Linda's Present

Submitted by: John

I had been seeing Linda for some months; she is a youngish divorcee and has had a number of men friends since splitting up.

She seemed quite happy to have a kiss and a cuddle from early on, and seemed pleased when I rummaged about in her underwear, but was in no hurry to do the same for me. We seemed to get into a routine where an evening together would end after I had brought her to orgasm, and she would pull on her pants and go home, or go to bed and send me away. I found this rather a disappointment and I wondered if she was selfish, or just reluctant to get far into a new relationship. I noticed she liked to fondle me gently sometimes through clothes, rubbing the drops of pre-cum into a widening pool, then sometimes just stop.

I've always enjoyed giving oral sex, and she was certainly enthusiastic when I moved on to it, but still she was strangely reluctant to reciprocate, although she was willing to give me a hand job which she skilfully managed to complete as soon as she was satisfied. We moved onto penetrative sex, and she liked different positions, though they usually had her on top, and often included me giving her oral. She liked having her bottom stimulated, especially as she approached orgasm, and I mostly used a finger but sometimes my tongue, which really made her grin.

I can see now that she was in quite a dominant role, generally in our lives together but especially sexually, and that she enjoyed taking control of me. At first I didn't know if that was something she instinctively did, or if I had been overly submissive and anxious to please, and this had caused our relationship to be that way. I know now that it was part of her from the start...

I had read a little about Fem Dom/Male Sub relationships, and I began to recognise that one of the things she liked was to make me come, or not allow me to come, depending on her whim, even if we were having penetrative sex or she was exciting me with her hand or lips. Once I realised what she was doing, I found the idea very exciting, but she had never actually said anything about it, so she would have been able to deny that she had any such interest.

One evening when we were together and both very aroused, I told her there was something I wanted to give her, and I hoped she'd like it. Linda looked intruiged.

I started by saying that I'd noticed she enjoyed me giving her lots of orgasms, which she readily agreed, and I told her that I really enjoyed doing that for her. I said I found it exciting and fulfilling to give her such pleasure. She smiled shyly and told me she was glad, but here eyes were sparkling.

I went on to say that I'd noticed that sometimes she didn't want to do the same for me, and I assured her that I felt this was perfectly fair, and she should do as she thought best. I said that I didn't feel I had any expectations of what she would do, but I welcomed and accepted her decisions. She looked relieved at this, and was now looking very pleased with herself, and with me.

I could see she was wondering what was coming next, but was not looking at all concerned.

What was this gift? I asked, then went on to tell her.

"It seems to me," I said, "that I enjoy giving you pleasure, and we both like it when you take control of how far it should go."

Linda nodded in agreement, and was looking increasingly aroused.

"What I'd like to do - if you're in agreement, of course," I said, and she nodded with a grin as she realised I was making a proposal but she had the power to accept or reject it, "is that we continue to have a warm, loving passionate relationship." (At this her smile broadened and she nodded in agreement), "but I give you the power to decide if and when I should come."

Linda looked puzzled, so I went on to explain "Unless you give me permission, I won't have an orgasm. I know men are much more attentive, loving and passionate before they've come that they are afterwards," (she agreed with this!) "And I like being attentive, loving and passionate with you.

Also, if you don't make me come, you can be sure I will still be ready and eager for more sex later"

Linda leant forward with interest at this. "But don't you need good sex, same as I do?" she asked

"Of course." I replied, "But you deserve my full attention at all times, and I think it will be wonderful if it's your choice of when, and if, I reach my climax. For example, if you wanted to, I could love you all night, and unless you told me otherwise, I would consider it my duty to wait until you told me." Linda nodded vigorously at this, so I knew it was something she liked the sound of. "Of course," I continued, "as you're in charge, you have the right not to allow me to come today, or indeed tomorrow or the day after - this will ensure I am at my peak of desire for you, and will treat you the best I can."

Linda frowned. "Do you mean I could keep you from coming for days - or even a week?" she asked "Wouldn't that be terribly hard for you?"

"It would." I replied, "But if you accept this gift," (she gave an embarrassed smile), it would be your right to decide, and my duty to respect your wishes."

"I know you men," Linda replied, looking untrusting, "As soon as you're on your own, you'd deal with the problem yourself. Then you'd be getting your fun without me."

I could see she didn't like that idea. "It would be a temptation, but if I give you control over me, it is my duty to fight it. I may need your help in keeping it under control, perhaps we can think about that later?" (I didn't think I wanted to introduce the idea of chastity devices just yet!) "If I do give in, I will regret it no end, so maybe you can give me the incentive to control myself? How about, if I come without your permission, you give me a few days extra without relief?"

Linda's eyes narrowed, I could see she was thinking about how to make it work. "If you break your promise to me, then you must tell me, and I shall decide how to deal with you." She said, with finality.

"Yes, of course, Linda," I said, hardly daring to believe my luck, "so, can we do it then? From today onward, I give you control, and I promise to abide by your decision,"

"OK," she said, not looking entirely convinced, "we'll give it a try."

"Until you tell me otherwise." I confirmed, and gave her a hug.

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