Pleasing Master Hans

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Congressman Roger Malvern exited the Ethics Committee meeting and walked to where his office was. It had now been three days since Simone had put that damned thing on Roger's cock! Sheila had taken it pretty well when he'd shown it to her at home. Curious, really. "You like having this thing on your dick, honey?" Sheila had asked as she'd lifted the plastic cock-device up and ran her fingers along his testicles.

Roger had patiently tried to explain Simone's ideas. "I think she's being a little ridiculous to have a chastity device put on me, it's not as if I'm some sort of tom cat, you know." Sheila looked at him suspiciously. "You better not be! I can't believe I'm not more upset that you let this woman take your pants down and lock this thing on your dick,but I guess you didn't really have sex, did you?" It had actually grown rather painful having Sheila poke and prod Roger's cock, as she was in her beige bra and panties at the time. Roger had begun getting rather excited, and they'd begun necking like teenagers, but as he forced Sheila down for a screw, he realized he couldn't take off the belt, and Sheila had laughed.

Roger had ended up going down on Sheila that night, because he had to have some sort of sexual outlet. He'd licked her all over, her breasts, her neck and flat little stomach and her inner thighs, as his cock had surged frustratedly against the cruel plastic device, and then he'd returned again and again to the vagina to give Sheila five or six orgasms. "I am starting to like that plastic thing!" Sheila had crowed, and Roger had grunted, and then he'd turned over and gone to sleep,or hoped to,but as his contented wife had snored, Roger Malvern laid awake, his poor, bloated penis swelling against the annoying metal and plastic device and oh, was it awful!

And the security guards had given him quite a time when he'd enter the metal detectors at the Dirksen and Hart and Longworth buildings. "I just have metal in my shoes." he'd begun as the electronic gates would go off, sensing his metal prison... and then he'd gone through with no shoes on, and then of course the cock lock had continued to make the sensors beep until Roger had bribed his doctor to give him a note stating that he had metal plates in his head from Vietnam. All this, in the space of three days since Simone had returned to town!

Now Roger entered his office, and Mitzi, his aged secretary, looked up at him. "You have a visitor in the next room, Congressman Malvern. A nice young man." Roger looked at Mitzi suspiciously. "You let someone in my office? Is he a lobbyist?" Mitzi smiled. "No, but he said he was on your Blue List, and so as you've often said, Blue Listers are allowed to enter your office at will, isn't that right sir?" Roger breathed. He had created the Blue List for the various women he'd had sexual liaisons with--call girls would drop by and he'd frolick with them, occasionally he'd have a domme come in and tie him to the office sofa to give him a little harmless "torture".

Simone had been on the "Blue List" for years, and when she'd been in town, quite often she would come by and behind closed doors, some quite interesting activities would ensue--hell, to have her over, Roger would cancel any business meetings he had to get some marvelous "punishments" from the raven haired vixen. But she hadn't been by, as far as Roger could tell, he wouldn't be seeing her until next Wednesday, when he and Sheila were showing up for their "session." Certainly a man had never been a Blue Lister.

"I'll get to the bottom of this!" Roger said, annoyed. "He seemed like a very nice young man." Mitzi said mildly as Roger opened the door and strode into his inner office. Sitting at his desk was a tall young man with a blond crewcut, having a bit of Roger's port in one of his brandy glasses."You are a bit late, Congressman Malvern" the young man commented in a thick German accent. "I have been sitting here awhile now."

"Excuse me, who are you?" Roger asked. "What are you doing in my office, drinking my liquor?"

"I am Hans." the young man replied smoothly. "I was sent here by Simone Kendall. She is displeased with you, sir." Roger was startled. "Simone-Simone sent you here?" The young man laughed, and flexed his shoulders. He was an extraordinarily well built young fellow, nicely clad in a jacket and turtleneck sweater. "Mrs. Kendall is disappointed in you, sir. You were to deliver her 1,000 lines yesterday, and they were to read "I will learn to be an obedient chastity slut". and Mrs. Kendall states that she only received 884 lines, sir."

Roger's face burned as he heard the "obedient chastity slut" part. Who the hell was this kid to tell him what to do? He'd done the 1,000 lines the first two days perfectly,and what a drag it had been--hell, today's lines had partially been written while he'd been in the damn Ethics Committee hearing. The witness had looked somewhat alarmed as Congressman Malvern had been scribbling, thinking these copious notes were going to do the witnesses cause some harm,but indeed all it had been was over and over again, "I will learn to be an obedient chastity slut", and certainly, Malvern had been terrified one of his aides might look over his shoulder!

Roger coughed. "Well, uh, I have 1,000 lines today, if that will be any help." He smiled and proffered the sheafs of paper to the young man. "How's this? I'll do another two hundred tonight and you can take these to her now?" Roger gave Hans his charming grin that had bewitched Wyoming voters for fifteen years. Hans held up his hand "No, you can certainly send those lines by courier, Congressman Malvern-- they are your lines for today. But there is still the account from yesterday, and Mrs. Kendall has instructed me to deal with it. Disrobe, please."

Roger Malvern stepped back. "What?" He gritted his teeth. "Look here, young man, I'm not up for a bunch of games from you." His voice rose. "I'm a very busy man, and Simone is a dear friend of mine,but I hardly think she would have the nerve to send a young pup like you--to--" The young man arose, still smiling. "Mrs. Kendall felt that you should understand, sir, that if you cannot comply with her policies regarding the counseling, that she will terminate the relationship and return to the Island. Indeed, she will return your deposit, should you not be interested in further dealings,but if you wish to continue, you must disrobe now, and accept your punishment for not finishing your lines from yesterday, sir."

Roger gasped. "But-but why isn't Simone herself here?" That would be nice, being punished by his hot Miss Simone. Certainly, her punishments were painful and at times quite unpleasant,but Simone was at least, quite a beautiful woman! "Mrs. Kendall believes that a male punisher will keep you from being so distracted--I-my English" The young man shook his head apologetically. "She say you will be made to listen if your dick not-ah."Hans shook his head again. "I understand."Roger shook his head. What the bitch meant was, it would be a much worse punishment for him coming from this sexless young man... not to mention that Hans looked quite strong!

Roger looked into the outer office, giving Mitzi and George, his chief of staff the pleasing news that they could take the afternoon off. "Just go out for about three hours, or do as you like for the rest of the day." Roger locked the office door and looked at the smiling young man, and sighing, he undid his tie, and then took off the rest of his clothes, stripping down to the hated chastity device. Hans smiled and motioned Roger to approach him. "Mrs. Kendall has required that I examine your cock device, sir, so you will have to be handcuffed. Roger sighed, and put his hands behind his back, where Hans clicked them.

Hans then unlocked Roger's chastity belt and took it off, and dropped to one knee and began touching and stroking Roger's cock. Mortified, Roger tried to close his eyes, ignoring this very homoerotic experience. But he felt his cock growing hard under Hans's nimble fingers.

As Hans carefully examined Roger's dick, Roger tried once again to pretend it wasn't happening. But his erection, having been neglected for three nights of servicing Sheila with no release was in full flower now. Hans had a surprisingly gentle manipulation of it as he pulled and stroked Roger's shaft softly. "Are you homosexual?" Hans asked Roger curiously. "No! Not at all!" Roger replied stiffly. "You seem to enjoy thees. You would like to suck my penis?" Hans smiled up at Roger, who blanched. "No! No, that's not my thing, I'm afraid." Roger laughed hollowly, willing his penis to deflate.

"Well, your dick looks to be unharmed by chastity belt, I put this in report to Mrs. Kendall." Hans said with some satisfaction. "Now is time for punishment." Roger watched with some trepidation as Hans arose, removing his tweed jacket and turtleneck sweater. In a tight white T-shirt, Hans was a model of muscle, not bulging, but certainly in excellent form. He would give, Roger expected, a much more energetic beating than a woman like Simone could - though her floggings were quite vicious and had often brought many tears to his eyes! "It's all in the wrist - like fly fishing" Simone had explained once at the Volcano Bondage Society when she'd been doing a Flagellation Seminar demonstration on Roger with a cat o' eighteen tails.

Hans reached into an open suitcase sitting on Roger's desk and pulled out a large, thick wooden paddle. "Eh"?" Hans nodded approvingly towards the paddle, smiling as if he were trying to sell Roger a sailboat. "Is called the Thudder, this paddle." Hans waved the Thudder experimentally through the air. Roger winced. It had been many years since he'd had a session, a real session that wasn't just play acting with a hackneyed blonde pseudo-domme hooker. This looked fairly serious, Hans and the Thudder.

What could he do to get out of this? My God, what if the press burst in? Him standing naked, with his dick hanging out in front of this muscular German waving the paddle around. Congressman Roger Malvern, who had been assuring the public on C-Span just the night before that the Democrats really were family values oriented... Malvern who blasted gay marriage? Oh God. If this were discovered, it would be one helluva headline for the Drudge Report. Roger watched Hans with trepidation as the young man waved the paddle back and forth happily.

Hans was such a German type with his Aryan looks and blond crewcut, Roger Malvern thought. With growing horror Roger remembered confessing once to Simone that his grandfather had been an Austrian rebbe fleeing from the Nazis. "Although my dad converted us to Episcopalianism when he married Mom, an Irish Gentile, I've always had nightmares about the SS and concentration camps." Roger had told the sympathetic Simone. But Simone remembered everything, and had always had a pipeline to Roger's terrors.

Roger recalled Grandpa Malwicz's contempt when Dad had changed their names to the more Gentile sounding Malvern. "You cannot hide from your past, my cowardly son" the old man had said. "It will come after you." But the voters had never questioned Roger's roots, nor had his father's business associates... but now his past was coming after him, in the form of this friendly, grinning Aryan waving the thick wooden Thudder.

Hans came close to Roger, smiling even more. "Now you will bend over the sofa." Hans gestured to the armrest of Roger's couch. Roger's stomach somersaulted. "Look here, Hans. What would it be worth to you just to let this thing go---" Roger laughed heartily, but it had a hollow sound. "I mean, this isn't fun kinky punishment at all, and I'm not enjoying myself. What say I give a donation to your favorite charity, got lots of greenbacks in that desk of mine---PAC money. And you just tell Simone you gave me a thrashing?" The Congressman smiled gamely at Hans.

Hans smiled back at Roger. "You would like to give me money? It is here in this desk?" Roger grinned back. "Yes, most definitely. Just unlock me, and I'll get dressed and give you two hundred - no five hundred! Five hundred dollars that I just got the other night from the North American Fuel Alliance." Now he was in control of everything, Roger Malvern thought. I'll get this lunatic out of here, and what will Simone know? Nothing, if the Kraut keeps his mouth shut. "Where is key?" asked Hans.

Roger smiled, showing his teeth. "Well,why don't you use your key to unlock me first?" What was truly troubling was that Roger was still quite erect. His penis hadn't gone down a bit. "No, you give me key to drawer!" Hans said, with a bigger smile. Leaning over, Hans slapped the Thudder across Roger's left cheek WHACK! Oh, the sting! Tears came to Roger's eyes. He wasn't sure but a splinter from the damn thing might have lodged itself in his cheek.

Oh, Jesus. Anything to get out of this. "The key is in my suit jacket, over there." Hans went over to where Roger had discarded his clothes, and went through Roger's jacket, finding a set of keys, and tried them in the drawer, finding the right one on his second attempt. "This is the right drawer, Congressman Malwicz? I mean Malvern?" Oh my God. "Yes, yes." Roger stuttered. He might not get out of here alive. She'd told him! Roger had read in horror of neo-Nazi shit in the papers, and God knows what would happen here if he didn't give this lunatic the money and get un-handcuffed FAST.

Hans pulled out a white envelope which contained two thousand dollars. Roger's intent had been to take five hundred out of it, and present it to Hans, and then to dismiss him quickly. But Hans opened the envelope and looked at the cash, and then put the entire thing in his pants pocket. "Thank you so much, Congressman." Roger huffed, "Well, wait you can't - " Hans waved the paddle again, landing it once again on Roger's right cheek this time WHACK! Roger gritted his teeth. "You talk much too much, Congressman Malvern. American politicians are how you say? Long winded?" Hans smiled.

"So now you'll unlock me? Why don't you.." Malvern choked as Hans once again gesture to the arm-rest. "Now you will bend over the sofa." Malvern almost shrieked. "But I just gave you two thousand dollars to unlock me? What's wrong with you?" Hans looked confused. "No, no you say you want to give money to my favorite charity. I give to Children's Hospital, which helped my baby seester with cornea operation. Is that not what you wanted?" Hans' blue eyes were open in seeming astonishment. Roger tried to smile. "No, that's a nice way of saying I'm giving you a gift, in return for your cooperation in letting me loose, don't you know?" Roger was sweating now. Was this man a complete idiot?

"Oh, you bribe me."Hans nodded, still smiling. "Yes!" Roger said, too eagerly. "And-and maybe there's more where that came from - some time." If he could just get unlocked and his clothes on, he'd call security. This was insane. But as Roger looked down, his cock was near to bursting. Hans looked at Roger's cock too, and smiled still more. "Miss Simone authorize me to give you fifty whacks with Thudder. That is suitable punishment for not writing all your lines."

"But she say, if you threaten or bribe, it is one hundred whacks, and another twenty-five with cat." Hans looked in the suitcase and pulled out Simone's old coiled cat o' eighteen tails. Roger remembered it well, he'd almost gone into shock at the Flagellation Seminar and had later gotten four stitches on his inner thigh. And she'd only hit him ten times with the cat o' eighteen tails then. (Of course ten times eighteen is oh God)

"So, is bribe or gift for my charity?" Hans asked again, smiling. "Oh, a gift, Master Hans." Roger said hurriedly. "I am fully in support of Children's Hospital, and I hope you can donate it to them, and of course I expect my full punishment of only fifty whacks, sir." Perspiration ran down Roger's face. He breathed a sigh of relief when Hans put the cat back in the suitcase. Roger sighed as Hans picked up the paddle again, waving it sunnily, his cheerful smile once again in evidence. Roger moved to the armrest mechanically, bending over. Oh, he hoped it wouldn't be too miserable.

"Ach, I forget some-sing" Hans said in his odd pronunciation. "Stand back from couch, please." Hans halted Roger with his hand and went into the suitcase, pulling out a peculiar looking chain in a Y shape. Two longer ends of the chain enjoined into one thicker end, and at the ends of the first two chains were vicious little clamps. "Oh, I can't do clamps" Roger protested feebly. "My nipples are too sensitive now. Simone used to use them on me quite frequently, but my doctor - I can't, really." Roger backed up as Hans approached with the chains, still smiling.

God, he has such a ghastly smile, Roger thought. Suddenly, Hans reached out and grasped the middle aged legislator tightly by the scalp and pulled him close. Grinning, Hans whispered. "You are quite a taxing submissive, Malwicz. You irritate your Uncle Hans, Ja?" Roger choked. "You must stand still for the clamps now, sir." Goddamnit, he didn't have to take this. He was a United States Congressman. "Look, I'm going to scream for security. Are you aware of my position?"

Hans grinned widely and tightened his grasp on Roger's scalp,pulling it back so Roger had to stare up into the fluorescent office lights. Just as Roger's eyes were starting to sting, Hans turned Roger's head towards him. Smiling, Hans said softly, "Perhaps I push you out in hallway of House Longworth Building for all the other congressmen and congressional aides-- pretty office girls to see - what a crybaby you are. That will help in next years re-election, ja?" Roger could hear Hans' German accent thickening as the young man spoke even more softly in his ear.

"You don't know how much trouble you are in, son." Roger said, using the steady tone he'd used with Arafat, Edwin Meese, Bork and so many other so-called threateners. Roger felt his head turned even closer to Hans' leering face. Hans spoke again "I am diplomat's son and Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Georgetown University, it is doubtful that I am deported or even jailed for making a fool of you." Hans considered. "Perhaps I take pictures of you to send press, yes? Or will you stand still for clamps like a good boy?"

Dumbly, Congressman Roger Malvern held still for the clamps, which felt as if they would tear off his nipples as Hans carefully put them on. Then, Hans attached a five pound weight to the single chain that enjoined the clamp chains, and Roger had to close his eyes, muttering Buddhist chants to withstand the horrific drag on his tender tits. Roger felt as if his chest was about to be ripped into the ground.

Suddenly, his eyes still closed, Roger felt an especial drag on his nipples, and opened them in horror to find Hans gaily hitting the five pound weight with the paddle he called the Thudder. As Roger batted the weight, Roger struggled in vain against his cuffs. "I practice my tennis serve" explained the boy happily. "Please... Master... Hans... mercy, Sir." Roger got out in a hoarse voice. Finally, Hans stopped swinging the Thudder.

Clapping Roger on the back, which of course jounced the weight yet again, Hans explained " You see, Congressman Malvern, when Mrs. Kendalls says she demands 1,000 sentences a day, that is what she wants. She is a woman of her word." Roger nodded silently, a tear rolling down his cheek. "Now you will bend over the couch please." Hans gesticulated again, and Roger moved slowly to the couch and bent over once more.

Hans moved slowly to Roger's back, and noted his erection was pressing out between his legs. "Oh, this is not good. Mrs. Kendall did not want to have this be a sexual experience, she say, and your pee-pee is still hard, even though a man is here disciplining you." Hans shook his head. "You must be somewhat of a faggy-boy, Congressman." Roger didn't bother to deny this, it was all too much. "Can you make this penis soft for Hans, please?"

Roger tried hard, thinking of baseball scores, Subcommittee hearing testimonies, various filibusters he'd sat through, Orrin Hatch's face, but nothing seemed to be calming his rampant erection. "You are not obeying Hans." The young man sounded displeased for the first time since he'd come in the office an hour before. Hans walked to where a chart and pointer were sitting, and picked up the pointer, slashing it through the air. He then moved back to Roger's behind and took Roger's erect, large penis with one hand, toying with it, and then let go of it and SWACK SWACK SWACK!

Hans had perfect aim, it seemed and the pointer landed three times sharply, right on Roger's glans, at the very tip of his penis. Roger's eyes rolled back in his head and he screamed. "Oh no, you mustn't shout." Hans went into the suitcase again and pulled out a ball gag, locking this around Roger's head. "That is all we need, a lot of disruption." Hans gagged Roger and returned to operations with the pointer. SWACK SWACK SWACK SWACK! Finally Roger's penis was limp, and Hans seemed satisfied. "Very good. You understand Mrs. Kendall cannot have any sexual pleasure coming from this." Hans explained this earnestly.

"And now, finally, we give you the Thudder." Hans picked up the thick wooden paddle and lifted it above Roger's quivering bottom. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Hans methodically landed the paddle fifty times, alternating from the right cheek to the left, and words cannot describe Roger's pain. In addition to the slams from the paddle, the jouncing of Roger's body was causing the five pound weight at the end of the chain from his nipples to bounce, and he screamed in vain against his gag. After twenty-five whacks, Hans paused. "My goodness, your bottom looks very red, Malwicz." Roger winced at the name.

"Are you ashamed of your heritage, Malwicz?" Hans chucked Roger under the chin as he bent over the couch, weeping through his gag. Hans strolled over to the suitcase and pulled out what looked to be a beanie cap like Roger had worn as a freshman in Alpha Tri Zeta, back at Princeton in 1964. "This is yarmulke, my Raveh." Hans said gently. Roger gasped. Raveh had been his Hebrew name just before he'd converted with the family to Episcopalianism! But he wasn't Jewish, Roger wanted to protest, his mother was a Gentile so he wasn't technically - He could see his grandfather's contemptuous look again.

Roger felt Hans put the yarmulke on the back of his head, and return to his behind. Hans lifted the paddle again, and gave Roger the final twenty-five whacks. SLAM! SLAM! WHACK! WHACK! Finally, it was over. Hans put the Thudder back in the suitcase, and gently helped Roger up, his face looking concerned. "It was a harsh punishment, ja?" Hans unlocked Roger's handcuffs, and removed his ball gag tenderly, and took off the nipple clamps. "You must stand still while I replace the cock-cage." Roger stood still and Hans locked the cock cage back on. Hans stood up again. "Was it so bad liebchen?" he asked affectionately.

Roger began crying softly and Hans took Roger's silver head in his hands. "I-I'm so sorry I didn't do the lines, Master." Roger sobbed as Hans stroked his hair. "There there, Raveh, you are a goot boy, no? This help you learn what your priorities are, yes? You will not neglect lines again, Raveh." Roger nodded and sobbed against the German's shoulder. It was such a relief - he hadn't cried like this since his tenth year. Certainly his parents had never physically punished Roger; indeed, they'd given him whatever he liked... this was a new experience. He was contrite.

"Now you will write your two hundred remaining lines, while Uncle Hans has a cigarette yes?" Hans smiled and propped his feet on the table, and Roger bent on his knees and wrote the lines he had neglected the day before and handed them to Hans. Hans smiled, and put them in his briefcase. "You may dress now, Congressman Malvern, and perhaps I will not have to visit you again?"

"Wait." Roger begged. "What is it?" Hans asked with his familiar smile. "Will you let me - " Roger pointed at Hans' crotch. "Please?" Hans smiled again and unbuckled his belt. He had put his turtleneck and jacket back on, but he unzipped his pants and dropped them, and sat back down in the chair, lighting another cigarette as Raveh Malwicz moved his head between Hans' legs, taking Hans' long pink penis between his eager lips.

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