Forgery 3

Submitted by: Graf

Following the novel and unnerving experience of a total prostate drainage by my voluptuous ex-girlfriend, I rang her the following day as instructed, but she declined to see me, stating that she was still annoyed at me misusing her the previous year. She told me not to wank off, or else the anti-tampering device on her electrical torture-gadget around my balls would be set off. She told me to report to her in three days time at 7pm prompt when my balls would be full again and she promised me an unforgettable orgasm. My cock still felt a little wooden and had a dull sensation with little or nothing "left in the chamber", so I gladly waited until the allotted time and date. When I arrived at her house, she was standing naked behind the door as she let me in. Her full breasts rose up to meet me with erect nipples and a dark aureole exuding building passion. I looked down and glimpsed her naked pussy. "More of that later", she said and kissed me passionately on the lips as she rubbed my cock through my trousers.

I got undressed at her command and my cock stood proudly to attention in anticipation of the promised orgasm. She handcuffed my hands behind me and led me in to the lounge by gently gripping my bursting balls. She sat me down in an armchair over which she had draped a towel and told me to hook a leg over each padded armrest, leaving my cock and balls painfully exposed - I had spotted the riding-crop on the coffee-table and trembled a little. She then bound each ankle to the front armchair-legs, so that I could not move. She then gagged me with a stocking and my head swooned with her heavy perfume and I imagined the stocking nestled against her inner thigh. She then lubed my arse with KY jelly and I pleaded with my eyes for her not to bleed my prostate again, but in vain. She gently inserted the gently vibrating dildo into my anus and then anchored it with surgical tape across my buttocks, before switching it on to half speed.

My innards felt like they were melting inside me and a hot molten feeling spread within me until I felt a sensation like a spring gently twanging within me. I was breathing heavily and starting to sweat a little. I looked down at my fast disappearing cock that felt incredibly swollen and a few seconds later a large drop of pre-cum appeared at the head of my limp cock. I felt crestfallen that I felt so horny, my balls were full to bursting but that I had such a small worm of a cock. Mistress sat opposite me with her legs crossed enjoying a glass of wine and my growing discomfiture. I focused on her full breasts that stood invitingly to attention as she heaved her chest in apparent boredom, but I quickly realised the impotent predicament of my situation. Handcuffed behind, anchored to the armchair legs and my cock & balls exposed to her punishments. The vibratorís probing rhythm continued for about 20 minutes with me regularly panting and more pre-cum slowly dribbling down on to my stomach-muscles. She then came across to me and her full pendulous breasts hung down over me within inches of my lips. My head was again swooning and my balls felt full to bursting as the vibrator worked away inside me and her perfumed breasts hung above my face. I could not move and groaned in my frustration. She stood back and looked down at my bound and helpless body - She smiled and seemed satisfied with her work, before bending down, reaching between my legs and turning up the speed on the dildo.

She stood in front of me with her legs apart and I couldnít pull my eyes from her glistening shaven pussy before me. I was totally transfixed. I groaned and grunted before whimpering uncontrollably as a strange sensation built up within me - I felt that I was going to urinate all over my stomach. I suddenly screamed into my gag as I watched in disbelief as my precious semen dribbled in a thick pool out of my limp cock on to my stomach. The vibrations continued within me unabated, the hot molten feeling spread and the semen continued to dribble out of me for two minutes as I panted like a dog. She came across with a spoon and started to collect the semen from my heaving stomach before feeding it to me. I stupidly turned my head as she went to remove the gag and she reached round quickly before I realised and she brought the riding-crop down on my exposed balls. The pain was excruciating and worse, the slap set off the electrical torture-device attached to my balls. I screamed into my gag and arched my back involuntarily as the extreme pain shot repeatedly through my balls. The stabbing pain in my balls suddenly stopped but a deep dull ache persisted. I opened my eyes to find the spoon in front of my mouth and I swallowed it without protesting. She repeated this until she had scraped all my love-juice off my stomach and made me lick the back of the spoon clean. It tasted disgusting and left an awful taste in my mouth, but I could do nothing about it. She then replaced the gag adding, "It canít be that bad as you made me swallow it last year."

Again she stood back pleased with her work, asking me if my balls felt like they were fit to burst. I nodded dumbly, thinking that last time she had tortured me with my eyes bound and this time my mouth was gagged. Was there no end to the mind-blowing frustration she was inflicting on me? She read my thoughts and she reminded me of the many nights of frustration she had endured after I had come inside her and rolled off her before satisfying her. She said that her education of me was going to make me a better lover with more staying-power and lots more love-juice to splash inside her. I groaned in frustration into my gag and I looked down at my soft little worm of a cock that had got me into this frustrating predicament due to my selfishness.

She knelt down between my legs and reached under the armchair; retrieving a TENS unit which she proceeded to attach by means of two sticky pads to my stretched sack and to the top my soft cock. "Now weíll have fun", she said as she switched on the TV and DVD to show a German porn-film on some well-built Aryan type being cock & ball tortured by a gorgeous blonde. She pulled her own armchair towards me showing off all of her own gorgeous curves and sat down in the chair right opposite me. She commented on the chapís total helplessness as a slave to the German Goddess and the similarity with my own situation. My cock started to stir and creep up my stomach, my balls still felt full to bursting and my arse was still plugged by the vibrating dildo. At first I felt a tingle in my balls which spread to my cock - It suddenly increased a little and I realised that Mistress was increasing the power in the TENS unit by stages until it hurt like hell and I was panting and sweating. She kept it at that level until she felt I was comfortable with it before turning it up again and again. My cock was gorged purple and the veins were standing out in a full erection as I was so desperate to come.

She stopped the power suddenly much to my relief and then suggested a game. She attached two sticky pads to either side of her shaved pussy and pushed in the cable-connection to the unit. She draped her long legs over the armchair, so that I could clearly see her exposed pussy. She said that we would both receive the same sensation in ever increasing amounts. If she cried "Mercy" first from receiving this electrical torture before I came or shook my head to stop the pain, then I could do anything to her body as a reward. I could not resist and was almost slobbering in anticipation of having her body to myself. She switched on the unit and I felt a different sharp pulsating pain starting up in my balls and cock. She told me that there were seven different sensations on this TENS unit and a power-level of 1 - 15 in each one. She told me that she had gone to only level 5 on the first setting, but that she thought she could go higher on this one. My cock throbbed and pre-cum oozed out of the head because of the pain that pulsed into my balls and cock. My back arched as she suddenly went up two levels without warning and I thought my cock was literally going to explode, but not in a nice way. She seemed to be able to absorb the pain without demur and laughed at me and her full breasts bobbed tantalisingly up and down with her mirth. My cock was straining up in the air, but with no possibility of release. She suddenly upped it again by two levels - "Level Nine", she said and only grimaced slightly as I screamed into my gag and tears formed in the corner of my eyes from the extreme pain surging through my bursting balls and gorged cock. "Youíve only to shake your head from side to side and Iíll release you forever, never to see you again. Now you know how I cried myself to sleep when you left me without warning. Are you ready to pay for that by accepting another level?" I nodded dumbly as I focused on her fingers on the unit. I didnít see her fingers move but a searing pain shot through my cock as she tricked me by shooting up another two levels. She lay in front of me with her legs wide apart; she twitched slightly and I noticed that her pussy was glistening wet with her excitement. As soon as she noticed my panting subside a little, she upped the level and my cock-head stretched and was fit for bursting. I was at my wits end as she seemed to soak up the pain effortlessly. She started to finger herself slowly and |I suddenly felt something stirring deep within me. She asked me, if I remembered how we used to make love with my big cock slipping slowly into her. I whimpered into the gag and she fired up the unit to another level saying "Level 15". An express-train of an orgasm started to rise up from within me and I screamed into the gag. However, as I was about to come, she timed it perfectly for her in her sadistic mood and suddenly switched off the unit. I watched in total frustration as a large globule of white semen very slowly oozed out of my cock-head followed by a few more which ran down my gorged shaft.

I lay back gasping for air with my gorged unsatisfied cock pushing spasmodically into the cool air in the hope of some friction to bring some form of relief. My head was swooning in confusion and I looked up to see my naked Mistress bring herself to orgasm with her slippery fingers running up and down her crease between the two electrodes. She was only three foot away from me and I could not do anything. She lay there with her chest heaving and a flush of perspiration over her full breasts. She then switched off the unit, lay back exhausted and smiled at me wickedly.

"Do you know why I knew you couldnít win? she asked. I shook my head dumbly looking down at my painful shrivelled cock lying in a pool of sticky semen on my stomach. "My electrodes were not connected, you fool. I did not push the connection home fully, so I did not feel a thing", she replied indifferently. I was angry, confused and extremely frustrated at having ruined my chance of a powerful orgasm. However, she added, "You lied to me about being happy in our relationship, but you left me without warning. It is not nice being lied to, is it?" I nodded my head in painful agreement. "You wonít forget that orgasm in a hurry, will you?" She reached for the spoon and scraped all that wasted love-juice off my stomach before dribbling it all into my open mouth, ordering me not to swallow until she had cleaned my stomach thoroughly. She collected some moist wipes which stung my cock and balls as she cleaned me up, tugging my cock several times as if milking a cowís teat before removing the final dried residue from my stomach. Checking that I had not swallowed the semen, she suddenly squeezed my balls, forcing me to swallow. She then released me.

Gasping for air I now felt totally drained and exhausted. She leant over me and gave me a passionate kiss and I felt her erect nipples brush over mine. She gently cupped my balls in her hand and led me upstairs through her bedroom into her bathroom. With one hand still gently cupping my balls she ran the power-shower and ushered me inside the cubicle. The powerful jets felt like needles on my skin and I felt invigorated as I rubbed the abrasive glove over my skin. The door opened and she started to soap my back, my buttocks and between my legs. I felt a little faint but excited at her tenderness. She told me to relax and enjoy the shower - I should leave the towel on the chrome rail to dry. I switched off the light in the bathroom only to walk into a darkened bedroom with flickering candles in each corner. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I noticed her lying naked spread-eagled on the bed with her hands handcuffed to the bar behind her head and her hair fanned out around her. "Treat me as you know you should", she said quietly and closed her eyes as I kissed her gently on the lips, face and neck before slowly moving down her body. I felt my cock stiffening and knew that she had prepared me well to take her through the night before I myself could come myself deep within her.

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