The Plant Girl

Submitted by: Justin

September 2005

Norwich Boultwood looked at the clock. Quarter to three. He leaned back in his chair. It was time to go. God, he'd been looking forward to this all week. Beneath his Brooks Brothers twill trousers, Norwich's cock squirmed miserably, yet excitedly in the chastity tube.

It was almost time! It had been a week since Willy had been out, bouncing around happily in Lady Haley's teasing fingers, and 105 days since he'd been allowed to have a "Squirtie".

God, that had been incredible. Sure, Norwich had had to jerk off while bent over, and Lady Haley's black friend DeAndre had been whipping Norrie's bare ass as the poor corporate raider had jerked off... oh, it had been so hard to concentrate on wanking his poor dick when his bare butt was being thrashed intensely with a steel Spencer paddle, the holes in the damn thing allowing the thick steel to slam his butt harder and harder.

But that time he'd gone without a "squirt" for 239 days, and so he'd been able to focus long enough to release within Lady Haley's time limit. Lady Haley had leaned back in her chair, laughing, as DeAndre had finished whipping the weeping submissive... because of course he'd continued the thrashing even after Norwich had cum, and then it was especially painful!

Norwich stood up now, his pants bunched up around his chastity device. Miss Pringle, his personal assistant, came in. "Mr. Boultwood, Havlik from Munich is on the line. He needs- " Norwich shook his head, and tried not to grit his teeth. "Remember, I have my massage appointment, Miss Pringle."

God, even Lola Pringle, fifty years old, looks hot after all these months without an orgasm, he thought. Miss Pringle nodded. She'd forgotten Mr. Boultwood's mysterious weekly massage appointment. He strangely always seemed even tenser after attending this thing, but it was religious with him. "Yes sir. You'll be back by four-fifteen?" Norwich nodded briskly and hustled out the door, ignoring the rest of his staff.

Ten minutes later, Norwich jumped out of the cab in front of Miss Haley's demure brownstone on East 53rd Street, and jogged up the stairs. He felt in his pocket to make sure he had her fee--$300 for weekly keyholding and $700 for an hour of "maintenance"- and knocked on the door.

A moment later the door opened and Patrice, Miss Haley's voluptuous maid opened the door. Her short, bouncing platinum blonde curls shook as she laughed, seeing the blushing Norwich Boultwood. "Ah, Mr. Boultwood... good to see you here... hope you're feeling better." Norwich blushed hotly.

It was true, a week before, after an extensive session with Miss Haley, he'd begged Patrice to unlock his cuffs and allow him to jerk off... offered her money, in fact. Patrice had taken the money from Norwich's wallet, then left his cuffs on before locking Norwich up in his chastity tube and then alerting Miss Haley to Norwich's bribe... and she'd come in with the cat o' nine tails... ten painful minutes which he'd had to add to the session's costs!

Now Patrice wrinkled her nose at Norwich, who looked abashed. "You have to learn that there's no limit to my loyalty." Patrice touched her tongue to her teeth. "I've been with Lady Haley for seven years now... but I donated your bribe to Habitat for Humanity."

Norwich coughed. "That's wonderful."

Patrice led him in, and he watched her adorable derriere bounce in the short skirt as she led him to this week's "room" which was apparently going to be Lady Haley's schoolroom, complete with blackboards , child-sized desks and of course a pointer and bullwhip behind the teacher's desk.

He wondered if Lady Haley was going to tie him over the teacher's desk and thrash him, and then toy with his poor suffering cock for an hour, as she'd done the week before in the dungeon... it had been oh, so painfully teasing as she'd sped up and slowed down..he'd been so close to cumming when lock-up time came! That was why he'd done that silly bribe... but he had to admit... chastity was an adventure!

Patrice giggled again... 19 year olds laugh so much! Norwich thought. "Now you have to strip, Mr. Boultwood, put your suit in the cloakroom." Norwich obeyed, flushing under the girl's eyes. "I see you polished your chastity tube...

Lady Haley is strict about that." Norwich remembered... the bullwhip had come out more than once when the tube was dirty or tarnished. It was hell having a chastity device. He couldn't sleep in the same room with his wife anymore, or let her see him in anything but pajamas... it didn't matter. Norwich didn't have relations with his middle aged wife at all... he was absolutely in love with Lady Haley... she sent him pictures regularly of herself in various nighties and bikinis...

Poor Norwich had to satisfy himself by just staring at them while his poor cock struggled against the evil tube!

But then recently, Miss Haley had gotten her black servant DeAndre to meet Edwina, Norwich's wife, and had paid him to instigate an affair with Edwina, who Miss Haley frankly felt sorry for...

So now Edwina was having wild sex with DeAndre while poor Norwich was hopelessly locked in his cage! This more than emphasized Norwich's involuntary chastity... well it was voluntary, but Norwich couldn't believe it sometimes!

Norwich finished folding his clothes, feeling very white and naked under Patrice's amused glance, and got on his knees, to wait for Miss Haley. "No, wait, did you get all those hairs off your butt?" Patrice asked him skeptically. Norwich turned and showed her his buttocks.

He'd paid a hairdresser to bikini wax his rear end, because Miss Haley had been so annoyed with all the hairs on his butt... she and Patrice had taken turns ripping the hairs out with pincers one session while poor Norwich had screamed and screamed.

That had been a horrible session, she hadn't even teased him... .oh the agony. Patrice looked at Norwich's sad eyes, and smiled sympathetically.

"Don't worry, baby... you look nice and hairless, and Miss Haley will be here in a minute... and she may just unlock you and give you a squirtie today... a nice orgasm... but I doubt it!" Norwich looked sadder... but after all, he was giving Miss Haley a thousand dollars, just like every week, and it might put her in a good mood.

Patrice laughed inwardly, reading Norwich's mind. Lady Haley had fifteen regular chastity customers who she unlocked today, as well as all the others. Not quite thirty, Lady Haley was a millionaire, and unimpressed with individual clients... she probably wouldn't let poor Norwich cum til next June! And he'd keep paying her!!!!


March 1979

Haley had become a successful femdom keyholder in the most curious way... Employed as a "plant maintenance technician" Haley really felt her life was on a downward spiral. What could be worse than going into law firms and corporate offices and watering plants for rich assholes who were too lazy to do it themselves? But Haley had had a difficult time...

Bastard child of a Vietnamese mother and drunken Army "military advisor" to Saigon... Haley, a foster care graduate had had a difficult upbringing, and had not done particularly well in the money department...

But then one day she felt her pony tail being tugged as she was bending over to pour fertilizer into an Executive Ficus Nitida Tree... she'd turned around and grinned at Copeland Smithers, the young corporation law associate who she'd been kinda flirting with for some time. "Want to do dinner?" he'd asked her, producing a bag of Chinese take-out.

Copeland was incredibly patient and a fabulous listener, Haley found, and gave her lots of great job-training contacts. Sympathetic as he was, Haley also knew that Cope, like all other men, had that primary interest... He always seemed to be working late when she came in to water the plants in his office, and there was usually a warm pizza or French food in a Styrofoam container...

Cope would massage Haley's shoulders and feet, and tell her how lovely she was. Although he was careful not to touch the large bumps under her Flor-Office shirt, Cope was staring at them constantly, and rubbing as much of her as he possibly could... without being too creepy. This was nice.

"I'd love to touch you back, Cope." Haley said one night, "But I feel like every time I get into a relationship with a guy, and he gets his hands on my butt and boobs, the friendship and the favors seem to go away... and I'm like, a whore to him."

Haley was frightened, because she didn't want to lose Cope's friendship. All over the walls were signed pictures of Republican luminaries--he'd been a high school page intern for Ronald Reagan, and had worked for several Senators and Congressmen before going corporate... and he was a great guy, too... But Cope was smiling!

" I understand, Haley, and a big part of me wants to put my hands all over you, I must confess! But we guys, we're all octupuses... or octopi?" They laughed together. "What about if you touched me but I COULDN'T touch you?"

Cope had kissed Haley's neck, and she'd thought about it.

Haley had been unaware of it, but Cope had had experience, extensive, actually, in being tied down and teased by a woman.

Cope had had bondage fantasies going back to prep school, and when he'd been a junior at Yale on a very good allowance, he'd spent much of it not on luring campus lovelies back to the five room house his father had rented for him, but instead on a call girl named Lucinda.

Luci had a cold demeanor, a mane of strawberry blonde hair tied in a bun, and full, pink luscious breasts usually wrapped in a snug satin top. Copeland had had a number of different girls from a variety of services who'd visited him in his freshman and sophomore years before he'd met Lucinda... and then she'd showed up one evening, looking at him boredly. "So, preppie boy... what do you want?"

Cope had been warned about Lucinda by the dispatcher at the service. "She's kind of a bitch, not like the sweeties we've sent you before," the voice had gone on apologetically, "But she's good lookin' enough."

Copeland had snickered, thinking he could deal with a bitchy type. After all, he'd seduced more than his share of tough-talking blue-collar waitresses, barmaids and factory girls.

But Lucinda had given Copeland the aura, the feeling that he himself was being interviewed... as if he had to please her. She sat in his mother's antique Louis XIV giltwood lyre-backed dining chair and crossed her legs, giving Copeland a splendid view of fishnets and pink skin.

A leather stiletto heel shoe with a T-strap of mesh chain dangled off her toes.

The sex the first few times had been great... Luci knew tricks with her mouth and her twat that had blown Cope's mind, making her well worth her $400 hourly rate.

And he'd feverishly gone over her full voluptuous body after sex, kissing her full breasts and full bottom, and quite often licking his own semen out of her vagina, before massaging her to sleep a few minutes before Lucinda would leave for the next encounter.

She never seemed to be very thrilled with Cope's tongue work either- Lucinda would just puff on her Viceroy casually as Cope went to work between her legs, unlike the many girls who'd tell him what a hot guy he was. It irritated Cope as well that as a repeat customer, Luci never gave him cut rates or freebies as many of the other prostitutes did... but he couldn't stop calling her.

One night, though, Cope had been quite horny at the library where he was supposedly studying... he'd called Lucy and asked her to meet him at his house, promising to be there in twenty minutes... but a fellow student had waylaid Copeland about discrepancies in the Rowing Team's treasury, and he'd had to tell a few hasty lies, that led to an hour long explanation, for Cope's appetite for cocaine and prostitutes had quite often exceeded Papa's allowance and Grampy's trust fund!

There had been a thunderstorm by the time Cope pulled his Lexus up the driveway, and he confronted a soggy, infuriated Lucinda. "You pathetic sonuvabitch!" she'd screamed at him, and as he'd apologized profusely, Lucinda had slapped Cope's face hard, her scarlet talons ripping the side of his cheek. "No one, but no one keeps me waiting!"And then she'd kicked him in the nuts

She never seemed to be very thrilled with Cope's tongue work either- Lucinda would just puff on her Viceroy casually as Cope went to work between her legs, unlike the many girls who'd tell him what a hot guy he was.

It irritated Cope as well that as a repeat customer, Luci never gave him cut rates or freebies as many of the other prostitutes did... but he couldn't stop calling her. One night, though, Cope had been quite horny at the library where he was supposedly studying... he'd called Lucy and asked her to meet him at his house, promising to meet her there in twenty minutes.

But a fellow student had waylaid Copeland about discrepancies in the Rowing Team's treasury, and he'd had to tell a few hasty lies, that led to an hour long explanation, for Cope's appetite for cocaine and prostitutes had quite often exceeded Papa's allowance and Grampy's trust fund!

There had been a thunderstorm by the time Cope pulled his Lexus up the driveway, and he confronted a soggy, infuriated Lucinda. "You pathetic sonuvabitch!" she'd screamed at him, and as he'd apologized profusely, Lucinda had slapped Cope's face hard, her scarlet talons ripping the side of his cheek.

"No one, but no one keeps Lucinda waiting!"And then she'd kicked him in the nuts. Luci had turned to walk off, but Cope had jumped up and offered her twice her hourly amount just to stay. (Fortunately, he was also the treasurer for the fencing, lacrosse, field hockey tennis, rugby and sailing teams).

But when they'd gotten inside and Copeland had given Lucinda a towel for her hair and a cup of tea, she was still furious. "We're doin' things my way tonight, dirtbag." Lucinda had shrieked. "Usually I only go this way for clients who ask for it, but you need it. Take off your clothes!"

Lucinda had taken handcuffs from her little purse and locked Copeland to the bed, and she'd thrashed him with his own belt, for a good forty-five minutes. Cope had been in acute pain, but the sight of Luci dancing around, swinging the thing, her breasts bouncing in a gray turtleneck had thrilled him to no end.

Then Luci had spun the welted, sobbing Cope over so he was lying on his manacled hands, and she sat down next to his crotch, and began idly toying with his stiff penis. Cope was astonished. Why was his dick so hard? It was true that he had been a reader of S/M magazines since eighth grade, but wasn't it just a pastime?

Luci'd looked so gorgeous, her long legs crossed as she gazed at the bound undergraduate contemptuously. At one point she'd leaned back and rubbed the high heel of her five inch side lace stiletto boots up and down his naked cock, pushing the heel sharply into Cope's groin as he moaned.

"Luci don't like it when she's stood up, especially in the fuckin' rain, queerboy." Lucinda had lit a Viceroy, and blown smoke rings. "Next time you pull a stunt like that, I'll make you suck my manager's dick."

Then, Lucinda had leaned over and began pinching and rubbing Cope's penis with her long nails, alternating that with strokes from her boots, and Cope had continued to apologize profusely. "Miss Lucinda, I'll never, ever do that again."

Cope sneezed. "Well I'm going to teach you a lesson anyhow." Lucinda had said. "You're going to get teased up, but I'm not gonna let you finish." She snorted. "You gave me $800 dollars, double my rate, and you ain't gonna finish, leastways, not til I'm gone... but I'll make you wish you did!"

Luci had spent the next forty minutes running her long fingers up and down Copeland's penis, first slowly and casually, then faster, til she was gripping his penis and pumping up and down... but as soon as Cope was about to release, to orgasm, Luci had stopped, and taken out her makeup case, and begun applying frosty lipstick, chuckling as she watched poor Cope humping the air.

As the lipstick covered her full lips, Luci had asked Copeland what he thought of it. "This is called Glitter Pink, asshole. Wouldn't you like to have my lips on your cock now? You know how good I can suck it." Copeland's eyes watered as he watched her outline her lips in the glowing pink color.

"Yes, oh please, Lucinda, please suck and kiss my penis... I'm so horny from your handjob, ma'am." Lucinda looked at Copeland, and bared her teeth. She grabbed Cope's Precalculus 102 slide rule from the table and whacked Cope's cock hard.

"Forget it! You inconsiderate asshole, I'd rather cut your dick off!"Between words, Luci had slammed the ruler all over Cope's dick until he was crying. Then she'd snapped the ruler over her trim knee.

"Maybe next time you'll learn." Then Luci had stroked Cope's penis as he'd cried softly... she'd stroked for nearly another hour, and then unlocked him. Cope had kissed Luci's palm, and then dreamily handed her his Cartier watch, a Christmas present from his mother. "You can give this to your manager if you like, Miss Lucinda. Will you come tomorrow night?"

Although Luci had been willing to return to their former sexual antics, Copeland had told her the next night that he still felt guilty about what he'd done to her. On the bed lay a Ping-Pong paddle, a sawed off fiberglas fishing rod, and his belt. As Copeland had undressed hastily, he'd looked into Lucinda's eyes.

"I want you to make me understand about being prompt."

Luci had stuffed a rag in Cope's mouth so they wouldn't upset the neighbors "Because you're such a whiny little faggot" and she'd nearly broken the fishing rod on Cope's bleeding, bared bottom.

Luci finally had turned Cope over on his back (which had hurt to no end) and she'd begun toying and playing with his cock again, running her tongue over her lips and eventually applying more lipstick

"They call this shade Plum Shine, asshole" Luci said as she ran her finger up and down the underside frenum of Cope's sweating penis. "Wouldn't you love to have that wrapped around your dongo?" Half an hour later when Plum Shine had worn off (Luci had also paused teasing poor Cope to order a pizza on his Visa)

Luci had applied Violet Attitude Frosty to her lips, and taunted Cope unmercifully. By the time she'd left, Cope's dick was violet itself, and he'd jerked off madly into the sink, and had an absurd fantasy that Luci's "manager" was there to push his head in the spunk and to make Cope lick it up!

As the weeks passed, Cope's bank account had flagged quite a bit. He'd taken out a couple of student loans, something no one in his rich family had ever needed, and then he'd actually sold his Lexus. But his life with Lucinda had gotten fascinating.

At the end of one of the stroking sessions, Cope had asked Lucinda to stay longer. "You sure, puke?" Luci looked astonished as her fingers relaxed on Cope's sweating purple organ. "Figured after an hour of this, you'd want to beat yer meat and wet yerself."

She'd locked a cock ring around his balls to give him more sensation, and the poor fellow was out of his mind... but he wanted more?

"I tell you what, Luci" Cope said craftily "In addition to your $400 fee, which I've already given you, I'll give you a dollar for every extra minute that you tease me... I need it, and you don't have any other appointments, do you?"

Luci had laughed contemptuously. "Ten dollars for every minute, bucko." Three hundred and fifty dollars later, she'd left the gasping Copeland to do his ministrations over the sink... and what a time it had been!

His organ had been so engorged that he'd worried there would be some sort of gangrene, with the damn cock ring.

A week later, Lucinda, while applying magenta lip gloss, had waved her sponge wand at the strapped up Copeland. "My manager says that it's five hundred an hour now, and twenty per minute, instead of ten for how long I stroke you... that okay, big boy?"

Really, it had all gotten out of hand. Lucinda had become increasingly more vicious in her whippings, and had brought new implements to use on poor Copeland, who irritated her to no end.

She'd taken to saving the used condoms from her other customers, sometimes five or six of them, and would make Cope suck them out as a bribe to get her to stop whipping him. After that first night, they'd never had normal sex again, and Copeland had wound up thrashed, broke and horny... but he wanted it no other way. He'd gone for the $20 per hour deal, and had taken out a number of credit cards to finance his precious Lucinda... but when her minute-by minute rate had jumped to $50, it had all collapsed.

His parents had flown down from Martha's Vineyard to discover how Cope had managed to liquidate his baby sister's savings account, and to inquire about the mysterious "burglary" that had occurred when Copeland had been staying in their Central Park West apartment, alone.

"Copeland, the doorman saw you leaving with a briefcase that we know was filled with your mother's jewelry and my antique gold coins, son." Cope's dad had said patiently. "We know you had a cocaine arrest in high school, son. Is it more of that?"

Actually Cope hadn't had any cocaine in nearly a year or even cheap beer. He'd been living on Budget Gourmets and Ramen Noodles while trying desperately to afford his thrice weekly visits with Lucinda.

Forged checks, five 19 percent interest loans from chintzy loan companies, and even a few burglaries in the town of New Haven had kept the horny boy in funds to see his wonderful girl...

Cope had even allowed Lucinda's friends to use the rooms in his house to see other customers, to the point that the entire neighborhood knew that a Yale man had turned his house into a bordello.

One night, Lucinda had even put a mask over Cope's head and locked him in a straitjacket... she'd caned his balls in front of a cheering crowd of rich S/M enthusiasts while the poor boy had cowered miserably on his knees...

"You look bad, son" Dad said now.

And he was exhausted, Cope was... the night before, Lucinda had brought her "manager" Rajul, to the house, and Raj had twisted Cope's nipples and slapped his face while Luci had slammed a dildo into Cope's butt... oh it had been agony.

No he'd pretty much forgotten about cocaine... but looking at the old man, what could he do? Could he explain this mad perversion? "Dad, I'm a cocaine addict, and I need to go to rehab."

By the time Cope had been sprung from the nine month treatment center, Lucinda had left the area, and all the debts had been paid by his parents, who were amazed at how little interest their son seemed to have in drugs. Indeed Cope never drank or used drugs again... but he'd never forgotten his evil Lucinda...

Even now... ten years later! And Haley was twice as cute as Lucinda!

The first time, Copeland had allowed Haley the Plant Girl to tie his hands behind his back with a plug line to a discarded Xerox machine. Giggling, Haley had insisted that Cope strip down to his T-shirt and boxers, and she tentatively explored his nipples under his Rugby shirt and the ridges in his shoulders and powerful arms ("I rowed for Yale" he explained) while she perched on his lap.

Later, Cope moaned as Haley got down on her knees, and rubbed his inner thighs with hesitant fingers. Moving her nails in and out of his shorts as he writhed, tied to his office chair, Haley noticed how the tent grew in his Jockey shorts. Suddenly there was a sound in the hall!

"Mister Smithers? Are you there?" Haley didn't have time to untie Copeland but she'd rushed him behind the desk and ducked under it herself, wedged between his feet and the desk legs.She'd just untied Cope's right hand, and he'd grabbed a pen when the door opened. Haley began rubbing Cope's right thigh to calm him down, but it seemed that this might be having an opposing effect...

"Mr. Smithers?" a middle aged femine voice intoned. "You're working late, sir." Cope gasped as Haley's fingers tousled his balls. But after all, she was crouched under the desk. She had to do SOMETHING to amuse herself.

"Yes, Grace. I'm reviewing the spreadsheets on the Haskins-Grumley Forum report... forgive the informality of my T-shirt... it's a little hot here in the office." Haley giggled, thinking of how odd Cope must look in his undershirt.

Haley noticed Cope's dick poking out of his fly and began tickling it with the tip of her nail. She wondered if Grace would notice Cope's dress pants lying by the filing cabinets.

"Why don't you go home, Grace?" Cope's voice was shaking as Haley placed her head on the edge of Cope's chair and stuck out her tongue so the tip was touching Cope's glans.

She flicked the pulsing glans with it several times. "Yes, please go home... I'll see you tomorrow." Cope was trying to sound casual. Haley tickled Cope's foreskin with her right hand as she licked the tip some more. Cope had a sharp intake of breath as the secretary began rambling. "Well, I wanted to review something with you... "

Haley stopped listening to Grace's drone and began pulling Cope's dick like a joystick. Grace was still going on "... this diagram demonstrates how the arrangement of information influences interpretation... "

Haley felt Cope's thighs trembling and suddenly let go of his dick "... in the first flow chart, the secondary boxes are labeled... Are you all right, Mr. Smithers?" asked Grace doubtfully. Haley leaned over, trying not to bump her head of the top of the desk drawer and began licking the tip of Copeland's penis again.

"Believe me, Grace, I'm fine" came Cope's faltering voice. Haley tickled her pinkie under Cope's butt and he hopped just a half inch off the chair, giving her a second to pull his jockeys off. "But I want to finish this stuff alone, so why don't you go home."

Haley now had Cope's naked genitals at her mercy. She began toying with the tip of Cope's penis experimentally, giggling and half-listening to Grace, who seemed like she could bore Iraq to death faster than George W. could bomb it. "Sir, I just wanted to discuss your ideas on the client... "

Haley batted Cope's bulbous head back and forth between her long nails " owning interest rate-exposure in the form of ten-year U.S. government notes paying... Sir, you are sweating!" Grace apparently had leaned over the desk and was touching Cope's forehead. "You seem quite feverish."

Haley now began drumming her fingers on Copeland's suffering shaft and tickling his inner thighs with her other hand. She felt sorry for poor Copeland. Here the poor man was, sitting at a desk trying to pretend to his aged secretary that he was working overtime, while the plant maintenance girl was teasing and torturing his genitals!

"Really, Grace, I can't discuss it right now." Haley pumped Cope's penis harder." Let's talk about this in the morning. I feel fine, and I just need some alone time with this work." Cope begged. Haley reached her head over and took the tip of Cope's penis in her mouth and began licking the head with vigor, as she'd been taught by GI's as a teenage prostitute in Danang. Biting the penis tip gently, Haley swirled her tongue around the shaft, and licked the frenum of Cope's wee-wee very seductively.

"Sir, I understand,but Mr. Knowles has been telling me that you are behind deadline, and I am responsible to him first. Grace sounded annoyed. "I have some time to go over the final reports."

It had taken Copeland nearly twenty minutes to get Grace out of the office. He'd had to promise to work overtime for weeks and weeks and become the best little associate partner that Knowles, Sims and Claymore had ever hired. But finally she'd left and Cope had pulled his chair out from under the desk and gently he'd pulled naughty little Haley out with his free arm. "You are such a bad girl... " he chided.

Haley looked at her toes, pouted, and then danced behind Cope and re-tied his arm, and began toying with his penis again. "This is so much fun! God, listen to you parry with her during all that busines bullshit."

Haley pulled and stroked Cope's penis until it was bouncing around like a Louisville Slugger after the first pitch. Haley tickled the tip of Cope's penis with her long nail, and breathed giggles into his neck. Cope felt as if he was going to explode. "Haley, honey, you'll cause me to lose my job! Please let me loose."

Haley laughed and jumped up on the desk, propping her ass on the edge and hanging her toes over into Cope's crotch. Gently poking the purple rod, she began singing to herself, and giggling.

"Gracie's the hag
will catch Copies cock out of the bag
stiff as a stag
and she'll beat it to a rag!"

Haley grabbed an office pointer and rapped Cope's penis, hard. "I'm Grace now" she shrilled "You bad boy, Copeland Smithers-" RAP RAP RAP "Get that dick down and look at these flow charts!"

Cope howled as Haley whacked his penis again and again. It fascinated her that no matter how many times the evil wooden pointer bounced against Cope's cock, it just got harder and harder. "Bad boy!" Haley thrashed Cope's penis to her heart's content, and finally noticed that he was sobbing.

"You poor baby." Haley's tone turned gentle, and she threw down the pointer and stripped off her Flor-Office uniform, revealing a fuschia colored demibra and panty set.

Haley hopped onto the sobbing man's knee, and began kissing his neck, while her fingers gently massaged his severely damaged cock. "Darling I am so sorry I upset you. Did I hit your wee wee too hard?" Haley's fingers stroked Cope's penis tip, which was covered with massive red welts from the harsh pointer.

"I have just the thing." Haley took some soothing cream out of her purse, and began rubbing it vigorously into the cockhead and shaft. Soon she was masturbating Cope's penis vigorously, using the cream as a lubricant.

Cope breathed hard, his wrists straining against the cord binding them behind the chair. It had been quite an evening. First he'd tried to hump the plant girl only to wind up bound naked to an office chair, suffering her teasing and tormenting his penis beneath the desk while he parried with his aged secretary. Wow!

It didn't help that he had been trying so hard to give up masturbating... Cope's friends in his Professional Men's Bible Study Group had all signed a pact against masturbation and fornication, and as a result, Cope hadn't jerked off in several weeks.

Now, having Haley's soft fingers playing along his bulbous penis head, he felt as if he were going to lose his mind! He really ought to be able to resist the temptations, he'd been working on this for years as a good Christian... but it was almost too much!

"Oh God" Cope muttered as his dick stuck up higher and began dribbling pre-cum... and that evil Plant Girl was just going to giggle to herself!

Suddenly Cope's dick began bouncing wildly in Haley's hand and he was shaking now. "I think I'm going to cum, Haley, baby."

Cope's hips began shaking and he bit his tongue. Haley rubbed her boobs in his face and continued to stroke him hard, but she whispered in his ear. "Copeland, I really don't know you well enough to have you squirting that nasty mess in my hand, darling." Haley poured more cream on Cope's lunging, tumescent rod, and rubbed even harder, tickling the shaft with the long nails of her other hand.

She leaned her cleavage even further in his face, as it strained against the frilly demibra, and spoke even more quietly in his ear.

Her perfume seemed to consume him. "I would be quit traumatized if you made a nasty mess all over my nice underwear." Haley gesture to her adorable bikini lingerie set " And I'd have to beat your dick. "here she rubbed his dick faster " With the sharp pointer, or possibly even cut it off." Haley pointed to the evil blade of the office paper-cutter.

Haley felt Cope's dick soften just a tiny bit. "Why don't you make your penis calm down just a little?" Cope coughed. "But honey, maybe you should stop rubbing it then?" he asked as Haley rubbed even more. "Don't you have any self-control? A big, tough Republican?" Haley asked pointedly, as she rubbed and pulled Cope's dick even more.

Finally Cope's penis had gone down, and then he'd began crying softly... but Haley had won, her first control on a man's penis.

January 1982

Haley leaned back on her fluffy bed, enjoying the way her blue lace body stocking scratched against her supple form.

Leopold Tennyson Chadwick III, aged fifty-three and Haley's fiancée of nineteen months, stood naked beside her bed, his hands cuffed behind his head. As his cock strained, Haley twirled her forefinger across the bulbous head, and she snorted. "You are such a pathetic, whining little pussy, aren't you, Leopold?"

Haley's dark hair was cut short now, and it emphasized her heavy breasts, which poked against the body stocking like a flood against a feeble levee.

Leopold never knew quite how to take this twenty year old girl, and he'd tried so hard to please her since stealing her from her dorky husband Copeland Smithers after meeting them both at Miss Pinch's Dungeon in Seattle, Washington.

What a thrashing that girl had given him the first night! But he'd hoped by now, with all the generosities, such as bringing her to his island paradise, that Haley would have let Leopold get a bit closer... more romantic. That she'd have more respect for him!

"Darling, I don't mean to bore you, or to whine. I just feel like we don't get that close, not nearly as much as we used to." It would help if he wasn't cuffed up like this.

Haley leaned over and ran her middle finger up and down the sensitive underside of his thrusting penis. It quivered even more as Leopold saw the outline of Haley's nipples against the blue lace. Haley grazed her long nails against her milky pink cleavage, and she frowned at him.

"You are such a bitchy, whining little shit-head. A pussy. If I were a man, I'd punch your lights out." Haley pulled her middle finger quickly away from Leopold's pulsing frenum, and turned it up to him in a Fuck You sign. "You think just because you've got a coffee plantation and a resort on this island, it's enough to make my clit wet... like I'm going to blow you just because all these other little bimbos have been your followers. Well, forget it, Leopold, boy."

It was truly amazing, Leopold thought, that such vicious, tough, mean words could come from such a sweet little voice, out of a lovely Eurasian full lipped face and feminine little figure (large breasts aside).

Certainly, she'd had a tough past, and had earned her way since pickpocketing back when she'd been called Ha-Jing in Laos and Saigon at nine or ten. But why did she have such a chip on her shoulder now? He gave her the best of everything.

Haley now reached down and touched the side of his foreskin, finding a stray thorn sticking out. Haley smiled as she plucked it. Leopold cried out. "I guess I wasn't too thorough in getting them all out." Leopold looked quite sad.

That morning, Haley had tied Leopold to a palm tree and thrashed his penis viciously with a thorny branch after she'd discovered a seed in the orange juice when he'd brought her breakfast in bed.

Leopold had protested that it was the fault of the Jamaican cook, but to no avail. Whacking away, Haley'd laughed. "Don't WHACK pass the buck WHACK WHACK onto poor WHACK WHACK Velma WHACK The orange juice is your responsibility."

Certainly Haley had looked quite passionate as she'd been going at it, landing each thorny swat right on the tip of his suffering erection. "Look WHACK WHACK how your guests WHACK WHACK WHACK are staring at you, honey, and the WHACK WHACK servants, too. The big boss of the island is such a crybaby. Can't WHACK WHACK you take your medicine in silence?"

Everyone on Leopold's island knew when the big boss was going to get punished, and many crowded around the fence of his big house to watch as his gorgeous young fiancee put poor Leopold through his paces.

It was a far cry from the way they'd used to cower as the frightening proprieter had strutted about in his white linen suit, posturing like Frederick the Great. Now he was only a figure of fun, and still he couldn't seem to please his lovely fiancee!

"Possibly what you need is disinfectant" Haley said, and she reached behind her for the witch hazel. As she poured it on Leopold's poor cock, the sting in the various welts made him scream so loudly that his butler, Pfennington came in.

"Is there a problem sir?" Pfennington was well trained enough as a butler to pretend not to notice that his employer was naked and tied, in the middle of the room. Haley smiled. "No, Pfennington, go do your thing, babe... it's just baby wailing again!"

Pfennington bit his lip and stalked out. "Very well... "

After Pfennington departed, Haley gazed contemptuously at the crimson Leopold. "Jesus, I can't even disinfect your pitiful member without you screaming like a doll-baby. I had a rubber squeak toy called Patty Pee-Pants when I was four years old." Haley flicked the tip of Leopold's dick and he shrieked.

"And then when I pulled a string, Patty-Pee Pants howled just like that... .but actually, Patty Pee-Pants was more of a man than you are."

Suddenly, Haley grabbed Leopold's balls. At first she held them loosely. "You just don't have what it takes, darlin'." Haley began gently massaging Leopold's scrotal sack with her long pink nails.

"You're a pre-mature ejaculator and frankly your cunt lapping reminds me of having my twat washed out with a dirty rag by my Vietnamese grandmother." Then Haley squeezed Leopold's testicles in a death grasp, and he sank to his knees, crying pitifully. She let go. "I think I need more of a man in my life... someone who can fuck me hard."

Leopold looked questioningly at Haley through his tears. He was aware that several times during their time together, Haley had asked for more of an open relationship. This had often consisted of having another man in their bed, never another girl.

The visitor always seemed to get access to Haley's supple breasts, fucking and mounting Haley while Leopold was delegated to licking out her behind or something. Once, Haley had actually forced Leopold to suck another guy's balls while the guy fucked her hard! It had been incredibly revolting.

The one time that Leopold had convinced Haley to allow them to have an orgy, telling her "I can get lots of hot women AND men... for both of us." it had been awful--Haley had ruined it for him.

It was amazing, because Leopold had been such a sexual adventurer throughout the sixties and seventies, a swinger to the core... but here in 1982, his fiancee had actually forbidden him to participate in the orgy that he'd arranged!

When everyone had gotten there, and they'd all had their drinks, Haley had held up her little hand.

"Before our soiree begins, I want my darling boyfriend, who invited you all here, to stop smirking about the good time he's going to have... the big swinger. No, he's just a pitiful egomaniac." Haley had smiled at the other guests, who were all dressed beautifully in ball gowns and tuxedoes, sipping champagne.

"Take off your clothes, Leopold... put down that martini and take off all your clothes NOW."Leopold had never been able to disobey Haley. When he was naked, feeling quite embarrassed in front of the still clad guests, he looked at Haley.

She smiled cruelly. "Look at his pathetic dick, you all. It looks as if it's a worm on a hook doesn't it?" The women tittered, and Leopold felt as if he were going to sob. "Why is he shaved" one man had asked contemptuously. "Well, I feel like only real men should have pubic hair." Haley had responded, laughing.

Now Haley pointed to the familiar corner where he was often forced to stand after being punished for some housekeeping infraction. "Now get in the corner and stand there." Leopold's dick had stiffened as he'd stared at his lovely wife in her gold lame evening gown.

"B-but I've done nothing wrong, Haley." He'd forgotten how pathetic this must sound to the partiers. "I don't care, you've committed the sin of being boring, Leopold, get in that corner, and stand there. Don't even look at us!"

Leopold had tried again to argue with her, and Haley had borrowed a leather belt from one of the male guests.

She'd thrown Leopold across her knee and lambasted him with the belt until he was screaming and crying, and finally he'd run, sobbing to the corner, and stuck his nose in as the guests had laughed uproariously.

For the rest of the evening, Leopold had only been allowed to hear the various moans and screams eminating from the sucking and fucking guests behind his welted buttocks in the living room.

After several hours, Haley's voice had come blessedly to Leopold. His neck was stiff from having stared straight into the corner and his legs felt as if they were going to collapse. "You can turn around now, darling... we all want to see how the crybaby is faring."

Leopold had turned around, his tear-stained face evident to everyone. He'd been in misery, hearing Haley's loud screams of passion as various men had slammed their dicks in her pussy, ass and mouth, and he suspected that she'd also made it with a few of the women!

Now they had all snorted with amusement, lying about in Leopold's living room, naked and smoking themselves. "Now you can be my clean-up boy, darling." Haley had motioned Leopold to kneel under her as she'd lifted her leg.

"Now, sweetheart, Rick and George and Jean-Pierre and Tyler and Miguel and Omar have all cum in me, and I need you to clean it all out... I know it's nasty, but it's good work for you."

As Leopold had reluctantly licked all the accumulated semen from between Haley's legs, the rest of the exhausted guests had laughed and made cat-calls. When he was done, Haley had smiled.

"Now I want you to lick all the semen and drippings off the cocks of Rick and George and the others..and then you can clean the other women out!" What a disgusting end to an orgy that had been!

But now, Haley looked contemptuously at poor Leopold. This was ridiculous. He wanted to smile, but being trapped in the middle of the room with hands locked behind his head made it impossible.

She toyed with his penis just a little more, rubbing it back and forth as he gasped-- it had been some time since he'd cum. Haley had many parties with various men, affairs, quickie sex, et cetera, but she was hell on Leopold having any sort of fooling around at all--even masturbation. So he was harder and harder as her lovely manicured fingers stroked his dingus... oh, so hard. "You have a big cock, that's for sure, darling" Haley breathed. "I'm just kidding when I say it's too small... it's a cutie pie" Leopold felt more hopeful. "But, you know" Haley said hesitantly, as her forefinger tickled the frenum once more, "Since you're such a dorky boy, your cock-needs seem so unimportant, sweetheart... they distract you from making Haley happy." Leopold was puzzled. "Actually, it might be better" Haley licked her lips as she tickled Leopold's scrotum, "If we just cut it off... cut your cock and balls clean off... wouldn't that be fun? Then you could be my little girlfriend."

Leopold closed his eyes and trembled. "Oh, I'm just kidding, baby... " Haley laughed up at him. Leopold felt it was time to be tough.

"Haley, I'm your husband, and I've been a good provider to you. You have an island paradise, and an almost unlimited spending account. I can't understand why you would be dissatisfied with me." Leopold paused. "We haven't had one genuine lovemaking session in several months now.

Certainly, I do have my desires to submit to you sexually, but I also want to have sex with you... you are so beautiful, and I miss sleeping with you so much." Leopold's cock hardened as he stared at his beautiful young wife in her blue body stocking. "Won't you re-consider making love? It's been so long."

Haley laughed at him. She laughed hysterically, and Leopold looked terribly sad.

To think at one time he had been the torrid lover of the Western Hemisphere, Leopold had- he'd bedded starlets and princesses, and had been pursued by enraged husbands. Why couldn't he be firm with this young girl?

"Lovemaking session? You must be kidding" Haley leaned back, arching her breasts so the blue lace body stocking pulsated. Leopold gasped in wonder as she leaned over to lick the tops of her cleavage.

"I need more of a man. And one to live with. That's the news I have for you,big boy. I'm moving a guy into the house here. Someone who can help me with you, can be a disciplinary step-daddy to my whining, spoiled, bratty fiancée. I like your money, and you are fairly amusing,and I won't leave you, Leopold, but I want a man around. Sorry."

Haley looked coldly into Leopold's eyes. His lip trembled.

"Haley, you-you have no right." God, he wanted her so much... look at her soft, plump breasts in that damned body stocking! And not only was he getting no access,but she wanted to move a lover in!

"You can't... that's not what I want--in-in a relationship." Haley stuck her long, pink tongue out at him, and waved it around, and his penis squirmed. Haley reached out her foot and ran her magenta colored toes against his bulbous erection. Oh... God.

"You just don't get it... I'll leave if you like, you can move a bunch of little bimbos in to lick all over you, honey..but is that what you want?" Haley smiled.

"Don't you realize that I help to remind you what a quivering, begging worm you are. All the syncophantic morons who suck up to you, honey..they're not good for you! You need me to remind you of what a pitiful loser you really are, Leopold."

Haley took her other foot and put both together around Leopold's shaft. Gently, she began pulling and pushing the feet up and down Leopold's penis as he gasped... he'd not had this kind of stimulation in some time!

"You just don't understand how good you have it, Leopold, darling." Haley tickled Leopold's foreskin with her big toe. "I was much tougher on my ex-husband Copeland, before I dumped him. I moved into his big house, took over his master bedroom."

Haley's feet jumped and slid on Leopold's organ and he tried desperately to unfetter his hands from where they were locked around the back of his neck.

"After a while, I had Copeland locked in a small maid's room on the second floor of his mansion. Nothing was in there but a small pallet... he wasn't allowed to leave hardly at all... just to service me and my boyfriends--Copie sucked a mean dick--and of course to go to work and clean the house."

Haley stopped to rub Vaseline on her feet, and then returned them to slither and slide all along Leopold's tortured weapon. "Then I decided that Cope had too much space, spending all his time in that little room.

He kept complaining because he used to golf, and go windsurfing and to concerts, and now his whole off-work world was that little room... so I decided he was experiencing too much freedom, and for a year, I kept him locked in a closet in that room, and only was allowed to come out for special privileges... this made Cope appreciate the old days when he had an entire room to be confined in."

Haley jacked her feet up and down Leopold's penis until he was panting madly, and very close to cumming. "Before I finally dumped Copeland for you, he was locked in a giant rabbit hutch." Haley's big toe explored Leopold's foreskin.

"Every day when he came home from work, he'd strip off his Armani suit and put away his briefcase and then attend to me, cleaning out the cum of all the different blue-collar boys who'd spurted in me." Haley ran her pinkie toe across Leopolds' foreskin.

He was so close to cumming. "After he'd satisfied and massaged me, he would have to clean the house quickly." Haley suddenly quit massaging Leopold's penis and kicked him quickly in the nuts, and then he fell to his knees. Oh, just before cumming.

"Get up, Leopold..did you think you were going to cum? So sad. Anyway, Copeland would then make my dinner, and then I'd lock him on his hands and knees in the hutch for the night. And I didn't allow bathroom breaks." Haley casually moved the big toe of her right foot to the urethra of Leopold's penis.

"Copeland would rattle against the hutch cage at around 2 a.m. because he was so desperate to pee, poor thing." Haley began pushing the toenail of her big toe into the urethra of Leopold's suffering penis.

"I usually couldn't hear Copeland, because I was screwing one man or the other in the master bedroom. And Cope would be so desperate to pee... he knew if I found one--just one drop of stray urine in the hutch the next day, he was in for a horrible punishment."

Leopold bit his tongue as his peehole was feeling intense, excruciating pain from Haley's toenail. Finally Haley pulled back, painfully yanking her big toe out of Leopold's engorged urethra. She kicked him viciously in the stomach, and Leopold fell back on the floor, staring up at her with wounded eyes. "So you see, you're much luckier than poor Copeland, Leopold... but the party's over, as you need a serious Master to assist me with your training." Haley whistled, and a well built young man of twenty-five walked into the room. "this is Max, Leopold. He has lots of energy." Haley smiled up at Max, who pulled off his T-shirt, flexed, and bent down to give Haley a plunging tongue kiss.

The old man lying on the floor looked sadly at his young fiancee. "I think you need to train our Leopold in cocksucking and just a few other things, Max, darling." Haley said, and the young man bent over and grasped Leopold by his white hair, dragging him from the room.

Haley smiled as the door closed... she was going to be leaving Leopold within the month, as she'd gotten a handsome offer from a dominatrix friend in New York.. she was well aware that her career was going to take off... but first she'd get all of Leopold's accounts in her name... Haley thought of the Plant Girl she'd been long ago... and rang for a martini.

The End

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