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    This story was inspired by and is my continuation of "My Landlady by Phlogiston" which posted on Altairboy's web site. Comments are welcome.

The Landlady

"Sure I can, talk to you later!" she said as she closed the door.

I stood in my living room, my fly open, my now caged penis trying futilely to enlarge. The thought of being unable to access my own manhood excited me. The thought that I had just been essentially hijacked by a demure woman, 30 years my senior, drove me to distraction.

I spent the next two hours testing the limits of the device. I could not remove it, or free my shaft and any type of comfortable erection was impossible. Orgasm, while locked in this device was out of the question.

I had just started a 2 week vacation, which I planned to spend working around my apartment and just relaxing. I had moved in six months ago, but never had the chance to really settle in due to my busy schedule. I was still living out of boxes.

As I unpacked and organized, I could almost forget about the cage I was wearing, almost. When I recalled the look in Mabel's eyes as she left, I was both excited and a bit apprehensive.

Later that evening, Mabel again knocked on my door.

"Hello Bob, how are you feeling?" she said as she entered.

"I'm OK, did you bring the keys?" I replied

"Is the cage comfortable?

"It's OK, did you bring the keys?

"How does it make you feel?"

"I feel like a piece of property, since I don't have access to my own genitals. Where is the key, Mabel?"

"Do you like feeling "owned"?"

"Honestly, it is strangely exciting because it is different, but I don't think it would be comfortable for very long. Now I really need the key."

"All right, Bob. If you really want, I can give you the key in a moment, but why don't we let you decide your fate.

I looked at Mabel quizzically. "OK, please give me the key"

Mabel laughed, "No Bob, your actions will decide, not your words. May I see the device again please?"

I lowered my trousers to show her the cage. "Thank you" she said.

Mabel continued, locking her eyes on mine "I want to keep the key. I want to keep you locked for the two weeks of your vacation. You will be my personal slave. I will own your cock and I will use it in any way I desire. You will obey all my instructions and you will be punished for any infractions."

Mabel's gaze moved from my eyes to my crotch. "I'm glad you agree" she said as I looked down to see my cock throbbing in a futile attempt to achieve an erection. Betrayed by my own kinky thoughts!

"All right", she continued, "You will address me as Mistress at ALL times. You will remain naked at ALL times. You will not leave your apartment unless instructed. Do you understand?"

"Yes" I replied.

Mabel stepped toward me, smiled and slapped my face. "Yes what, slave"

"Yes, Mistress"

"Better, now you can work around your apartment until I summon you."

The Building

I lived in a six family building typical of many in the cities in the northeast, three floors with two apartments per floor and an unfinished utility basement. Mabel kept an office which took up the rear half of the basement. The door had always been locked and marked "private office". I lived in apartment 3R and Mabel lived in 1L. The other four apartments were occupied by two men and two women, like me in their thirties. Mabel, as I mentioned before was in her sixties. She was fit, attractive, but not a beauty.

I had almost finished arranging my apartment when Mabel knocked the following morning. I opened the door, still naked, as instructed.

"Get yourself down to my office in the basement," she barked.

I was about to protest my nudity, but she cut me off. "All the other tenants are out, get moving"

I moved quickly to the basement and waited out side the locked office door. Mabel arrived and handed me a blindfold. "Put it on" she said. As I did, she unlocked the door and then led me inside by pulling on my caged cock. I was pushed against a wall and felt my wrists attached with straps to the wall.

"We have a new member for our select little group" she said as if addressing a meeting, "why don't you all say hello to Bob"

I was about to speak when I heard a chorus of voices intone "Hello Bob"

My blindfold was removed to reveal the well lit room. All of Mabel's tenants were strapped to the wall, women on one side and the men on the other. We were all naked and all wearing chastity devices. The two women were in full belts, as was one of the men. The two newest tenants, me and Eric from 2R, were wearing cock cages.

Mabel took a seat in a raised chair at one end of the room. "Welcome to my stable Bob. Now that you have finally been captured we can resume our normal operations again. Angela, why don't you tell Bob about our house rules?"

A very attractive redhead attached to the opposite wall spoke. "Yes Mistress Mabel. First, we obey Mistress Mabel instantly and without question. Clothing is not allowed at any time in the building. We are all permitted to work, but we are restricted to the building at all other times unless Mistress instructs otherwise. All sexual pleasure for slaves must be earned and is totally controlled by Mistress Mabel. Oh, and female slaves outrank male slaves"

Mabel spoke "You see Bob, when my husband passed a few years ago; I decided that my sex life was not over, it had just begun. The rental income from this building provides me with a decent living and as you can see, I choose my tenants very carefully. I select attractive, unattached thirtysomethings that my instincts tell me are predisposed to submission. Then, through various means, I get them into chastity devices and add them to my collection."

"Now let's see where your talents lie." Mabel pressed a button on a console next to her seat and the door to the office was sealed with a magnetic lock. She next pressed buttons that released the two women. "Bring him here, ladies" Mabel ordered. "Yes Mistress" they chimed.

The women each seized one of my arms as Mabel pressed another button releasing my straps. Angela roughly grabbed my sac and hissed "Co-operate or I will rip these off"

I was led to Mabel's chair, pushed to my knees, and my wrists were inserted into holes in each arm. As Mabel pressed another button, I could feel straps closing on my wrists locking me to the chair. "Angela, back to your station" Mabel barked and pressed a button securing Angela to the wall again. "Rachel, why don't you stay here in case Bob needs a bit of motivation?"

Mabel lifted her skirt and said "Get to work".

So I did. I started licking her thighs and then teased and then devoured her pussy. She told me to make it last and tease her to an orgasm. I did my best, but whenever my enthusiasm lagged she simply said "Rachel" and a whip stroke landed on my exposed ass. After what seemed a very long time, Mabel hissed "Now, just my clit." She grabbed my hair, held me in position and shuddered in climax. As she came, Rachel started whipping my ass and did not stop until Mabel's last throes of pleasure.

"Not bad, but you will get better" Mabel remarked as she rose from the seat leaving me secured to the chair.

"Now" she addressed the group "we have some rewards to dispense. Two of you have earned your orgasms. Rachel, you now have enough points, you have no demerits and it has been two months since your last release. Would you like to cum slave girl."

"Yes, Mistress. Please, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress." Rachel bubbled.

"Good. Take the seat, slave girl." Rachel sat in the chair and Mistress Mabel locked her wrists to the armrests and locked a collar to the seat's high back.

"I am so pleased when one of my toys earns a reward." Mabel removed a key from a locked safe in the room's corner and unlocked and removed Rachel's chastity belt. The rest of Mabel's stable stirred in excitement, deriving vicarious pleasure from Rachel's impending reward. Rachel was wet and actually trembling with anticipation.

Mabel now addressed me, still kneeling, wrists secured, in front of the chair. "Bob, on my command, you will lick Rachel. Tease her, bring her close, but do not let her cum until I give you the order. Do you understand, slave boy?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Good. Begin."

Rachel shivered with the first touch of my tongue to her swollen lips. I toyed with her lips and clitoris, occasionally plunging my tongue inside her. I stopped all stimulation when I felt she was too close. I now realized that I would be severely punished if I did not follow Mistress Mabel's admonition.

Mistress closely supervised my technique, using the whip on my ass when I began to tire or when she thought that Rachel was a bit too close. As time passed, Rachel began to beg, sobbing for release to Mistress Mabel.

"Stop" Mistress Mabel commanded.

I stopped licking as Rachel sobbed softly in the chair.

"Let's have a bit of fun, a contest of sorts." said The Mistress.

"Rachel, you are forbidden to climax in the next five minutes. Bob, your orders are to provide Rachel with an earth shattering orgasm within the next five minutes. Let's see who will obey and who will be punished. Begin now."

I began to lick and tease Rachel's pussy, concentrating on her sensitive clit. She moaned through clenched teeth as I intensified my efforts, confident of success, but no matter what I did to excite her, she maintained control. Suddenly, she lost her control and screamed as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her.

Finally, I thought, just as a whip stroke landed on my ass, then another. As she used the whip, Mistress Mabel hissed "Six minutes, six minutes, you will pay for your disobedience, slave."

(and then...)

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