Submitted by: Mortice

I've started a wiki dedicated to people's experiences of chastity devices. I would like this to develop over time into a collection of information, both factual and personal opinion, about devices.

If this works out, it could develop into an invaluable resource for people new to the scene and could answer all those odd little questions that people have about different devices.

To the uninitiated, a wiki is a website that anyone can make edits to. If you have experience of a device, you can go to the site and add your own comments to the page about the device (or add a new page if necessary).

The plan will only work out if people contribute information to it. There's a vast amount of knowledge out there, but it's not collected together anywhere. If you have a device and have your opinions about it (and everyone has an opinion about something) then please add your thoughts to the wiki so that others can benefit.

Please take a look at MortiWiki.

There are various 'rules' suggesting how information is arranged (separating factual from opinion) but basically it doesn't matter - if you put information onto a page, I'll edit it so it fits with the rules.

The only limitation on editing is that you need to be registered, but that only involves choosing a username and password. This is so that I can identify that several edits were made by the same user and, for instance, pull them together into the same section if needed. If you're new to editing a wiki, check out the Sandbox link on the first page.

If you want any more information or would like any help or clarification, please mail me.

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