My Story

Submitted by: Betty Noone

CHAPTER ONE - The party

It all began on Halloween. My birth name is Robert Flick. My statistics are that I am 35 years old, five feet nine and one half inches tall, and weight one hundred fifty five pounds. I am in good physical health and exercise regularly. My facial features are regular, and many people consider me a fair looking guy. When I was a kid, my hair was blond but now it is sort of light brown. I don't have that 5 o'clock shadow that many men have because of the color of my beard.

I am a professor with tenure at a mid-western University and my lovely wife Lila, is a physician specializing in obstetrics and gynecology, commonly known as OB/GYb. She is partners with a group of like minded physicians in their own practice, so she only has to be on call on weekends every fifth week.

So financially we are doing well. We live in our own modest home which is fully paid for near the campus, and we have sufficient time and money to live nicely and to travel extensively when we want to.

We are close friends with four other like minded couples and we always get together on the 1st Saturday of each month. We are all sort of liberal in our thinking and have a good time together. There is always some sexual teasing one to the other, but nothing ever comes of it, because all of us are reasonably well adjusted and no-one wants to rock the boat. At these get-togethers we play games such as charades, clue, scrabble etc, and we always rotate where the gathering is, so that we each have a turn in playing host and setting the tone for the party.

Life is good.

It is the first Saturday of October and at the gathering or our friends, we were told by the couple who will be hosting the following month, that because it will be Halloween, they will have the party on Halloween eve, which falls on a Monday. They say they know that they are breaking tradition by not holding the gathering on the 1st Saturday, but being Halloween makes it special. They also said that it is to be a costume party and that everyone is to come in costume, and that they intend to award prizes for the best costume, the silliest costume, the dumbest costume, etc.

I thought nothing more of it, until about one week before the party. Lila asked me what I was going to wear to the party, and I had forgotten about it being a costume party, replied that I had not given it any thought.

Lila said, wouldn't it be fun if we switched roles, and you went as a girl and I went as a man! Frankly I didn't think much of the idea, and sort of passed it off with a grunt, and said, "I really don't care, why don't you take care of the details."

Now being a tenured professor, gives one a lot of time off. As it happened on the Friday before the Monday party I had no classes and coincidentally my wife also had a day off. She said she had my day planned for me, as we were going to get me ready for the party. So we go in the car and we drive to the mall. We first go into a shoe store specializing in ladies shoes, and she tells the salesman that she wants to buy a pair of ladies shoes for me. I went red with embarrassment but she quickly explained that it was for a Halloween party, and the salesman nodded his head without any snide remarks, as if he understood. He brought out a pair of peds which after I removed my shoes and socks he had me put on. He then measured my shoe size. I take a size 10 in a mens' shoe, but it turns out to be a size 11 in a womans shoe. He went to the back to make some selections, and shortly he returned with an armload of shoe boxes. He sat on his stool and had me put my foot on the other end, and he took out a pair of black patent leather pumps which he tried on me. My toes could not and would not get into the shoe. Lila said to him, "I think he will need an open toe shoe, and this heel is much too high, get him something with a two inch heel. He gathered up the boxes and went to the back and shortly returned with only three shoe boxes. The first pair he took out of the box was a red sandal with a two inch heel and ankle strap. He had me try it on and my feet slid right in. He buckled the strap around my ankle and after putting the other shoe on, he had me stand. When I did, I almost fell over, however I quickly straightened myself out and stood erect.

Lila told me to walk around in them to see how they feel. I said they feel OK and felt the calves of my legs tighten from the height of the heel. I walked about six paces back and forth, and my ankles were sort of wobbly, but the fit of the shoe felt comfortable.

Lila asked the man how much were the shoes, and he replied $89.95. I said to Lila, "This is ridiculous. We can't be spending that much money on a whim!"

Lila replied, "Come on, Bob. We can afford to do anything we want to, and I really want to do this right. Be a sport and go along with me on this. I do so want to win the contest Monday."

So I reluctantly agreed, because in fact money is not an issue with us, and she seemed really excited about this whole adventure.

We next wound up at Victorias' Secret, and Lila again told the whole story about the Halloween party to the clerk, and said I would need a padded bra, long line preferred, and a girdle with padding on the hips and buttocks. The clerk said she would measure me and see if she had the items in stock. After some searching she came back with a white long line, padded bra, in a B cup, and a size 34 panty girdle that had pockets for inserting padding to widen the hips and rear. She also found the inserts for the girdle. I stopped protesting the price and Lila bought the items, and I was just glad that I was not asked to try them on prior to the purchase.

There is a Macys department store in the mall and we went shopping for a dress. Lila estimated that I could fit in a size 12 or 14, and after going through rack after rack of dresses, looking for the right one, she found a number that was a 14 with long sleeves, dirndl skirt and scoop neck. It was sort of silky, and while I didn't have to try it on, she put it up against me to sort of measure and she was satisfied, but I was mortified. She also bought a slip and nylon hose.

All of this took about two and a half hours and we stopped off for lunch after putting the purchases in the trunk of the car. At lunch we discussed this whole shopping trip and I calculated that we already spent a little over four hundred dollars, and made mention of the fact. Lila surprised me and said she didn't care what it cost, and if I didn't like it she would spend her own money on it. She also told me that the next day, Saturday morning, I had an appointment at her beauty shop to get some make up and a wig. By the time we got home we were lovey-dovey again as I could not be mad at her for long. I shrugged my shoulders and told her that I would not complain about it again, and that I would indeed be a good sport and go along with the program.

When we got home, she had me try on the undergarments after making the insertions in the girdle. The girdle smoothed my stomach flat and the inserts sort of filled out the lower half of my body, as well as concealing my penus and scrotum. The long line bra also brought in my upper stomach so that my front had a flat look except for the B cups which jutted out. I donned the slip and the dress, and slipped on the shoes. Everything fit, but I looked really silly. My chest hair showed above the scoop neckline and my legs while not especially hairy, looked funny sticking out below the skirt.

Lila, looking at me, said, "We are going to have to shave your lower legs and a little of your upper chest so that it doesn't show hair. By this time I was tired and having agreed to be a sport and go along, agreed. After I took the clothes off, hung them up, I went into the shower and removed the hair where necessary.

CHAPTER TWO - The Next Day

The following morning, we appeared at my wifes' salon and the beauty operator who had already been briefed as to what had to be done, sat me in a chair, put a protector around my neck and told me to shut my eyes and relax as she turned my chair away from the mirror, and she told me it may take a little while, but not to worry, everything will be alright.

She asked for my hand, and when I stuck it out the manicurist diipped my fingernails in soapy water to soften the cuticles, and proceeded to give me a manicure. I found that she applied false nails attached with a cement to my regular nails. It was what they call a french manicure. The nails are long in a natural color with white fingernail tips. At the same time another operator began giving me a pedicure. When I began to complain, Lila explained that in order to look good in open toed shoes, one should have polish on their toenails, and so a bright red nail polish was applied.

In the meantime, the operator has been rubbing lotions on my face and gave me a facial, It was sort of a minor skin peel as my face became much softer after it was done. She began plucking my eyebrows, still with my eyes closed, and when I complained, she said she was merely cleaning them up a bit and that no-one would notice. She also applied false eyelashes with cement.

With my eyes still closed at their bidding, and with my chair turned away from the mirror, she began to apply makeup to my face, at the same time explaining to Lila what she was doing so that Lila would be able to do it for me when the time came for the party.

It was about two hours that I was in the chair when the operator announced that she was done, and would now show me what she had done. She had me sit up in the chair, turned it around to face the mirror, and had me open my eyes. I saw a stranger in the chair, but a strange looking man with fullmakeup on. It was amazing that such a difference in appearance would take place because of makeup and false eyelashes. I was about to say that this isn't going to work, when the operator took a wig that was about the same color as my own hair and placed it on my head after placing a knotted top of stocking over my hair to sort of make a tight fitting skull cap. The wig was in a page boy style with short bangs in front. In one second, I was transformed from a man in makeup to a fair looking woman. Everyone in the shop came around to look at me and comment on the transformation. I was strangely intrigued with the face that I now saw in front of me.

Lila paid the bill, which I assume was plenty, because she also had a bag full of cosmetics that were used in my transformation. She told me to come, and I said I can't go out like this, and Lila said, and all the others agreed, who would know that you are not a female? With reluctance I got into the car, and Lila drove us home. Our garage is attached to the house, so I did not have to worry about any neighbor seeing me. When we got into the house, Lila told me to get into my clothes so that we could see the new me! I got into the underthings and slipped the dress and shoes on. The only thing I did not put on were the nylons. I walked to the full size mirror in our bedroom and did not recognize the person I saw before me. I made a pretty good looking woman! Not gorgeous by any means, but passable in any situation. Not a petite woman but a healthy looking one.

Lila then said, take off the dress and put this on, handing me what I later found out is called a duster, sort of a lightweight housedress. She told me that I now looked OK, but I was going to have to learn a lot of things, and we only had a few more days in which to accomplish this.

First, about your shoes. You are clumping about when you walk. Take smaller steps and try to make less noise when you put your feet down. I want to hear a click, click, instead of a thump, thump when you walk. I tried walking back and forth on those floors in the house that had no carpet, and in about a half hour found that by thinking light, my walk became lighter. Lila was delighted at how quickly I learned. Then she showed me how to sit, always smoothing the skirt behind me when I sat, and how to always be conscious of my knees being together, so that no-one could look up my skirt.

Now about your voice, Lila instructed. Men speak from the chest, women speak from the throat. Don't boom your voice out. I don't want you to try to talk in falsetto, but if you lower your volume, talk almost in a whisper it will sound a lot more feminine. She also reminded me that Dustin Hoffman, when he played the female role in the movie "Tootsie" used a southern accent which made him sound even more feminine. I tried it and it worked. So I tried speaking from my throat, softly and with a drawl and while not truly feminine, it wasn't masculine either.

Lila told me and I agreed that she wanted me to be en-femme for the rest of the weekend to get used to wearing the female garments and to learn to move, sit and talk like a lady. I was sort of getting into it by now. She went into her jewelry box, found some pearl drop earrings, a pearl necklace, and some costume bracelets. She had me take off my wedding band and had me wear some costume rings that she had bought at the beauty parlor for me. A quick spritz from the perfume atomizer helped to make me feel girlish.

I was to wear the undergarments and the house dress saving the good dress for the party. I found that with hair and earrings, when one answered the phone one had to tilt ones head to one side so that the phone could get to the ear instead of on top of the wig. Also, long nails inhibited what one did with their hands. If you tried to dial the phone, you had to use the flats of your fingers. I found that I was looking at my hands with admiration as with the long nails and jewelry they looked sort of cute. With long nails one is always thinking nails, so as not to break them, and so you use your hands differently than before, also you cannot pick up items in the same way. It almost forces your hands to act femininely.

Some things became apparent right away. The first time I had to pee, I found that I had to pull down the girdle and lift the skirt. It is practically impossible to do this and pee standing up, so I had to sit.

Then I found it easier to pick up something the from the floor or at a low height while wearing a skirt and heels to bend your knees instead of bending at the waist.

By the time Monday came around I was quite comfortable in my role and not feeling strange at all. We discussed what name I would be called, and Lila asked me if I had any girls name that I liked. I gave it a few minutes thought, and said, "I always liked the name of Barbara." Lila replied, "No, you don't look like a Barbara to me... I got it! Betty! You will be named Betty!" I didn't much care one way or another, so I became Betty, and Lila called me Betty the rest of the weekend. After a couple of hours, I began to respond to "Betty" when so called by Lila.

I asked Lila how she was going to dress, and she said she was going as a man, and she would call herself "Bruce". She did not buy mens' clothes but her slacks could be mistaken for mens wear, and she had a tailored blouse which when used with one of my ties, could be taken for a shirt. She intended to use eyebrow pencil to thicken her eyebrows, wear no makeup and bring her hair back into a tight bun, so as to appear as severe as she could. Her form and size would not ever have her mistaken for a man, but what the hell, it's only a party!

Monday morning.

By now I began to help around the house, cleaning the table from the breakfast dishes and putting them into the dishwasher. I did these chores before from time to time, but I was getting into the female role, and began to do it as a job that women do. Lila noticed this, but said nothing about it.

At about 4PM Lila told me that it was time to get dressed for the party. I said what was the big rush as the party did not start until eight. Well, she said, I had to take a bubble bath, and she was going to give me a rub-down using body lotions that would soften my skin. I had to shave closely and then she said something that really floored me. She wanted to take me to my parents and show me off dressed up to my mom and dad, and to my sister. Cathy Afterwards she wanted to then take me to her parents house and to her two brothers and their wives and show me off there as well. I wasn't too keen about it, but Lila said it was all in fun and everyone would think its' funny. She also wanted me to be as ladylike as I could at all times, and to stay in my role in front of the relatives. She thought it would be a scream. She was so enthusiastic about it, that I began to see the humor in it as well, and agreed to go along.

It almost took two hours for me to get fully dressed, which wasn't bad considering the massage. While Lila was making up my face she explained what she was doing with each step and reminding me that I may have to make cosmetic repairs by myself, so I should watch her closely and learn how to apply the make up by myself, if I had to. I still could not get over how the false eyelashes changed the look of my face. My eyebrows had the stray hairs removed by the beauty operator, but were not overly thin.

First came the foundation base on my face. Then she used eyeliner, telling me that I should be careful not to get any of the liquid in my eye, but at the same time getting the line as close to the lid as possible. Then she applied black mascara to the eyelashes and put a touch of blue eyeshadow around the upper part of my eyelids. She used her eyebrow pencil to accentuate my eyebrows. When this was done she told me to get dressed. I rolled my new nylons on my shaven legs and was surprised at how nice they felt on my body. They were thigh highs, and did not require any garters or belts to keep the stockings up. I already had the bra and girdle on, so I just needed to get into the slip and then pull my new dress over my head. Lila helped me zip up the back of the dress.

She then attached the nylon skull cap to my head and attached the wig on top of it. She used a wig brush to put my hair in place and then sprayed it with a wig hair spray to keep the set in place. I was starting to look nice. I was starting to feel nice. She then penciled my lips and filled them in with a coral lipstick. After attaching the earrings, necklace, rings and bracelets, she picked up an atomizer and gave my head a couple of spritzes with one of her favorite perfumes. I now even smelled nice.

Lila said, "Betty, you are going to win the contest tonight, because there will be no-one who will be able to do a better job than how you look at this moment.

As we were to leave the house, Lila handed me a purse. I said, "What do I need a purse for?" And Lila replied, " Well, you need to have your wallet with you, you will need to repair your makeup after you eat, so I put your face powder and a lipstick in there, and I loaned you one of my hankies. You also will find that I put a hair brush, in case you need to touch up your hair. You know that womens' clothes do not have pockets so you will need the purse. I could not argue with the logic, so I took the purse and hung the strap from my shoulder.

When we left the house, Betty stood by the car door at the passenger side, waiting for Lila to open the door for her. Lila smiled to herself but said nothing, as she opened the door for Betty to enter the car. Lila was amused when she saw Betty sit down on the passenger side seat, and then swing her body, and lifted her legs into the car as women do.

It is now 7PM and we left the house to drive to my parents house, who have already been told about the party by Lila, so they wouldn't be too shocked or need an explanation when they saw me. It being the end of October the nights get cool, so Lila gave me a wrap-around raincoat for me to wear, which fit me nicely. Lila had to drive with me in the passenger seat because I would not want to be stopped by a cop for a traffic violation so dressed. I was not afraid of being seen in the car, because this time of the year it is already dark outside, and Lila and the mirror convinced me that I am passing as a woman in any cursory inspection.

We got to mom and dads house at about 7:10 and Lila told me to be Betty and to stay in my role. Mom screamed with delight when she saw me, Dad was less enthusiastic, saying he didn't see the fun in such a party. My sister had come over and she hugged me and whispered in my ear that she always dreamed of having a sister. I said nothing in response. We shortly left for Lilas' folks house. Her two brothers and their wives were waiting for us there as well. Again, the women thought it hilarious, and the men were far less enthusiastic about their brother-in-law, Betty. And shortly afterward we left for the party.

We arrived at Frank and Mary's house just a little after 8PM and we were the last couple to get there, everyone else was there. When we walked in, everyone knew that Lila who now identified herself as Frank, and her ‘wife' Betty. The women screamed in delight. The men didn't think it was that funny. Men do not take kindly to another man dressing as a woman, let alone taking on the role of a woman. They will go to a movie and laugh, but they are uncomfortable when actually in the presence of someone doing it.

I played the role of the female all night. After dinner, I got up and helped the other girls when they cleared the table and brought the dirty dishes to the kitchen after a prompt from Lila with her head. Lila (Frank) stayed at the table and talked with the boys.

As was the custom at these gatherings, for about an hour before we began to play games together, the boys went to the den to talk sports and other manly things, and the women stayed at the dining room table and talked about fashions, babies and recipes. I stayed with the women and ‘Frank' went with the men. She mostly listened because she did not know that much about sports, as did I mostly listen, because I didn't know that much about fashions, but we both stayed attentive, and after a while it seems that we were both accepted in the group in which we attended.

Needless to say, we won the first prize for the best costume, and then played the game Clue for about an hour and a half, and the party began to break up, everyone seemingly having a good time as usual. As the party broke up, all the women leaving, lined up to be hugged and kissed on the cheek goodby, by the host and hostess. I was last in line, and the hostess gave me a hug and kiss, and then the host grabbed me and held me tight, and hugged me and gave me a peck. He had forgotten that I was a male and treated me as he treated the other women. I am sure that when I left he asked himself, "Why did I hug and kiss a man?" And maybe not.

On the way home I was tired, Lila was driving, and we were both unusually quiet. When we got home we both were getting ready for bed, I scrubbed off the make up with a hot soapy washcloth, removed the wig and nylon skull cap, the jewelry, and asked Lila to unzip my back so I could remove the dress. Lila still quiet, did so, and I climbed out of the dress and removed the rest of the underwear. I have to confess that having worn a bra for three full days made a little mound of my breasts.

I was reaching in my dresser drawer for my pajamas, when Lila came up behind me and softly said, "Betty, I would like you to wear this for me tonight, and lets' see what happens" It was a nylon tricot ladies nightgown. She had obviously purchased it during our shopping spree on Friday. I was tired, my feet ached from wearing heels that my calves and ankles were not accustomed to, and so I just shrugged my shoulders and slipped it on. It was soft and silky and the hem fell to my mid calf. Then Lila asked me to get in bed and to lie on my back and that she would see to it that I would have a good time.

Lila started out by massaging my nipples, something that in our years of marriage she had never done before. With her other hand she gently caressed the inside of my thighs, and I began to writhe a little from the sensation. She parted my legs and climbed on top of me, and said, "Now, Betty, let me give you a real treat. She inserted my penis in her, and began to ride up and down, and then she put her mouth on my nipple and began to suck for a few minutes, while she was riding me. I am moving my hips up and down, trying to get into her rhythm but found that I could not match her tempo, but then she kissed me, inserting her tongue in my mouth and I stopped concentrating on my hips but on sucking her tongue. By concentrating my thoughts on the kissing, my body found its rhythm in sync with Lilas' and we were pumping together as she was filling my mouth with her tongue.

We came at the same time and in all of the years of marriage together, I had never experienced such a fulfillment and sensation. Lila came off my chest, and laid on her back by my side, both of us panting. Lila said to me, "Was it as good for you as it was for me?" And I honestly replied, "It was the best that I ever had." We held each other close and that's how we fell asleep.

Chapter Three - Tuesday morning

When I awoke at 7AM I found that I had forgotten to remove my false eyelashes, and had to remove the false nails, and use polish remover from my toes, as I had to give an 11 o'clock class. Lila had cement softener from the salon and she wet my eyelids with the solution, and they peeled off rather easily. The false fingernails were another matter. In order for one to get to the glue, you had to soak each hand in polish remover for about fifteen minutes. The nails when pried with a cuticle stick popped off, but the cement residue on my real fingernails was so hard they had to be filed down. It took a little while to get this to look like they used to.

Lila asked me to continue towear the polish on my toes, as no-one would see it and she thought it looked kind of cute. From the first , I was fascinated by how my feet looked with red polish on them, so I agreed to let the polish stay on a little longer.

Lila had rounds to make at the hospital and I had two classes to give, one at 11 and another at two. A full professors life is not that difficult. With no problem I slipped back into my masculine role, and I assume my wife had no problem becoming a woman again.

That night at bedtime, Lila asked if I would wear the nightgown again, and she would again make love to me. Because it was so exciting she wanted to do it again. So did I, so I slipped the gown on, and Lila did the same ritual as the previous evening, and if possible we enjoyed it even more. During sex, I called her Frank, and she called me Betty. We obviously were getting excited by exchanging roles. But it was so good, I did not want to discontinue it, and neither did Lila.

At this time in our lives we were having sex about twice a week, less if Lila had a patient in labor that brought her home at crazy hours and was exhausted from her day. But we both were excited about the new sex activities and we increased our making love to three times a week. In the mornings, after I took the gown off, we reverted to our natural selves, and for whatever strange reason, we did not discuss that what we were doing was unusual.

On Friday night we were looking forward to our weekend together as it again was Lilas' weekend off duty. She said to me, "What do you think if Betty came over for the weekend?" I looked at her funny, and said, "Why would you want me to dress up again? We won the stupid contest last week." Lila responded with, "Doesn't Betty like the sex? I thought that if Betty was here for the whole day, that maybe the sex at night would even be better." The power of sex is strong, and while I found that I was not uncomfortable wearing womens' clothes, I really enjoyed sex as never before while pretending to be Betty, so I agreed. I asked that she not put false nails on my hands as they were so difficult to get off. She said that she would file them a little, and use nail polish which would come off quite easily.

The following morning when she did my nails, it was a different look than the french manicure which were of neutral color but long with white tips. This time my nails matched my red toes and I again was fascinated by the way they looked. Lila had me dress by myself, putting on my own makeup and hair piece. She stood by me as I got ready offering a suggestion from time to time, but she was mainly pleased at how I completed everything. By the time I put on the shoes, they felt comfortable and natural. Lila was most pleased, and told me that she didn't know if she could wait until night-time to have her way with me. I teased her back, and said, femininely, "You men are all alike." By this time I noticed that I was starting to use my language differently. I said, "Oh, I love it," and "Isn't it darling?" and other such phrases that women use with one another. I was starting to become Betty.

During these weekends, I started helping around the house, doing the dishes, making the beds and such. I began to dress up every weekend that Lila was off duty or had no patient ready to deliver which would take her out of the house for extended periods of time. While I dressed as Betty, Lila remained Lila, and neither of us mentioned that while I changed roles, she did not. But the sex was great!

This is how it went until the first week in January. There were two more get togethers with our friends and there was no role playing, I was Bob, and she was Lila and it was as it always was (except for my painted toe nails). We always enjoyed the parties and each other. No one ever mentioned the Halloween party, as that was yesterdays' news.

Chapter Four - Lilas new adventure

On the first Tuesday after New Years, Lila called me at my office in the University, and said she had exciting news, to make reservations at our favorite restaurant for seven o'clock because we were going to celebrate.

At dinner we ordered cocktails, she likes a chocolate martini, and I had a gin and tonic, tall with lots of ice. We each ordered shrimp cocktails for appetizers, and I looked at her excited face, waiting for me to tell me her exciting news.

She told me that Dr. Block a very well known obstetrics man was retiring and offered his practice to her. Not for free mind you, the price was high, but Lila explained that this was the offer of a lifetime. Dr. Block had an extensive practice, and made a fine income, but it would take Lila at least two years in order to pay off the debt of the purchase price. But it was a deal that she could not refuse. I told her that I was with her and that I would do anything I could to help her, in my mind thinking financially.

She told me that she was so glad that I said that, that she knew she could count on me. And I told her, "That's what husbands are for." She explained that she needed a receptionist/assistant and that with what she had to pay Dr. Block to purchase his practice she simply could not afford it. She went on to say that I put in enough time as a tenured professor to warrant taking a sabbatical and that she wanted me to take the job. Taking my sabbatical would mean that my salary would still be paid, but I get one full year off. The idea would be for me to continue my research and studies, and possibly prepare a book for publication. That is what the University would like you to do, but they do not actually supervise you as to what you really do.

I told her that I suppose I could do the filing, but I did not know anything about assisting her in the office. She said that I would not be required to give shots or anything like that ,but I would take new patients profiles, make appointments, file insurance claims and to assist in preparing her instruments for the examinations, to prepare the shots for her to inject, and sometimes merely to hold the hand of the patient who may be tense. She assured me that what I needed to know she would teach me in a short time.

I was sort of getting bored with my classes, and my taking the sabbatical at this time sounded good to me. When Lila told me she would be taking over Dr. Blocks' office on March 1, I said that I better notify the University of my intentions.

We examined the menus and ordered our entrees. We each ordered the white fish with mashed potatoes, and in a toast to her new adventure, ordered another round of drinks.

When the drinks arrived, Lila's face took on a serious look. There is one thing I haven't told you about your job, which you have to be aware of. I could not imagine why Lila was so somber with this news. She went on to say that women most often seek out a female OB/GYN doctor because they do not feel comfortable being examined by a male. She told me that I would have to dress as a female in this job. My face felt that it had gone white.

"What? You can't be serious. That would mean that I would have to dress and act as a female all of the time!"

Lila agreed but continued to say, she did the math, and it was the only way she could avail herself of this opportunity. She reminded me that most weekends I am dressed as a woman already, my toenails are painted red, and that we have proven that no-one would be able to tell without a physical examination. I was not convinced. "You are expecting me to live full time as a woman". I said. "What about my family? What about our friends?" "I have never really asked you for anything before", Lila answered,"but I'm pleading with you now. Do this for me. After a year, I will be established in my new practice and we will be on easy street from then on."

"But", I protested, " we are doing very well right now. We don't need the extra money!"

"It's not just about the money. It's about my career, my future. Our future. My reputation as a doctor in the community."

"I don't know, Lila," I continued. "How can I face my parents, and sister? My friends will shun me."

"Parents never shun their child, whatever it is they do. As for your friends, they will have to understand, or we will have to get new friends. I'm begging you Bob, do this thing for me. I promise, after it is all over, you will not regret it."

"All right", I said. "Let's try it for three months and see how it goes."

"Make it six months and it's a deal", Lila countered. And I reluctantly nodded my head in agreement, and Lila broke out in a big smile, saying, "Thank You."

The next day I informed the University that I would be taking my sabbatical beginning on March 1 and they agreed. That afternoon I began to remove from my office my personal papers, and belongings such as pictures, diplomas and mementos.

That night at dinner, Lila began to tell me what was in store for us. She said that I certainly could not be known as her husband, and that I would have to take on a new last name as well as be known as Betty, as she didn't want her patients to think that there was any relationship between her and her employee. Yes, it was understood from the beginning, that I was to act at all times as her employee.

She said we would have to go shopping for nurses uniforms, white stockings and white nurses oxfords. While I am not a nurse, it would be better for the patients if I dressed as one. I would also need a lot of clothes. A spring coat, raincoat,, slips, slippers, underwear, etc and etc. All of it. A complete wardrobe. Since I would be enfemme 24/7 I would need skirts and blouses, bras, dresses, shoes, all that a woman needs. I would even have my own purses, my own earrings, my own rings and bracelets and other jewelry. She contacted her beauty operator, swore her to secrecy, and made an appointment for me to get a make-over on the day I left my job. She told me that she thought my hair should be shorter, and told the operator to get some shorter styles in wigs. It would be easier if I shaved all of the hair from my head, and wear wigs all of the time. When I would be at home I could wear turbans which maintains a feminine facial appearance without having to wear a wig. She also made arrangements for my ears to be pierced so that I could wear earrings without the worry of them falling off and losing them.

The months of January and February were busy. Shopping and more shopping. We went together most of the time as I needed reassurance from Lila that I would not be discovered, and mostly that I was doing the right thing. I also was not sure of what styles suited me and Lila was expert in that. At no time was my new sex challenged by anyone I came in contact with.

In the meantime Lila was busy with her leaving her present partners, getting paid off, and saying goodbye to the patients she was not allowed to take with her to her new practice. I was busy learning to be a woman. I began to take over the household chores. I now was cooking most of the meals, as Lila was now coming home at ever more erratic hours, and because of the stress of her day, completely exhausted. When she did, I found it my duty to greet her at the door, and make her relax and comfy as best I could, and not complicate her with any chores around the house.

I learned that it was best to have a regular routine at home. Each day was a major and different chore. Sunday I changed the bed linens, washed and ironed them. Monday was washing floors and cleaning toilets. Tuesday was shopping. Each day I devoted an hour or two for a bubble bath and afterwards using body lotion to keep my skin soft. I began to depilate my entire body twice a week. Shaving left a stubble, but using Nair left my skin soft and smooth.

The hardest part was facing my family with the news. I did that still dressed as a male, with Lila by my side. I said it was only for a little while until Lila got her new and important practice going. They did not take it well. They said I would always be their son, and no matter how I was dressed, would always be welcome in their home. My sister on the other hand was delighted. She said she couldn't wait until I went full time, and that we could be sisters and have sisterly fun together. I told her that we'll see. As for our regular friends, we didn't tell them at all. We told them that we would have to drop out of the group for a while because of Lilas' practice would leave her little free time for entertainment, and whatever time we had we would want to spend together. They all said they understood, but that was the last time we were together as a group.

Little by little my wardrobe expanded. I began to use the closets in the spare bedroom for my new clothes, as Lila had our bedroom filled with her clothes and my male clothes. Since all my clothes were there, I found that it was convenient to also put my makeup and jewelry there too.

During the month of February, Lila left her partners and began working at her new office with Dr. Block. It was important that she familiarize herself with the systems, and get to know the patients, and give the patients an opportunity to get to know her. Lila knew she was going to work hard and long, but she did not know just how hard and long. And it was harder and longer than she expected. She often came home past midnight, and when a patient was in labor, did not come home at all. I began to sleep in the second bedroom because when Lila would come home very late, try as she did to keep quiet and not disturb me, disturb me she did. The light in the bathroom went on, making a change of light in the bedroom. When she finally plopped into bed she was tense from her day, and I tried to calm her down. Sex almost became non-existent due to her hours and complete exhaustion. I felt she need her sleep whenever she could get it without interference from me. So I moved to the spare bedroom and Lila thanked me for my consideration. By this time I am dressing as a male only when I am at the University for my few remaining classes. My colleagues also arranged several good-by lunches in my honor which I was obligated to attend. More and more however, wearing a suit and tie, felt like the clothes were foreign. I did not realize at the time how accustomed I got to wearing the clothes and acting like a member of the female sex. When at home and certainly on weekends I was always dressed as a female.

We visited my folks, and her folks several times, by this time with me dressed. It seems that as they got used to seeing me as a female, the novelty of it began to wear off, and a form of acceptance came over them, not necessarily approval, but acceptance. My sister on the other hand always greeted me enthusiastically and even came to our house several times during a weekend to visit. More often than not, Lila was working and we visited like sisters. I was now in the habit of speaking softly, almost a whisper, and using the language of the female. My habits when dressed were female as I got completely involved in the role. It soon became that I was not feeling that I was in a role, but was doing something that was natural. I did not dwell on it, it just happened.

Because sex with Lila was non-existent these days, I began to masturbate several times a week, something that I had not done since I married. But it seems that I too, needed relief and how else was I to get it? It was not the excitement of when Lila and me did it together, but it helped.

On March 1st I took a cab and appeared at the beauty shop at 7 in the morning. Two hours before the shop opened. I was done with the University and was now on my own. The operator filed my nails that I had begun to let grow several weeks before and gave me a manicure. She then took a hair trimmer and shaved the hair on my head completely, and said my wigs would fit better and be more comfortable with a shaven head. I also would not have to wear the nylon stocking skull cap, which made my head feel very tight. She tried on several wigs, with short hair, and she finally found one style and color that she said suited me. I looked in the mirror, and while it was a different look than the page boy wig I already owned, it was perky and was more fitting to one of my age. She made a note to order two more for spares.

Then she glued individual eyelashes to my regular lashes one by one. This took a little time, but again the effect was amazing. She trimmed them so that they were even, thick but not too long as to be theatrical. It is strange how such a small thing as eyelashes can change the look of a face.

She then began to tweeze my eyebrows, making a feminine arch and much thinner than before. I am now completely comfortable with what she is doing, as I want to appear as completely a female as she can make me. The cosmetics I was already using was not changed as she thought that after experimenting with others, that what I had been using was perfectly fine. She made a list of the various items, that when I needed to, could purchase them myself. She said Lila made a standing appointment for me each Saturday morning and that I no longer needed to come in before the shop opened, as I would just be one of the ladies getting their hair and nails done. I was to have a manicure weekly, my eyebrows trimmed and the lashes inspected for replacement if any fell off during the week. Once a month I was to also get a pedicure. She instructed me in the care of the wig, and told me that when the other wigs came in, I should bring one wig each month for cleaning and professional setting. It was a little after nine by the time she was finished with me, but she assured me as the other operators and customers began to file in, that no-one could tell that I was not just an ordinary customer.

She called a cab, and she said that Lila told her that she would take care of the bill.

From this time on, I became Betty Noone, living with Dr. Lila Flick. No one at the office must know we live in the same house, so I have to report to the office by cab and leave by cab. I cannot drive because I cannot get a drivers license looking as I now do. I report at 9AM and leave at 5PM. I answer phones, do the filing, take care of patient case files, and interview first time patients to fill out the various forms and insurance forms. I am also often called into the examination room to assist with setting the patient on the examining table and stirrups, if necessary. I follow the instructions of the Doctor. During this time I don't look upon her as my wife, but as my boss the Doctor. It seems she does not see me as her husband, but as her professional assistant. And during working hours that is as it should be. When she calls for Betty to assist, I respond by saying "Yes, doctor".

My makeup for work was toned down. Just some powder and blush and a coral lipstick. I did pearl studs in my ears, and a watch and bracelet that Lila gave me from her collection. I was cautioned not to use any perfume or perfumed soaps as some of the patients were allergic to it.

Often on the way home I have the cab wait at the grocery mart while I shop for dinner and other supplies. I never know in advance if Lila is coming home to eat or if she is coming home at all. She is so busy with the big volume of patients, that she often eats and sleeps at the hospital. She always finds the time to call me and tell me that she is not coming home, and I appreciate that, but it means that I made too much for dinner, and it also means that I have to eat by myself.

By the end of March, I have begun taking laser treatments for the removal of my facial hair. If I didn't, sometimes by the end of the day, my beard becomes noticeable and I can't have that. Because my facial hair is light, it is also softer, so the removal is not only painless, but it is easy and it didn't take but four treatments for it to be completed/ The operator told me that I may have to come back once or twice during the year to pick up any strays, but that I should be permanently hairless on my face from here on.

While I began to be comfortable in my role I was getting lonesome. I no longer had the company of my wife who was almost completely occupied with her practice, and other than my sister had no friends, and while the days went fast, the evenings were boring. When I complained, Lila suggested that I learn how to sew and knit. That women do that to pass the time at the same time making beautiful things.

We didn't own a sewing machine, so when my sister visited me the following Saturday afternoon after my session at the Salon, I asked her to drive me to a sewing store, to see about buying a machine, taking lessons, and getting some patterns and materials. My sister thought that was a wonderful idea. She no longer saw me as anything but my sister. My parents still saw me as their son in a dress no matter how good I looked. She also said she would teach me not only how to knit, but to crochet. She said she knits and crochets, and that when one does that kind of work, the time goes by really fast.

She drove me to the mall where a fabric store was, and we inspected the various machines with the salesperson, and finally selected one that included free lessons in its' use. We also went to the pattern books and selected some things for me to work on. My sister told me to keep it simple at first, until I got really good at using the machine, so we selected a pattern for an apron, and for a really simple A-line shift. We then spent a little time in selecting the fabrics. It was lunch time by the time we were done, we put the purchases in the trunk of my sisters car and she said since it was lunch time, she would buy the lunch.

At lunch she told me how she loved having a new sister, and I told her I enjoyed being her sister better than I knew her as her brother. With that she reached over the table and grabbed me and gave me a big sisterly hug.

The check for my salary from the University was deposited automatically in our checking account each month, and we used those funds for our living expenses. I found that I liked to shop and became particularly interested in shoes. I tried buying several pair from catalogues that came in the mail, but found that mostly they didn't fit me properly. I am wearing a two inch heel nurses oxford at the office, and the muscles and tendons in my legs got used to the height. When I am in flats my feet feel as funny as when I first began to wear heels. I became fascinated with heels, and soon had four pair of three inch heels. All were of different styles and colors. I do not buy shoes with pointed toes, because of the shoe size. I take a size 11 in a womans' shoe and the pointed toes make my feet look even larger. They also cramp my feet and find that I cannot wear them for any length of time at all. I wear these shoes when going shopping or around the house. When I am at home I remove the wig and wear a cloth turban which still keeps a feminine look to my face. I have become used to seeing how I now look.

I don't get any special thrill out of dressing female. It just feels natural. It just is. I don't seem to dwell on the time when I was Bob because for the most part I have too much to do as Betty.

At the end of the month, Lila who took over handling the bills and checkbook, talked to me while there was a lull at the office. She said that she checked the amount that I have been spending on Taxis and that they were exorbitant. "What else can I do?" I asked. "We cannot come and leave together, and I cannot drive a car without a license."

"There is a way." Lila explained. "As a doctor I can prepare an affidavit that you are going through a sex change, and with that they will accept your application for a drivers license, using your picture as you look now. The only difference is that in the box that describes the sex, instead of M or F, it will be a "T"."

By now I no longer feared exposure, and I started not to care if anyone found out, as I was becoming more and more comfortable as Betty. "Let's do it then" I said.

"There is one snag before we make application for your license that I have to tell you about," Lila continued. "And that is, you will have to legally change your name before you can apply, because otherwise you will be using a false name and that is not permitted."

"What difference does that make". I said. "I am already Betty and I feel housebound by not being able to drive. I am either dependent upon cabs or my sister to drive me, and I would like to be freed of that."

Within the next week, I appeared before a judge, Lila by my side, and presented an application for name change, the reason being that I was going through a sex change procedure. The judge looked at me, saying that she didn't think I would have any trouble as a woman and granted my new name of Betty Noone.

Getting the drivers license was not difficult and as soon as I received it, Lila made some time during a Saturday afternoon to take me to the local Ford dealer, where in my name we rented a Ford Escort. I was so happy to drive out of the dealership with my new car, because it made me free to move about on my own, and not be dependent upon others to drive me.

The last thing on the docket was to apply for a new social security number, because without one you cannot do many things. Like open a bank account in your name. I went to the Federal Building on my own during the lunch hour at the office, applied for and received my new social security number. It was the same number as before because I did not want to give up all the credits I acquired from my previous earnings as Bob. I was not being paid as Lilas' assistant, but my University checks were taxable. It turns out that I kept my old social security number, and all they had to do was to change my name, and with the document from the court, that did not become a problem.

Lila already took over the check book, as she needed it to be handy when she had to pay for equipment and supplies for the office. She gave me her credit card having authorized me as Betty Noone to make purchases on it, and whenever I spent anything, I always use the card. I only keep about $50.00 in my purse in cash for emergencies.

And so I became Betty Noone. This is one thing I asked Lila not to reveal to my parents or to hers, as they would probably not understand why we did this.

Chapter Five - My birthday

My birthday fell on a Sunday this year. It was June 12th. Lila said we should go out to a nice place for dinner. We haven't been together for a long time, and even though her money was tight due to her payments for the practice, she thought it would be nice. She made arrangements at our favorite restaurant, and she was able to take the day off, and spend it with me. Toward evening while I was getting dressed in a new dress that I had recently purchased, Lila came into the room and watched me apply my makeup. She said, "I notice that your breasts are sort of full."

"I think it is because I am wearing bras all of the time", I replied.

"Let me see" she said, grabbing my little mounds in her hands and cupping them. "They are small, but definitely breasts. I can give you something to make them a little larger. Would you like that?", she asked.

"What kind of something," I wanted to know.

"Well estrogen and progesterone for instance."

"How else will it affect me," I demanded to know.

"Your body hair will soften and be more sparse, your skin will become softer, and while you may add some body fat around your hips and rear, you may even lose a few pounds. It probably won't affect the timber of your voice, but you have that pretty much under control anyway. It may affect your libido a little, but we haven't been having that much sex anyway lately. If you don't like the results, we can always stop the medications, and mostly your body will revert to where it is now."

"Well, if you're sure that it can be reversed, then let's try it."

That night at dinner, there was what seemed two women enjoying their evening out. At cocktails, Lila presented me with a small box, and when I removed the wrapping paper and opened the box, there were a pair of beautiful diamond stud earrings!

"I love them," I exclaimed. " Wait a minute, aren't these the same studs that I gave you on our fifth wedding anniversary?"

"Yes," she admitted, but went on to say, "I am so busy working that I rarely go out anyplace special and I still don't feel right about spending money until I get the practice paid off, and I thought you might like them"

"I do" I said. "I really do, Thank you sweetheart for your kind and loving thoughts."

"Happy Birthday, Betty", she said.

We had our dinner, and we drove home. I was expecting to have sex, but when we got undressed and put on our nighties, Lila gently kissed me on the, said "Goodnight" went into her bedroom and closed the door. I had a difficult time getting to sleep.

Chapter Six - The hormones

The next day when the office closed for the noon break, Lila called me into the examination room, and told me to lower my panties and bend over as she was going to administer the first shot. I did so, and my rear got swabbed with alcohol and I was give a shot of about 20 cc of solution. Lila told me that from now on, I was to give myself a daily shot of the hormone cocktail she had prepared. I was to do it myself, so that at any later time, I could not claim it was forced upon me. I was surprised that Lila would feel she had to be legal with me, but I said nothing.

She handed me a lined notebook and told me that when I went home that night I was to measure the dimension of every inch of my body including height and weight so that we could check weekly to see the kind of changes that are taking place. She explained it was important to do this as we are experimenting and she doesn't want to prescribe too little, nor too much, so we have monitor it carefully.

Chapter seven - Six weeks later, August 1st

My bust measurement increased by 1 ˝ inches, my waist decreased by the same amount, I lost eight pounds, I am now down to 147 pounds, and strangely my shoe size became ˝ size smaller. I think because there is less weight on the arch. My height dropped ˝ inch to 5'9". My buttocks began to fill out. When I started the hormones six weeks ago, I decided to let my own hair grow out. I still need to wear wigs, but my hair is coming in thicker than before. There seems to be a layer of body fat around my body, particularly around the calves of my legs, making them even more feminine looking. Somehow I appear softer than before. I noticed that I have stopped masturbating about two weeks ago, as the urges were no longer present and demanding. The last time I tried to masturbate was unrewarding. Not only could I not get it up, but I didn't even get any sensation!

Lila and I had a date for dinner this night. A rarity because I hardly saw her outside of the office anymore. During dinner, she put on a very serious face, and said, "We have to talk."

I nodded, folded my hands on the table, and waited for her to continue.

She said, "You know there is only one more month to our original six months agreement." I nodded and waited for her to go on. "I want you to understand that I didn't mean for this to happen when I first proposed you come work for me. I love your work, the patients adore you, and I feel I can start paying you $500.00 a week as I am starting to afford it. You are worth more and I hope to increase it to $750.00 a week by the end of the year. You must realize that you have turned the corner. Regardless of our original commitment to each other, I don't see how you can go back to being Bob again, do you?"

"I haven't thought about Bob for a long time" I said, "it seems like so long ago"

"You have to understand Betty, that when we first started to play our little role reversal game, you and I were still husband and wife. You were my husband, and I know you saw me as your wife, regardless of the fantasy we had in bed. And it was good, very good. But all I see now is Betty. I don't think of you as a male. You are taking hormones, you are living the life of a woman, you have a closet full of clothes, you have become Betty."

"Go on" I murmured knowing in my heart what was coming next.

"I am not a lesbian," she continued, "I cannot have sex with you anymore. You have become Betty to me, not Bob, wherever he has gone. Bob cannot come back, you have consciously or unconsciously committed to being Betty. You don't even have the same last name anymore. Because I have much of the responsibility for this condition, I will never abandon you. You will live in the same house with me, you can maintain it as you do now, but you will continue to live in your own bedroom as you do now. Stay with me as my assistant, I can now pay you as I just told you, I know that you can make a settlement with the University because of your change. They will not want you back as a woman professor, and you know the students will do nothing but make fun of you!. I believe they would be happy to confer a reasonable lifetime pension upon you just to get rid of you, especially if you let them know you intend to sue for your job under the Equal Rights Act.

"And?" I prompted.

"And we need to divorce. You are not a husband, and as I told you I am not a lesbian or bisexual so I don't want a wife. I hope we can continue to be friends."

I paled. Everything she said was true. I no longer was Bob. I never even thought of Bob anymore. I was comfortable being what I have become. "I'll have to tell my parents. They will be devastated"

"It has been five months since they have seen you only as female. Your mother is beginning to call you by your new name. Let them know about the legal name change and the hormones. You are a child to your mother. Your father I'm not so sure about. As for Cathy, she has long ago accepted you as her sister. My parents don't matter, because when we divorce I doubt if you will have much contact with them anyway."

"You know what?" I said. " I no longer care who knows what I am. They can either accept me or not. You're right about my mom, and maybe dad will come around some day. But this is who I am, and who I am comfortable with. I really don't care anymore nor do I fear if anyone knows."

"Then it is settled. I really want you to think about going all the way. That way you will be legally a woman. You need to get yourself some friends. You have a lovely wardrobe, you need to get out and see people. Your breasts are bigger than before, but I don't think they will ever get big enough without enhancement surgery. With my connections, I can get this done, and I think I can even get them to throw in a nose job in the deal. Tell you what... let this be my treat!"

How could I refuse?

Many of my clothes did not fit anymore because of my weight loss. I no longer needed padding in my girdle. I no longer needed the girdle. I went from a dress size of 14 to a 10, and depending upon the make maybe a 12. The clothes fit much better now because my body had a more feminine shape.

Cathy helped me alter some of my clothes, as I have long since become reasonably proficient with my sewing, and a lot of clothes had to be bought because so many could not be altered and still look nice. I am still amazed at how much more costly it is to be female than male.

All the men's clothes that were in Lilas' closet when Bob occupied her bedroom were donated to Good Will, and I found when I came home one day, that all pictures of Bob that were still in the house were removed. Only pictures of Betty were present.

That week Georgia made an appointment with Dr. Lila. Georgia was one of the women from our original group. When she arrived, I pretended not to know her, and she looked at my name tag, and said, "Betty. Do I know you from someplace?"

"The Halloween party?" I said.

It took her a second or two to recollect, and then she screamed, "Betty, of course. What happened. I told her it was a long story, that I started out by helping Dr. Lila, and it advanced to this.

Dr. Lila called her into the examination room as I passed the patient information board to her, and Georgia whispered to me. "I'll call you. We have to get together to talk." I nodded in agreement.

Chapter Eight - The divorce and the transformation One year later

Well, it is five months since my surgery, of course I opted to go all the way. My face looks cuter because my nose is shorter and more delicate. My breasts have been increased to in between a B and C cup. Not too small, not too big. My hair has grown out enough that I can get it styled without the benefit of wigs. It's short, but cute. I intend to let it grow longer. I work for Dr. Lila each weekday as before.

The divorce went as well as could be expected. We used the same attorney as there were no conflicts in what assets where whose. I signed over my rights to the house which was paid for, and the Lexus which also was paid for. Lila needed the house and car in her name as she could then use it for collateral in any future loans she may need in the expansion of her practice. In exchange I got a contract of free occupancy for life or as long as I wanted it. Lila would be responsible for the taxes, insurance and major repairs. My costs would be the utilities, and lawn maintenance and the nominal monthly cost of the car lease. All the furniture, kitchen utensils, linens and such would remain in the house.

Four months after the surgery, the surgeon informed me that I have healed enough to now engage in sex, if I so desire. Not having a boy friend at that time I bought through the internet a battery device for masturbation. I found that the first few times I was so tight that the pain of making the insertion was such that I could not enjoy it. But then later, I opened up more and found that I could indeed enjoy sex. I discovered that women indeed had a "G" spot!

I did settle with the University for a lifetime pension of 40% of my salary which with the salary I am now making at the office and the little living expenses allow me to live very nicely.

Georgia did call me about a week after that first meeting, and invited me to have lunch with her and the other girls. I did and they began to include me in their activities and we have become friends. Except for the monthly get-togethers. None of their husbands wanted anything to do with me. I apparently was a traitor to their sex. Too bad. Occasionally they fix me up with a blind date. Some dates are good, some are not.

I am now invited to my parents home often, and especially on holidays. Mom has made acceptance. Dad is coming around, but I see that it is still hard to embrace me when I come to the door. But he is referring to me by name and referring to me as she. He cannot understand why a male university professor would give up his sex and career to become a woman and what amounts to a secretary in a doctors' office. What I cannot make him understand is that I didn't originally plan it to be that way, but it just happened, and that I am really comfortable with who I am.

Lila moved out of the house that weekend. I went to a hotel and spent the weekend shopping and sightseeing. I did not want to be home to see her remove her belongings. I found out that she moved in with my surgeon. She has been seeing him all along. That is why she got such a good deal on the price of the surgery. All she had to pay for was the hospital as he donated his fee. I don't blame her. She knew I became Betty and that was not her bag. When she brought it to my attention, I knew she was correct. I could not go back to being Bob, and she was no long a wife to me. I did not want a wife by then, either.

My sister Cathy and I have truly become sisters. We laugh and giggle with each other. She is now dating seriously, and I am known as her older sister who is now divorced. I have had a few dates. I don't feel it necessary to reveal my entire life story to them, so they accept me for what I am and appear to be. Cathy got me to reading Danielle Steeles' books, and I enjoy them very much.

My neighbors know who I am, and for the most part, mind their own business. They will wave when they see me working in the yard but for the most part we have no contact with each other. Friendly, but distant.

So far on some of the dates, we have kissed and snuggled a bit, but nothing more beyond that. I am looking forward to the time that I can feel enough love for a man to go all the way?

Chapter Nine - Cathys' Wedding

Cathy announced her engagement just three months after I became a full woman, and she had a short wedding date. She is five years younger than me but at 31 she was starting to worry if it will ever happen. She is engaged to a fine businessman of 45 years of age. He is very handsome, and he apparently loves Cathy very much. He is divorced but childless. I was thrilled when Cathy asked me to be Maid of Honor. I got into the whirl of holding showers for her, helping her shop for her gown, arranging for the minister and the location of the ceremony and the reception... all of it. I bought a formal off the shoulder dress. It was the first time I had a long gown on, and also the first time I had bared my shoulders. This emphasized my breasts. I really was pleased at the way I looked.

The wedding was beautiful. The weather cooperated. The best man was the grooms' best friend and about his age. There were many times when we were together before and during the wedding and seemed to click with each other. Neither of us was pretentious and I really began to like him.

Because I never danced much as a man, and never as a woman, about two months before the wedding date, I joined a dancing school. I had to learn that a woman mostly dances backwards, is expected to turn and twirl, and is to await the lead of the man. I did find however that dancing in high heels makes one dance much lighter than wearing mens' shoes. By the time of the wedding I felt I could dance well enough without embarrassing myself.

The wedding was perfect in every way. Mark and I danced, laughed and enjoyed the evening. I was asked to dance by others but I really preferred to be with Mark. For the first time, Dad danced with me and told me I looked beautiful. A lump came in my throat with happiness. He has finally accepted me.

Mark asked me out on several dates and we had a really good time together. He is going slow, maybe too slow for my taste. He kisses me hard when we say goodnight. I may just have to be a little more forward and let him know that I am receptive. It could happen soon. He indicates that he would like to pursue our relationship further and I have encouraged him to do so. I have not told him yet, but I know I will have to at some point in time in our relationship. How he will react to it, I do not know. If he loves me enough (after all he has only known me as Betty) then maybe he will be OK with it. I really am looking forward to my first sexual act with a man. I know I can feel it and get an orgasm. I am anxious to love and be loved.

I have met all kinds of people who know about me. Some shun me from the very beginning, others are nice to my face but behind my back make unkind comments, others have become true friends. I just have to go about my business and be who I am. What they do, is their business.

Life is pleasant. Is it better than when I was Bob? Yes, I think so. Being a woman is so nice. It is nice to look nice. While I don't consider myself beautiful, I make a very fine presentation, at least that's what my friends say.

Men dress differently than women. A man puts on his pants and shirt and out the door he goes. A woman must think about what she is going to wear and what accessories and shoes she is going to wear with it. Has she been seen in the same outfit too many times? It takes thought and time to put oneself together as a woman.

I find womens' friendships are so much better than the relationship men have with each other. I love shopping, I love cooking. There is less pressure on a female to perform in the business world. I notice that I talk slower, I think slower. I learned to write smaller so that my handwriting is ladylike. I can be on the phone for hours at a time just gossiping. I love it. It is no longer an act, I am me. A woman spends a lot of time on herself. She has to think about what she is going to wear for any kind of occasion. Is the jewelry correct? Do the shoes match? Am I over-dressed? But, I like it.

Dr. Lilas' practice is thriving. It is everything she hoped it would be. She is now secure enough to be working normal hours, at least as normal as an OB/BYN can be. She called me an told me she was marrying the surgeon and I congratulated her with honesty. She said she didn't think I would want to attend her wedding, and I agreed. While I no longer know who Bob was it would be difficult to see her marrying. But I sincerely wished her the best.

When she told me about her engagement, she presented me with a jewelry box, and when I opened it there was a pair of golden earring studs about the size of a large pea. Lila had freeze dried my testacles when they were removed during surgery, and had them gilded and made into earrings for me. I plan to wear them on a date when I feel silly or giddy. Otherwise I have no feeling for them at all.

By the way, Lila who I see socially from time to time, told me that she selected the last name Noone, as at the time it was a pun... No-one.

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