My Wife's Power Trip

Submitted by: Ken S.

It all started about four years ago, when my wife (55) was reading an article about Female Domination and Power. I (58) wasn't really surprised that she would find this type of article interesting as she always seemed to want to be in control of everythig and was quite domineering.

Anyway, one night we attended a party thrown by one of her co-workers. During the party one of her other co-works, who appeared to be somewhat intoxicated, approached me and began coming on to me. I didn't know it but my wife was watching the whole time. The young lady was rather attractive and quite suductive. I finally was able to get away from her and mingle with other guests. The young lady kept following me around the entire evening throwing me kisses and acting out other sexually explicit moves and apparently my wife was still watching the entire time.

Later that evening when we returned home my wife asked me if I had a good time. I told her I had but made no mention of the young intoxicated female. Once home I was ready for bed as I had had plenty to drink myself and felt exhausted. As I lay on the bed my wife appeared in the doorway in a see-thru nitie holding some leather straps. I asked her what the occasion was and she stated that she was just horny and wanted to play. As I lay there in my underwear she tied my wrists to the bed posts. She removed my underwear and tied my ankles to the bedposts at the bottom of the bed. She then sat next to me and began asking me if the young woman at the party excited me. I laughed and said yes, as she was very attractive and seductive. My wife then laughed and began rubbing a lubricant all over my cock, which couldn't seem to get hard due to all the alcohol I had consumed that evening. She then began playing with my balls inwhich I felt a tight feeling around my ball sack and then something slide down over my cock. I asked what in the world she was doing and she told me that she was going to make sure that no other woman would be able to use my cock, which belonged solely to her. As I started to protest, I heard a click which came from a small padlock which secured the chastity device in place. She told me she had purchased the CB-3000 a few months ago but feels that now is an appropriate time to attached it to me.

She went on telling me that the cock I carried between my legs belonged to her and only her. She said she would now decide if and when I would be allowed to enjoy an orgasm and I would have to wait at least 2-3 months for my next one. She stated that from now on I would satisfy her every need and desire and failure to do so would result in my punishment. Then she took several pictures of me tied to the bed with the chastity device securely locked in place. once done she untied me and we went to sleep.

In the morning I approached her and told her I get the joke and she can remove the chastity device any time. She laughed and said she would remove it when she felt like it and she would feel like it in 3-4 months, discussion over! She said after breakfast I was to do the dishes and then start the laundry. After the laundry was going I was to dust and vacuum the house. Once the laundry was done I was to fold it and put it away and anything that needed ironing would have to be ironed. Believe me when I say I had a very busy and tiring day.

Early that evening, my wife told me that I would be required to provide her with some personal services like foot, leg and body massages, bathe and dry her, paint her toenails and give her oral pleasure when ordered. She also told me that I was to always answer her as "Yes, Dear" and failure to do so would result in my punishment. I was also forced to sign a lifelong contract giving her total ownership of me to be used as she so desired.

This went on for several weeks and I must say that after about 12 weeks without an orgasm I was climbing the walls and would have done anything she told me to do. It was about this time that while sitting at the dining room table she came from the bathroom and placed a small plastic Dixie cup in front of me. She then handcuffed my hands behind my back and picked up the Dixie cup. She told me I was to drink its contents down. As she placed the Dixie cup to my lips I could smell her urine. She told me that I would be drinking a Dixie cup of her urine twice a week as a sign of my true devotion to her. I drank down her urine on three gulps. She told me that in time I would get used to the taste. Later that eveing she had me strp down to my CB-3000 and lay on the bed and then proceeded to tie my to the bed. Once secure she removed her clothes and straddled my face, rubbing her hot wet pussy on my tongue until she experienced an orgasm. She then removed the lock and CB from my cock, which took seconds to become totally erect. She then mounted me and began riding me hard and furious. I was so excited I shot my load almost instantly. She then told me that I was a bad boy and had not bee told I could cum yet and must be punished. She then moved up over my mouth and told me to open wide. As I did she released her pussy muscles and dropped my entire load in my mouth. She then told me to lick her clean. Once I had her clean she replaced the CB-3000 and untied me. She then jordered me to the bathrrom and had me kneel down in the shower. She stepped into the shower, pulled my head to her crotch and began urinating in my mouth. During this she was telling me that every time I had an orgasm in her, I would go thru this punishment.

It has been a year now and I have learned to hold my orgasm until allowed to cum. It seems as though my fate has been sealed. I do all the housework, provide her with numerous personal services, give her oral pleasure three times a week and am required to drink her urine twice a week. She recently talked with her mother, who is her chief advisor, and they had decided that I will now be allowed an orgasm once every 6 months. My mother-in-law, now 78 years old, will be the one to perform a milking of me once every 30 days.

She too is a dominate woman who kept total control of my father-in-law when he was alive. She now enjoys joining my wife in exerting her control over me. I have also been told by my wife that I will be providing some services for my mother-in-law. She just won't tell me what services. This doesn't sound good! It appears I will be their slave till the day I die. Wish me luck!

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