A Chaste Slave - The beginning

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Be careful of what you wish for!!

Dana sat in disbelief. She couldnít understand what her husband was saying. "You mean you want me to not let you cum? And you want to be locked into a chastity cage which only I would have the key to?" This went against all she had known. Men just want to fuck and cum all the time. Tim went on to explain that he enjoyed the sexual frustration. He loved felling helpless and submissive. He longed for a strong woman that would demand her own sexual relief while teasing and denying his.

Tim loved his wife with all his heart and would always remain faithful. He had always enjoyed their sex life. But he wanted to try some of his fantasies. So he gathered up the courage to share this with his wife. Dana was unsure about this but said she would try. Dana felt a little weird, like she would be asked to turn into a whip wielding leather-clad dominatrix, something that she wasn't comfortable with. Tim assured her that he didn't want here to feel uncomfortable and that he didn't expect this. He explained that it would be about tease and denial. Tim did have fantasies about leather but knew he would be asking too much of his beautiful bride. He explained that he has never had the courage or trust to open up to another like this. But, felt he could tell Dana anything. Tim loved Dana too much to hurt her but felt that there was enough trust between them to at least open up about this. Besides, Tim reminded Dana, " I will be the one who is locked in a chastity belt, not you, you will have all the power, not the other way around!"

She gave Tim the ok to order a CB3000 to lock up Tim's cock.

Tim suggested that Dana look around on the Internet for ideas and information so she would better understand.

Two weeks past and Tim's chastity cage had arrived. He showed Dana how it would work and gave her the key. Dana felt a strange stirring in her pussy. She was starting to think that this could be fun, especially for her.

That night, when the kids were asleep, Dana decided to exercise he newfound power. She instructed Tim to get some lotion and give here a foot massage. She knew Tim was aroused as his cage got tighter while trying to become erect. After a full rub down, Dana told Tim she was ready to cum. Tim was eager to please.

As he made his way down to her pussy, he could see that she was already wet. He stared and marveled at her beauty. He felt so blessed to be with her. Tim slowly worked Dana up to a mind-blowing orgasm. She was feeling a little guilty about not returning the favor but thought to herself, " if this is what he wants, that this is what he gets, NOTHING". Dana said that she like our new arrangement and asked Tim if this is what he truly wanted as well. Tim replied that he wanted so badly to be Dana's slave and wanted to continue. He said that he wanted her to OWN his penis, sexually frustrate and to be dominant to his submissiveness.

Dana felt another rush of power. She told him that this is his last chance to back out. "If we continue, Tomorrow you will officially become my slave, my property and mine to do with as I please". Be certain of your reply Tim". Tim said, "I want this more than you know, I am yours. Dana smiled at Tim's reply and announced it was time for bed. Tim was left to clean Dana up and put her panties back on for her and tickle her to sleep.

When morning came, Dana sat down with Tim to outline some new rules.

  • He was to address her as Princess Queen or mam.
  • It would be Danaís discretion if an orgasm was to be allowed
  • Tim would start off each chastity session of one week that could be changed at Dana's discursion at any time. Tim would be responsible for updating a calendar in Dana's desk.
  • Tim would surrender any rights to his Princess's body. He no longer has any rights to see or touch without permission
  • Tim has no rights to complain, nag or beg for release. HE ASKED FOR THIS AND HE HAS TO LIVE WITH IT!
  • Any time Dana feels that Tim has misbehaved, more time WILL be added to his chaste period. There is no limit to this.
  • Dana can alter the rules at her discression.

Tim thought this was agreeable and then wrote up a chastity contract that officially made Tim Dana's Chaste Slave.

Dana was off to start her day. She went to take a shower. Dana had a rock hard body that a 20 year old would die for. Beautiful face and breasts to go alone with her shapely ass.

Tim has gone into the bathroom as well to get cleaned up. One problem, Dana was already naked. She looked sternly at Tim and asked" what do you think you are doing? You are a lowly slave now and my body is off limits to you. You just added 2 more days slave! Next time I will not be so gracious. Don't let it happen again!" Tim apologized as he exited the bathroom. He thought to himself. "This may be harder than I thought.

Later that evening Dana was looking forward to a nice massage. She wanted to let her slave out of his cage to get cleaned up and inspect for any problems with the cage fit. Tim was granted permission to see his Queen's beautiful body while he messaged her. Soon Dana was aroused and instructed her slave to lick her good. After she came and settled down, she could see how horny her slave had become. It was only 2 days, she thought to herself. She decided to push her slave's limit. Her hand crept down to where HER cock was. She slowly began to run her fingers up and down the shaft. She warned Tim that he was not allowed to cum but that she wanted to play.

She asked her new toy if he still liked this arrangement. Tim was literally shaking for excitement. He answered that he really enjoyed serving his Princess. Dana asked, " What do you want me to do slave"? Tim asked if it would be ok if he could cum, being that they just started and all. Dana stopped stroking and looked her slave in the eyes and said, "that will cost you 3 more days slave, you know you have no right to ask for such things". " Go get a bucket of ice and shrink my dick down and put it back in its cage, where it belongs". When Tim got back to bed, he presented Dana with the lock and with a swift "click" she said " sleep well, I know I will".

Two weeks had past. Most nights Tim was required to serve his Queen with a message and cunnilingus. As time went by, Dana noticed how much more her slave was motivated. She realized that the level of arousal had everything to do with how submissive Tim was. She liked this arrangement and wanted to find out more. Dana started to search on line and was amazed to find she was not alone. Apparently, many men crave a woman to dominate them. Dana read blog after blog, mostly from married couples who enjoyed this. She stumbled along Elise Suttons page and read on the psychoanalysis of the submissive male. Dana decided to try here own version. She wanted to know what was going on inside her slaves mind. Her husband had opened his soul to his wife. He trusted her more than anyone or thing in the world. Tim had never shared any of these thoughts with anyone else. It was between he and his soul mate. While performing the procedure, she was amazed at the results. She learned that the male has a built in sexual lie detector. All she needed to do was to ask able specific scenarios and situation and watch her slaveís penis. IT TELLS NO LIES. If it goes erect, it is excited about what you are presenting. The truth cannot be hidden. Its amazing how simply wired the male is.

It was Friday night. Some of the local moms were going out to see some live music at a bar. Dana figured it was a fine time to exercise here right and instruct Tim to stay home with the kids while she blew off a little steam. That evening Dana was getting cleaned up and ready for a fun night. She had intentionally put on a very sheer top, the type that should have a tee shirt on underneath. She called her slave to their bedroom. She asked Timís opinion of how she looked. Tim was almost speechless. She radiated beauty. He was in awe. Tim mentioned that his Queens breasts were plainly seen through the top. Dana steered harshly at here servant and commented, " I told you my breasts were off limits to you, that will be 3 more days". She laughed as she went back into the closet to change. She was getting quite good at this!

IT was 5 hours later when Tim heard Dana come in. He hoped she had fun. It was about 2 in the morning and she was feeling no pain. She smiled devishly at her slave as she walked into the bedroom. Tim commented how hot she looked. His princess steered back at him and said "Strip" then handed him the key to his cage and told him to clean up and then handcuff his hands to the headboard of the bed lying face up. Dana had an unusual evil grin on her face. Tim was concerned. He should be she thought. Slave loved bondage but his queen preferred to have her slaveís hands available for her pleasure. And now she was telling him to handcuff himself. Hmmm, he thought. Tim jumped into action and closed the bathroom door to get ready. He was so excited the cage almost didnít come off. How it felt so good to be allowed an erection. Tim knew he was not due for release for 2 weeks yet, but was ready for anything his queen wanted.

When Tim entered the bedroom, he saw his stunning wife, fully clothed waiting for him. He quickly lay down and cuffed himself before he had more time added for not moving fast enough. Dana began a slow strip. "So I look hot huh?" "Funny, I got the same reply from some young studs tonight too". As soon as she said that, Timís cock got rock hard. Tim couldnít explain it but it excited him to know his princess was flirting. Tim trusted Dana with his life and knew deep down she wouldnít do anything unless it was something they wanted to explore. But still, Dana took notice. She commented "ohhhh, I see you like that idea, Iíll have to remember that for some other time. But right now, I need some cock! And I will have some". Dana did a slow sexy striptease in front of her victim. She knew it was driving Tim insane. She had only her black lace bra and matching sheer black panties left. She had no intention of showing her lowly slave her magnificent breasts tonight. She crawled up the bed and positioned her pussy inches away from Tims face. He could smell her arousal through the sheer thong. He could see her nicely trimmed bush as well through the sheer material. He struggled to lick. Dana just laughed at her slave and teased him more.

Finally, Dana pulled here panties aside and Tim was allowed to taste her sweetness. Damm, she was hot! Dana worked her way down so her pussy was just touching the head of her slaveís cock. Dana looked Tim in the eye and reminded him that this is about her pleasure not his. She told him he was expected to refrain from any orgasm. Panic overran Tim. He knew he was so worked up he wouldnít last very long at all. He knew he would be in trouble for any transgresion. Tim pleaded with his mistress " please let me lick you instead, I donít think I can satisfy you this way!" Dana would not be denied. It was her right. She smiled, pulled her panties aside and lowered herself on her toy.

"MMMmmmm, that feels good" Dana said. Tim tried desperately to think of something else. Baseball, Basketball, Church, God anything! It was no use. Tim exploded within 10 pumps. Dana smiled and said "thatís going to cost you big". She continued to ride until her slave went limp. She pulled her panties back into place and lay next to her servant. I told you that you were not allowed to cum. I was deprived of my right. Dana lay next to Tim as she began to message her slaveís cock until it was hard again. Dana spoke " if thatís the best you can do, you have lost all marital rights to my pussy. You will no longer be allowed in there. For now on, you will please me only with your tongue".

Tim couldnít explain it but he was actually aroused to hear this. His own wife permanently forbidding him from her pussy. Tim started to get worked up again. He thought he might be in luck as Dana got above him with knees on both sides. He was not prepared for what was next. She moved up above his face and presented him with her cum filled pussy. Cum that shouldnít be in there. The panties kept it in place but you could clearly see the cum oozing out through the sheer black material. Dana said, "Men for years have expected blowjobs and women to swallow. Since you are my slave now, I think you should clean your own mess, donít you?" With that she got off the bed, reached into her panties and held her vaginal lips shut with her fingers. Dana then removed her panties, got back in position above her slave. Tim just stared in amazement. He had never licked his own cum but had fantasized about it. Now there it was. He was trapped and this was real. He could smell the aroma of their mixed juices.

Dana and lowered herself onto her slaves face and commanded, "Clean your creampie and make me cum!" Dana released the hold on her pussy lips and the cum started to flow out. Dana grabbed Tim by the balls and gave them a squeeze and said " open up, I donít want you to miss a drop". Tim worked on Danaís clitoris for what seemed hours till she finally came. Dana released her slave from the handcuffs and told Tim to lock it up. Everyone slept good that night. It would be awhile before Tim had a good nights rest.

It was going to be 3 more weeks before an orgasm would be considered.

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