Diminishing Returns

Submitted by: Dena

Three years ago I caught my husband cheating on me with his secretary, Lacy. Sounds like so many of the other stories I have read on your site. This one happens to be true and has landed myself in a position of power and dominance over my husband. You see my husband runs a very successful equipment and construction company with which he has taken many financial liberties. I know because I use to keep his books and I know where all the skeletons are buried. Should any of this information make it into the hands of the IRS or some of the city planning offices that he milked for large sums of money, he and his company would be finished and he would probably go to prison for tax and contract fraud.

Now I made sure I had copies of all the records before I revealed that I knew he was fucking his secretary. Of course he denied it and swore he was faithful to me and would Blah, Blah, and Blah. When I showed him motel credit card receipts and the pictures of him kissing Lacy in the motel parking lot he had the nerve to say well I guess you want a divorce. I laughed and said I have a better idea and proceeded to lay out my chastity plan for the continued success of our marriage. He of course rejected the idea until I showed him the records I was keeping of his transactions, and his face lost all color.

The next day I took him down and had his dick pierced and took the necessary measurements and sent away for a Mistress Lori's tube with the double locks, one for the piercing. The tube came before the piercing healed so he had time to think what was about to happen before the tube actually went on. When the day came I took him into the bedroom and really fucked him hard. Once the tube was in place I explained that the sex he just had would be the last for at least a year. I remove the tube every two weeks for a cleaning, but as soon as the tube comes off I drop and ice pack on him to make sure he doesn't get hard. Before the cold wears off I have him cleaned and back in the tube for safe keeping.

Now he cries and begs me to let him out, to give him a chance to show me how much he loves me. He already had that chance and screwed it up with Lacy. I told him if you really want me back show me by wearing the tube without complaining, he is not even close yet.

I made him wait exactly one year before I let him out to have sex, hell to get his first erection. I don't have to tie him up or strap him down with all the evidence I have, he is a willing slave. I noticed something the first time I let him out, his once 8-1/2" cock, now rock hard was only about 6 or maybe 7 inches and seemed to have lost a lot of the girth he once had. He didn't seem to care and was glad to be out and fuck me. I will not go into the detail, that is not the purpose of this story. Just so you all know I did not wait a year, I took a lover, actually two. I know think what you want.

I noticed the second time I let him out his dick even seemed smaller than before. I started reading up on the subject and found that locking up a penis and not allowing erections for extended periods could lead to size diminishing. It has now been three years since he was locked up, only now I let him have an erection and sex twice a year. His once proud 8-1/2 incher is now only about 5 inches and not much bigger around than the tube. Poor bastard has now figured it out that his dick is shrinking fast and he is only 36 years old. I think I will keep him locked up like I am doing for about another two years, file for divorce, take his money and put back on the market, broke and with whatever dick he has left, maybe 4 inches. Let's see if he can please Lacy with that little number or any other woman for that fact.

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