My Master, my slave

Submitted by: Mortice

"Rack me up!"

My Master commanded me, so that's what I did.

He lay on the bench, and I secured first his feet and then his hands to four leather cuffs. Once I was sure they were tight enough, I added a padlock to each of the wrist cuffs - I knew this would be important later, and I didn't want to make any mistakes or risk severe punishment.

I went to the head of the bench and turned a wheel. This pulled the chains that were attached to my Master's wrist cuffs up towards the head of the bench. As it pulled on his arms, his body slid up the bench to compensate, until the chains attaching his ankle cuffs to the foot of the bench became taught.

I had been my Master's dutiful slave for several years. Over that time I have been obedient to him and he has been good to me. He has given me what I need - strict orders and severe punishments when I fail him. I try to never fail him, but that is because I love him. If I do fail him, then he punishes me, and that is because he loves me too.

His body became taught, but I continued to turn the wheel, now slower than before. With each click of the ratchet mechanism his body became more stretched. He started to grunt with the pull on his limbs, and I knew that was the time to give the wheel just a few more clicks before he was ready.

My Master had always loved bondage - he used to be a bondage submissive but now was an excellent Master in many disciplines including bondage. Some might think that a Master in bondage is not a Master, but they don't understand what's happening - he commands me and I obey, and if his commandment is for me to secure him in something inescapable, I obey. He is still in control - he will always control me.

He had trained me well to inflict various forms of bondage and torture on him, and I was practicing his teaching. After the final click, I let him rest and adjust to his new stretched out form, although I knew rest was not possible when a body is under such tension. I waited until his situation had got him into the right state of mind for the next stage.

He said, "Boy, it is time."

He lay there, prone and naked. But not quite naked. Around his groin he wore a severe chastity device of his own design. It was made of many parts which all secured together to entirely encase his cock and balls in steel, to keep them tightly under pressure at all times.

He had been wearing it almost non-stop for 5 weeks. And that short time was only because this was version 3 of the design; the previous version 2 he had worn almost non-stop for nearly 3 months.

I can saw with confidence that he wore it for so long, because he entrusted me with the keys to the device. He couldn't remove it from himself, only I could remove it, and then only under orders from him. But he had ordered me never to give him the keys. The only time I was ever allowed to unlock the device was when he was in severe torture bondage such as now.

His orders to me were to secure him once a week, in a bondage situation of his choosing, but it was up to me to ensure there was a significant level of torture involved, and to only unlock his chastity device once he was suffering. I would hate to disappoint my Master by making the experience too comfortable for him.

I left the room. I went down to the kitchen, removed the tins of soup from a cupboard, pulled at the loose brick behind, withdrew a minature combination safe from the hole, unlocked the safe and took out his keys.

As I mounted the stairs, I could hear the soft moans that he usually made at this time, partly from the uncomfortable situation he was in and partly from his anticipation of what was to come.

I dutifully returned to him and started putting the keys into the various locks on the chastity device. One was on a ring which went around the base of his cock and balls. Another was on a chamber that entirely surrounded his balls. With these two removed, the only bondage on his balls was a tight ring secured with another key that pulled his balls away from his body - this ring was about an inch tall, and kept them under a constant pull. He sighed with relief when this was removed.

Next was the tube containing his cock. This held it in a curved shape, held down around his balls and pointing back to his arse. This was the main difference between version 2 and 3 - the latest version had a slightly narrower tube which held his cock even tighter, and the inside was full of small bumps. Although these were blunt, together they dug into his cock when he started to get aroused and made the experience quite painful.

I unlocked the tube near the top, then unlocked a bar that ran through his cock head from one side to the other, through an apadryvia piercing which make the device very secure. With these two removed, the two halves of the tube fell aside and I could see dozens of imprints of bumps in his shrivelled cock flesh.

I rubbed his cock and balls, mostly just to ensure the circulation was back to all parts. My Master sighed with relief, this was the first touch he'd had for a week. Within a short time, his cock was stretching out to its usual erect size. His 8 inch cock had always been impressive to me, not least because it is usually secured into a tube that's half its size.

One of the many areas of training that my Master had given me over the years was in felatio, and this was my time to demonstrate what I had learned. I started to lick the shaft of his cock. Since it had been imprisoned for so long, it was very sensitive and responded to the slightest touch. I could feel my Master was frustrated, needing to be given a good sucking and yet only getting the lightest licking. But I knew he loved that frustration.

My practice had been on other men, friends of my Master. He would invite his friends to the house for a meal, and after I had served the food he would have me sit under the table and suck off his friends as they ate. Sometimes they would also bring slaves, then I would be ordered to suck them off and they would be ordered not to cum. The loser would receive a punishment beating.

For the last few years I had not been able to receive sucking from the other slaves, since for the last few years I have been constantly locked into version 1 of my Master's chastity device, without any release at all, and I don't expect to be released any time, ever. My pleasure comes from service and obedience, and my Master requires that my orgasm is not a part of my experience in his service.

I moved on to licking and then sucking his full cock head, and before long was taking his full shaft into my throat - a technique I had practiced many times on many cocks. But in my Master's case I had to be very careful not to go too far.

Now he was getting vocal. The sexual tension and the body tension were working on him, and his closeness to cumming was driving him mad. "More, I need more! Make me cum, make me shoot right now!"

He needed to make demands that he knew wouldn't be honoured, and I understood this. My orders were to ignore his requests, and so I did.

Despite the tension in his arms from the rack, he tried to pull one hand over to reach the wrist cuff of the other hand, in the hope of unbuckling a hand and making himself cum. This is when I was pleased I had padlocked the cuffs!

He said, "I have to cum now. I order you to make me cum!" Then he realised what he said, and followed with, "No, I didn't mean - I can't - don't - "

But it was too late. He knew the command he had given me in the past - if he was in a torture situation and he ordered me to do anything, then it was my duty to ignore that order and instead make the torture worse for him. I went to the head of the bed, and slowly pushed the wheel on one more click. He cried out and struggled, but made no more orders.

I walked over to a table, and picked up two dice. These would determine what happened next. He would only be allowed to cum if I threw two sixes - if there was any other combination, he would get locked back into the device for another week.

I rolled the dice, I looked at the numbers, and I smiled.

I picked up a bottle of lubricant and worked some over my hands. Then I returned to my Master's cock, still hard and bobbing in the air, and slowly rubbed it up and down with my hands. I pulled back his foreskin and let the sensitive skin roll forward, listening to him gasp in anticipation.

I gently worked all around his cock, ever stimulating but never over-stimulating it. I rubbed a palm over his cock head, because I knew that always fired him up.

Then I stood, picked up a rag that had been in a bucket of ice water, and dropped it onto his cock. He screamed with shock, and then with rage, and then with disappointment.

The dice had showed a 6 and a 5 - his luck was out and he was getting no orgasm tonight.

I left the room, partly to avoid his cursing and swearing, but mostly to give his cock time to lose its hardness and shrivel up enough to be crammed back into the device.

Ten minutes later he was lying, now docile even though he was still under extreme tension from the rack. I took the parts of his chastity device and piece by piece I secured it around his now flaccid manhood. I think he would have objected if he had thought it would do him any good.

One his cock was locked up again and the keys hidden, I pulled a lever to release the ratchet and allow the chains to unwind from the bench. My Master pulled his hands towards himself and flexed his muscles back into normal order.

After I unlocked his wrist restraints and unbuckled his ankle restraints, he beckoned me over to him. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I dutifully went to stand in front of him.

Then he hugged me - a big strong bear hug. He said, "Thankyou, boy. I've trained you well. There will be no punishment for you tonight."

Later he let me sleep next to him in bed in my straitjacket, instead of in chains in my cage as usual, and he wrapped his arms around me until morning.

But my cock remained secured, and still remains secured to this day.

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