I Didn't Realize It Would Be Forever

Submitted by: Dave

My name is Dave. My Wife and I got married 8 years ago and our marriage was great.

A few years ago we got into bondage and that made our sex life even better. We got into chastity and I had gotten a prince Albert piercing before we met and I hadn't worn the jewelry in years. I still had the hole. I ordered a device from Mistress Lori that was 100% secure and I gradually worked up the time I could spend in it.

My Wife and I had agreed I would be locked up for a month. That was a very long month. The morning of the 32nd day (it had to be a month with 31 days) I told my Wife it had been a month and I was about to explode. Could she please let me out now and we could have a quickie before work. She said she couldn't if she wanted to. The keys weren't here.

She found my inability to have sex as much of a turn on for her as I did. If the keys were here she would be tempted to use them early. She said she would pick up the keys on the way home from work and we would have a great party that night. Work seemed long that day and I eagerly awaited going home. I raced home and awaited my Wife's return. She usually got home around 6:00. Around 6:45 she still hadn't returned. v The phone rang. It was the police saying I should get to the hospital as soon as possible. She had never seen the car that pulled in front of her. Her car was mangled pretty badly and she was rushed to emergency surgery. After several hours she went to the intensive care unit. She never regained conciousness over 4 days and died. I was devastated by losing her and only then it occured to me that the device was still locked on my dick.

The police contacted me days later with a bag containing her personal effects. I went through the bag looking for the keys and they weren't there. I drove the route from her office to our home several times looking for a bank or a safe deposit company. I looked for any likely place to put the keys. I asked several times at banks if they had any boxes that could have belonged to my Wife. They had never heard of anyone with her name. I can only wait for a renewal notice in the mail if she put them someplace that had to be renewed.

I has been 2 months since the accident and 3 since my last orgasm. I not only have to deal with my Wife's death, but the loss of my sex life. It is much too soon to be thinking of meeting someone new. My friends have sometimes mentiond a single friend of theirs in passing. I can see in several months the pressure increasing that "I should get on with my life".

They don't know that my sex life is over without those keys.

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