Mortice's Key Holding Service

Submitted by: Mortice

I am considering launching a keyholding service - that is, you post me keys and a date, and I'll post them back to you on the date.

This is not a domination service, I won't tell you what to do or choose when you 'deserve' the keys or anything similar, it's just a way to put your keys out of your reach for a while.

I would like to be able to run this service for free, and I don't mind doing that, but I may have to charge a few pounds (UK currency) for each use, or work out a 'registration' fee or something. But it won't be expensive, it's not a 'professional' service.

All sorts of caveats apply. You'll have to have a backup option, since there's no way you can absolutely rely on anything making it through the post, and the keys could get stolen from my house or melt in a fire or something. So you should think of this service more as a 'reminder' of when to unlock rather than an absolutely secure system.

There's more information on my website.

If you would be interested in using this service, or have any thoughts or ideas about it, please mail me.

This service is not yet running, and may never run unless there's sufficent interest to make it worthwhile. So it's all at the discussion stage so far.

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