Yes, You Really Are My Slave

Submitted by: Betsy Anne West

"Well, Bobbi, what do you have to say for yourself?" Her eyes flashed and she studied me curiously. "Are you feeling secure?" I nodded knowingly and submissively.

I was kneeling on the floor in front of her, naked except for my chastity belt. I looked up cautiously, catching the glint of the keys laying securely between her breasts, the keys to my stainless steel prison. I hoped she would unlock me today.

"Did you understand when you asked to be my slave that it would be this real? Oh, Bobbi, you were so confused. You knew but yet you really had no idea." She chuckled, and then smiled a very knowing and evil smile.

"You are even more submissive than I thought." She walked toward me. "Big businessman, huh? Putty in my hands," she remarked. She stopped in front of me and pointed. I kissed the toes of her beautiful shoes, and began to lick the shiny leather.

"If you want the keys to the belt, come with me," she commanded. She walked out of the room and down the hall. I followed after, watching her every movement. My penis swelled in its steel prison, and the spikes raked the head of my penis mercilessly.

She led me to the basement, and pointed to the heavy wooden door, with a small barred window in the middle. There was also a pass-through opening, just like something from an old dungeon thriller. I knew what it was. I built it for her. I opened the door slowly. She reached behind her neck, opened the clasp on the necklace, removed the keys from around her neck, and reattached the clasp.

"This is what you asked me for," she reminded me. "You said you would do anything I asked." With that, she walked across the room, and hung the keys on a wooden pin protruding from a post on the far side of the room. She walked quickly back to the door.

She motioned for me to enter the room. "Well, ... " she said as her hand pointed to the far wall, "you may claim the keys. But!..." she warned and she smiled softly, "this will be your new home."

As if in a daze, I walked into the room, noticed the steel frame bed, rings in the walls, and a simple toilet on one side, all things she had added. This was now a real dungeon cell, of the first order. My eyes wandered to the back wall, and I started toward the keys.

At that moment, the door slammed shut, and I heard the lockbolt. I turned to face the door. I had not reached the keys yet. I saw Goddess looking through the barred opening.

"Dearest Goddess," I began, with my eyes open wide, "why have you locked me in here? Did I not please you?"

"Oh, Bobbi, I have been dreaming about this for quite a while." There was excitement in her voice. "I had you build this room in the basement, and I put in special equipment just for you. You have made me so hot, so swollen and wet. I control you perfectly and completely, and I will forever. You are my slave and you will serve me. The belt ensures your total submission, very effective, as we both know."

She went on. "When you plead for relief from the belt, and if I decide to grant you relief, I will bring you to your prison cell, and lock you in. You may now unlock the belt, and bring yourself to an orgasm." She handed me a condom. "Put this on and fill it up with your hot cum, and then pass it through the bars to me. You will eat it later. Unless you no longer want relief... ?"

"Do it now, Bobbi," she commanded, "or pass the keys out to me. I hurried to the wall, took the keys and unlocked the belt. I took some lotion from a bottle by the bedside, and began to stroke my throbbing penis. She waited until my penis was deeply engorged.

She threw a towel into the room through the cell door pass-through. "Wipe off the lotion, and put the condom on." I did as I was directed, and laid down on the bed. She allowed me to climax into the condom. It took longer than I thought, and she was getting impatient, but I came gloriously and furiously and copiously. I was a limp puddle just laying on the bed, trying to regain my composure, and savor the moment.

"Now, take off the condom slowly, and give it to me through the bars," she commanded. "Don't spill a drop, and give me the keys again." I complied immediately.

"Good," she said. "Now listen closely. You will spend the night here, and you will be here for as long as I choose. You will be spending a lot of nights here and days too from now on."

"When you have installed the belt again securely, press the switch on the wall to the right of the door. A light will come on upstairs that tells me that you are securely locked away again. You can make yourself come again if you like before you lock up. But every time you do so costs you more time in the cell. Each hour will cost you a day in the cell or more. It is your choice. You are now a prisoner of your desires. And do - not- ever turn the light on if you are not securely locked away, or I will cut off your balls."

She went on, "There is a camera in your cell. I can see you whenever I please. Nobody can hear you down here. If you have an emergency, and I mean an actual emergency, not just horny frustration, press the button to the left of the door to signal to me."

"And Bobbi," she added, "I want you to know how hot you have made me, to be so totally under my control. I know you want to please me and you have. If the light is on later tonight, I may release you from the cell to worship my feet. I may still be hot, even after sex with my 'real man,' which I intend to have right now. In that case, you may be allowed to eat a real man's cum from my pussy. Or, I may just forget about you until tomorrow or the next day. You will never know. And that makes me even hotter."

I began to cry softly. She told me to come to the door. She wiped my tears with her fingers, and tasted the salty wetness.

"Oh, Slave Bobbi, real tears," she announced. "That makes me even hotter. Cry all you want. Get it out of your system. You will feel better. Get that belt on, and you may get lucky, dear!" she reminded me. "Just remember, you will be locked in the belt forever, whether here with me or out in public, and only unlocked when you are in your nice, cold dungeon cell." She giggled, then started to laugh loudly, as she closed the little door that covered the bars in the cell door, leaving me in darkness.

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