Evolution of the Human Species

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The wife and I happened to see an episode of Star Trek last night and she she had locked me into my CB3000 chastity device the week before, so I was already needy. In the episode they were visiting a people much further advanced than we are. One of the crew was studying their reproduction habits and found that it took three types of their species to reproduce.

A Female, a male, and a something called a Cogenitor. The Cogenitor was needed to add an essential enzyme needed for reproduction to occur. My wife, I thought jokingly said, "Gee honey, maybe I should make a Cogenitor out of you?" I did not know what to say, and as I did not want to jeopardize my next release date, said nothing.

Perhaps there will eventually be three sexes of humans on Earth? It would make it much more difficult to conceive and that would help lower the world population.

I looked it up on the internet and found:

Sexual Dimorphism:
Sexual dimorphism (see the definition at Wikipedia) denotes a systematic dissimilarity between individuals of different sex in the same species, beyond the obvious difference of male and female sex organs. The phenomenon is quite common in Earth's fauna. In many species of birds the male form bears a more colorful plumage than the female form, the peacock being a prime example. Male lions have an ample mane unlike the females. Humans are subject to sexual dimorphism as well. Human males are taller and stronger on average, and they typically have more body hair.

It is plausible that the average males of most humanoid alien species in Star Trek are taller than the women, as they are played by human actors or actresses, respectively. This kind of sexual dimorphism is tacitly assumed to be a common trait in the following. However, there are a couple of species with more striking differences between males and females.

Vissians This species from ENT: "Cogenitor" is a special case, as the Vissians consist of three sexes: the male, the female and the cogenitor. A distinction of the three genders is possible comparing the bone bulges next to their eyes. Vissian men like Drennik (played by the late Andreas Katsulas) have two clearly discernible cross-ribbed bulges to the left and to the right of their eyes. These bulges are less prominent on the Vissian women. Here it looks more like one coalesced bump with just a slight trench. The two bulges are still less pronounced on the progenitors, and the cross ribs are entirely missing.

Vissian male, Drennik
ENT: "Cogenitor"

Vissian male, engineer
ENT: "Cogenitor"

Vissian female, Veylo
ENT: "Cogenitor"

Vissian cogenitor
ENT: "Cogenitor"

If we look back at our history of our reproduction evolution we would see that the Female has steadily become more in control of not only reproduction but because of it all else also. The susceptibility of males to women that are confident in their demeanor and not afraid to be bossy to males is well known.

In the past 100 years of our evolution the male chastity device has become more and more prevalent and accepted in use for husbands. With the advanced production techniques and the advent of quality plastics male chastity devices are now being produced faster and in higher quantity than any time in previous history.

What does this seem to say about the future course of our evolution? Since all of the male chastity devices are made to fit average (61/2"-71/2") or smaller endowed males it leaves the males endowed with above average size penises (71/2" and up) free. Since these males are only about 5-10% of males they tend to be Alpha types that flaunt their prowess and ability to please multiple women, they enjoy their place in society as the studs they naturally have become.

But what about the average and below endowed males? Statistics show that more and more of them are wearing chastity devices. Face it both women and men know what a large penis is and can do for woman's orgasm. Deep vaginal orgasms can only be obtained from a penis above average in length and are twice as strong as clitoral based orgasms. Chances are that if a guy is large he is either not married or won't stay married long. Men with average or smaller endowment work harder at pleasing their wife because they know they are less endowed. They are destined to be beta males. This is the reason they so easily accept and wear a chastity device if their wife wants them to, and more and more wives are not just wanting, but demanding it.

Women in today's world are tired of males cheating on them in relationships and what better way to ensure against it than keeping him locked up? Wives find that it not only ensures against infidelity, but also ensures against masturbation. Today's women consider a husband masturbating the same as if he was having an affair. Since men with average or less endowment are prone to masturbation caused from seeing other more endowed males in the locker room when growing up they masturbate all the time. They learned to do it in their teenage years because they were shy about going after girls knowing many of the other guys had much larger endowment. This caused them to stay home, fantasizing about the girls and masturbating often multiple times per day. I know because I am one of those males.

Because they masturbated so often they not only became addicted to doing it, but unknown to them was the fact that they were conditioning themselves to ejaculate quicker and quicker. This would only cause them later to feel inadequate because they would prematurely ejaculate when they finally got to have sex with a woman.

But what does all this have to do with human evolution? There is new type of relationship that has been growing quickly and becoming more and more popular, in fact so popular that is on the verge of becoming normal. Female Led Relationships are taking off because women are taking over many of the high paying jobs and they are demanding that their mates act accordingly.

These women are smarter than their predecessors and they realize that marrying an Alpha male that is better endowed carries the high price of having a husband that will have affairs and not last. They are instead opting to marry men that are less endowed, geeky, and knowing that they can be kept faithful and monogamous.

It is becoming common knowledge that a woman can easily talk an average or less endowed male into wearing a chastity device, as a form of foreplay. It starts that way, but more women quickly evolve it into requiring him to wear it 24/7/365 and only allowing him out for cleaning twice a month. Sex soon becomes a once a month or longer occurrence and many women are now only allowing their kept husbands release by prostate massage.

With women now having more advanced degrees than men and being in control of the boardrooms from reading books like How to be corporate dominatrix they have more power than men. Women reading more they are becoming aware of how easily males are trained by extending their releases and having complete control of them. The internet has a vast knowledge base and any woman can look up how to perform a prostate massage (milking) on her kept husband. Performing a prostate massage once every two or three months is all that required to keep a husbands sexual functions healthy. There is no reason a wife ever has to allow her husband to be out of his chastity device except for cleaning.

Today's smarter female is valuing her ability to keep her husband's desire high by keeping his genitals secure so that even he can't waste his desire away. Keeping a husband's desire high, makes him attentive, thoughtful, caring, loving, and removes his traits of jealousy and arguing. They find that these kept husbands are happier and think only of their wife's pleasure instead of their own. If the wife has an affair these husbands simply accept it and instead of causing a scene, just try even harder to please her.

It was not very long ago that husbands were the only ones that had affairs and then couples used to swing and have sex with other partners. Now the occurrence of a partner having sex with other partners is about 70% the wife's and still increasing. What used to be called cuckolding and shameful to the male is now becoming accepted as a woman's right in a Female Led marriage. Husbands are even accepting their cuckold status as something they are proud of. What starts as becoming the one in charge of the bedroom quickly spreads to all other facets of life.

Women are quick to find out that keeping her husband locked up in a chastity device not only ensures that all his desire is kept safe for only her, but he is kept energized, doing much more to please her. Of the wives that have had affairs that keep their husbands in chastity devices, their husbands never want a divorce. They claim they love their wife too much and would rather allow her to receive her sexual pleasure from another man than to ever leave her.

What if all of this is really leading us to a race similar to the race that the Star Trek found? What if this increase in husbandry chastity and the wife's right to be able to have sex with other above average endowed males is really leading us to a three sex society?

Could it be that all these chastity kept husbands are destined to become Cogenitors?

Are these kept husbands the next step in male evolution? Since the male chromosome is slowly dying out form solar radiation would having more meat in front of the testicles protect them better? Does this mean that those, probably the above average endowed males will become the only ones to be propagating the species? Likewise would the less endowed males be left the job of only helping the females to find and mate with a virile Alpha male (cogenitor).

What husband unable to get his wife pregnant could refuse his wife being able to make a baby even if it had to be another man's? This is accepted by society now as invitro fertilization. Still often done with the husband's sperm, but more and more often done with a donor's sperm because the husband's sperm count was too low. What a way to be ensured beta male status.

As more and more husbands are required by their wives to always wear a chastity belt it is becoming more and more common and like all things that were once thought of as taboo are soon widely accepted. Many wives today are even boasting to other women when they ask how she keeps her husband so wonderful that they keep their husband locked up in a chastity device.

While the locked up husbands would rather keep it private there is nothing they can do since their wife now has the keys and is in total control.

Wives that have had full time chastity belted husbands for two or more years enjoy flexing and expressing their power as the keyholder in their Female Led marriage. They will use verbal comments about his smaller endowment and masturbation as constant reminders to him of why she keeps him locked up. These comments excite his libido and he can only agree with her about them.

One of the reasons that male chastity is accelerating so quickly is that males realize that if they keep masturbating they will never meet a woman to marry. They know they are under endowed and to embarrassed to mention it to another male, they seek out a female to help them stop their chronic masturbation.

There are many internet sites that have women that will act as long distant keyholders for these men. They charge anywhere from $50.00 to $150.00 per month. It's such a lucrative business that many married women that already have experience with keeping their husband in chastity are becoming keyholders for other men to. They find that spending just a few hours every month can net them a few thousand dollars of extra income on a monthly basis.

This practice is even filtering down to dating. Many savvy women are requiring prospective male suitors to purchase, install, and turn over the keys to a chastity belt before they will even consider dating them. It's a sure thing that date rape will never be a problem to these women. More popular women may have as many as a dozen males locked up at a time.

Consider the possibility that that there are two types of males evolving, the Alpha, better endowed and the beta, lesser endowed. The beta males are encountering lower semen amount and lower sperm counts while the Alpha males produce more semen with a higher sperm count.

Accounts of wives choosing to their offspring's genes from an Alpha male instead of her beta husband are increasing. After all she sees the benefit that an Alpha male has being better endowed and having more potent seed makes him so much more desirable.

What if the male population gets to the point that every male that is endowed with less than seven inches is wearing a chastity device? It certainly seems to be going there and it could sway the percentage of Alpha to beta males causing even more beta males.

Women now more than ever understand how to control males by using their higher mental powers of persuasion. They know how to humble a male using humiliation to shame him into doing what they want.

Women are quickly learning they can talk down to the submissive beta males and they can tell who they are. When these males cower and accept it they are letting the females know that they can not only get away with it, but that often it sexually excites them and they actually like it. Indeed submissive beta males seem to thrive on a woman, that not only talks down to them but takes advantage of them.

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