Feminist Compound

Submitted by: Chaste Eunuch

They have orgies several times a week. In the lobby each guest is asked for a password as he or she enters. Each man is then led to the dressing room, where he must remove all his clothes and leaves behind any possessions. He enters wearing nothing but the chastity belt, which is required to completely conceal all his private parts from both visible view and touching behind a metal sheath. After all the guests arrive, the men's dressing room is locked for the duration. The women can chose to leave their clothes on or take them off at their own discretion.

The ritual starts with music and freeform ecstatic dance. Eventually it moves naturally to various forms of touching and cuddling. Cuddle puddles eventually lead to sexual stimulation of the women, and various types of spontaneous group sex acts are done, always with the men being denied sex by their chastity devices.

If the women find a man particularly pleasing, he may be invited to stay. His possessions will be locked away securely. He can live at the compound wearing his chastity device and without any possessions, as long as he agrees to do work trade by pleasuring female clients. There is no point for him to beg for release, because his key is not even at the compound, or it is locked away with his other possessions until he leaves. To protect his identity, he can wear a mask with a number printed on the forehead. That number will be his name as long as he is at the compound.

Some men may chose to stay at the compound permanently. After settling their worldly affairs outside the compound, they can choose either permanent chastity or castration. In either case, he is choosing to be the permanent love slave of the women who come there. He will wear seven different remote controlled locking electric shock slave collars - one around each extremity, and his waist. These permanent love slaves can even be rented out, to serve the women at their homes. Often a lesbian couple will want a man to help out around the house for a weekend, so they will pay to borrow one of the permanent love slaves. They are great for all types of manual labor, including massages and sexual favors.

In the case of the permanent chastity device, a piercing is used. A Prince Albert Piercing is combined with some additional piercing to secure the penis to the scrotum. An additional chastity belt is used to conceal this from view and prevent any self-stimulation. Sometimes the locking mechanism is welded shut with solder to ensure permanent concealment of the pierced penis.

In the case of castration, the balls are removed while the penis is left in tact. In this case a removable chastity belt is worn, and women clients can chose to have sex with the eunuch. The eunuch may have less sexual desire than before, and he can't ejaculate, but his penis can still go rigid, and because he can't ejaculate he can keep it up for many hours. However self-stimulation is forbidden. He only is allowed to have sex with paying customers who support the compound, and only at their special request.

All the men at the compound are generally happy because they get to have such intimate contact with many different women. The men who are there permanently soon forget what it is like to have an orgasm. Once a critical number of permanent male slaves are found, outside men are no longer allowed at the orgies, but another compound is opened in another city. Then the men are locked away from public view and only members of the compound or paying women clients ever see them again.

Sometimes a woman who has ties to the compound will have trouble with an abusive boyfriend, or a rapist. She can request that he be taken care of the problem. Members of the compound will drug him and kidnap, typically from a bar, but also from off the street or his house if necessary. They will put him in restraints, cut his vocal cords, and put him in a chastity belt. After his balls become filled and blue, they stimulate him until it hurts, and then leave him in agony. Then they fuck him in the ass with strap-ons. They taunt him, calling him "rapist" and "wife-beater", "sissy-bitch", and "girly-boy".

Eventually, they cut his balls off without giving him an orgasm. They put him in a permanent bondage contraption so he can't move, and they allow women to fuck his eunuch penis, while another woman fucks him in the ass with a strap-on. Once in a while they will cut off a toe or a finger. They only do that to the rapists though.

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