The boy

Submitted by: Mortice

He always wears a rubber catsuit. Rain or shine, he wears it all the time. I always keep the front zip attached to a chain around his neck with a padlock, ensuring he never takes it off without permission. He's allowed half an hour once a week to shower naked, but otherwise it's on 24/7.

But even in the shower he's not enirely naked. His chastity belt has been locked on for three years now, non-stop. It is hardened steel, with a high security magnetic lock. At the front, it keeps his cock forced downards inside a tight tube. He has trained himself not go get too hard, even when he's asleep, as a line of spikes inside the end of the tube means an erection is a painful business.

Every morning he rolls a pair of dice to select his anal insertion for the day. Most are quite modest buttplugs, but the very high dice rolls are very large dildos that he can only just force into his arse. Fortunately, his chastity belt has an anal shield which locks on to prevent removal of anything that's been inserted. He must wear it all day, but is allowed to sleep unplugged at night.

He sleeps in a cage at the bottom of my bed. I lock him into the cage each night, and release him in the morning

Once a month, for heath reasons, I have him work his arse with a large dildo, giving himself a prostate massage. His cum dribbles out of the bottom of his chastity belt, but he gets no orgasmic relief from it.

Occasionally, he fails to meet his orders, and I have to punish him. Usually it is being put into his cage early without any evening meal, or making him eat something he doesn't like. Sometimes I've made him sleep outside in the garden shed, or just had him stand in a corner of the room facing the wall for an hour.

He's a good, obedient boy. He does everything I command him to do, and he feels very fulfilled. He was born to serve.

I am his Master. Except that I don't actually exist. He does this all to himself - he keeps himself locked into his chastity belt, he selects his buttplug with dice and he locks himself into his cage at the bottom of his bed each night. He lives to serve, and he does serve, but he decided to make up the Master to whom he gives that service.

I exist only in his mind, but he is in total slavery to me.

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