High School Reunion

Submitted by: Charlene

I received a notice for my high school's 25th reunion and it made me think of a job I had during college at a sex store.

A woman and man walked in and she picked out a leather sleeve and commented to the man that "Linda asked me to find something like this for Walter. He keeps playing with himself while he watches football games."

She put it on him - - the arms are put across the chest and then the sleeve is closed and held in place with three buckles. Two more buckles at the end go around above the elbow to hold it in place; these two can be locked.

"How is that for comfort?" Can he last an entire game?"

The man said that it was fine. She then had him do the same behind his back and pulled the buckles tight. I didn't see her do it but she slipped a couple of luggage padlocks through the two lockable buckles and then walked over to the case. She asked me about chastity devices and I showed her how the cb-3000 worked. She left her credit card and then picked out the smallest ring and the cage and other things and walked over to him.

"Remember that class reunion you have next week? I have seen those e-mails from your old girlfriends and I am going to make sure that you don't go farther with them than e-mails."

She took him into the back room - - he protested but he could do nothing about it. When they came out, he was begging her not to keep him locked up. I was still a virgin so I didn't know about these things other than selling them, and I dared to ask if I could see it on a man. She pulled down his shorts and there it was. Could I touch it? She said I could and I wiggled it and saw that he was trapped in it.

She asked if I had an envelope and a stamp, and dropped the keys into it and sealed it. Then she wrote an address on it and told me to drop it in the mail.

"He's going to beg me to release him until it's time for him to leave for the reunion. The keys will arrive after he is gone. This way any begging is a moot point."

Again he protested and she added, "Of course I could also have you drop the keys in the toilet right now and flush them."

He quieted down. We completed the charge and out they walked. He still had the arm sleeve on so he couldn't do a last-minute grab for the envelope.

I dropped the keys in the mail and forgot about it, until now that is.


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