Role of Chastity in Extended Training Program

Submitted by: Anonymous

I'm a single 45 year old, divorced five years ago with two wonderful grown up kids. Before and in the early days following getting divorced, I played the field and I must admit I got lots of sex from a variety of colleagues and their friends. I did commoditise women somewhat.

I was reasonably vanilla, having only played light bondage games with my (now) ex-wife.

Being someone who enjoys (or enjoyed - see below!) sex a lot, I decided to experiment a bit with pro-dommes. After a couple of sessions which ended with rather satisfying orgasms, naturally I experimented more and came across a pro-domme here in London whom I really fancied and decided to work on her with ragard to sex and relationship, but primarily sex!

Anyway gradually she weaved her web on me. Our early sessions always ended in (manual) orgasm and were really enjoyable. I then took her out to dinner a couple of times but she wasn't having any "afters". She did offer to train me more strictly though and I accepted, in for a penny in for a pound etc etc.

What she also did was dangle out in front of me the possibility of sex tomorrow, in exchange for restraint today.

So we went through a couple of years where sessions became less of a pro/punter affair and more like close friends, albeit with one friend (her!) calling all the shots. I no longer pay her for sessions, instead I spoil her rotten and buy her lots of presents, flowers etc.

So Mistress then decided to make a few changes to our sessions. Firstly I was no longer permitted to ask for sex or any other form of relief, either before, during or after sessions. (Naturally this did not prevent masturbation between sessions heh heh!). Then she introduced me to what she calls a 'prepping' at the start of each session. This involves strapping me down, gagging me and giving me CP until I bawl - this was something I never sought when I started experimenting. However it is now an inherent part of our relationship. The next thing was training as a sissy maid and the final thing was assisting her (in chains) in sessions with her pro-domme clients. We have also been to a 'pony farm' and I was worked for best part of a day, not to mention the taste of Mistress's crop across my backside to keep me alert throughout.

So there I was, about 12 months ago, no longer seeing Mistress as my next shag opportunity, but instead no longer even getting any relief from her, dressing as her maid, taking her whip/paddle/cane/etc like a baby and... absolutely besotted by her.

Anyway she sat me down (or kneeled me down between her legs to be precise) and broke the news to me: either my training was complete, or else we would take it to the next level by introducing me to the joys(!) of secure chastity. We had discussed chastity on a number of ocasions and I see now that she was preparing me for the idea for some time.

Perhaps stupidly, perhaps naively, definitely besottedly, I agreed to the chastity because of my (by then, extremely submissive) feelings towards Mistress. We went to another Mistress in London, who does PA piercings, I was pierced and we ordered the Lori's tube (gulp!).

It fitted perfectly, albeit on the tight side (at Mistress's behest I might add) and I have been wearing it since just after Easter 2007. Initially I had a weekly release regime which Mistress increased to monthly when I was used to the device and just before Xmas she told me that I will only be released ad-hoc depending on my effectiveness as a submissive. I have had no orgasm since 16th November although I have been prostate milked twice in that period while bound, after I begged and begged for relief.

So there it is. I would do (almost) anything to remain as Mistress's slave, I would also do almost anything to have the shag which I now know will never come and I crawl up the walls most days for the relief I don't get.

Mistress tells me that I'm a good boy now and that what she's doing is good for me when it comes to my relations with the female sex generally. I accept what she is saying but the frustration can be a nightmare on some days.

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