Results of the New Arrangement (Sequel to "The New Arrangement)

Submitted by: Justin

"You know I love you, Daniel" Daphne said, as she leaned back, her hand on my inner thigh, watching me pull the string with my mouth. Her boobs bounced slightly in the sweater as she laughed gently. "I am so proud of you, and all you've done. You've made Master Tanner and I just the happiest couple alive." Oh, how she knew how to hurt me! But what could I say back? My mouth had string in it!

As I stared up at Daphne, she looked down at me, smiling. "This is what you wanted, dearest... isn't it? Remember when we were on our honeymoon, and you told me you wanted to be dominated? You had to BEG me to give you your first spanking!"

Did I remember!

April, 1984

"But why?" Daphne asked me as she looked at the hairbrush. It was our honeymoon, and I'd just asked her to spank me. "It's just what I need, honey." I said, as I gazed into her lovely cleavage. God, that was a great bikini top peering out of her unbuttoned shirt. Daphne leaned over and kissed me deeply. "Baby, it's our honeymoon... I was a little restrictive in going too far before we got married, and now I'm ready to let myself all out for you! Let me suck you off, Daniel... you're the sexiest guy I know, and we're married now! I don't want to hurt you!"

I looked at Daphne and smiled. "Honey, I know what I want. Part of why I married you, is I think you have the potential to be a domme, you're already a great little sex kitten. And I liked it that we went slow before we were married. It drove me crazy!" It was true, too... we'd neck for hours, and I'd get Daphne no further than getting her top off... the bra stayed, so in frustration, often I'd stripped naked and necked with this woman who was dressed in a bra and panties. "After all, I don't care if you're naked, Daniel... as long as I'm not being used here." I'd gotten a kick out of going home with blue balls, you know?

Sure there was a part of me that wanted that blowjob. She'd given me two or three, and they were great! But I wanted my cruel kitten, too! Daphne was staring at me.

"I saw those silly bondage magazines in your closet, Danny... I read some of the stories." Daphne wrinkled her adorable nose. "It's a phase you're going through." She rubbed her little white hand on my congealed crotch. "Don't you want a backrub or something?" Daphne's eyes twinkled. "Do you really want to be SPANKED? I'll do it, but you might regret it."

"Oh, c'mon honey" I begged. "You got so pissed off when I washed your nice dress with my bleached stuff, and it got ruined, and then I smoked a joint with Woody at the wedding reception, and that pissed you off... you still are pissed about that. Don't you want to punish me?" My heart was in my mouth as I watched her ponder it. She had been really pissed at me.

Daphne looked at me and frowned, and I could tell she was thinking about her mother catching me with the joint in my hand. I knew I'd hit pay dirt when Daphne's beautiful brow furrowed.

She looked at my mother's old hairbrush, turning it over in her hand. "You're right. You are a bad boy. Get up and pull down your pants." Daphne tapped the hairbrush in her hand and I got a bit worried. "Well we don't have to do it now." Daphne grabbed my ear and pulled me up. Reaching over, she unbuckled my khakis and pulled them down, and then the shorts.

I blanched, but BONG, there was my erection.

Daphne smiled grimly for just a moment, and then pointed to her lap. As I bent over, I looked up at my twenty-three year old bride with apphrehension... but it was too late!

WHACK! WHACK! Daphne brought the hairbrush down twice, hard, in the middle of my butt cheeks. "Oh!" I gasped. "No, no... I'm good at this." Daph said as she slammed the hairbrush down again. "You forget that my poor mother (WHACK WHACK) raised me while working full time, and I was responsible for looking after five younger brothers (whack whack WHACK WHACK) and sisters!"

The hairbrush slapped my right cheek especially hard, and I bit my lip to keep from bawling. "You better (whack) believe it (whack whack) My poor mother (whack whack whack) who was so pleased that her (whack whack) daughter was marrying a rich man (whack whack) and then was (whack) humiliated that he was a fucking pot head (whack whack) and rude, also (whack) my poor mother worked(whack) two jobs(whack) to raise us all, and I had to raise the kids, and I was quite strict with them!"

"That's enough, Daphne, please... " I tried to rise from her lap, but Daphne grabbed my left arm and turned it behind me, slamming the hairbrush a few more times, hard. "You'll learn (whack) to not be (whack) a dope fiend,(whack whack) and to pick up (whack) your clothes, and to be a (whack) good husband, not (whack whack) a shit-bird, won't you?"

By now I was sobbing, and Daphne threw me off her lap. "Get up!" she shouted, and I stood, weeping. I tried to reach for her, but Daphne turned away. "You're such a fucking baby. I hit you a few times and you're such a crybaby, and we've been married six days. Go stand in the corner!" I shuffled with my pants down to the corner, sobbing hysterically.

There was a knock on the door, and a young Mexican looked in with a tray of food. "Hello, Carlos." Daphne said with a smile. "Ignore my pitiful husband standing in the corner with his pants down, he's just a pathetic baby."

I stood there humiliated. "Maricon?" Carlos asked as he began putting food out. "Well he might as well be." Daphne responded.

Now, in 2008, I writhed at the memory of that first spanking... and the humiliation... and look at me now! Bound to a table, with a string in my mouth, and my wife laughing at me!

I leaned back on the table where I was chained spreadeagled and naked. Feeling even more so as I was so portrayed before my beautiful, elegantly dressed wife. My wrists were cuffed to the table on either side of my head, and my feet similarly cuffed at the bottom of the table.

"Darling boy... you deserve the reward you're about to get... You really do deserve a climax." But as Daphne said this, she covered her mouth as if she were laughing. I saw no humor in this. I hadn't had an orgasm in four months.

My face was covered in sweat as I was engaged in pulling a string in my teeth, and I'd been pulling it, moving my neck up and down, as the rest of my body was immobilized.

The string in my teeth was about three feet long, attached to a greasy, donut shaped plastic ring that was encircling the base of my penis. As I pulled the string up, moving my neck about, I'd pull the plastic donut ring up the shaft, and then just - just before it was about to fall off the glans, and thus ruin any chance of an orgasm, I tugged it back down again, attempting weakly to create enough friction that my penis, now denied for nearly four months of any kind of orgasm, would be allowed release.

I'm so proud of you, honey." Daphne said, as she watched me pulling the string in my teeth. "Tanner's done such a good job training you, and I think you're best in the morning. Your ‘breakfast in bed' routine has done us both a world of good."

I rolled my eyes and Daphne giggled. "Tanner says you have a mouth like velvet." Daphne was referring to my serving Daphne and Tanner breakfast in bed each morning before I dressed for work.

Each morning I would prepare a full breakfast after discovering what they both wanted. Right after I brought the tray into the bedroom, I'd crawl under the sheets for my own "breakfast" which involved first eating beautiful Daphne out, which would be so much fun, if it weren't for all the foreign sperm I had to lick out from Tanner and Daphne's many other lovers. After that chore, I was able to bring her to several orgasms, which of course would make my own cock harden horribly in its metal prison.

Then, after Daphne was sufficiently aroused and had cum once or twice, I would move over to Tanner's side of the bed and suck his cock, which was an odious task. I am a full heterosexual male, and although Tanner had gone through much cowhide in tanning me into obediently taking his cock in my mouth, I would never enjoy giving blowjobs.

Some mornings I would just suck Tanner until he came in my mouth, and other mornings - including this morning, I'd been requested to suck Tanner to hardness, and then back off as he mounted Daphne. Then I had to suck and lick Tanner's balls, coating the scrotum with my saliva in a gentle bathe as Tanner rode Daphne to a full orgasm.

Then I would climb out of bed, and bring them their breakfast on a tray. Oh God, what a chore! As Daphne talked about it, I eyed the timer. Seven more minutes. My behavior over the previous four months had been excellent, and I'd taken my disciplines in silence, and I certainly hoped the orgasm would be worth it! Daphne reached over and tickled my cock as it bobbled above the ring. "You don't mind if I tease you, do you baby?" Daphne giggled, and I gulped, trying hard not to let go of the string. She was such an intense tease, and in the twenty years of our marriage, she'd learned to make me crazy over orgasm denial... I thought about the first time she'd teased me...

February 1994

Daphne smiled as she moved her long nails across my purplish, throbbing shaft. A few years after she'd begun spanking me regularly, I'd shown her some of my toys, and she'd incorporated whips and straps in my "discipline weekends". Of course at that point we'd always gone back to normal during the week, and God, I loved her blowjobs, and making love... but there was a part of me that hankered for the kinky.

But then, in our 9 th year of marriage, Daph had suddenly become more reticent about sex. She demanded that I come to bed with her naked, and almost always, Daphne was wearing a sexy teddy and was even made up a little... I'd turn to her, all horny, and Daph would push my head down between her marvelous thighs, and I'd spend a good half hour eating her out, until she'd orgasmed about three or four times.

Then I'd come up for what I hoped to be "my turn" a good fucking, and as I leaned over to kiss her, Daph would turn away. "Ugh - not after you had your mouth on my crotch!" and then she'd roll over and go to sleep, and here I was lying in bed, absolutely rock hard! Often I'd removed the teddy and kissed every inch of her luscious body, and now what was I getting? As this continued, I'd often get home at night, and find Daphne quite sexily dressed - often she'd greet me in a body stocking, and give me marvelous, long kisses. Sometimes I'd grab and grope her, and she'd kiss me a bit more, and then push me away suddenly.

One night Daphne had told me that she'd fired our housekeeper. "Mrs. Wills was such a hold-over from your father's life" Daph had said to me. "We don't need a housekeeper. You told me that if I could save money from the budget, we could trade in that ratty old Toyota you gave me, and get me a nice Beemer... so I'm going to keep house myself!"

I couldn't picture my stylish, lazy, and langorous wife doing heavy cleaning, as she usually spent her days with her friends shopping or at the hairdressers, or of course playing tennis. "Really honey?" I'd asked. "Sure, you have to do your part too, dear... not just during our kinky weekends when I've made you clean the house as a slave, but during the week as well." I had had real hesitancy about this plan, as I worked many hours as CEO of Dad's meat-packing corporation.

And I was right... Daphne, the lazy playgirl, wasn't doing a damn thing! When I got home at night, there would be clothes on the floor, full ashtrays. What mystified me there was, I saw Daphne's Virginia Slims with her lipstick mark on them, but then there were often crushed Marlboros or Winstons, and occasionally a cigar. What sort of visitors was my wife entertaining, and why the hell couldn't she clean up after them!

And of course the sex-cut off had gotten worse. For three straight weeks, Daphne had been the ultimate hot-slut kissy girl, every night either greeting me in a nightie of some sort or a crop-top or tiny tank-top and shorts (and it was the dead of winter). She'd kiss me all over, we'd neck on the couch, I'd grab her boobs through whatever filmy thing she had on, and as soon as dinner was over ("wash the dishes honey, while I get ready for your big cock in the bedroom") I'd run in, strip and be about to jump on her... and "Wouldya massage my boobs, my butt, and lick me down there a little, Danny?" Then, half an hour later when I was raging to put my cock in... "No, don't kiss me with your fish-breath. I'm tired... I want to go to sleep."

The sex-cut off was in a way, what I'd expected... .Daphne had always been one to be rather imperious, even before we'd begun playing bondage games... she'd get mad and cut me off when she had her period (which seemed to last ten days out of the month) or if I stayed out with my friends watching MSNBC. One of her previous boyfriends, a friend of mine, had warned me that Daph could be a ballbreaker..and high maintenance.

Why had that excited me? The idea of a demanding princess just took me, I was possessed by it, and I had worked so hard to make her realize I wasn't an insensitive type, and I wanted to make her happy.

Now that the maid was gone, it seemed that whenever I got in at night the house was trashed. Daphne was quite often sitting in front of the TV,sometimes with a male friend, of which she had a lot of them... platonic, she said, but many were ex boyfriends. "Hey babe" she'd say as I dragged in from a long day"

"Didn't get much done, but there's some kinda TV dinner thingie in the kitchen... you know I don't like to cook." But you fired our cook/housekeeper, I argued silently. But I couldn't get upset with her, she was so damn pretty, and often I'd take off my jacket, put on an apron, and make us a good meal, as Mom had taught me to cook quite well. Then I'd try to pick up her discarded deli wrappers and stray shoes, and sweep the carpet a bit. "Your ass looks so cute when you sweep, babe." Daphne would laugh.

But even after all that, making her special desserts, being nice to the guy friends until they finally took off, rubbing Daphnes feet, and hoping I'd get lucky at bedtime... I didn't. Well, sometimes I had, Daphne was a great lover, and had a tight vagina. But in the past month, there'd been nothing

And then one night, I got in, and Daph met me with a vermillion tube top on, a hot number I hadn't seen her wear since we'd been seniors at Duke. God, her tits were big! Daphne had greeted me with a huge kiss, and then I looked over her shoulder at the horrific mess---three days and it had gotten worse and worse. The Colonel, Daphne's Pitt Bull, was slurping Lo Mein out of a take-out container on the floor. "Daph, I think we need the housekeeper back, or at least a maid, dearest." I said to her. "I don't think you're keeping up the cleaning."

Daphne had grabbed my cock through my pants, squeezing it. I gasped. It had been nearly a month since I'd cum in her. I'd actually jerked off in the bathroom stall at work several times, I'd been so horny... though I'd certainly done well for her in the orgasm department! Jesus, if she continued to tease me, I'd need a hooker!

"Baby... it's just been too much for me" Daph said, rubbing her crotch against me. She was wearing those damn cut-off denim shorts... and actually had black pantyhose on under them, on her legs... and I could see stiletto heels, too.

"All the pressure... I'm on the committee for the Club's Golf Classic... you know. But if you could clean this place up... Daffy's going to give you a big surprise, baby... " Daph rubbed her crotch against my own, and I breathed in.

"Oh, no... you're going to make me do all the work again, and go to sleep!" I said in annoyance, though I was so excited. Her midriff was perfectly flat... and look at that sexy belly button!

"No, baby... I won't do that" Daphne said innocently. "I want to give you a good time... but will you clean up the house for me?" As I rushed for the vacuum, she said "And get dinner, willya? I'm starving!"

Daphne sat and watched me clean, making helpful suggestions as she pulled her hand in and out of her shorts. "Yes, the floor's clean now, baby, but why don't you wash the windows... and take the pictures off the walls and the curtains down and dust them... " As I finished this chore, she looked the pictures over, toying with my cock through my pants. Oh God... did her fingers feel good. It was Friday, and I hadn't cum since Tuesday, when I'd jerked off in the bathroom! The Colonel followed me around and sniffed at my projects, as if he were a supervisor as well.

"Yes, very good. Now that all those pictures s are down,why don't you scrub the walls, and clean the draperies and the blinds." When this was done and my back was aching, Daphne gave me a big, meaningful kiss again, and showed me a nipple. She hadn't allowed me to touch her breasts for the past two nights, she'd claimed that they were "tender"

"Wouldn't you like to kiss this, hon?" Staring at the luscious areola, I bent my head... I began to drool. She slapped me lightly. "Then get back to work. Take the cushions off the sofa and chairs, and vacuum them... and use some woolite to get the Popsicle stain that Mike left on the big chair." I couldn't get the stain out, even after frenzied rubbing, and Daphne was annoyed. She went into the kitchen and came out with a pancake spatula.

How's that going to help, I thought. "Get the stain out!" Daphne toyed with my penis through my pantswith her long fingers and I got harder and harder. Suddenly she unzipped my pants, and pulled it out. Oh boy. WHAP! The spatula came down, big, flat, painful metal on the tip of my glans, and I screamed.

As I screamed, The Colonel began barking hysterically, not at Daphne, but at ME. I began worrying that he might bite my balls off.. and she was the one attacking me!

"Scrub it!" Somehow the stain came out, though my knees were covered with a rash from all the kneeling in the shag rug. "Now scrub those baseboards before I hit you again! I told you to clean the coat closet! That's not clean! WHAP!" My cock really stung with the second slap of the spatula, and then all of a sudden, Daphne pushed me in the closet and locked it. An hour later, she opened it again, and I fell out, coughing and spitting. "What the hell's up with you?" she asked. "Wh-what'd you do that for?"

Fortunately I'd zipped up again, and the spatula wasn't in her hand anymore.

Daphne shook her head. "You are supposed to be cleaning adequately so we can make love, darling... not malingering. And I wanted dinner... you never got that for me. I went out and had some ribs, and I brought you back a roll from the bowl on the table. Eat it fast, and let's get to the kitchen! Get a toothbrush to get rid of the dirt around the faucets!"

I scrubbed the kitchen cabinets, lined the shelves with paper re-organized under the sink, and then cleaned the refrigerator, as Daphne stood over me, tapping her high heels. Looking up at her as I was going through the vegetable drawer, I was getting super-hard. She looked so intense in her tube top! The irritated look on her face made me crazy, too!

Daphne kicked me as she saw me looking at her, and man, did that heel hurt in my side. "Hurry up... clean the air vents and mop this kitchen floor... we don't want a shit hole here, Daniel." I looked at Daphne and began crying. "I'm trying so hard, baby... and I worked nine hours today at work, all these meetings, I had to fire the public-relations VP, and I'm so horny."

As the tears ran down my face, Daphne looked at me sympathetically, and kissed my lips and my neck. She rubbed her boobs through the tube top against my chest. The Colonel snuffled a bit and nosed my behind, which I thought was irritating. Why couldn't she have a Pekingese, like most women?

"You poor baby... " I breathed in her perfume, and stroked the long strawberry blonde curls. "Honey, I can clean some tomorrow..but can't you give me a blowjob?"

SLAP! Daphne reared back and hit me so hard my head bounced. "You want me to give you a blowjob, you little shit?" She was furious, but I couldn't help watching her tits bounce in the tube top. "You're not man enough for a blowjob... you're not man enough to wear those clothes!"

Daphne pointed down at her legs, at the black stockings of the pantyhose. "You should have your gut sucked in by pantyhose, not me... I give a MAN a blowjob. Get out of those clothes!" She slapped me again, and I burst into further tears, and undressed, without thinking about it.

Daphne went into the bedroom, and came out with an old pair of pantyhose, and I noticed there was a hole in it. "That's right, crybaby... I cut the crotch out! Put them on!" Sobbing, I pulled the pantyhose on, and my cock bounced out of the hole in the middle... and yes, it was rock hard.

"Now get into these high heels!" I stepped gingerly into a pair of pink high heels and stood before Daphne, as she laughed at me mockingly. Suddenly I noticed she had clothespins in her hands and she placed on on each of my nipples. "Now how dare a sissy boy like you ask ME, for a blowjob when you're a pathetic cry-baby in pantyhose!" The Colonel barked at me savagely, and I became very quiet.

As Daphne ragged on me, I cleaned the rest of the kitchen. SNAP! The horrible spatula whacked my bare cock, bouncing out of the pantyhose gap. "Do you think you're done now? Get to the bathrooms. They all need cleaning, my bathroom FIRST!" Grabbing my dick, Daphne pulled me with her elegant nails into her bathroom.

"Take the old towels out! Wash them! Scrub the door handles, the knobs, scrub that bathroom mat, the shower curtain, the windowsills! Scrub out that toilet bowl, scour my bathtub, you pig!"

A half hour later, Daphne walked back into the bathroom, and I was pretty damn proud. Everything was gleaming... the baseboards and the tile were cleaned, and I had even scrubbed the bathroom scale!

Daphne looked into the toilet. I heard a snarl as I was admiring her tight ass through the crack of the shorts as she bent over. "You lazy snit!" Daphne got up and grabbed my neck and shoved my head in the toilet.

"Lick that bowl out... it's not clean enough!" I opened my mouth, but realized I was about to drown in the water! So I began licking and kissing the inside of the toilet until she finally let go of my neck. As she pulled my head out, The Colonel nipped me on the left buttock. It was not my evening.

Finally the whole house was clean, and I'd just finished changing the sheets in the master bedroom. I looked at Daphne pleadingly as she leaned against the door, her boobs swaying.

"I thought maybe I'd go to bed now, hon" she said lazily. "It's been such a drag working on the house with you." I was astonished and I pouted. Daphne laughed at the sight of me, standing there with my dick sticking out of her pantyhose, clothespins on my nipples, grinding the high heels into the floor.

"God, there's nothing funnier than a man who's sulking because he can't get any. You just strut around looking miserable like you're going to have a tantrum, and I'm just fascinated by that. I told the caddies at the Club about how stubborn Mr. Wallman is when he's cut off, and they thought it was hilarious." Daphne laughed. "Manuel and Pepe said they'd like to see a picture of you pouting."

I winced. "Must you tell everyone of our personal business?" But I couldn't stay mad at her... she was impossible!

"And you promised that we'd have some fun... " I pouted some more, almost against my will. I stomped my foot, and the high heel almost punctured my posterial tibial bone.

I gripped my fists and stared at her. "We're married! I want to have sex!" Daphne looked at me, standing there in my crotchless pantyhose, nipple clamps waving, cock bobbling in the pink high heels.

She burst into laughter. "I really can't believe what a pathetic creature you've become, Daniel." Daph giggled. "I thought this submissive thing was a kink you'd outgrow, since I'm a pretty hot girl and know all the sex tricks... but you really are pitiful. And you didn't do much of a job on the house. You can't clean worth a damn, and now you're giving me orders?"

Daphne looked at me with deadly eyes, and stopped laughing. "You're a spoiled baby. Roll down your pantyhose and bend over the bed, NOW!" Daphne spun on her heel and left the bedroom. What was I to do?

I rolled my pantyhose down to my knees. I stood there a moment, shaking my head. Usually when we had sessions we'd agreed on it at first, and in the nine years of our marriage, Daphne had never suggested it first... but now things seemed so different!

Daphne walked back into the bedroom, carrying a bamboo cane I'd not seen before. When she saw me standing there with my pantyhose rolled to my knees, she barked "Why aren't you lying over the bed!"

She walked up close to me, whacking my arms and shoulders with the cane, as I held them over my face. "Didn't I (whack) tell you (whack) to bend (whack) across that (whack whack) fucking bed? Didn't (whack) I?" Finally, with cane blows raining on my back I threw myself across the bed, blubbering, burying my face into the spread.

"Now then." Daphne said as she calmed down, "I've still no proof that you're man enough to get laid by me... you're such a weepy wimpie boy, it's enough to make me sick. But if you are deserving - "

I looked up. God, she looked so sexy, green eyes flashing, tossed strawberry curls, her breasts bouncing merrily in the tube top as she handled that damn cane. "Yes ma'am, I deserve - "WHACK!

The bamboo hit my shoulder and I turned back into the spread, blubbering. The Colonel howled.

Daphne's voice came out stridently."If you are deserving, you can take my light chastisement without a lot of screaming.

Can you take it like a man, Daniel?"

My father had often told me I couldn't take anything like a man - he'd belittle me when I'd cry after a shot at the doctors, or when I skinned my knees roller skating. Then he'd always give me "something to cry about" and God knew I didn't want to repeat that horror.

I looked up through brimming eyes. "I'll be a real man, Miss Daphne." Daphne snorted contemptuously. "Well we'll see, won't we?"

Daphne swung the cane through the air, and it hissed frighteningly. "I'll exercise this cane a bit, and we'll see whether you have any ability to be even a fraction of a man."

She lifted the cane. WHACK! Right across the middle of my buttocks. Oh. WHACK! On the right thigh. WHACK! On the left cheek. I bit the spread to keep from screaming out. The third whack was enough, and I grabbed my cheeks, just to feel the cane hit my knuckles.

"No, no... " Daphne warned. "We can't have that." She went away for a moment and came back with a piece of clothesline. I felt my wrists being tied together.

"Now then, we can begin in earnest." For the next five minutes, I felt as if I was sitting on a lit gas grill. Daphne found every sensitive spot on my bare buttocks, and I screamed and cried, trying hard to stifle a bit... but this was too much!

For years she'd spanked me with hairbrushes, slippers and paddles, but this bamboo cane was nothing like anything I'd ever experienced!

Finally she tossed it aside as I lay there,weeping. "Goodness, I'm pleased with this! You wuoldn't believe how interesting your butt looks now, hon. You've got all these lovely purple and burgundy marks all over..there's a serious weal on your right cheek there... wow."

Daphne rolled me over and I screeched anew as the spread hit my scorched cheeks. "You want dominance right, Daniel? God forbid I do the wrong thing by you."

Daphne sat down and stared at my limp member. Certainly I'd forgotten about sex with the vicious thrashing going on. "What's wrong... is he mad at me?" Daphne ran a long nail across my penis and it perked up a bit. Daphne stroked a bit more, and began cupping my balls with her other hand. I moaned.

Daphne got down on her elbow on the bed and brought her fully glossed lips to my glans and blew air on it, and it immediately swelled. She stroked and toyed with my penis some more. "You know Daffy loves you, honey... I just need help around the house and all." I was staring into Daphne's cleavage, oh that goddam tube top was sexy.

"Mommy doesn't want to hurt you... " Daphne stuck her wet tongue in my ear as she leaned towards me and began toying with my frenum like it was nobody's business. It seemed almost as if Daphne's soft, beautiful fingers were now playing a lullabye on my long-denied cock, and her other hand was squeezing and pinching my bare bottom, welted as it was from the bamboo cane.

Daphne's tongue began exploring my sweating neck as her fingers pulled further, and soon my stolid erection began drooling excessive precum. I was getting close to orgasm.

I'd never been teased before - I was still hoping for sex. "Honey, why don't you untie me and we'll screw, babe, huh?" My cock quivered as Daphne's nails tickled the vein crawling across the shaft.

"I'm trying to make these veins more purple, honey... it's fun!" Daphne said as she continued to toy with my cock. "I don't feel like making love tonight, darling... but it's fun to toy with you, eh?" As Daphne's forefinger traveled upa nd down the vein, her thumb tormented my frenum, and my balls felt leaden with backed up spooge of several weeks!

Daphne continued to bring her hot lips to just the edge of my cock. "You'd like it if I sucked you, right" I nodded feverishly, and she laughed. She blew more air on my straining glans, getting me very hot and making the precum that was pouring down the shaft incredibly cold. Then Daph alternated blowing on my cock with spitting on it, and rubbing the saliva into the base in an incredibly erotic finger massage.

I felt as if my cock was about to fall off of my crotch, it was so hard, and Daphne was merciless! "Now, we're going to watch "One Life to Love" my favorite soap opera, honey." Daphne looked at me with a sweet smile. "Ashley taped it for me all this week, because I've been so busy. It'll be about five hours... so you can concentrate, I'll not play with your wee-wee during the show, just the commercials. She forgot to edit those out."

Oh, God. Daphne helped me off the bed, my hands still tied, and we went to sit in the living room, where she turned on her video of what must've been the most boring soap opera of all time. She focused all the way through it, and I watched inadvertently, and then during the commercials, she toyed with my cock, running her tongue in and out of my ear... oh goodness!

"Are you hungry, darling? Mama brought some ribs back for you!" Ah yes, when she was in the restaurant, and I'd passed the ninety minutes in the hot, airless closet, with The Colonel's snores for company.

But the ribs were delicious, and Daphne fed them to me as we watched the show. Mmm. God they were good. But the Colonel wanted his cut, too... and was not all that satisfied with just the bones.

Then it happened! Daphne began talking to him. "Oh, Clem, isn't there enough for you, would you like to lick some sauce?" Daphne poured some of the hot barbecue sauce on my penis, and the dog came forward and began licking and sucking my cock. Me! I'm a Stanford MBA and a former city councilman, and a dog was licking my cock, and what was more, I was enjoying it. The Colonel's tongue, though rough, was quite stimulating. I began moaning excitedly, against my will .

"Colonel, you are giving my husband quite a good time here, eh?" Daphne giggled. "Now I'll be afraid to leave the two of you alone!" Suddenly, though, there was no more barbecue sauce, and the Colonel grunted and coughed, and walked away.

"Please, Miss Daphne, aren't you going to let me cum?" I couldn't believe these words were coming out of my mouth. "I'm dying here... won't you let me make love to you?"

Daphne grinned at me. "I kinda shy away from bestialists... but I'll let you touch yourself, maybe... "

That had been the first night that Daphne had really teased me, and then untied me and allowed me to jerk off. I couldn't believe it at first--I hadn't jerked off since I was a kid, and there I did it, pumping my cock on my knees in front of her. After I'd cum on the floor, Daphne had allowed me to wipe it up with my underwear, and then we'd gone to sleep... that was the FIRST time.

Now, ten years later, I watched her lazy finger, bug eyed, as it toyed with the tip of my glans as it bobbled above the plastic ring.

God, I couldn't believe it, here I was, tied up with my erection poking through the plastic ring... and Daphne was tease-torturing me as I clutched the string to the plastic ring in my mouth... oh God. The door opened, and Master Tanner came in behind her, brandishing a pair of children's scissors that he'd borrowed from my son's room. Playfully, Tanner ran the scissors up and down the string connecting my mouth to the ring about my dick. "All I have to do is clip the string." Tanner said playfully, and Daphne laughed. I began crying, still holding the string. "Poor thing... it's been so long since he was able to cum... " Tanner snickered. "But wasn't it his idea to wear the chastity belt, hon?" Tanner's thumb toyed with Daphne's nipple through her shirt, and she giggled. "That it was!"

July 1997

On our twelfth anniversary, Daphne gave me a chastity device... and I have to admit that I asked for it. Since the middle of our 9 th year of marriage, Daphne had been erotically teasing me more and more. We almost never were making love, much of our romantic life involved me orally satisfying Daphne, and then her tying me down, toying with my purple, pre-cum drenched erection gently, her fingers softly holding and pulling my quivering dick as it pulsated into a hard on. At first she'd play with my chest hair, rubbing my nipples casually... and then tickling my armpits and stomach. Daphne used a few drops of Lubriderm quite often, working it into my helplessly hard cock, using calm, up and down maneuvers, pulling her gorgeous fingers up and around my rigid shaft as I lay tied to the bed.

Then she'd tickle my scrotum with her left hand as she pulled my foreskin up and down with her right, and I'd just be going insane. Daphne would then take my dick in both palms, the fingers gently cupping the shaft. "Watch me play the flute" she'd giggle and begin flicking my poor dick with her fingers, and making me scream with desire.

She then took her open palm and rubbed it around the tip of my glans, up and down and around, and it caused my cock to bulge. These circular motions caused me to forget time and space, and made my glans incredibly violet.

Daph would giggle as I would be panting heavily, trying to break loose from the ropes. Over and over again, Daphne would get me to the point where I was just about to orgasm, and then pull her hand away, laughing. Then she'd run her fingers around my cock without touching it, enjoying the tense overblown look of my balls. Sometimes Daphne would encircle the base of my cock with her index finger and thumb, just under the glans, and begin a tiny pulling tease, while tickling my anus with her other hand.

As I'd grit my teeth and beg and plead for her to fuck me, Daphne'd giggle and then bring her palm up to the top of my cockhead, holding it flat out, her fingers pulled together and stiff, the thumb pointed straight out. Then she'd spin her palm around against the glans as I'd bite my tongue at the light torture.

Then Daph would take both hands rubbing them on my shaft, swinging it as if it were a Louisville Slugger, moving both hands up and down.

Finally she'd stop, just as I was about to cum, and tell me to get dressed, or if were late at night, to go to sleep. This was even more infuriating, as now I was completely horny, and I'd spend the next day or two following Daphne around, begging her to let me screw her.

And then the inevitable happened, I'd break down and jerk off. Twice Daphne found cum stained Kleenexes, and a few other times she walked in on me, and it always resulted in brutal whippings. Daphne was so furious. "Goddamn it!" she'd scream as her cane would thwack my naked ass, "I told you we'd make love when I was ready - maybe next week. You could have had a powerful orgasm, but no, you have to take care of it all yourself!"

"But Daphne" I sobbed as the cane landed along my tailbone, "I'm so horny, and you cum all the time!"

Later on, when I was assisting with her bath, Daphne was more gentle. "Danny... darling! There, you can soap Mommy's breasts if you like... I've plans for you and I just want you to enjoy the sex that we have." I ran the lather across Daphne's hard nipples, and my cock swelled in my trousers.

"I want us to have explosive sex, and you know that whenever we do, it's after you've gone a long time without cumming. For me, of course it's such a different thing. And don't you enjoy your time with me? That is, when we screw, now and then?" I nodded wearily.

God she was beautiful, and I loved tending to her... in the bathtub was one of the rare times that I was allowed to see her in her full nudity lately... that is, when it was light. In the evenings, I was quite often busy between her legs, but it was dark and she was usually in her nightie.

"But Daphne." I said, as I soaped her back. "I have needs, dear... and you tease me so much. And then you leave me so frustrated." I smiled gingerly at her. "You really can't blame me for weakening and indulging in self-abuse." Daphne gave me a sunny smile. "Darling, I am just trying to break you of a habit that fourteen year olds have." Daphne reached a soapy hand over to my crotch and unzipped me, pulling out my hard cock.

Daphne toyed with it as I continued to soap her back, and looked deeply in my eyes. "Honey, I know what it's like to be a big, horny man." Daphne's azure nail toyed with my quivering frenum, and I gasped silently. "But adult men have self-control, and they know how to keep from being little onanizing wankers. I'm just trying to teach you the same skills... so you can be a regular guy." Daphne looked sincerely straight at me, and I blushed, at her implication that somehow I was less of a man then the "regular guy" Daphne began pulling my dick slightly up and smiling at me casually, and I breathed through my nose. " I am starting to realize, Daniel, that your desires for S&M domination probably have a lot to do with the need to be looked after, because you aren't much of a man. You're just a little bitch, really.

Complain, complain." Daphne ran a tongue across her full upper lip, giggling at me. She took her other hand and began toying with her nipple. "It makes me want to date other men sometimes, honey." I gasped suddenly. "Honey, I'm about to cum." Daphne's hand on my cock didn't slow for a moment. "Dear, this is where you learn self-control. You know that if you cum without permission, I'll thrash your pee-pee with a branch from the rosebush outside, and all those nasty thorns will be stuck in your poor thingie." As Daphne spoke, I did my best to hold back my cum. "I know you can do it, darling. I know you can keep from making a nasty mess."

Daphne asked me to rub her breasts some more. "Cup them, dear. Hold them." I looked at her piteously. "But honey I--" Daphne looked innocently at me. "What, don't you like my tits? You're always begging to touch them... and you cry so hard when you're on restriction."

One of Daphne's frequent punishments of me was to forbid me the touching of her breasts, usually for three days to a fortnight. During these times, she would wear especially transparent clothing, and wave her boobs in my face as much as possible, and quite often it led to me being in tears, especially when I was going down on her and unable to play with her beautiful honeys.

"But darling, I am trying to keep from 'making a mess' and you are toying with my penis, and I am having a bad time enough trying to hold back... with your boobs in my hands, it'll be impossible." I protested, even as I was grabbing the glorious, slippery mounds. Daphne chortled. "Daniel, you have to learn self-control. I want you to be man enough to make love to me, to be able to hold back your orgasm until I'm ready for it, and I want you to be able to let me play with your little thing--" How I hated it when she called it that! She'd called it my "Schlong" and my "weapon" in the old days. "I want to be able to toy with your peeter without worrying that you're going to lose control, babe."

As Daphne rubbed my groin and spoke gently of self-control, I gritted my teeth and tried so hard not to release. Oh, it was hell. Suddenly Daph unbuckled my belt and dropped my pants and began running her hands all over my crotch, pulling at my scrotum and then running a finger up my anus. "Dont' you like this, dear?" God, I did. "Wouldn't you like to have a man up there? Wouldn't that be lots of fun?" Daphne's fingers gloriously toyed more with my cock, and her left hand then moved two fingers up my quivering butt-hole.

"Think of what it might be like to have a couple of big bikers here, darling, taking turns with your ass while I watch! Don't you get a kick out of that?" As Daphne laughed merrily, my hands helplessly held her glorious breasts, and I inadvertently began playing with the nipples.

I should've been in heaven, but I was expending most of my energy trying to resist releasing my spew in her hand. I'd been whipped with the thorn branches before, but never on my penis... that was more than I could take. But I felt the semen rising from my balls, coming closer and closer...

Finally, I began panting heavily, and begging her to stop. "Please, Miss Daphne, I'm so close to cumming, and I don't want a thrashing with the thorns, ma'am." Daphne looked at me irritatedly, and reached down, grabbing the bath brush. WHACK! The hard plastic hit the tip of my glans harshly, and my poor organ began to shrink, and of course I began crying. "What a pathetic creature you are, Daniel." Daphne said to me, as she stepped out of the bath and motioned me to dry her off with a fluffy towel. "You have no self-control whatsoever, and I know you're going to sneak off and play with that thingie as soon as you can." Daphne left the bathroom, coming back in a cute red teddy just as I was massaging my cock. SLAP! "You did it! I knew you would" Daphne said smartly, slapping me twice across the face. "I'm going to train you to limp up and have some decent control over that thing if it kills me."

Twenty minutes later, I was lying on the bed, my hands bound behind me and my ankles bound to my hands, so I was up on my knees with my cock sticking out.

Daphne sat next to my bound and mangled body, toying with my cock casually. "Now you're going to learn some self control." Daphne rubbed a long nail across the tip of my cock so it was absolutely standing outside my knees, which of course were supporting my body, and bound to my hands.

"Now, I order you to lose your erection!" Daphne continued playing with my cock, and I tried. I thought of baseball scores, cleaning latrines when I was in ROTC, and my grandmother's okra salad, but nothing happened. Daphne sighed, and reached under the bed, pulling out a long switch cut from the willow tree in our front yard. "I'm trying, Miss Daphne, please don't use that, ma'am." Daphne frowned at me. "I should use the thorn branch... but this is remedial, I know. So you can't lose your erection, eh?"

"Now I give you three seconds to lose your erection!" I tried magnificently, but with Daphne leaning over me in her cleavage-creating nightie, there was no hope. "Oh well, then... " Daphne lifted the switch over my cock. WHACK! Oooh how it stung. I could tell that the little bitch had dipped the switch in water, as well. "Still hard? Tsk Tsk." Daphne shook her head WHACK THWACK SMACK! Now I was seeing stars, and my penis was losing its erection. I could barely see it over my hog-tied state, but I noted some severe red welts on the glans and the circumsized foreskin.

WHACK! THWACK! Daphne's final lashes completely dropped my penis to the size of a two year old's weiner, and I was sobbing heavily. Daphne sat down again, and began idly stroking my cock as she lectured me on my loss of control. "See, honey... according to what I've read in the Bible, you're not supposed to be releasing at all, just for procreation's sake."

Daphne's nails trailed along my rigid shaft as she continued her Biblical interpretation. "I mean, there's no rule in Scripture about my orgasms at all, I'm completely unregulated, and that's good." Daphne said as her fingers toyed more with my now growing cock. "But you're supposed to hold your juice back except for when we make a baby, and we've decided, of course, to stop with Michael." Daphne continued to toy with my cock. "But I recall this from my Baptist upbringing, two important quotes... In Genesis 38:89 it says

"And Judah said unto Onan, Go in unto thy brother's wife, and marry her, and raise up seed to thy brother. And Onan knew that the seed should not be his; and it came to pass, when he went in unto his brother's wife, that he spilled it on the ground." Daphne paused and then quoted again:

"In Leviticus fifteen it says "And if any man's seed of copulation go out from him, then he shall wash all his flesh in water, and be unclean until the even. And every garment, and every skin, whereon is the seed of copulation, shall be washed with water, and be unclean until the even. The woman also with whom man shall lie with seed of copulation, they shall both bathe themselves in water, and be unclean until the even."

By this time, despite the quotations from the Good Book, my cock was raging hard.

Daphne stroked and stroked until I began bouncing and breathing again. "Now, I want you to lose your erection. I've given you the Biblical warnings... and I'm not going to bathe because you squirt, and I don't want you to wind up like Onan, making messes all over the place." Daphne's fingers toyed with my glans faster and I began shaking.

"Can you lose your erection? Or will I have to give you the switch again?" Unfortunately, I had to get the switch again. And again. But after the seventh tour through Daphne handjobbing me and then demanding I go limp, I finally drooped upon command. By this time, my entire crotch area was covered with welts, weals and Daphne had broken about five switches on me.

That night, Daphne let me enter her for the first time in several months. "Screw me hard, baby!" she shouted, and I pounded it in her super enthusiastically, and she screamed and moaned as I rubbed my penis in her tight pussy. Daphne came again and again as I screwed her and screwed her."Are you ready to cum?" Daphne asked me breathlessly. "Yes, I'm close." I replied. "Well, hold back, so I can cum some more. We're not making a baby, and you know what Leviticus says." Daphne said with a giggle. I ground my teeth and held back and continued to fuck her with a total passion. "Now pull out, do me from behind, now do me in the ass." I did her about twenty different ways, and then Daphne ordered me to go limp, and immediately I did. "Now I'll tie your hands above your head, so you're not tempted to Onanize." And indeed my hands were tied til the next morning. Daphne had gone to sleep satiated, and I just cried quietly, my bulbous cock (which had inflated right after I'd pulled out of her) unfortunately completely neglected.

Throughout the night, whenever I'd finally go to sleep, Daphne would awaken and began toying with my poor member once again, getting it to the point that I was about to explode before saying quickly "If you're not limp in thirty seconds, it's the thorn branch for you honey." And every time it worked... I was trained now to go limp within seconds!

The following day, Daphne called me on my cell phone at work. "Honey, take me into the bathroom with you... " Wondering, I carried the cell phone into the john down the hall. "Get some of that pink soapy stuff from the dispenser over the sink and put it on a tissue, and go into the stall." I obeyed. "Now drop your pants and sit on the toilet, and begin rubbing your wee-wee."

Reluctantly, I began and immediately became fully erect. It had now been several weeks since I'd had an orgasm, and I was incredibly horny. "Are you rubbing, dear." came Daph's voice over the cell. "Yes, I am, Miss Daphne." I mumbled, trying not to speak too loudly, as there were others in the lavatory. "Feels good, doesn't it?" Daphne mused. "You were such a good boy last night, and I'm so proud of you!"

I sighed, thinking of how horny I was now, after all that stimulation. "But now's a treat for you, baby." Daphne said, giggling. "Why don't you rub that little thing of yours and think about my big boobs. You know I'm here at home right now, stroking my clitty and thinking of you, baby." I sighed heavily "Yes ma'am." I pulled and masturbated my cock as her velvety voice went on.

"I know you're dying to cum right now... why don't you jerk yourself faster? I'm in my beige bra and panties, the ones you like... I was thinking of fucking the delivery boy this afternoon... wouldn't; that be fun for me?" I toyed with my penis and sighed more. "Now I'm so bored... I almost wish you were here to give it to me good, big boy." I began rubbing my penis faster.

"Would'nt you like to titty-fuck me like you did in the old days?" The door to the restroom opened and one of my employees came in to use the urinal Faster, faster my hand ran up and down my thickening shaft.

"You're such a sexy guy when you want to be, darling." I felt weird, listening to her voice on the cell phone as I beat my meat there in the stifled lavatory stall. I tried to control my panting as I didn't want the guy peeing to hear the big boss being perverse. Daphne was no help, though. "I might get a cucumber or something and just ram it up my pussy, baby... I'm so goddamned horny, honey."

Then suddenly, her voice turned icy. "I want you to lose your erection immediately." Bang! The training was there, and my cock immediately went limp. I began crying silently. "Is it limp?" Daphne's voice came." I sighed. "Yes ma'am (sob) it's (sob) limp." My employee's voice came from outside the stall; he was combing his hair. "Is everything all right, Mr. Wallman?" I could hear Daphne's chuckle. "I'm on the phone, George." I said in a teary voice. "I just have a cold."

"That's rich." Daphne responded, as I heard the door shut behind my puzzled employee. "Now are you going to be a good boy and zip back up and go back to work?" I could feel my erection slowly returning. "Please, oh, please let me finish myself off, Daphne... you have no idea how difficult all this is for me."

"Absolutely not. Zip up and go back to work." she said firmly. "You know what'll happen if you screw up, big boy." And of course I did screw up. Somewhere in the afternoon, I broke down and ran into the restroom and beat off, thinking of the file clerk's leather miniskirted bottom twitching past me in the hall.

That night at ten, Daphne briskly switched my cock and balls with nettle branches, as my screams decorated the quiet suburban night... but it was hopeless. In the next two months, Daphne teased me mercilessly, and try as I might, I couldn't help breaking down and beating off...

Five times in those two months I broke down, and the punishments were incredibly horrific.

"Why can't you control yourself?" Daphne asked me, enraged, as she tied to the ceiling int he back room, securing my testicles with two buckets of rocks. The last punishment had been two buckets of water, pulling my balls down as I swung unhappily from the ceiling, but it had to get worse and worse with my continual offenses. Now I hung naked from the ceiling, my scrotum dragged to the ground by the stone-filled buckets, and Daphne was lashing my hard cock with the thorny branch.

THWACK! "When will you learn?" Daphne intoned as she raised the prickly stick again. I was weeping, alas, my cock was quite hard! "Can't you understand that I don't want you wanking yourself?" Daphne was very annoyed. WHACK! SLASH! THWACK! "Wait, I thought of something, ma'am." I sobbed out. "What about a chastity device?"

"So let me get this straight" Daphne said to me a few hours later after she'd nearly whipped my skin off with the thorny branches. God knows my chastity suggestion had only paused her for a moment. "You think the only way you can control yourself is if you're locked in a chastity device? That's disgusting."

Daphne gave me a flinty look as I served her some merlot, and stood there, trembling. "What kind of a satyr are you, Darniel, that you can't help from toying with your dick at your age? I'm afraid and horrified that you are actually the President of our son's PTA. It could be dangerous for little girls, all the groping, you know." But she smiled as she said this.

"Darling" I said midly, "With the level of teasing that you put me through, it's a miracle that I'm not jerking off every hour." I couldn't believe it, but my dick was lengthening once again, at the sight of Daph's cleavage inside of her gown. "You act as if you're a bastion of self control, Dannie, but it's really all the harsh whippings that keep you doing well."

Daphne noted that my dick was peeking out of my robe, and she idly began stroking it as she questioned me. "I know you enjoy those weird chastity belt sites on the Internet, and your paper porn, the magazines and such are always caught up with that stuff... " Daphne's fingers stroked my pulsating cock internably.

I breathed through my nose as Daphne's light fingertips stroked the frenum under my cockhead as she continued speaking. "Do you really think you could take being locked up all the time, with my teasing you, sweetest?"

Daphne's wrist pulled my cock a bit as she continued. "Because I'd still be teasing you all the time, Danny, and locking you up again, I'm certainly not going to listen to you begging for a release every three days." I was well aware of that, Daphne hadn't let me cum more than once a week for months.

But what could I do? I was enthralled by the idea of Daphne chastizing me with a device..and I knew I couldn't control myself. But a fortnight later, when Daphne locked the CB-2000 chastity belt on me for the first time, I began to wonder if the thrill was all that... and three months after that, when she allowed me to jerk off for the first time, she practically had had to corall me to lock it back on again!

And it had been eight long years of mostly orgasm-less chastity since then... and now I had Tanner to focus on... he'd taken my wife! I was trying to keep a straight face, while holding onto the string in my teeth as Tanner alternately toyed the scissors along the string, playfully threatening to clip the string, thus doing away with my oh-so precious orgasm... and then of course, he was necking with my darling Daphne! I was trying not to look angry, gritting my teeth around the string, when Tanner got pissed off. "I hate the way he looks at me." he said to Daphne irritatedly. "Look at him, he's not a fucking submissive at all! He's jealous, still that I'm sucking face with you! What a disobedient slave-boy!" Tanner stared at me. "I really should clip this string, you little bastard... but I'm too nice!" Tanner left the bedroom and slammed the door, and I gazed up at Daphne helplessly.

"Think of how much good Master Tanner's done you, Daniel. Why aren't you more grateful?" Daphne said to me reproachfully. "And in only two years! The last year of training here in the house, but then all that important work at the Ranch that he helped you with... you were such a sissy-boy... do you remember when he met you? What a mess you were? Jesus, I recall what a basket case you were on your first trip to the Ranch."

November 2005

I looked nervously at Daphne as we pulled up to the forbidding gate of that weird farm out Route 105. A man came out of the little hut to take a look at us in our expensive Mercedes, and Daphne smiled at him. I was quite disgruntled, in the driver's seat, as I'd never been here before. "Yeah, we're here to see a woman called Pratt?"

I used my most officious tone, as I was used to hicks like this. He was wearing a coverall with THE RANCH on the left breast. "Ayeh, Miss Pratt will be right pleased t' meetcha." He gave a toothless grin, and winked at Daphne. "This yer candidate, Daffy?" I was appalled as Daphne smiled at the old man. "That's him, Clematis. Our slave Daniel." I coughed and spurted in my Giorgio Armani Le Collezione Linen Navy Suit.

"Good God, Daphne, don't tell the dolt at the gate that kind of thing!" I whispered harshly in Daph's ear, and she smiled and blew a kiss to Clematis. "Oh, Daniel, Clem's an old friend... and a great fuck for an old guy." I slumped, and hit the gas when the old reprobate waved me in the big gate.

As we drove up the path, Daphne giving directions, I passed a cowbarn, and was horrified to see a nude man running out of it, chased by an obese woman in suede. Continuing on, I listened to Daphne's instructions.

"There, go right. See those two? That's Marisa and Kyle, there, they're hulling rice, poor Marisa, she's gotten the lash all over her bottom. I really think it's bad of Miss Pratt to keep them naked at this time of year outside at least... there's Marjorie Gudger, one of my favorite of the Trainers... Hi! Yes, this is him!

Hope you can lash him a little, Marge, keep driving up,Daniel... there's the smokehouse... there's Anker Berschinski, the international financier, curing meat inside.

The keys to his chastity belt are kept here at the Ranch and he flies here from Dusseldorf every three months for training and if he's lucky, an orgasm... there's the dairy, Mr. Stringel's getting a whipping by the milk-churner. Don't gasp so much, Daniel, you'll get it worse, I wager."

I was in shock. Josiah Stringel of Cunningham and Stringel, the largest banking house in our city was bent over the churn while a Japanese woman lashed him! "Yes, that's Mistress Takamitsu.

Miss Pratt calls her our most recent import. Wields a lash, doesn't she?" I gaped as I passed cotton fields, with men and women in the nude struggling to plow, while a black woman in white seersucker on a horse oversaw them with a whip. "My God, one man is driving the plow and another is pulling it!" I was so surprised I almost drove off the road. "Yes, that's right, and the slaves pay a thousand dollars per weekend for the privilege to work here." Daphne noted with satisfaction. "The cotton and other Ranch products generally are sold and the proceeds go to benefit Unicef, but they're top quality, let me tell you!" Daphne pointed a long nail.

"See, there's your lawyer Herschel Schary, he's fixing the cotton gin with the supervision of Mistress Elyssa... oh stop staring at her bazooms, Daniel!

"There's the rice mill, and some slaves carrying bundles of rice. Oooh, there's Myron, giving them the lash!"

Daphne laughed. "What? A male master?" I was horrified. "They pay to be dommed by a guy? Are they gay?"

Daphne gave me a casual look. "No, they're heterosexual, most of them, but these men know they have to learn to obey everyone, male and female masters, Dan. And Master Myron also runs the blacksmith shop, where they make Prince Albert Rings... I might get you one, if you're not good.

Drive up here past the winnowing house and the sugar mill, we're almost there... I see you checking out the ass of that female slave outside the oak grainery. Watch it, bub. Drive past the greenhouse and see there's your old friend Tim Kleindschmidt working outside the corn shed. Remember Lady Merola from the Scourge Club?

She works here on weekends, as supervisor of the pig pen... yes, pigs AND slaves are in the mud, isn't that a riot? There's the fishpond, and behind that is the area where we have quail hunting." I grinned.

"Well I'd enjoy that." Daphne gave me a freezing look. "No, slaveboys don't get to hunt, though they participate in the hunt in other ways, dear."

Finally, I drove around the apple orchard and up to the main house, a rather gloomy looking mansion. I braked and got out. "Daphne, are you sure we really need to do this, honey?" I appealed to her as she firmly took my arm and led me to the porch.

"I think we really take too much of our life in the bedroom and rub it around too much. We're private people, aren't we?" I looked earnestly at my wife of eighteen years. Daphne looked back at me steadily.

"You're a slave-boy, Daniel, or so you say you want to be... but really you're just a dilletante... a wimp. You want to be the tough slave-boy, but truly, you're pathetic.

You spend nearly a thousand dollars a year on various magazine subscriptions and expensive porn sites, and are always coming home with various leather doodads for me to use on you... this is what you want, and I want it too, but not with such a whiny boy.

"You can't take any kind of punishment, and heavy cleaning seems to bring you down, somehow." I sighed. "I own a company and am very busy during the week, Daphne, and I just don't have time on the weekends to clean the house up. I am more in favor of token cleaning, just to prove my subservience... really, as you have so much time during the week, you should clean!"

"That's it! Your goddamned whiny attitude." Daphne said as she looked at me angrily. "This is the other reason you need re-training, and I'm sick of it, Daniel. Take off your jacket, right here, and pull down your pants!" I looked at Daphne, horrified. "Here?" Two passing nude men grinned at me, as did the lady in red leather walking behind them.

"Absolutely. Right now. Your sulking and posturing is too much for me. Now!" Daphne opened her handbag and pulled out a coiled Razor Strop. Jesus.

She's still using that thing. A few weeks before, at Bloomingdales, we'd gotten in an argument about how many dresses she was buying, and Daphne had taken into one of the dressing rooms and pulled down my pants and thrashed me with the strop, until I'd stepped out weeping, to the amusement of the salesladies.

"Daphne, this is going too far!" Daphne grabbed me by the ear. "Take off your jacket NOW." She said between her teeth. I gulped, and unbuttoned my jacket and took it off dropping it, as she dragged my ear down.

"Good, now I'll take care of the pants. You can keep the vest on." Daphne let go of my ear and undid my pants and pulled them down, as well as my silk boxers. "Don't whine about the cold, two thirds of the people on this ranch are nude, even if it is November."

Daphne pushed me over the railing of the antebellum porch. She lifted the razor strop. "Now, I want you to promise not to whine any more." WHACK! WHACK! "Oh, please it hurts so much." I whined immediately. And it did. It felt like I'd just been burned with sparklers. "That's whining, goddamnit!"

Daphne lifted the strop again, landing it on my bare buttocks five more times. Two more slaves came by, and stopped to clap before being whacked themselves, and urged on to the hayfields by their Male Master.

For twenty minutes, Daphne whacked my poor buttocks with the razor strop, and at the end I was blubbering and weeping, and Daphne was hard pressed to stop, as of course she was going to stop when I'd quit whining, but she couldn't get me to quit whining and blubbering while she was whipping my ass!

Finally the door to the mansion opened, and a short, somewhat plain young woman in circular spectacles came out. When she got to the top of the step, I could see through my teary eyes that she wasn't all that plain,but certainly understated with her mousy hair in a bun and a snug but deathly black dress. "Mmm! I came out to see what the ruckus was, Daphne... .who's the slug howling with his pants down?"

Daphne looked up from where she was slamming the strap for the 150 th time. "Oh, this goddamned husband of mine, Prattsie... I'm so sorry to disturb you, and I'd hoped to put all this off until we got inside."

The mousy woman leaned down and looked at me. "You there, all your screaming is disrupting my Ranch. All the slaves have come to watch this. How dare you piss your wife off to the point that she has to discipline you. Pull those pants up and zipper them, and blow your nose. I'm Miss Pratt, and you'd better get it together."

I wiped my nose and pulled my pants and underwear up, and buckled them, as Daphne looked at me disgustedly. "Jesus, what a shame. I could have a nice, manly slave if I'd gone looking,but I married a crybaby instead." Daphne rolled up her strap and put it in her purse.

"Come on in, folks" Miss Pratt smiled as she ushered us into the mansion. "We'll go into the drawing room." We walked into a handsome room where there was a desk, a large chair behind it, which Miss Pratt sat in, and then two other chairs. Daphne sat down in one chair, and I was about to sit in the other when Miss Pratt held up her hand. "No, no... I don't want whimpering slave-boys sitting in my chairs. You can take off your clothes right here, and fold them up, and then you can kneel next to your wife's chair."

I balked. "Look here, I'm paying for this business at the Ranch, and I think I have a right to sit down." I frowned at Miss Pratt in my most threatening manner, a steely glance that had frozen company vice-presidents, and Miss Pratt began to laugh.

She laughed so hard that she had to take off her spectacles and wipe them. Daphne just looked irritated and embarrassed by me. "You're absolutely right, Daniel." Miss Pratt said in a friendly tone. "Not only should you get to sit down, by God, you should lie down if you like."

She picked up the phone and spoke into it, and then hung up, and looked at Daphne. "Ever since I expanded my city practice to this Ranch, I have had no end of entertainment!"

Daphne, however was not amused. "You see what I have to put up with? Between his posturing and his whining I never get a rest. You'd be amazed that he's a slave at all!"

Miss Pratt looked at me. "I think he is. We'll see how he does lying down." The door opened and a cute little honey blonde walked in, carrying a small briefcase and a bendable cane. She looked at Miss Pratt and nodded her head at me. "Yes, this is our boy!" Miss Pratt beamed. "Veronique, put him at rest!"

The young woman turned to me. "Please to remove your clothes?" In a thick European accent, no less. But I was so mesmerized by her breasts, in a tight green baize top. I smiled politely. "I want to learn more about the Ranch before we get into the sexual shenanigans, hon."

Veronique gave me an angelic smile. She took the straight end of the cane in her lower hand and swacked the crooked end between my balls, and I keeled over. "You will remove your clothes now?"

Veronique asked again. I was nearly blacked out, but I took my clothes off while coughing on the floor, and stood up again, stark naked. Veronique opened her briefcase and took out a small piece of steel, about four inches wide and six across, with two holes in it.

"What's that?" asked Daphne, interested. "Well, Daphne, these are thumbcuffs" Miss Pratt said. "Veronique prefers them to handcuffs, she thinks they're more painful, and you can move the sub around a bit." Veronique bent over my suffering form, and locked my thumbs together behind my back, and then whacked the cane against my buttocks until I rose, screaming.

"Now we will relax you, yes?" Veronique said, as she breathed in, and sighed, making her boobs shake. "One... this is strike one!" WHACK! The cane came across my nipples in a vicious arc, and I fell down howling, and crying. Veronique helped me up. "One more, and you will truly relax, yes!" WHACK! This time I went down, my nipples feeling like French Fries, and I stayed there, huddled and weeping.

"I must go see to Dr. Rabinowitz, Madamoiselle Pratt. Mistress Zelda and Princess Lisbeth are at work,but they need my help, no?" Veronique curtseyed to Daphne and left.

I continued to lie on the floor and weep, and Daphne turned to Miss Pratt and began speaking to her as if I wasn't there. "You have to understand, I've taken him to various houses of domination, I've tried all sorts of dommes, and he just can't seem to be anything but this whining, pathetic butterball."

"What are your main goals for Daniel?" Miss Pratt asked pleasantly, as she looked over her desk at me. "I want him to take pain silently. I want him to lose fifty pounds. I want him to not whine about my infidelities, as he is supposed to be a submissive. I want a real submissive. I don't know if there is a domme here who could work with Daniel!" Daphne said, looking earnestly at Miss Pratt.

"Well, perhaps not a woman. Let me read you a letter from an old friend who may be moving up here to work at the Ranch. His rates are high for here, but really reasonable for where he is domming in San Francisco." My head came up. "He? I don't want a man." Daphne looked down at me. "When we get home you are going to get such a thrashing, young man." "Don't worry. He's getting his!" Miss Pratt said cheerfully. "Now listen to this letter:

Dear Prattsie:

So long since we last met, when I was living with my eighteenth-century-poetry professor slave-girl, Myra! It was fun having you as a house guest. I appreciated your comments on Myra's house, yes the huge glass wall overlooking the canyon was nice, especially when I was whipping her bare ass in front of it, and then it was quite a spectator sport for various rock climbers and bungee jumpers.

I recently left Myra's domicile for a better offer, from Jules Dorsman, do you remember him? He is on the board of Pain Village, a facility just outside Sausalito, about five miles from San Francisco. I have been training errant kittens of both sexes there, and recently quit to live at Jules' full time as his "houseguest", and it's been quite the adventure. You've met Jules, and he's quite a forceful businessman--owns five shopping centers throughout Frisco, Tamalpais, and Marin County. I had been aware that he was a sexual masochist, but I got the impression that it was just a light thing, he just wanted an ass-whipping now and then, as Myra had, and that he would, as local Republican Party head and Stanford MBA, have utter contempt for my eighth grade education and half-Indian heritage.

We did start out with my giving Jules mild ass whippings, first just with a wooden spoon, and then I moved to a leather scourge. It's a helluva charge getting him out of that power suit, you know, and ordering him to lie his big, bulky body on the bed and larruping him with the scourge. Jules, an ex-Marine, is quite stoic, but it didn't take too long before I had him yelping.

But then Jules ran for the local City Council, full of law-and-order nonsense... and after he won, it seemed as if he became more and more submissive. When I get in at night, Jules is kneeling by the front door with a chilly martini in front of him, and I pick it up and he follows me on his knees to the dining room, where he's made dinner. Usually I can't find much fault with it, but sometimes he reversed the salad forks, and I give him one hell of a whipping for it! And he sucks me, Prattsie... suuucks me on and off for hours! Jules is locked in a Prince Albert cock ring, and it's marvelous, because I can tease and torture his cock and balls without unlocking him at all. At this point he's been without an orgasm for nearly seventy-two days, and he weeps and cries in frustration when I toy with his poor rod, locked as it is in a bow...

So one night I informed Jules that we were going to have a party for his "birthday". He was so excited! "Really, Master, do you mean it, Sir?" Jules looked at me with brimming eyes.

It had been so long since he'd been allowed to have an orgasm, and other than heavy discipline, he'd not been given much lovin' don't you know. I'd taken over his house, reduced Julesy to living in a closet on the third floor of his mansion, and had only seen him for disciplinary purposes.

The night of the party, Jules came out wearing a turtleneck sweater and lounge jacket, and I looked at him. "What the hell are you dressed like that for?"

I asked Jules angrily. "But Master, it's a party for me, I thought I could be dressed and act normally for our friends." I withheld a grin and looked very seriously at Jules. "Jules, it's a sex orgy. This is a reward for all your faithful service, for all the marvelous oral attention you've given my cock, and all the monetary gifts.

Imagine being released from your cruel Prince Albert chastity piercing, so you can have sex with all those delicious men and women!"

I flexed my muscles in the tank top which I knew always made Jules' eyes pop out and gave him a grin. "Do you really want to be over-dressed like that? I think your usual uniform would be more appropriate." Jules jumped up and down in his excitement. "Really, Master Tanner? Regular sex, and orgasms?"

He ran into the bedroom and came back out in his normal loin cloth. I could see the edge of the chastity piercing peeking out from under it. "Do you want to unlock my piercing now, Sir?" Jules asked in a trembling voice.

I smiled in a kind way. "No, not now, darling. Why don't we wait for the party to start." I winked at the ceiling. "Why don't you kneel on the Oriental rug as you always do, and just wait and see what happens, as I bring in the guests." The first knock on the door came, and a couple I knew walked in, Marvin and Phyllis, and their friend Roderick, a tall black man. Jules looked hurt that they didn't wish him a Happy Birthday, but just sat in chairs and ignored him, except when I instructed him to go and get them drinks.

Jules seemed puzzled that he was waiting on guests at his own birthday party. Several more couples came in, and he frequently arose from his kneeling position to bring them drinks and brie and cheese.

Finally when everyone was there, I tore off my shirt and announced that the orgy was about to begin. "And the birthday boy here" I nodded to Jules, who was staring up at me in astonishment, "will service any cocks or pussies that need it! Don't worry about Julie's pleasure I'm looking after his needs myself."

I snapped my fingers and Jules looked up from his kneeling position. "Take off your loincloth, Jules!" With shame creeping over his face, Jules stepped out of his skimpy loin cloth to reveal his poor penis, imprisoned as it was in the piercing.

All of the guestess clapped and began to disrobe. Men began assfucking men, other men and women began screwing, and Julos got his mouth busy servicing the "stag line" of wallflowers, the inevitable unattractive men who always wind up on the sidelines of every sex orgy.

I really enjoyed the look of revulsion on Jules' face... it was a riot! Some of the men looked as if they had Down's syndrome. What Jules didn't know was, I had put up a fliers all through the gay ghetto telling them of the orgy, and how "everyone" would be satisfied.

Jules is a handsome man, and is rather vain about his looks, and this was certainly a revealing experience into what he could expect as my slave! I was having a ball, screwing men and women alike, breezily ignoring Jules' tearful glances. Somewhere towards the end of the evening, I made Jules kneel in the middle of the room, where he was to jerk off two different cocks, take one in his mouth and one in his ass, and suffer the slings of various people spitting on him and jerking off in his hair.

Also, Jules had been forced several times to go into the bathroom and receive urine cocktails... it'd been quite a night! Finally he asked me, tearfully."Sir, I have sucked off all your friends, and half the women... when is it my turn? When will I get my Prince Albert off, and be able to cum?"

"That's your birthday present, idiot!" I roared. "You get another six months of celibacy!" When Jules burst into tears, I pulled out my cat and I gave him thirty, right in front of the guests, as they sang "Happy Birthday" But later that evening, he crawled into my bed and told me I'm the best Master ever... so I'm doing something right! The best part of this seems to be that I have the entire house to myself--a huge, twelve room place, and Jules resides in a closet. I keep him there, unless he's needed for housework or discipline.

I think it's frustrating to him that he's in the closet so much, it excited him at first that he'd be in there, like a cell, but now he gets sick of it, I think. But I get tired of looking at his withered old face, and having him stay in there really seems to be the best thing, don't you know.

But, I am getting restless, and I am seriously considering your offer to come up to the Ranch to do some training. You told me you have an especially tough case, some asshole sub who is getting on his wife's nerves... well, you know that Master Tanner's right there for you, dear!

Love, Tanner"

Miss Pratt folded the letter and put it back in her desk. "So what do you think?" Daphne looked down at me sternly. "Well, I think this Tanner has his work cut out for him with our Daniel here, but certainly, if he's a reasonable rate, you know, it's worth a lot to eh, fix our boy, Prattsie." Miss Pratt looked down at me. "You are lucky to have such a caring wife, Daniel!"

Recalling this experience, two years later, Daphne looked down at me sadly. "I would think you'd have been more appreciative of Tanner's services, Daniel... all he's done for you!" I moved my head around, grinding my teeth against the string. Daphne leaned down to look at me. "Darling, tell me what you think... I'm dying to hear it! You are, after all, my husband. If you're not happy... "

So I dropped the string and shouted at my wife. "But he's an oppressive asshole, Daphne! I hate him!" Daphne looked down at the string. "Oh, dear... .I'm so glad you told me what you thought... but you dropped the string! No orgasm for at least another thirty days, baby." She opened the door and called for Tanner. "Bring in Daniel's chastity belt, honey... he decided to put off his orgasm for a while!" I couldn't believe it... I burst into tears... but my cock stayed hard!

The End.

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