New Chastity Game

Submitted by: Frank

My Mistress and I have developed a new lock up game with the help of others. If you go to Altairboy's site and click on external links you will find Kept for Her. Then click on lock up game and skip the rules and click again on Lock up Game.

We play the game in two week intervals but you can make it longer or shorter depending on your choice of number of dice. So let's say we start by allowing the male to have his last orgasm before noon on Saturday. He is then locked in his cage until the game gives him his release. We set the number of dice to 2 for a two week game. The number of sides to the dice is set to 8 in all cases. Set multiple rolls to yes. For number of rolls we start with 3. Outcome to use is high roll. Now I think you should do a few practice rolls. The number will come up between 2 and 16. You may continue with show date on calendar as yes. And choose beginning day as today is day one. Click submit and the day will be marked on the calendar below.

Now let the Mistress click roll the dice one more time while the male can not see the results and then click submit. The screen may be printed for future reference, but the release day may have to be manually marked on the calendar. A new game starts in two weeks on Saturday. If the previous game produced a 15 or 16, the male will still be locked in his cage at the start of the new game. As a punishment, we will change the setting of the number of rolls for this drawing. For a 15 the setting will be 4 and for 16 it will be 5. Also, the male will receive no release between games and the extra rolls could produce a higher number of days for the next period. Added punishments such as spanking may be given by the Mistress.

If you choose the one week version, or more than two weeks, you will have to come up with your own rules for the extra numbers. While you are on their WEB site, be sure to look at the other pages of the Kept for Her products.

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