for unauthorized squirting.

"But maybe I should have a chastity belt, like I used to" I've pled with her. "The lap dances make me way too horny." But she espouses self-control, and wants me to be able to wank away w/o cumming, as she believes it makes me more desperate!

"Here you are, a big, sexy man with an M.B.A... you've been a military officer, worked on a congressional staff... can't you control your little pecker without that kind of monitoring" comes her husky voice to my mind. "I don't want to have to lock you up, I want you to be able to touch your little Winkie whenever you want... just don't let it finish... or you're finished too!"

I also have to report any nocturnal emissions (wet dreams) Steph is not as strict about these, but I still get a couple of lashes from the cane right on my pecker... so often after a lap dance, I take a twenty minute cold shower right before bed... it doesn't always help!

The problem is... once Stephanie's been on my lap, it's almost impossible to forget her after she's left me, after the lap-dance is over...

Stephanie's image stays with me for hours. And she calls me, and reminds me of the high lights of the lap dance... a nasty girl is my Electric Stephanie!

Once, she pretended to get offended by my erection!

She hopped off my lap because I'd gotten a boner!

It started when Stephanie just dropped by... just for a little fun. She came over to my house, and after binding me and teasing me for nearly an hour, she stripped down to a white paisley lace bodysuit with a garter and ruffle stop stockings, and high heels.

Steph turned on "I know what Boys Like" by the Waitresses, and began dancing in front of me, waving her hips as if she were supporting an invisible Hula Hoop. Soon she moved closer to me and put one foot on the floor between my legs, and the other on the arm of the chair.

Steph pushed her chest out, and poked out her buttocks

Rubbing her hands across her full breasts, over her butt and up past her stomach again. At one point she turned her full buttocks to me and slapped them with her long nails. Stephanie looked down and touched her crotch slightly, smiling at my growing erection.

She put her arms on the arms of the chair I was tied to and leaned in from the back, sticking her butt on my lap, and grinding my bare cock slowly.

Her soft cheeks, contrasted with the scratchy bodysuit, rubbed and tortured my pre-orgasmic member and she laughed, and then jumped away just as I was about to spurt, and began dancing around in front of me again.

Then she climbed up on my lap from the front, rubbing her cleavage in my face, and letting her hair spill all over me... oh, I began getting quite excited. Her hair has grown since she had her yahoo profile pic and it spilled on me like a raven waterfall... Steph rubbed her cheek against mine and made a noise as if she'd just had an orgasm, and my cock was going wild!

Finally, Steph unhooked her bodysuit top and rubbed her bare breasts all over me, neatly avoiding my tongue as I tried to touch them. She unhooked her crotch thing and began rubbing her cunt lips, pulling the pink parts back so I could see her beautiful vagina. The feeling of her soft cheeks on my mammoth cock was unbelievable!

"Here I am, a nice girl from Brooklyn, New York" Steph said, mock-tearfully, "and I just sat on your lap. Mother always told me that if I ever sat on a man's lap I should put down a magazine first... " But of course Mother never imagined that she'd have a naked man and be prancing around in lingerie, I want to tell her... but with Steph it's better to keep your mouth closed sometimes!

"What am I going to do with this?" Stephanie pointed to my rock-hard, purple boinger, swaying out from between my legs. Her long crimson nail flicked it, and I gasped, and then she trotted into the kitchen and came back with an egg-beater... you know, the old-fashioned kind with blender blades on the bottom and a thing that you turn at the top, to make the blender blades spin. Oooh.

Steph ordered me to lose my erection, and I just stared at her, so beautiful in her lingerie... "You can't get rid of that nasty thing... well as a good Baptist girl, I'll get rid of it for you!" She danced forward and dropped the egg-beater near my shaft and began turning the crank, and by God, the blades began spinning next to my poor dick, hitting and hurting it, and I of course began screaming, begging her to stop...

"What's your deal honey" Steph asked as she continued to turn the crank. "If you can't make that thing of yours behave, maybe we need to get rid of it. I'll cut it off and give it to the Goodwill. Some nice pre-op tranny could pick it up... for five bucks or so." Laughing, Steph pushed the egg beater even closer and I screamed, and finally lost my erection.

"Well I am so glad that nasty little thing has calmed down" Steph said, though I could see a slight smile. "Don't you know a virginal little thing like me has to be protected from your big, bad penis?" I was looking at my thingie forlornly... the blender blades had skewered it a bit, and oh, how I wished I wasn't wearing handcuffs!

I would've run, run away... let me tell you. But I was trapped there, and Stephanie finally put the egg-beater back in the kitchen and came back out. "Oh honey, you're not mad at your Steph, are you baby?" I shook my head, but she seemed genuinely concerned. She sat back down on my lap and put her arms around my neck.

She kissed my neck and face and lips, and moved her full butt all over my cock again, telling me how sorry she was that she was so strict. "But you have to learn to be a gentleman, Gobby." Steph told me "You have to--what's this?" Steph jumped up again, and there my cock was! Rock hard! Oh, was she furious! So she invited her boyfriend to come over and told him how "Sexually rude" I'd been to her, and he used my anus as a pincushion for his dick! Woe is me!


Stephanie drops by now and then... she came today and I was working at home. "Jesus, this place looks like hell. Oh, you should've seen her walking disgustedly through my trash strewn place--skin tight jeans, her little butt twitching back and forth, this snug cashmere sweater, light brown, it poked out her adorable boobs, and of course high heeled boots that I bought her last year when we were in Istanbul.

I kept protesting that I had work to do--I'm a commercial real estate broker, but I had to ignore my files and listen to her BITCH at me about how I keep my place. "This is a total hole" Steph finally said, pointing a long red nail at the remnants of some Chinese food in the corner of the room. "Strip and stand in the middle of the room!" I rolled my eyes. "Look, my tenants here in the house are not awake yet, honey."

But then she gave me that look, and so I stripped and stood in the middle of the room, and she began stroking my suffering cock. "You poor thing" she whispered in my ear as her nails toyed with the pulsing vein on the tip of my shaft. "I know you've not cum since July 6, and you may not get to cum til January, if you keep your place this shitty, you know."

Steph pulled my dick a little faster and whispered "You can't keep house well, and you excuse it by telling me that you can't afford a maid." I coughed. "Well, Steph, you do cost a lot." Steph laughed deep in her throat. "Well, then you have to learn to clean up after yourself. God knows I'm not entertaining you at my place.

That's where my boyfriend hangs out... .and stop your lip trembling..No one likes a whiny jealous boy." As I pouted, my cock swelled, and Steph reached up and twisted my right nipple HARD, and I shrieked. Jesus, I was worried that Doug was going to wake up, and if he saw this, my housemate was going to give me lots of shit.

"Did you ever think of cleaning your house yourself,dear heart?" Steph's palm grasped and juggled my scrotum lightly, and I looked up as she tossed her gorgeous raven hair, and enjoyed the feeling of my balls being tickled by her long, white, manicured fingers.

Steph continued to tickle my testicles and ran her tongue across her full lips, giggling. "Stephanie, let's go have lunch." I smiled. "Cleaning is not my thing, honey. It's a maids work... it's not for us." Steph snorted. The fingers began massaging my testes a little faster. "Maid's work, huh?" Stephanie smiled. Then she clenched her hand around my balls, crushing them together. Spasms of pain shot through my crotch and tears came to my eyes.

"My mother was a maid, honey." Steph squeezed harder, and then let go my scrotum, her nails dragging red spots, and I fell to the ground, clutching my stomach. I felt her boot kick me in the side. "You are such a fucking pig, Goblin!"

"I mean, what do you expect, to get some poor wetback maid to slave away for you? Why can't you do it? Because you're such a classy real estate broker? Grab your ankles!" I did so, and it's painful, with my pot belly. Steph landed the cane across my cheeks about fourteen times, as I screamed... but she doesn't care!

Steph has a way of landing the long, thin rattan just perfectly against old blisters from previous castigation... it lands, the blister bursts, Steph curses me for bleeding up her cane, and then it lands again and again. "I get ill listening to you howl... we may have to get your voice box removed, darlin'" she crooned, as she lashed the cane all over my back.

"Can't you learn to clean?" Steph jumped around in front of me and landed the cane four or five times on my stomach, and that's incredibly stinging. I have a slight pot belly, and it took the smacks from the cane with not much grace, let me tell you.I tried to run, but Steph followed me, landing the cane over my thighs and back and once across the back of my neck!

I fell down finally, hoping she would see this as surrender, but Steph lashed me with the cane more and more, even as I rolled into the fetal position.

Finally she threw down the cane and looked at me. "You're going to have to get this place in shape, or I'm not going to come see you anymore. At all." Stephanie turned on her heel and walked out, her adorable butt twitching as her heels clicked out of my house. This was worse than the whipping, let me tell you.

I chased Steph out the door, forgetting that I was nude. But a squeal from the neighbor caused me to put the majority of my body behind the door. "Please, Stephanie... I love you. Im so sorry that you dont like the way I keep my house." I was begging. "But I dont know how to clean, and I spend all my money on you... would you direct me?" Stephanie has a good heart, and she smiled. "Well, I suppose so. But Im not too patient with slackers, and youd better hop to it, kiddo."

Stephanie came back in the house, and actually leaned in to me , pushing her beautiful cashmere covered boobs into my poor sunken chest. "I'm so glad you're showing initiative--finally!" I smiled and kissed her. "I'd do anything in the world for you, Steph. I really love you, I--" "Shut up!"Stephanie gave me a really big kiss, imprinting the taste of her cherry lip gloss all over my face. What a chick, man. Steph went to the corner of the living room and picked up her cane. "Now then, I'm going to teach you to clean, but you're going to learn fast, or else!"

Stephanie came up to me swinging WHACK!! A nasty one across the hip."Do you have a vacuum cleaner?" I ran for it. WHACK! Right across my nipples. What about dust rags... no, then we'll rip up your shirt." And immediately she tore apart the $65.00 Izod Lacoste shirt I'd tossed on the couch when I'd stripped for her.

"Turn the vacuum on baby... WHACK WHACK Don't miss WHACK WHACK any corners." I kept dodging around, trying to keep from having her cane scar my entire back and buttocks,and strangely, this assisted me to get the vacuum cleaner in all the corners.

Steph took me by the nose and made me lick out all the ashtrays. This was incredibly disgusting, as Doug and Travis had a cigar party last night. "Think of them as dicks to swallow, darling, as we do" Stephanie said, watching me gag and hold my stomach.

The dusting was tough, because Steph kept running a finger across shelves and the stereo and coming up with dust, and becoming enraged.

I dusted and vacuumed the entire living room, all the corners and crevices from high to low. Steph had me vacuum the furniture, the lampshades and the pictures. When I argued that there was no point in running the vacuum over my Leroy Neiman print, Steph ordered me over her knee and the cane made me scream for nearly forty minutes.

"And look at all these mice!" Steph attempted to stomp a little rodent hustling under my grandfather clock. "Didn't you use those mousetraps I gave you last year?" I grunted. Steph went into the kitchen and came back with the still wrapped mousetraps. "Well, if you don't want to use them for the mice, maybe I should use them on you!" Stephanie put one on each of my nipples and two on each side of my dick. "Get back to work!"

Stephanie watched as I washed the curtains, dustmopped the floor, and vacuumed and steam-cleaned the carpet. I washed the Venetian blinds in the back yard, till I stank of ammonia, and I hosed them off with the garden hose. Then Steph turned the hose on me briefly, as shed heard me use profanity. Not too good in October!

And the cold water hit the pain of the mousetraps even worse. And I saw old Mrs. Galligan, the neighbor, watching in disgust as a naked man with mousetraps on him was dancing out of the way of a hose by a clothed woman. Wonderful! Steph looked around the living room after I'd done vacuuming and dusting. and replaced the now quite clean Venetian blinds. "well, looks okay... wait here's a dust-ball!" THUMP! Her fist came up into my balls, and I keeled over. "Aaah, what's this crumpled paper?"

Stephanie's hand reached down to drag me up by a nipple. As I screamed she knocked me back on the couch. "You can't do a shitty job, and hope to make your Mistress happy." Steph held the piece of--a candy bar wrapper. "This is junk... too much junk in the house, dear. And I told you to CLEAN." Steph pointed to the arm of the couch and I got up and bent over, biting my lip.

The cane rose and fell, ten times, crashing up and down my bare butt, and once across my testicles, and oh, how I cried!

"Ma'am, I'm trying so hard.." I gripped my buttocks, tears rolling down my face. "I've never cleaned anything before... "Stephanie laughed, tapping her cane in her hand. At this point one of my housemates, Doug came down. "What's going on... Jesus, Goblin, you're pitiful."

"What the fuck's going on with you. Are those mousetraps on your nipples, and your dick?"

Steph grinned at him, and stuck her tongue out for a moment. "Yes, here we have poor sissy-boy who doesn't want to clean the living room competently. Look at how he's whining." Doug, who at one time was a pal who I watched football with and went for beers with, surveyed me contemptuously.

Here I was, the former Goblin party dude, stark naked and covered with welts as my girlfriend stood over me with a cane. I was bending over and rubbing my butt and crying, and she was touching up her lip gloss and flirting with my housemate... who she's slept with once or twice, and you know she's never fucked me! (really)

Once, Doug and a couple of my other friends came in, including a couple of girls, and I was standing in the corner with my pants and shorts down, and Steph sat and flirted with them while I had to just crouch in the corner, my welted bare butt on view for all!

"This is what Gobby wants, and I'm givin' it to him." Steph said gaily. "And seriously, Doug... if you don't like the way the house is kept, you should hit him now and then with the belt... I know you're old buddies, but now you know what Goblin's really like."

I hung my head in shame as Doug laughed. "Yeah, maybe I'll get him to suck my dick, too... Take care, Steffi, you too, you pitiful piece of shit." Doug left, laughing. I began to cry in earnest, feeling intense humiliation. Doug had already told the boys down at the Montgomery Grill that I was a wimp... and now it would be worse!

I envisioned Doug and his friends taking their belts and whacking my ass and making me clean the house, scrub things and generally jump to their command... oh Jesus.

But then Steph sat me down and began stroking my cock. "I'm just trying to teach you to be a good and obedient boy" she reminded me, as her hand gently squeezed my poor organ. She knows how to make me feel better, that's for sure. "I want this fleabag house of yours to be chirpier, you should be grateful to your Mistress for that, dearie!"

Stephanie kissed my ear and pulled my cock, and God knows, it's been too long since I last had a release... and soon I was moaning and gasping and her long nails were running up and down my shaft as I rubbed my face in her cashmere covered tits. Orgasm approached and I began panting.

SMACK! Stephanie's hand crashed across my face and she threw me on the floor! My cock now was just bouncing. "Look here, big boy... we have more to clean, the bedrooms and the bathroom... do you want Doug and the fellows to come home and beat you with a belt?"

I stripped the beds, vacuuming the mattress and box spring. I flipped the mattress..and then I polished the wood furniture in my room. I remember my mother doing this, vaguely.

"Now comes the kitchen, the most hygienic part of the house." Stephanie patted my ass as she guided me in there.

"Now, I want you to clean out the garbage disposal, that's right, get your hand down in there." Stephanie smiled as I put my hand gingerly down in the drain in the sink. She leaned into me, and began toying with my cock as I wiped around down there, and I got to panting.

Stephanie even twisted the mousetraps that were attached to my cock and balls, and I cried a little, but I was soooo horny.

Stephanie put her other hand on the switch. "Think, darling, of how your hand and wrist would be mangled if I flick this." I began to panic, and Stephanie moved her hand away from the switch and stroked my hair. Her other hand was still playing with my stiff cock and balls, and I was oh, so horny.

"I feel like playing with your dick til you cum, I'm so proud of your work here in the kitchen." she crooned. "Why don't you keep cleaning down in the disposal, and I'll play with your wee-wee... " her fingers toyed with my cock again and I began to pant. But then I saw her finger moving toward the switch again, and I began pulling my arm out of the disposal. Steph noticed this and yanked her hand away from my cock. "Don't you trust me? You must know I don't want to mangle your hand, darling... it would be the ultimate domination though." she reflected.

"Why don't you keep pulling all that crap out of the disposal honey-bun... and trust me" Stephanie stroked my cock some more, and I gingerly put my hand back down in the disposal, and all of a sudden she flicked the switch, there was a brief grind, and she flicked it off. But I hadn't moved my arm.

"That's trust... I am so proud of you!" Stephanie smiled. "But what about my orgasm?" I asked. Stephanie slapped my face hard."Get your hand out of the disposal and clean the rest of the kitchen. This is not about gratifying your disgusting desires!"

When I whined I didnt want to stick my head in the oven to clean it, because my schizophrenic grandmother committed suicide that way, Stephanie grabbed a spatula and whacked my ass, grabbing my hair and pushing me in there. I sprayed and scrubbed the stuff off, oh it was horrible.

Steph stood over me while I wiped the stove vents, the coils, and the counters. She lent me her blow-drier to speed up defrosting the freezer, and she threw nearly everything away in my fridge... but I guess it had been there a while!

"Now you mix three tablespoons of baking soda and a quart of warm water, and well clean out the freezer with that, and then well clean the outside of the fridge with glass cleaner." Then came washing out the trash can. Steph didn't like the job I did at first, so she knocked all the mousetraps off my nipples and crotch area. I sobbed, but I cleaned the trash can out better. Fortunately, she then put the mousetraps away.

I had a real aversion to cleaning the bathroom, and Stephanie got quite annoyed with me. She took off her sweater, and under it she was wearing a tiny white T-shirt that poked out her marvelous breasts, and she threw me down on the bathroom floor and stood over me. With the T-shirt tucked into the tight jeans and the high boots, one hand on her hip, I felt like I was being threatened by a biker girl!

"I want you to get your head into the toilet and look at the mess in there!" Stephanie ordered me, pushing my neck into the commode. "You make me sick. Who the hell cleans like this?" It was true that the john had not been cleaned in some time, and there was dried puke from where my housemates had drunkenly thrown up in there the night before. "I want you to lick it out." Stephanie pushed my head further in. "NOW!" I began trying to pull my head out.

"Ma'am, please don't make me do that." I whined. "All of Doug and Chris and Travis's puke.." As Steph pushed my head in further, she took her other hand and grabbed the cane and began whacking my up turned butt. WHACK! WHACK! "Get your damned head in there! Lick it out NOW!" I resisted, but kept feeling her grip on my neck, and the cruel cane slashing my chubby buttocks. Then I felt Stephanie's boot kicking my butt, but I kept my mouth closed.

Finally, Stephanie pulled me out of the toilet and ordered me to lie on my side on the bathroom tile. My cock was rock hard throughout all of this, and Stephanie stepped on it. Ohhh! The pain was just unbelievable, and as her heel ground the glans of my penis into the tile I screamed and cried. "Now are you going to lick out the toilet, or am I going to cut your dick off?" Stephanie asked with gritted teeth.

In the end, it didn't taste all that bad. I think Travis ate French Fries for lunch yesterday!

Steph got the cane and began whacking me as she gave further instructions on cleanng the bathroom. "Now WHACK WHACK spray the shower, yes and scrub the tub HWACK WHACK WHACK! Thats not clean enough, darling scrub harder, do I have to hit your balls? WHACK WHACK SMACK! Now were going to clean the mirror, the light fixtures... you seem like youre slacking, Goblin!"

All in all, it was quite a day! When everything was finished, Stephanie marveled at the beauty of the clean house, and stuck her tongue down my throat. Then we made love! But of course, I still wasn't allowed to cum... and that's hard, guys! Try not cumming when you're pushing your dick (denied 3 months) in a tight little pussy like Miss Stephanie's! She left, and I took a cold shower, and tried not to touch myself.


"You know I don't like those kinds of jokes, Goblin. "Stephanie said, looking at me severely. "It's degrading to women, and offends guys sometimes as well." I looked nervously at our friends, Gabe and Martha and Derrick and Jolene. Yes, last night Steph acted up again. I had so hoped that we'd have a nice dinner with our friends, and she could just be a normal girlfriend, and not humiliate me as she'd done on so many occasions. I'd warned Steph that these were vanilla people and that I couldn't get exposed, but there was so little hope.

Stephanie had spend most of the afternoon teasing me, miliking my cock slowly and joking about how she'd like me to serve our friends their drinks while dressed in a pink tutu, and as I gasped, praying that she might let me cum (no such luck) I thought, certainly she's not going to act up this time.

But with Stephanie you never know! Once at a picnic at my church, she gathered a jar of crickets, wasps, bumblebees and a garter snake or two, and she forced me to put my dick in it in front of everyone, I cried and screamed and it was quite a horrible situation!

Another time, we were on vacation, and Stephanie stripped me naked and tied me to a chair in the hotel room, and went for a walk. The maid came in to clean, and Steph had left a HUGE tip for her, and so she made amused conversation with the blindfolded, bound, nude man cowering in the corner! And that was at the Mayflower Hotel! But tonight she'd PROMISED...

Oh my God, I thought, as I watched Stephanie stand up from where she'd been sitting on my love seat, entertaining our friends, to go and get the cane from behind the piano. "No, honey, please, our friends don't have to know about... "

"I'm sick of your attitude, and your filthy mouth!" Stephanie said loudly, and she clicked her heel. "Take off your clothes now." Martha gasped, and almost dropped her Cosmopolitan. "Look, um, Steph, we can come back later."Jonathan protested, but it was too late.

"Please, darling... lets do this anther time... she's just kidding." I looked at our friends with panic in my eyes. But she was implacable. She tossed her gorgeous raven hair, and bent the cruel rattan cane. "Goblin, you don't know what I'm going to do if you are going to be more disobedient.

You said recently that you wanted to be more obedient, and by God, you're going to learn how!"

Jolene chortled, and Gabe looked at me in astonishment. My lower lip trembling, I stripped naked in front of all these people who knew me--Gabe was my raquetball partner and a fellow Rotarian, Jolene was a fellow broker in my office, and oh, the humiliation.

But what could I do? After I'd removed my clothes and folded them carefully, I stood in front of Stephanie and my friends, stark naked. My cock, of course, hardened immediately. Martha looked at it with a repulsed look like I've never seen.

"Isn't he revolting?" Stephanie asked, and lightly hit my right nipple with the tip of the cane. "Check out that pot-belly, girls. Think, Gobby, you'll never see these people naked..but they've now seen you in the nude, like you're a child whose humility is irrelevant. It's funny in a way." Steph laughed, and to my horror, Jolene and Gabe giggled as well.

"Look at this dick of yours... it's erect!" Steph looked at my hard cock, as did everyone else in the room. I was blushing terribly. "I want you to lose your erection before I punish you, or I'm going to make you lose it!" Steph tapped her cane in her lovely palm. I tried to think of baseball scores, changing a tire, one of my uglier mother-in laws, but it stayed stiff.

The humiliation was exciting me, and also, Stephanie is so beautiful! Staring at her always made me so enthralled! Steph was wearing a tangerine colored velvet tube top with one of my Brooks Brothers blue shirts over it, but opened. Her "peanuts" poked through the top evidently. She tapped her cane against her short pleated skirt, and smiled at me.

"Can't you get your mind off of sex at all? What is it, do you wish Marsha here would fuck you? Or Jolene?" "It's Martha." Martha volunteered shyly. My God, I thought, standing there with my dick swinging. Steph barely knows these people, they've been friends of mine for five years or more. How can she do this to me?

Steph got up close to me, and looked at my cock critically. "It's not a big dick,but it's certainly offensive. Well, I guess I'll have to calm it down then." Stephanie smiled sweetly at me. "Now put your arms behind your back like I've trained you.

"Like I've trained you." Gabe whispered to Jonathan derisively. My friends were making fun of me! I blushed harder, and put my hands behind my back, and grasped one wrist with the other hand. "Good boy." Steph said pleasantly.

"Now I'll get you to calm down!" Steph called out, and raised the cane over my dick. WHACK! The cane came down hard on my glans and I screamed, but I didn't let go of my wrist, I just bent over, gasping. "All right, stand up, let's see..did it calm down?"

Steph said, examining it. My cock was still half-hard, but she began toying with it, rubbing her finger on the underside, and of course, the soft thumb with the long manicured magenta nail got my dick nice and hard again.

Part of the problem, of course, is that I haven't cum since the 6th of July. It's especially hard when you think about the fact that I am forced to keep my hands off of my dick by my own volition, and God, watching the hot girls in the street, rubbing up against the secretaries in my office and unfortunately I live near a junior college, where young women in tube tops and jean shorts are always coming and going. So I'm always in a state of horniness.

Stephanie always wears hot clothes whenever she's around me, or really cute lingerie. Stephanie comes over two or three times a week, and when she's not punishing me, she's teasing me, tying me to beds, hassocks, kitchen tables, etc. and stroking and pulling my dick for hours.

She also calls me during the day and gets me to go in the bathroom and jerk my dick on and off while thinking of her, and that's so difficult. So my balls are always quite full! And my poor dick has constant stimulation because I am only allowed to wear silk shorts and they are so smooth.

"Well, apparently your dick isn't getting the message." Steph said with a rueful smile. "It needs more training, nest ce pas?" WHACK WHACK The next two lashes with the cane caused me to let go of my wrist and grab my dick and fall on the floor, gasping. "Oh dear... did you make a messie?" Steph looked down, and Jolene and Gabe gasped. I had peed on the rug!

This was because of Steph's bladder training. You see, often when Stephanie is in my house, I am not allowed to use the bathroom. I have to hold all the pee and poop in for hours, and beg her,sometimes bribing her with cash to get her to let me go to the bathroom.

Once I was writing "I will not serve Stephanie cold coffee" 5,000 times, and was not allowed to get up until I finished, and I had to shit all over my chair! Steph took me out in the yard that night and hosed me off, laughing.

The worst times were when Stephanie would order me to not go to the bathroom all day, and I had to go to WORK. Steph would often accompany me, reading her old-fashioned Booth Tarkington novels while sitting in the office, and she'd watch me squirm uncomfortably as I worked at my desk.

Whenever I went to the lavatory to wash my hands, Steph would time me, and often pull my dick out and hold it, to see if I'd emptied it... this was awful... and more than once I'd peed my pants there in the office, and then of course Steph had caned me, and pointed out my urination to my employees!

Now, Steph looked at the mess on the floor. I hoped she wouldn't order me to lick it up... and she didn't, but she slammed the cane repeatedly on my shoulders until I stood up. "Now go get a towel, and finish doing your bathroom duty in the bathroom." Oh God Bless! I got to pee and poop, and then ran back into the living room to clean up my pee, my friends holding their noses somewhat disgustedly.

"So now your erection is gone, thank God, and we can move on with your punishment, Goblin" Steph noted, and indeed, I had little interest in getting excited again!

"Now step over here and bend over the piano bench.NOW" Steph ordered. I bit my lip and tears came into my eyes, but I obeyed, bending my naked body over the chilly wood of the bench. I did notice the contemptuous looks on the faces of Martha, Gabe and Jolene.

Jonathan just looked fascinated. Stephanie bent her cane again and smiled at the guests. "You see, if Gobby wants to act like a child, it's incumbent upon me to treat him like one. And jokes like the one he told aren't even funny... just stupid." Stephanie raised her cane and brought it down hard against my bare bottom.

WHACK! The slash was incredibly painful, as my ass has just been getting over the savaging it had during our "housecleaning" a few days ago. Oh, God, there's her arm again WHACK! WHACK! As the cane made a cruel connection with my bare bottom, I felt my crotch bouncing cruelly into the piano bench, and I was worried I might get a black-painted splinter in my dick or stomach.

WHACK! I gritted my teeth. WHACK WHACK! I closed my eyes.

I made up my mind I wasn't going to cry no matter what, but oh, it hurt. Stephanie smiled and winked at Gabe. "The Goblin never learns..but I keep teaching him!" Stephanie lifted the cane again and landed it right on the sensitive spot where my thighs meet my buttocks. WHACK! I screamed, and then began to weep loudly.

"Crybaby, isn't he?" Stephanie asked in a friendly way. "But he can't keep from telling offensive stories. It's a real problem." Stephanie lifted the cane again and slapped it across my thighs, my calves and up towards my buttocks again and I sobbed and sobbed. Finally, she got me to stand up in front of the group again, tears coursing down my cheeks. "Now why don't you apologize for telling those filthy jokes, honey." Steph smiled, and bent her cane again.

I bit my lip, standing in the nude in front of my friends. My cock was starting to get excited again, but the rest of me was mortified. Wanting to die, seeing the contemptuous, horrified looks of Gabe, Martha,and Jolene, and the hypnotized gaze of Jonathan, I blushed and said.

"Sorry I told the uh, off-color joke." It was more of a mumble, but it was truly the best I could do.

"Hey man, um that's cool" Gabe tried to smile, and it looked like he wanted to drag Martha out of there, and Jolene was just weirded out. I hoped this would be good enough for my Electric Stephanie.

WHACK! I felt Steph's cane lash my buttocks and I bounced and roared. "That was pitiful. Try to show what a pathetic little slave you really are... something along the lines of, 'I am not manly enough to tell such jokes, and I want to be forgiven for trying to be so macho' Can you do that, or must we put you have to go across the piano bench again."

I burst into angry tears.

This was outrageous. I knew Steph wasn't really upset about the jokes, she'd been telling even more of them than myself. Filthy jokes that girl knows. I should've known that she just wanted my friends to see me as the pitiful creature that I was--and I could see Gabe's dumbfounded stare as he saw hot pink polish on my toenails from the last time Stephanie had me go in drag and hang out on the town.

Oh, wasn't that horrible... sucking off all those soldiers in the men's restroom at Badlands in D.C. And then Steph had given me a vicious tawse whipping because I'd gotten runs in my stockings from kneeling on the wet tile floor of the Badlands restroom. I remember breaking a heel walking home in the rain and how Steph made me take it in my mouth and fellate it. Oh she was so cruel to me that night.

But now it was even worse! She just didn't think I was enough of a big boy to enjoy telling jokes and being a regular person. But I knew I didn't want to go over the piano bench again. Steph whacked me on the butt again. "Now tell them that you are a pitiful little boy who will only tell knock-knock jokes from now on."

I tried to open my mouth to say this, and I couldn't. I just couldn't. I did four years in the Marines, with another eight in NROTC, it wasn't going to happen. I bit my lip, and Stephanie tapped her foot. "Well, apparently you just haven't gotten enough of a lesson in obedience yet." Jolene jumped up. "No, please, it's okay, Stephanie. Let's just let it go, and let Goblin put his clothes on, I mean, he's naked in front of his friends, he's covered with welts, let him get dressed and then we'll just relax, and no more jokes."

It was evident that Jolene thought she was negotiating with a madwoman. Steph snorted. "No, no, Jolene. Gobby's lost his clothing privileges for the night. We're going to socialize til eleven or twelve tonight--the night's young! But after I've finished punishing Filthy-mouth here, he's going to spend the rest of the evening with his nose in that corner" Steph pointed a magenta nail to the corner of the living room, and my heart sank.

I couldn't imagine it, ruining my nice evening with my friends by facing the lonely corner, and feeling embarrassed as my butt was on display for the rest of the night. I'd spent so many hours standing in various corners of my house, and Stephanie's apartment, and sometimes for HOURS. Needing to pee, wanting to shit, and my legs feeling like I had ten pound weights attached to them. Why couldn't she let it go now? But I could see the glint in Steph's eye. She really wanted to cause me some pain now!

"Across the piano bench again, honey." Steph smiled sweetly, and I shook my head, and then felt her grasp my nipple and drag me to the piano bench, and push me across.

Stephanie went to the bedroom while I lay across the piano bench silently. My friends talked amongst themselves curiously,but none bothered to speak to me. "Pretty weird huh?" I tried to joke, but Gabe and Martha and Jolene just ignored me and chatted, as if I were an irrelevant servant in the room. Jonathan just sat in silence, still staring at me. Was he erect? I couldn't believe it, but I thought I saw a poke in his pants. As experienced a cocksucker as I am, with evil Steph's tutelage, I am trained to spot these things.

Stephanie came back in holding a short stick with a long thong on it, and I bit my lip again. Her scourge! "Now you'll see something" Stephanie said to my friends, pleasantly. "This is Goblin's scourge... I only use it in serious instances, because he's such a baby." "I've never seen one before" said Jolene. Steph handed it to her to examine. "The scourge was used a lot in the old times, and is referred to in the Bible, you know." Steph said conversationally, as Jolene swung it experimentally, nearly grazing Martha's leg. "In Proverbs 20:30 in the Bible they refer to flogging as a way to cleanse evil and wash the heart." Steph said," and the very devout flogged themselves to drive off fleshly temptations... it's what I do to work on Goblin here." Stephanie took the scourge and swung it lightly. "As you know, Jesus beat the gamblers in the temple with a scourge--it was in the book of John." I had had no idea that darling Stephanie was so up on her Bible quotes!

Stephanie felt the thongs of the scourge lovingly. "This scourge is a Roman item, called a Scorpion. As you can see, it's got five long leather thongs and inserted in each leather strip there are little sharp pieces of metal up and down, like the string of an abacus. Many scourges like these are called flagrums, but the Scorpion is especially interesting because it has these little hooks at the end of each leather thong."

I looked up in horror. I was accustomed to the scourge... at first Steph had used a regular scourge without any little metal things, and then she'd ordered a flagrum, or flagellum, with the metal pieces up and down the thongs... but what was this? HOOKS?

As Stephanie swung the Scorpion around, she serenely went on with her history lesson, and truly, Gabe and my other friends were fascinated. Jonathan appeared to to be drooling. "When punishing a criminal, they limited it to thirty-nine strokes, or as they said in Deuteronomy, 'Forty less one'. But of course I'm not limiting myself to that.Perhaps eighty less one." Stephanie said to herself. Gabe looked concerned. "But Goblin didn't do much wrong, Stephanie. He just told a dirty joke, honey. You could kill him with that thing. Those hooks look like they could rip his skin off." Stephanie looked severe. "Now Gabriel, my lad. You know there's a slippery slope. My brother Tunstall, Tunny for short, used to steal cookies from the jar, and Mum let it go, and now he's doing life without parole for bank robbery and murder... " Stephanie shook her head severely. I groaned. Stephanie doesn't even have a brother. Tunstall is the name of her teddy bear!

"But it's just too much, you know?"Gabe was still my buddy, and he was trying to save me. I guess he figured that if I was hypnotized into the S&M thing, he had to at least get me past this point without my entire body being lacerated by the evil Scorpion, with its zinc sharpies and hooks on the end. "Yeah, it's not safe, Stephanie" Joline chimed in. Martha smiled and tried to take the Scorpion out of Stephanies hand, and had her own hand slapped for it.

"You might really hurt him, and if we had to take him to the emergency room, there might be questions." Ah, Gabe was threatening her. That might work,but I felt like I should now defend Stephanie. If she wanted to thrash me, it was up to her, but on the other hand, I was terrified.

"It's not that bad." All of a sudden, Jonathan's voice came out. We were all startled, because he'd not spoken since this nonsense had started, he'd just sat there with a dazed look on his face. "I could take that thing on me, I bet, and if I could do it, Gobby could too." Jolene, Jonathan's girlfriend, looked horrified. Jolene was a friend of mine, and I understood she and Jonathan had only been dating a few weeks, and none of us knew much about him.

Stephanie looked at Jonathan with a new interest. She slowly ran a tongue across her upper lip and smiled at him, and he grinned at her dazedly. "You'd be willing to prove this, Jonathan dearie?" Steph slapped the Scorpion in her palm, and winced a bit, because of course the little zinc pieces hurt. "Sure, of course Miss Step--I mean, Stephanie. If I can take it, Gobby can." Jonathan smiled at her.

Jolene freaked. "Wait a minute here. You're not going to let her hit you with that thing, Jonathan. You're--" Jolene waved her hand in front of Jonathan's face, but he just gazed at Steph dumbly. Now, Stephanie is very pretty, and quite curvy, but Jolene is a former model, and quite stunning. But for all her boyfriend's attention to Steph, you'd think Jolene was a Raggedy Ann doll that was covered with mud.

"Really, Miss Stephanie, I can take it, and I want Goblin to realize that-that you're doing this for his own good." Jolene sighed hard. "To think I was going to take you to meet my parents." Jolene burst into tears. Steph smiled at Jonathan. "Well, I'm hitting Gobby's bare skin with this thing, Jonathan. I hope you can take it, would you consent to taking down your drawers in front of everyone? It might change your um, relationship with little Joelle here--"

"JOLENE!" Jolene interrupted rudely. "Jonathan, if you go through with this, I'm leaving. And leaving YOU." Jonathan didn't even hear her. "Miss Stephanie, I will do better than that." Immediately, he began removing his clothes--all of them! In fifty seconds he was bare naked, standing in front of the astounded Gabe, Martha and Jolene, who didn't move a muscle, despite her threats to take off.

From my postion lying on the piano bench I saw Jonathan's body... he was tall and slender and I could see vague scars on his back, buttocks and thighs, and realized he was a genuine submissive.

Jonathan knelt in front of Steph, his eyes downcast. "What can I do to please you, Miss Stephanie?" Steph smiled widely. "Well, we do have the erection problem, AGAIN." And sure enough, Jonathan's dick was super-hard. Jolene was staring at it. I'll bet anything that despite her extraordinary good looks, Jonathan's schlong had never gathered that much interest before.

"I understand if you need to correct it, Miss Stephanie. You may do so with the Scorpion if I need it, ma'am." Steph stood back. "Well, no dear, I can see that you're not a newcomer to the S&M scene, but I think the Scorpion Flagellum Scourge would be a bit too damaging to your little--" Jonathan looked into her eyes intensely. "No, ma'am... I can take it. My previous Master often had to correct my naughty penis."

"Oh, you had a male Master" Stephanie snickered, and Jolene looked as if she would faint. Gabe and Martha just sat in horror at what their evening had become. A den of perverts! Stephanie shook her head. "No, no... I think I know more about the power of the Scorpion than you do, dear. But I will correct that naughty thing with my cane, and it will go down. Stand up!"

Jonathan stood up, obediently putting his hands behind his back. Stephanie surveyed his stiff erection as she laid down the Scorpion and picked up the bamboo cane. She lifted it. "Now this will make your darling wee-wee calm down, I think." WHACK!

Jolene burst into fresh tears. " I was going to marry him, Martha, he's an associate at Bulstrode, Cardew and Weinburg... "

Stephanie looked at Jonathan's cock, and at Jonathan. Nothing had changed. The dick was stiff as a rock. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Stephanie shook her head.

I was astounded, Jonathan stood there, and didn't make a noise. His dick bounced like a tiny diving board under the cane's slash, but it didn't seem to phase it.

Stephanie smiled, Gabe looked green, and Martha, having had enough jumped to her feet and ran for the door. "Gabe, are you coming?" Gabe finally got to his feet, and gently led Jolene away too. She had lost all ability to speak at this point. Well, no. Her voice floated back from the hall. "I had picked out the china pattern. Boo-hoo-hoo!"

The door closed behind our former friends, and it was just me, Stephanie, and Jonathan.

"Alas, no audience" Stephanie sighed."Wait, I just thought of someone who might enjoy watching this!" Stephanie went into the bedroom and made a phone call. I didn't know what to say to Jonathan, and I was still lying over the piano bench, hoping and praying I might get out of my flogging.

Steph came back in, and there Jonathan was, still quite erect. "It seems to be the only disobedient part of you, dear." she said critically. WHACK WHACK CRACK! Steph laid the cane about Jonathan's hard penis for about five minutes, and it just bounced and bounced. Certainly it was covered with welts and red marks by now, but it didn't seem to be receding at all.

"Part of this is your fault, ma'am." Jonathan said, smiling. "You look so beautiful tonight, and I am overcome by you." Steph smiled, and put down the cane, to my relief. Really, compared to Jolene, Stephanie isn't that hot--she has a slight overbite and a little cellulite. Not much! But I was astonished at how appreciative Jonathan seemed to be. She did look good that night.

Steph had changed her clothes while making the phone call, and was now in a lavender lame minidress. Apparently, she wanted Jonathan to have a treat. "Well, I just don't know what to do about Mr. Happy there." she indicated Jonathan's penis. "What about the Scorpion, ma'am?" Jonathan asked shyly.

"You are a sweet young man... what are you, twenty-six? That Jolene is a cradle-snatcher if I ever saw one." Stephanie said, laughing. "But no, the Scorpion might really injure your poor wee-wee, and you might want to use it again. Here, let me give you a few lashes on your back so you'll see. No, Gobby, you don't have to get up from the piano bench, you look cute there."

Stephanie pointed to the armrest of the sofa. "Bend over that, dear, and you'll understand soon." Jonathan bent over, his white ass shining in the lamplight. Stephanie lifted the Scorpion. "I rarely give a sub more than two or three of these, as it usually wipes him out. I haven't even TRIED the Scorpion on sissy-boy over there." I blushed hotly. It wasn't my fault I didn't want to have hooks ripping through my skin! Stephanie lifted the Scorpion and slashed it across Jonathan's buttocks. I closed my eyes and waited to hear his scream, but there was nothing.

I heard the whisk of the Scorpion land two more times, and nothing. I opened my eyes and looked at Jonathan's face. It was very white, and he evidently was in a great deal of pain. He was biting his lower lip, and there was a little bit of blood there, but nothing compared to his heinie. Jonathan's buttocks, upper thighs and lower back were a maelstrom of red bloody streaks, welts and weals,and Stephanie was trying to free the Scorpion from one cut. She pulled the handle, but the hook was embedded in Jonathan's skin. Finally she ripped it out, and I closed my eyes again.

I heard the whisk of the Scorpion two more times, and then Steph's voice, concerned" "Jonny darling, are you okay?" I opened my eyes took one horrified look at Jonathan's rear, and jumped off the piano bench and ran to the bathroom, where I hurled. "When you come back, Gobby, bring a towel for Jonathan's rear, would you?" I brought one of my late mother's clean white towels, cringing, and Steph gave it to Jonathan, who wiped his bloody butt off.

"I should probably put disinfectant on that... " Steph said, but Jonathan shook his head, smiling. You could tell that he had gone through a great deal of pain from the hooks of the cruel Scorpion. He was sweating, and he'd bit his lip quite a bit. His skin was gray now, but Jonathan was smiling, and indeed he had not uttered one word or shriek. "Jonathan, I am very proud of you," Stephanie said, hugging him,

"But I am not going to use the Scorpion on your thingie." Jonathan looked terribly disappointed. "But you are in for a treat." Stephanie said kindly, noting that Jonathan's dick was still quite hard."I have a friend who is coming over to entertain you, dear heart."

Steph looked at me and at the Scorpion. "No, Stephanie" I said loudly. "I am not at that level of masochism. Forget it." Stephanie shook her head, smiling, and tossed the Scorpion in a corner. So the three of us sat around and smoked a joint until my doorbell rang, and in came three Black men, about six feet tall each. They whipped out their dicks, and sadly, Jonathan and I were pressed into service. Jonathan is a much better cocksucker than I am, and he's welcome to the talent! I still had to do quite a bit of it!

It was quite an evening, and at the end, Jonathan went home with one of the rougher of the Black Masters, which gives me the impression that he and Jolene are done. But certainly he seems happier this way. I am happy too, despite my humiliation in front of my colleagues... mostly because I didn't have to suffer the lash of the Scorpion!

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