Under her spell

Submitted by: mystery man

'Does baby want to cum-cum?' she asked, slowly caressing her breasts in front of my face. She sat in just a black lacey bra and edible panties on my naked lap. My arms were firmly secured to the chair I was sitting on with my legs attached to the chair legs.

'Yes... Please... ' was all I could manage as the sensations of her pussy rubbing against my cock head drove me insane with desire.

'Does your little cock want to cum-cum really badly?' I couldn't speak at all as her husky voice combined with the fact that her perfectly firm and average sized breasts were not quite touching my face drove me to insanity.

'Can't your little cocklet wait another week? What would be worth waiting another week for? Would you wait another week if it meant you could touch my breasts? What about if you could put your little thingy in my pussy?'

I couldn't answer, I just tearfully nod.

'So you'd wait another seven whole days if you could cum-cum in my pussy?'

I nodded again, a tear leaked from my eye.

'Aww little baby, you want to cum-cum so much? You want to cum today? Do you want to cum-cum in my pussy today?'

I nodded much more quickly.

'Okay... ' she trailed off sexily 'I suppose so... '

She stood up and pushed the chair suddenly back so that I was laying on my back, still tied to the chair. She squatted over my face and I ate her edible panties, bringing her to two orgasms, and almost to a third before she pulled away. My biggest mistake.

She pulled my chair forward again. She slid her moist pussy over my iron hard cock, pushing down as hard as she could so my cock was deep inside her. Then she rubbed her clitoris, bringing herself to several orgasms, but she was only moving slightly, nowhere near enough stimulation for me to cum.

Just as she was about to cum for the sixth time that day she started jerking up and down, my cock felt like it was going to explode. Her great breasts were shaking up and down in front of my face. She came a second before I was about to, and slid off quickly. I screamed from frustration.

'Aww, didn't baby cum-cum?' she asked, 'Oh well there's always next week.' I began crying softly.

'Okay, okay.' She said, 'I'll give you one last chance to cum. If you can cum exactly when I tell you to, I will let you have a cum-cum. If you cum to soon, I will spoil you're orgasm and lock you back in the belt for double the usual sentence.' she walked to the other end of the room and picked up a Hitachi magic wand. She placed it against my cock.

'You can cum when I say three, okay?' I nodded. She placed the devious device against my cock. I almost came straight away, but I held off.

'One,' she said, 'Two... ' she took the device away, flicked my cock then put it back 'Two and a half... two and three quarters... FOUR!' she said. It took me a second to realize that she had said four, not three. Somehow, I managed to stop myself from Cumming. She smiled.

'Good baby.' she said. She turned off the wand and placed an ice pack against my cock. My cock slowly shrank down to a little stump. She placed the homemade chastity belt over my cock.

It consisted of a handcuff welded to an inch and a half of pipe. A piercing in the base of my penis lines up with holes on either side of the tube and a metal rod is pushed through, with a larger end that doesn't fit through at one end and a hole for the padlock at the other. This way, it's impossible to pull my cock out. The tube is welded to the handcuff to ensure that it always points down. The inside of the tube is filled with blunt spikes, which are agony, bearing in mind that my cock has a diameter of 1 inch when flaccid and the tube is only that wide, while the spikes go down an eighth inch, so they dig in even when my cock is flaccid.

There is also a stimulator attached to the tube with a metal plate welded over the top to 'protect' it from me. The stimulator is remote controlled so that she can give me anything from mild stimulation to extreme cum in five seconds sort of vibration and also electric shocks of all levels through the spikes.

All in all a device designed to keep me unbearably horny but unable to do a thing about it.

1 week later

I was once again tied to the same chair. She did a little strip tease, setting my cock on fire inside it's cage.

'I've got a little present for you, baby.' she said. I'd been orally servicing her as much as she wanted, so I assumed it'd be something nice. I felt my cock being released from it's cage.

'How long has it been since I last made you cum-cum?'

'err... a month... four weeks.'

'That long? Why didn't you cum after 2 weeks like usual, baby?' she asked huskily.

'Err... you teased me then decided not to let me cum. You said you wanted to do an experiment. Then you said the same the week after. Last week you asked me if I'd wait if I could cum in your pussy.'

'Very good. You see, that's my experiment. I want to find out how long you are willing to wait to do certain things. You've gone four weeks, already. How long could you go... being teased horribly every single day? What if it meant you could cum in my pussy? Would you go as long again, being teased every single day? With me only ever wearing my black sexy underwear and always rubbing you? Could you go as long again?'

I shook my head, a tear falling down my cheek.

'Tough.' she said. 'Here's your gift from me.' she blindfolded and gagged me. I felt her untie me and then I felt metal covering my wrists and ankles, then more metal straps covering my arms and legs and chest. After a while, she took off the blindfold and I was able to see that I was locked into a tight fitting metal cage. It covered my entire body, I couldn't move a muscle.

'I phoned your work. I told them you had food poisoning and won't be in for two weeks. I've told about twenty of my girlfriends about you, and they all want some. What I'm going to do is put a special latex covering over your cock that will feel more pleasing them your skin to a woman but you'll get just enough stimulation to stay hard, never quite enough to make you cum. There'll be a tiny vibrator attached to your balls, also giving you not quite enough stimulation to cum, so your always hard.

You'll stay like that for two weeks solid, laying flat on a bed, completely unable to move or talk. For bodily functions, I will stand you up once a day for an enema and you will get a chance to have a pee every two hours. I bought some tablets that dissolve in water and contain everything you need for 24 hours, so you won't need to eat. After two weeks like that, you'll be put in a brand spanking new chastity belt which has got a gelatin sack to keep you rock hard. After another two weeks, I'll let you put your cocklet in my pussy for a whole 15 seconds any way you like. If you don't cum, you'll go back into the old belt for a week then try again with a 10 second limit. If you don't cum then, you go back into this metal frame for another two weeks and the cycle starts again.

Now, lets start the fun!' she said. I was too socked to cry, but the denial of it all made me wish I'd never asked to become her slave in the first place.

However, there was still a little part of me that was hoping I didn't cum in the fifteen seconds in three weeks time, or ever again, in fact.

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